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  1. And it's the same procedure if the low side is not the lock side. No need to turn the van round, plus some sites want the front of the van facing out. Used mine for the first time recently, easy and very happy with it. John
  2. Yup, I love my little Pegasus 462, but it is a brick.
  3. I'm a newbie, although I did have a few vans about 30 years ago and came back to caravans when I retired. I now have a 2010 Bailey Pegasus 462 bought second hand, it's bone dry and in beautiful condition. The only parts on mine that can really be affected by damp and rot are the ply skins on the sandwich constructed floor and they can be repaired with a degree of difficulty . You rarely hear of all the dry Alu-techs as people only tend to post about problems on forums like this one. I did a lot of research on this forum before I bought mine and thanks to the good people on here had a very good idea where to check for problems. On mine the main area of concern is the front wet locker floor as water can find its way in there from a couple of places. I asked the Dealer if I could have the keys and went to the front lockers first to check them. She watched me and smiled, she said "that's the first place we look at as well" There's other places and areas to check on used vans of course, but there's a lot of good Alu-techs around without rotten floors. John
  4. I should have said, I didn't use the guy lines/straps. We do have them.
  5. I've got a Kampa 390 grande. It is a tad heavy for a 70 year old miserable Victor Meldrew type old bloke but the Kampa Awning pulley whizzes it through the rail really well. Love the extra depth, very stable (I just peg it down, no guy lines) and it doesn't leak. John
  6. The set and accessories I was interested in have just come back in stock. Yup, the aren't cheap, but ordered some anyway with £98.50 discount.
  7. Same here with my S Max. With the dog crate for my GSD and my spare alloy not much room left. As it's just the three of us, dog included, we use the passenger seats for luggage etc. John
  8. I've been looking at the Tefal ingenio range and wonder if any of you use the glass lid for them in the oven. Some info says they're safe up to gas mark 4, but elsewhere it says the lids should be removed if using in an oven. I'm a little confused, which is nothing unusual . At the moment the CMC discount isn't of any use as the supplier you have to use to get the discount seems to be out of stock of most of it. Thanks John
  9. You can get these http://www.milenco.com/products/mirrors/mirror-spares/aero-extra-wide-arms-pairs-for-2-5m-caravans Can't sleep so wide awake at 2.15
  10. johntog

    8k tug

    I've only had one automatic, a Volvo 960 estate. I loved that car, but it was never used for towing. When looking for my S Max, as I was looking at older vehicles due to price constraints, I avoided Ford autos as unless they have been serviced at the correct intervals, and many haven't, they can go horribly and expensively wrong. I would have been very interested otherwise. Most people love towing with an auto. John
  11. johntog

    8k tug

    The S Max isn't an SUV it's an MPV just saying. Basically a Mondeo that's a bit taller and can have 7 seats. We don't use the rear two seats so it's got the same sort of room as a large estate. The slight increase in seat height is great for us older folk to get in and out of. The diesels have very good fuel economy but diesels aren't everyone's cup of tea. The 2.0 TDCi, mine's a manual, is a great tug for a 1450 kilo van. At 100,000 they're only just run in. OK I'm biased all the best whatever you choose. John
  12. johntog

    8k tug

    Ford S Max or Mondeo.
  13. I've read through the post above and noticed several people have mentioned about lubricating the mechanism of a detachable tow-bar. I have a detachable Tow trust bar fitted on my S Max and they do say never to lubricate with grease or oil any part of the mechanism. Other manufacturers may differ. John Maintenance • The housing should be kept dirt and corrosion-free on the points of contact. The surfaces only require cleaning with a cloth. Grease or other lubricants should never be used! • If the ball is not used, it should be removed. The dummy should then be inserted for protection and to prevent dirt. taken from the Tow trust site
  14. I hope you're right . I have replaced the old spring type clip cable with a new carabiner one.
  15. My tow trust tow bar has a breakaway cable attachment point on the bottom of the drop down socket bracket. They've told me it's sufficiently strong but seems a bit flimsy to me. It's 3mm mild steel. John
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