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    Husband Brian and wife team with my Mary interested in touring, art, sea fishing and looking after two special dogs, a Westie and a Bichon Frise (rescue dog).
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  1. Hello One Wheel on my Wagon Thank you very much for the comprehensive information you have provided for me. A very kind action which I will find extremely useful Kindest regards Brian
  2. Hello I have the above caravan and as a new owner need to know if my Mokka SE 1. 4 auto would be able to tow it. Any further guidance would be appreciates regarding legal weights. Thank you for any kind assistance Brian
  3. Thank you for your message. We have now downloaded the manual. Kind regards Brian andMary
  4. Hi Griff Thank you. Huge luck Brian and Mary
  5. Husband and wife team, Brian and Mary, would like to greet all Members of this community. We are a highly gregarious couple living in East Yorkshire with Hull being our nearest city and Bridlington our nearest fishing port. We are both retired and keep two dogs, a Westie (Charlie) and a Bichon-Frise, (Ursula) the latter being a rescue dog from a breeding farm. Both have a home with us for LIFE. Huge luck to you all Brian and Mary
  6. Hello We have the above caravan made in 1998-2202, 2 berth. We have searched the web for a owners or workshop manual with no success. We wonder if any kind Member of this forum can provide us with access to the manual(s) PLEASE. Thank you for any assistance given Brian and Mary
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