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  1. Hi great van I had 2007 Senator series 5 , In my opinion the Senators were the best vans Bailey made ,
  2. I had a cover years ago on swift challenger and it still had dampness at third service it was a pro tec cover I think covers are more for keep it clean . I gave up on the the hassle fitting it was just too much the van has to clean dry I use my van from March to November going away at least once every month so I don’t think it worth it
  3. Hi had the same problem with my 2013 Bailey from second service the toilet floor was damp and I never used the caravan shower the mark 2 unicorn showers were a total disaster. The Dealer resealed all round the toilet inside and out made a good job. It was ok at the third service but it returned at the fourth service not quite as bad they said they would monitor it and check it in three months. At three months the readings had stayed stable and to leave it to the fifth service . Guess what at fifth it was worse than ever they had the van for two weeks and stripped the whole back end and resealed again made a first class job all under warranty I dread to think what it would have cost if I had to pay for . As it was coming up to the sixth service and end of warranty I just didn’t want the hassle anymore and got rid .The problem appears to be where body of the van is joined to the wooded floor I’m not convinced they ever got to bottom of mine it seamed to problem on the mark 2 I thought they had it solved on the mark 3 .
  4. Hi you are ok sockets 230volts lights 12 volts they are on separate systems
  5. Don't bother with cover and use Fenicks Overwineriser . IHad o cover a few caràvans back and I felt it was too mutch of a hassle .Now use. Overwinteeriser
  6. Hi Just back from our last outing of this year in the new van .Collected the van at the end of January and have spent 68 night away . I would love to say it has been trouble free but afraid not it had to go back at 3 months to get the 3 Front windows resealed , the drawer under the tv unit collapsed and repaired .The basket under the sink was on the floor when I got the van home after collecting it from new fixed that myself same with the shaving mirror falling off fixed that myself . I have it booked in for it's first sevice at the end of January two small things to check then that will be it perfect .Overall I am very happy with van and the dealer has been excellent but it's not what you expect from a new van .As this will have to my last van I will have except ,My last van was to be the last but after 6 year and dampness at almost every sevice . Got this one
  7. A Lot depends on how long in the season you caravan . I had a pro tec cover a few years back and got fed up with the hassle as you have to make sure the van is clean and dry . I use the van regular from March to Novenber that only leaves 3months and as live in Central Scotland it can be a bit of a problem getting it clean and dry and it definitely marked the bodywork
  8. Hi .IHad 2007 Indiana and it had a fixed bed .All the Indianas had fixed beds . The bed was fitted all the way to the back of the van and a small toilet and overhead shower to the rear left corner the wash hand basin was actually outside the toilet and in the bedroom area .It was a great van the best vans Bailey made .I would be very careful the chap that is advertising this van does not know his Baileys
  9. Same here Ihave had to use Mayday sevice with and without the caravan and found them first class
  10. As your driveway has a slope ,Get a mover and you will have no problem .With a mover there will be no danger of the van rolling into your garage.
  11. Hi. My bailey had very high damp reading at the rear at 24 months second service 50%.I borrowed a friends damp meter just to compare readings I just placed the damp meter on top of the vinyl and I was getting 35% so you definitely get a reading on the vinyl .
  12. Hi it depends how long you intend to keep the caravan . I had a bailey and I wish I had taken the extended warranty just for the damp repair. It damp repairs carried out the second service up to the warranty ended . If I had taken the extended I may have kept the van but I was not taking any chances so got rid after warranty ended. The new van has a much longer warranty
  13. Hi It's a ford Mondeo and tow bar and electrics all done at ford dealer.
  14. Hi The Valenvie is 1500kg max so not quite as heavy as the Coachman if you go for the estate it's a bit heavier than the saloon and the boot is huge . I have seen mondeo towing heavier van i don't think you would have problem . I go away for five weeks in the summer the van is packed the car boot is packed and no problem . Good luck
  15. Hi Getting new van for next year and it has led lights . My towcar has led rear lights can anyone confirm will it need any modification
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