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  1. About the only "news" piece I listen to is the daily press conference, and the questions asked by the journos are UNBELIEVABLE... The flavour of the day yesterday and Monday was "what's the exit strategy" in summary, and they themselves are setting the hares running with anyone listening that we should be planning the ease out of lockdown with no real solid evidence! The least stupid questions tend to come from the Beeb, but once you get to Peston, and the tabloids, if I were answering the questions I'd be screaming "didn't you listen to the update/previous answer!!!" Sorry. Rant Mode off..
  2. We have noticed that supermarkets are heaving in the mornings, but by lunchtime it's much quieter...
  3. You need to get to Aldi or Lidl for their chocolate Oaties... They have Choc Hobnobs deffo beaten into second place and are only 42p for a larger pack...
  4. Simples, The UK is ONLY testing suspected cases admitted to hospital at the moment.
  5. Same frequencies as 4G, at LOWER POWER... So it's SAFER!!! Never let the science get in the way of a good scare story...
  6. It's a shame that the UK Premier League clubs are "furloughing" their low paid staff for the Govt to pay, and maintaining the obscene money they pay to the players, who could at least afford to take a cut! And as if you couldn't guess, started by Mike Ashley!!!
  7. A vaccine will still have to go through the three phases of Clinical Trials, it's just that there will be more hospitals will be involved, and that the data will be collected more quickly. The first phase is basically human tolerance, and occurs in specialist units, where the drug/vaccine is administered to "healthy volunteers" (i.e. people without the condition). Often this is a relatively small group, and will be remembered for the testing of Fialuridine in 2006, which at a concentration of 0.002% of that administered in animal safety tests resulted in the deaths of four of the volunteers. Phase 2 is where the drug is administered in similar controlled units, but to patients with the condition (for drugs, slightly different for vaccines, where they look for creation of antibodies). Once proven safe and efficacious in Phase 2, they move onto Phase 3 where the drug is administered to a large population (small thousands). I for one will not be holding back in being vaccinated... It's a bit like the current upsurge in mumps and measles due to the false research done by Dr Andrew Wakefield who was subsequently struck off. MMR are much more serious diseases in adults, and there are teenagers currently suffering from that because of the continuing acceptance of the false research which was subsequently disproved by a huge study in 2008.
  8. In the UK it's been reported that Germany tested a lot of people who had been skiing at the beginning of the outbreak
  9. The advice is masks are basically no use, so until advised to change by HMG, no.
  10. I've had comms from 3 dealerships I've used in the past, and they ALL said that their Service Depts were closed EXCEPT for repairs to vehicles of essential workers...
  11. Are people aware that 101 is not a free number, and is generally outside Free calls allocation ? I tried to report a car with no MOT (yes that's the way you have to report no MOT) and it was (IIRC) around 15p per minute on BT Landline with inclusive calls.
  12. Once the drugs in an issued prescription is out of the pharmacy door, it CANNOT be re-stocked
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