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  1. Not on my Kuga, although I do make sure I kneel to do it (I have a kneeling pad in the outside locker - an essential piece of kit for me)
  2. Use a multimeter to check the output voltage to the battery (battery connections on the controller) and also check the voltage on the input connections from the panel... While you're in that area also make sure the connections are screwed up tight
  3. The technology for data is no different between a phone and a MiFi unit... so it won't make a difference to your reception.... "Tethering" is the act of connecting the device you want to receive data to the mobile device. The most common way is to make the phone a WiFi "hotspot". On the laptop (or whatever) you just see that hotspot as an additional wireless network
  4. If it was the marine world, you'd have a boat shaped hole into which you pour £50 notes....
  5. All the holiday companies are fighting for business... Thomas Cook made a half year loss yesterday of £1.5billion, blaming Brexit uncertainty... so I'm sure that applies across holidays of all types
  6. As I said previously audio lead...
  7. Most people who have heard our Bose don't agree...
  8. So their suggested solution (which I'm going with to keep it their issue) is a plastic turnbuckle fitting which will at least use multiple screws which are longer due to being screwed into the panel end...
  9. Not if you have one at home and take it with you
  10. There's a methodology in the marine world which works pretty well, and rarely needs re-doing. Drill and oversize (as in double) . Fill the hole with thickened epoxy, cover a screw in grease and screw into the uncured epoxy and wait to cure. The grease will stop the epoxy sticking to the screw, and once cured, you have (effectively) a bonded threaded hole...
  11. I use Puriclean powder on the boat once a year... Dissolve in hot water before putting it in the Aquaroll, then pump it up into the water system. Leave for a few hours, empty and pump through a couple of Aquaroll's of clean water
  12. Why not one of the modern rechargeable vacuum cleaners?
  13. Interesting, my new Tomtom Rider bought a month ago has a footnote that says "lifetime means until XX/XX/2025"...so 6 years is lifetime.
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