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  1. If you are connected through a solar controller, or the panel has a blocking diode then no...
  2. Andy's absolutely correct. There isn't a generic solution here. Each individual circuit from the module in the car is individually monitored. Doing the Ohm's law calc isn't straight forward, because an LED isn't a resistive load.
  3. There are multiple types of LED's and for use in a caravan(or car or boat) you should make sure they are "charging voltage" rated, not just 12V (i.e. 15Vfor safety). Cheap 12V LED's from auction sites can be at fault here, I use this outfit: Link
  4. It's nothing to do with "marketing" it's the fact that 80% of private cars are bought on Personal Contract, which means that they have a "choice" to make at the end of the 3 or 4 year deal. Either stump up the balloon payment to "own" the car, give the car back, or (as most do) start a new contract on a new car. It's how you see so many younger people driving much better cars than one would expect... At some point this finance model will blow up in both the consumer and the trade's faces. The only benefit is that it does result in a ready supply of low mileage recent used cars, particularly when the consumer defaults... Two of my last 3 cars have fitted into that category...
  5. I'm going to disagree with almost everything that's been written here. The issue is with the use of "universal" tow bar wiring on the car. Canbus electrics in the car are FAR cleverer and work to protect the electrical system of the car ( I will describe an example with my van later) and the Control Modules will detect what is going on, and the symptoms you describe of the sidelights coming on briefly almost certainly prove the case. When you cut into the wiring harness in the car, and have incandescent bulbs of say 5w you potentially have 2 rear lights, and maybe 2 marker lights. You will have added 20W, which equates to a current draw of something like 1.6 Amps (20/12)... The lights on the car will be LED and so the Control module is "expecting" to see say 0.5 A on the sidelight circuit, and shuts down the circuit (hence your sidelights flash on then off) in order to prevent any further increase in current and protect the wiring. How do I know this? When I got my Bailey it came with 2 reversing lights and 2 rear fog lights. All other lights worked fine. In discussion with the towbar fitter (I had a Vehicle Specific wiring module, albeit not the Ford one), he contacted the VSU manufacturer, who identified that their module was designed for single reversing and fog lights. They provided suitably ballasted LED bulbs , problem fixed. I'm afraid you're going to have to rip out the universal kit and replace with a Vehicle Specific kit.
  6. I'm one of the naysayers here about absorption fridges. They are thermally very inefficient, especially on electricity. On my boat I use a small compressor fridge that solar will run for about a week or so. I don't get the desire to "just have" the 3 power options... Gas fridges (which were all absorption) disappeared from domestic use donkeys years ago.
  7. Ferries and tunnel are "essential travel only"
  8. The U4 Cabrera has Tracker and Alarm, Alko Wheel Lock, locking wheel nuts (unlike a car the adapter is needed for each wheel nut), ATC, all as standard...
  9. I've read both club announcements. This is the C&CC announcement extract: "We’ll continue to follow government advice on when our campsites can re-open (at the moment we are legally closed). We’re hoping it will be from the 4th July as part of the government’s phase 3 plans – at least for campsites in England. But that date is not yet confirmed. We are also monitoring guidance from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland."
  10. My Kuga came from a main dealer used, and they didn't fit tow bars, but they had a local mobile guy they used. He was excellent. Maybe worth asking them?
  11. Maybe with TSB and Halifax, not with HSBC
  12. In January/February I had a call from "HSBC Security" (HSBC is my bank) and the Caller line ID even showed the correct phone number. They told me there was suspicious usage on my account from Coventry. My hackles raised immediately the guy asked me for my SecureID number... I hung up and rang HSBC on another line, and my phone access had been locked out due to someone trying to hack it... Unfortunately these days it needs a visit to a branch to sort that out...
  13. Camping and Caravan sites are still explicitly closed (except for permanent residents) by Government. The sites can say all they like, but until that restriction lifts, they are whistling up their kilts...
  14. Absolutely right. In Mobile data there is usually a "fair usage" clause, even with the much trumpeted 3 "all you can eat" schyeme
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