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  1. The easiest place to start is at the solar controller. The normal Chinese made controller has the terminals at the bottom and the clamp screws are visible facing you... Digital meter to check the voltage being received by the controller from the panel, and the voltage at the controller from/to the battery... The cheap controller in general use (Truma badged usually) isn't the most reliable thing in the world, and if it is bust, is very easy to replace, but lack of voltage on either pair of connections will point you in which direction (panel/controller or controller/battery) you need to investigate....
  2. The standard Windows 10 MS Photo will resize for whatever purpose... Click on three dots top right, resize...
  3. + 1. The Cabrera one is even more ridiculous, because the waste sits ABOVE the bottom of the sink, so it always requires a wipe out...
  4. There's an old adage; "one man's meat is another man's poison". I'm with Mr Plodd here, the two rooflights in the central bathroom of our 2019 Cabrera are more than adequate, and the end bed/centre bathroom suits us to the ground. There are cosmetic changes to the 2020 range which I don't like (curved overhead locker doors for example). However somebody must have liked it, since there was an Alicanto on site where we were over the last few days (Black Knowl)
  5. Ok, I do a version of this, but it's very specific... I'm an Amazon Prime customer, and with an Amazon Fire Tablet and a Fire TV stick it all works... You can download the movies to the Fire Tablet (at home). With the FIre TV stick in the TV and connected to a mobile hotspot WITH MOBILE DATA TURNED OFF!!! I can play all the Prime Video I want. I would guess that a Chromecast could function in the same way...
  6. The car connection isn't enough to cool the fridge down, but will maintain a fridge already cooled...
  7. Interestingly I just received (Saturday) a BT Minihub which is a MiFi unit as I'm having Broadband speed issues, and the instructions with that were specific. If on long term charge, remove the battery.... AS the battery is Alcatel, I assume it's a rebadged Alcatel device...
  8. +1 if you're a BT Broadband customer... We're currently sitting on unlimited data because our Broadband speeds are varying...
  9. Travelling motorcyclists version... Day 1 Normal; Day 2 Back to front; Day 3 Inside out and back to front; Day 4 Inside out and Normal direction...
  10. I saw the broadcast news article that this is based on. Firstly it's nothing to do with electric cars, it's to do with power generation and distribution (SF6 is used in switchgear in both). Secondly there has been alternative switch gear available (as stated in the broadcast item) for over 50 years. SOmeone just needs to poke a sharp stick in the right place with the power generators, especially as the move to "renewables" is increasing the amount of switching etc because the individual generating units are so small.
  11. For the higher data volume sims most providers stick a "fair usage" clause in the small print... For example, BT >10 GB Sims are limited to 10 when roaming...
  12. ...a Mighty fine tug IMHO... I had the tow bar fitted to mine, and used a vehicle specific kit (not sure whose, but not Ford) all was fine, except the wiring kit company had to send me replacement LED bulbs for reversing and rear fogs because the Bailey has twins of each. The design of the wiring kit was for single of each, and the control module in the wiring kit shut down the reversing and fogs because they were drawing too much power...
  13. Nothing to do with the towball, the green light is the ATC, which is electrics...
  14. From my boating experience, the use of silicon sealant anywhere bar cosmetic filleting is a waste of time... The stuff does deteriorate and eventually give up. External sealants to remain waterproof need to be polyurethane or polysulfide based... The Sikaflex range for example. BUT if the existing joint is silicon, you need to clean the sealant off meticulously and prime the joint before using the sealant
  15. My ex-brother-in-law was from Northern Ireland and got his car driving license without ANY test in (I think) 1964... It changed there shortly after that. My father didn't need to take a test (he started driving in 1941) as tests were suspended during the war and the Suez Crisis
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