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  1. I tow with a Kuga, a 150 hp 2wd Titanium. Excellent tow car. Very stable with my Bailey Unicorn Cabrera...
  2. Used to be my Dad's works van, if he was going out somewhere (he was HGV mechanic) he'd often drop by home to pick me up for a ride out... The engine cover used to get lovely and warm in winter... I thought that one was diesel...
  3. I bought one of these middle of last year... Air Hawk It's brilliant... It has a 12v "adaptor" that replaces the battery and plugs into a lighter socket. I use it all the time to check my motorbike tyres (cordless), increasing pressure in the car rears (corded) and the caravan (topping up, cordless). The gauge is accurate when compared with my pencil gauge across the pressure ranges (35-68psi), so I now only use the gauge on the pump. It gets sort of confirmed by the Tyrepal on the van, so I can spot if it has "gone off"
  4. My van tyre sensors wake up whilst using the motor mover to get out of the storage space...
  5. Not quite on the physics, the aerosol deicer is alcohol based, and the alcohol spray mixes with the ice, reducing significantly the freezing point, so no heat is needed... HOWEVER... once you've completed spraying the alcohol then continues to evaporate and cools the screen even more... In misty conditions the screen will refreeze again in no time. I haven't used it since the 1970's and consider it a waste of money. Love my Kuga's electrically heated screen, steering wheel and seats in cold weather
  6. Point of order... "Qwerty" isn't by any means universal... French use "Azerty", Germany "Qwertz". The various KB's are designed to put the most used letters in the centre of the KB
  7. Your S-Max nav data is only updated when you update it via Sync 3 (involves downloading on a PC to a USB stick) and is only updated from Ford once every year or so, so yes the data is out of date... The issue with motorways is usually crossing over or under other roads where the limit is less...
  8. I'm a relative newcomer to the caravan world, but have over 55 years in the sailing world. In my teenage years, people with "yachts" (sailing boats you can sleep on) could buy one as big as 22' (!) and go sailing with the 2 kids for a relatively small outlay, and it was common to see late 20's early 30's owners. Nowadays people can't get onto the property ladder until they're in their 30's and the proportion of income that absorbs leaves sod all to spend on that type of leisure activity. A trip to Southampton Boat show has the smallest yachts at about 30' and costing near £100k. As a consequence yachting activities are contracting, as the people who started off 40-50 years ago are now dropping off the twig. There is no one coming behind to replace them. It's fairly obvious to me that caravaning is a scaled down reflection (due to the lower costs) of the same thing
  9. I've used Captain Tolley's on the boat, to stop an old deck hatch leaking, and it worked well. Not sure it'll do much for physical cracks
  10. If you've never done it you won't understand... It does give you a much better understanding of tyre/road interaction which, when most rode bikes before they had cars, improved people's overall driving capability
  11. My first car was Mk1 Escort, ex- BR Freight Sales reps car. Only about 25,000 miles, and only upgraded from a motorbike because bike insurance went over £100,and the car insurance was £70... Do I feel any nostalgia about it? No. It would only do 29mpg no matter how it was driven, and with 48bhp was slow as a slow thing... My 150bhp Kuga does 45-48mpg. Nostalgia for my bikes (Victoria Vicky 50 cc moped, Honda C100 (push rod) step thru, CZ175, Yam RD200DX, Kawasaki Z400 twin) from those days? You betcha!
  12. The starting current of the Jabsco on board my boat is more than 5A, it's protected by 10A
  13. ...only if it's been badly laid up. The biggest issue with laying up grp is using chopped strand rather than cloth, and then not wetting it out with resin thoroughly enough... 1960's boats can be the worst examples (or Reliant cars!)
  14. The small engine I loved was the Ford 3cyl 999cc EcoBoost... Had it in a Focus and thought it was magic, although a bit thirsty in town...
  15. The repair kit was nearly as much as the replacement Jabsco!!!
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