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  1. I think you have the wrong end of the stick. Road tax only applies from first registration, not from a spurious "chassis maker to coachbuilder" transfer. Therefore the road tax applied is the RT applicable to the state of the vehicle when registered by the dealer on sale to an end customer. I also don't think it's unreasonable, that a vehicle costing north of £40,000 pays extra tax. MH's and caravans are definitely "luxury goods"
  2. Our local Asda is 123.7 for petrol and 124.7 for diesel... There was a fortnight earlier in the year when the card paid to be used locally...
  3. As Powrtouch recommend cheap motorcycle chain lube, I use that, especially as I have a can in the garage for my motorbike
  4. Our Bailey has a pretty small payload (153 kg before battery and motor mover) which leaves us about 100kg. We have a load of stuff that we carry in the car to maintain the weight, but that is in about 6 plastic boxes, which we transfer to the car prior to leaving and then when we get to site I move them into the van and whilst I'm doing "outside stuff" wife unpacks that into the cupboards... When we weighed the van we were right on MTPLM limit without the boxes...
  5. The other people to search for are sailmakers or boat cover makers/repairers
  6. Guzzilazz


    The roundabouts I love are like the one in Hemel Hempstead, or near me in Colchester where there was historically a large single roundabout, that's now been "updated" by having mini roundabouts on every "node" so that you can go round the "big" roundabout either way....
  7. You can do a gas test of the coolant that's left, to check whether it's got combustion gases in it
  8. I used wet and dry wet... Much better result
  9. The voltages quoted depend entirely on the type of battery being charged. AGM/Gel/Maintenance free has a different voltage regime from flooded lead acid... You need to check the settings on the controller for the type of battery involved. My controller wasn't set up for the fitted AGM Battery...
  10. Not necessarily... It's not unknown for "new" batteries to be defective, but you need to check both charger and battery. Disconnect the battery and if possible, charge the battery with a good quality "known good" independent charger. Once the battery is charged, leave it a couple of hours and measure the voltage across the terminals with a multimeter. Should be 12.8v...
  11. Guzzilazz


    Ah... The Home Office… I spent 9 months consulting with them... they spend money unnecessarily like it's going out of fashion. Just the sort of thing I would expect...
  12. This'll sound like a typical grumpy old geezer, we could have done with that on the clockwise M25 from Waltham Abbey to A12 last evening. It's a stretch I drive at least once a week and was medium busy, but obviously not going fast enough for about 2 dozen drivers overtaking on any side they wanted. I've seen the occasional one or two, but yesterday the world was at it...
  13. Guzzilazz


    Andy, your points are well made and accepted. But there is a government "value" set on a life - my experience is from the rail industry and the cost of improvements to (say) level crossings, and if the cost is greater than the value, then the improvement will not be made... So if on the one hand £100k (used to be the value set on a life) why would the cost to the economy of hours of time lost not be considered in a similar way?
  14. When on Sennen Cove CCC site end of June, the wind got up to 60mph. The van was shaking, and we were kept awake by the wind in the roof hatches (which were all closed of course) rattling the blinds incessantly. Fortunately we were stern on to the wind with a Cornish hedge behind us.
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    You reckon? The UK seems to spend more time with roads/lanes closed for "investigation". On mainland Europe they really do "clear the road" as the main priority
  16. Guzzilazz


    One of the most useful things available in other spheres are the Accident Investigation Branch reports (Marine, Rail and Air)
  17. ...but is illegal...
  18. Semi flexible are more than reliable enough, "a single leaf" stuck to the panels would have decimated output over ten years ago, but not the case these days. My boat semi flex panels (2x150W) are regularly covered in gull poo covering a much bigger area than a leaf, and I rarely see much of a reduction. You should also see charging happening as soon as you get to proper daylight - you don't need sunlight, light is enough
  19. When I reached the dizzy heights of "Management Staff" on British Rail in 1978, I was sent to John Collier to be measured for my "uniform suit" (a sober grey pinstripe job)… In the lower grades you measured yourself and were sent the closest fit... That resulted in some very funny effects
  20. It always makes a difference to the systems if there's anything CANBUS, i.e. most cars from mid - late noughties on
  21. Ah, that old chestnut again... The rattle of a blind on a night with a gentle breeze is worse!
  22. Compressor fridges are way more power efficient than absorption fridges...
  23. I had a LG 4K TV, that developed a shadow on the screen at Warranty period + 4 days... Same response. The retailer was sympathetic and gave me a partial refund, but LG were useless. Their bad... I'd never look at another LG appliance of any sort again...
  24. I doubt whether any of us could change a TYRE.... A wheel maybe, but not a tyre. The last one I did was a 16" Puch Maxi Moped, and vowed never to do one again
  25. Ah, so not really gin then, but gin and squash... My favourite gin is Plymouth, and an "original pink" Plymouth and tonic is lovely
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