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  1. Does anyone have a key fob for the concept kel 2002 alarm mines corroded inside and won’t work I’ve contacted keen Electronics who stoped making them 4 years ago and cannot help thanks in advance
  2. This is a mine field I’ve ordered a revolution drive away air 2xl awning due to the rail height on the mayfly how do I get it to fit any help much appreciated
  3. Thanks but I mean the channel size ( told you I was a novice )
  4. Are the rail sizes the same on a Motorhome as they are on a caravan
  5. Thank you everyone gives me something to chew over
  6. Can anyone help me I have bought an Avondale mayfly 2 berth caravan it a 2000 model and I need a lightweight awning problem is the rail height is only 220cm so I’m thinking of getting a Motorhome awning are the rail sizes the same ( I’m new the this game ) thanks in advance
  7. Thanks everyone found out it is under 1300kg from the Kia web site and it is diesel and manual thanks again
  8. not yet got a caravan I need to know how I find what my car can tow . I have a 2016 Kia Soul 1600 manual I only need a small caravan either 2 or 4 berth went to the local caravan supplier who said look in the owner manual done this but cannot see any information hope someone on here can help thanks in advanced
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