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  1. There are only 4 network operators in the UK; EE, O2, Vodafone and Three. Every other "operator" is a secondary supplier. So Tesco use O2 for example. BT Mobile are a secondary operator, and (as a customer) they use EE. If you're a BT customer, they are considerably cheaper than EE
  2. A bit difficult where the sign is overgrown, and not visible, or where the sign has been hit or vandalised and you can't tell what the limit is. Essex cc is useless at keeping this stuff maintained
  3. At that age almost certainly, I had a 2009 Seat Exeo, that was CANBUS
  4. My wiring kit came with an electronics module to connect back to the Control units in the car, that's why the car needs reprogramming. The CU in the car first has to be told that the new module is connected, then the car CU has to be told that it's a towing module. No electronics, it's a cheap and cheerful and ineffective solution
  5. The latest 2litre TDCI Kuga is a "mild hybrid"
  6. How does that cover the "Christmas crack down" we see every year? I very much support it, just an academic question
  7. You need to know that the Powershift has had oil and filter changes at the appropriate intervals, and they're NOT included as part of any regular service...
  8. Uh? A diesel Up won't tow 2000 kg...
  9. What's the difference between one person not accepting evidence from Scotland and another not accepting evidence that any alcohol consumption impacts ones ability to drive? Both are evidence based approaches... If you make an argument please be consistent, otherwise it's just your opinion!!!!
  10. There are fairly "major" roads (as in busy-ish routes although the road will be a B-road) that are single track with passing places... For example, towing along the B3306 coast road between Lands End and St Ives would be an absolute no-no for me as a pretty confident tower
  11. It's an interesting comment from your neighbour, as the car is a prototype. Currently there aren't hybrid cars that would work well with anything other than a very small caravan, maybe they manufacturers are considering our needs
  12. I have significant experience from a number of groups of workers where alcohol consumption is a threat to public safety, namely railway staff... Over the years the regime changed, and now pretty much any member of staff involved in any incident will be Drugs & Alcohol (D&A) tested. In addition, there is random testing carried out. Now the "rule book" states no alcohol within 18 hours of signing on duty. Seems sensible to me... It also spread to all grades of staff whether operational or not
  13. TWO standards? Surely the backfill should be to Highways authority standards?????
  14. I'm 6' 3" and find the bed in the Cabrera fine... We love the van, it suits us to a T. We like plenty of room for the two of us, and bought the Cabrera for the island bed, and the very comfortable lounge area. We've had it for 8 months and have done about 1200 miles, it's a good van to tow with our Kuga, but you MUST check the nose weight and all up weight. We have to load under the bed to get the nose weight right and carry quite a bit of stuff in the car...
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