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  1. Up until about 2008, there would have been no discussion about whether to have a vaccination or not. At that point a certain Dr Andrew Wakefield released a "research paper" that linked administration of the MMR vaccine to autism, and that was reported in the barmy press. As a consequence a larger number of parents started to object and decline the vaccine for their kids. Within a few months, the Dr Wakefield "research" was debunked, and he was struck off the Medical Register and was no longer allowed to practise or research. The papers didn't report that. We now have i
  2. And not the easiest to get at to replace the batteries...
  3. The difficulty with the latest "guidance" is that in several places there are comments about "valid exemptions" (my words). The problem is the exemptions are not published. In my case, my sister's funeral (in Stockport) is on Thursday, so I have a 250 mile drive, and had booked a Premier Inn to stay over and return the following day, I need to know whether this is considered as a valid exemption, and there is absolutely NOTHING yet published. It's all very well applying a lock down but a lot of information should be published at or very soon after the announcement.
  4. From the New National Restrictions from Nov 5 document on the gov.uk site, Para 11 "Travel": Overnight stays and holidays away from primary residences will not be allowed- including holidays in the UK and abroad. This includes staying in a second home, if you own one, or staying with anyone you do not live with or are in a support bubble with. There are specific exceptions, for example if you need to stay away from home (including in a second home) for work purposes.
  5. If the hitch is from the 60's/70's it could well be imperial (2") which equated to 50.8mm rather than 50...
  6. No. There have been four or five major outbreaks at meat factories in Norfolk and Suffolk. The employees generally bus in to these sites from low cost housing towns. For example Banham Poultry staff (biggest outbreak so far)were generally bussed in from Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth. Also there were complaints that the management from the factory was trying to dissuade people from isolating if they had symptoms. In general the environment in these places is conducive to viral transmission; they are cold (obviously) and noisy so workers have to shout... How do I kno
  7. We bought our Unicorn IV Cabrera new in March 2019... One minor issue, which was the stupid sliding door hold back (a webbing strap with a press stud screwed in with a 3/8" screw into MDF) Dealer replaced with a turn buckle catch and two decent screws... No other issues, and very happy with it...
  8. Another +1 for end island beds, in our case a Bailey Unicorn IV Cabrera. We looked extensively, and side beds rarely are on display fully extended, and in a 7' 6" van you just cannot get past even before the inclusion of duvet... Even end islands can be displayed likewise, always tug the bed frame out to full extent AND lay on the bed!
  9. Many domestic systems now mirror the Alde system in that you don't just use a simple time clock to turn the boiler off at night, but you set a temperature between your chosen night hours and another for your chosen day hours. Our caravan matches our house precisely and hence is as comfortable as being at home... Had to replace the back up batteries two weeks ago, and the only thing that the unit uses is the clock.
  10. We weighed our van yesterday, using a Reich gauge. That works by weighing each wheel one by one (use the mover to inch the wheel onto the gauge, then off in the opposite direction). Our Cabrera MTPLM is 1532kg, and when we first got it we had trouble getting the nose weight right (nothing aboard it was 140kg for a 100kg towbar) and have to move kit that is in cupboards when on site into plastic boxes that then get moved under the bed. Last time we were out (two weeks ago) the nose wheel was on tarmac so we weighed it then, coming up with 119kg. Hence the reason for checking ye
  11. Cheers, one ordered should be delivered today!
  12. Hi all, just got back from a few days during which the "O ring" on the pop up plug gave up the ghost. It's a really odd construction, being a T cross section and the inner part is zigzag... Can't find it on Prima, anybody know where to get one?
  13. Funny, we went the other way... We planned for the Phoenix, but upgraded to the Cabrera mainly because of the better (i.e thicker) couch cushions...
  14. I worked for a small company as a contractor for a short time, and they developed and supported the service... According to the developers, the main purpose initially was to track developing issues with vehicles, but I agree it's very Big Brother...
  15. No more than any other caravan. One minor issue we have had is the sliding door to the bedroom has had to be replaced. It was a 3/8" screw into MDF, with a piece of webbing and popper also screwed into the door. Popped out after one trip. The warranty fix carried out was to use a plastic "turnbuckle"
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