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  1. We have used a Fire TV stick, but use it slightly differently... We have a Fire Tablet, and as Prime customers we download movies etc onto that. Turn Mobile data off on mobile, then connect the Fire stick and tablet to that network, and you can watch those downloads on the TV via the Fire Stick...
  2. Halfords and Wilcos both do number plates, and give you the opportunity to take your docs somewhere local...
  3. Obviously you've never used a Lock'n'level… You position the van where the Alko fits onto the wheel.... Place the LNL with the centre line lined up with the centre of the tyre. Roll the van forward so that the wheel is now clear of the LNL, move the LNL sideways so that the tyre will move back on the longitudinal line of the LNL and stop it on the centre line. My first pitch with it in pouring rain took less than 5 minutes...
  4. Not as unforgiving as riding a motorcycle!
  5. The Garmin's have a very useful "Voice command" Feature....
  6. There's a factor that people haven't included, in that keeping to the speed limits in a caravan means that your brain isn't working as hard as it is in a solo car north of 70mph. Years ago I rode a motorbike (with a mate on a big scooter) to Rome over a couple of days and discovered that at 60-65 mph , stopping every 2 hours for fuel, you could just keep going for 4 or 5 sessions a day. However if you were doing 80, the brain is worn out certainly by the end of the 3rd session. Our recent trip to Cornwall felt easier on the main roads than a solo trip
  7. There's an Additional Item Using mobile phone as a WiFi Hotspot All smartphones have the ability to perform the same function as a Mifi device,and save you having to buy an additional device. Ensure your mobile contract gives you sufficient data for your needs, bearing in mind that a streamed High definition video of 1 hour length watched through BBC iPlayer will use c. 3GB of your allowance
  8. Not with mine... You sure it's not a relay clicking in the load compartment? I don't have any noise on my Kuga
  9. Ok, my experience is based on domestic ceramic taps... If you have hard water, typical cartridge taps and mixers need "servicing" once a year. This means applying a smear of silicon grease onto the O-rings, and when you get to replace the cartridges at 5-6 years replace all O-rings including the one on the swivel spout...
  10. In most people's price range would have been the Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-R1300, which would do a rear tyre, chain and sprockets in 1300 miles...
  11. They also appear to have abandoned listing the weighbridges... at least in Essex
  12. That was the same when my old TomTom Rider failed this year, I was offered a £50 discount, but bought off the net £110 cheaper
  13. If the car is CANBUS, the towbar electrics will also include a control unit, and as I know to my cost that control unit will react to "the wrong current" flowing to particular devices. In my case, the CU was designed for a single rear fog and single reversing light. My van had each in twin, and because the CU detected "too much current" it closed down those circuits... The supplier sent ballasted LED's to "imitate" the single lamp config...
  14. Yep, my Shoei Neotec II is certified in the EU in both full face and open positions.
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