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  1. If they offer 'fully serviced pitches' you should get an electric hookup, a dedicated tap for fresh water, a grey waste drain for water from sinks and shower if you have one fitted and probably a tv aerial and maybe a satellite connection. There won't be a sewer connection for a toilet, that will need to be emptied in a dedicated facility on site. John
  2. I've nothing against private schools, but as nearly two thirds of the present cabinet went to private schools, four to Eton, perhaps they weren't aware of caravan storage yards. Perhaps they confused them with traveler sites In fairness I think it would be almost impossible for them to have thought of and included every business covered by the current regulations. I suspect it's possible the storage sites may have made their own enquieries to see how they were affected and whether it was alright for people to use the site under certain circumstances. John What do you not understand?
  3. http://www.caravantimes.co.uk/news/makes/bailey/pegasus/mp-picks-up-the-keys-to-2011-bailey-pegasus-caravan-$21378194.htm
  4. After a quick google it would seem that several storage facilities have said they're now allowed to give access for maintenance and repairs etc. The date they opened preceded the first post on this thread. I think it likely they checked the guidance to ensure the were complying with regulations as to do otherwise could mean they may end up possibly being prosecuted. They all insist on the normal safety measures, social distancing etc, being used. Many stated they were considered a very low risk area by the powers that be. John
  5. We have a Kampa 390 grande, the awning pulley is excellent isn't it. Makes light work of it. I hope you get the opportunity to use it in the not too distant future. John
  6. As I said before, it's a question of using just a little bit of common sense IMHO. Checking your van in an almost deserted storage yard that's quite close by is a lot safer than a trip to the coast where there may be a lot of other people, which is allowed. The owner of my storage has been told under controlled condition, social distancing etc, he can allow access for maintenance, repairs etc. I wouldn't travel to the coast myself at the moment anyway as I'm an old bloke who needs access to loos and the damn things are all shut, for obvious reasons. John ps; I found I could check my eyesight by looking at car number plates at a distance in my road so avoided an unnecessary 30 mile drive. Will this be deleted? Just saying
  7. I'm over 70 and my wife a little younger. My daughter and son in law both work in food retail and I hear to many instances of people, both staff stacking shelves and customers, not practicing social distancing. In fact too many are reaching over other shoppers to remove or replace items, sometimes coming within inches of each other. We get most large shops online, although that was very difficult to arrange, and our son in law picks up a few things while he's at work. All the time we can do this we're keeping away from shops for the time being. John
  8. You are allowed to make non essential journeys now. In fact I understand you can travel any distance in your car as long as you return home the same day. Visiting my storage site, 20 minutes drive at the most, where there's hardly anyone else around is a lot safer than going food shopping or popping in to a garden center both of which are allowed but I won't do.
  9. My storage site has recently opened for maintenance only. They've removed the catch so you don't need to touch it for access but the electronic lock is still activated with a fob. A container of sanitizer is fixed to the wall for you to use at the entrance and the toilet facility has been locked. The owner has requested that people don't sit outside their vans sunbathing or having a drink but only visit to do maintenance or collect items in the van. I removed my winter cover to bring it home for repair and I'll be removing stuff stored in the van and storing it at home for the foreseeable future. I'll be returning to do some work on the van if possible soon. The owner also insists that social distancing guidelines must be observed and this proved to be easy as there was only one other chap down there. I can't see a problem or a risk with this as long as everyone who visits uses just a little common sense. If we get a second wave of the virus and a strict lock down is re introduced it'll be a different matter. John
  10. If you do get one this is a very useful accessory for it WORX WA4039 Hydroshot Pivot Nozzle Accessory Helpful for doing the roof etc. John
  11. johntog

    Heavy Awning

    We have a Kampa 390 grande, so it's quite a heavy lump. The Kampa awning pulley makes it very easy to fit the awning starting at the front of our Bailey 462. While I use the pulley my wife guides the awning into the rail. It really is very easy. The pulley works in the same way as an engine hoist and reduces the effort needed to drag the awning through the rail. As the awning rail on our old bailey has a sharp 90 degree bend at the rear of the van which stops me from mounting the pulley bag horizontally, I just slide it up the rear vertical rail and keep it in place with a rail stop below it. John
  12. I use a Kampa gale pump with a 12 volt extension lead that plugs into the car so I don't need the car very close.
  13. I'm just an old, retired Kitchen fitter. The only company car I got was a Transit van. Has to give it back when my health forced me to retire early
  14. That's what I get for buying a cheapo Ford. You have deeper pockets than I Steve
  15. I believe the reason some cars don't have a spare is to do with emissions. The wheel adds weight and increases fuel consumption. Lower fuel consumption, lowers emissions. There may be a case for suspecting it's do do with cost as well. As I've said, my car year came with no spare and no provision to carry one. Interestingly I understand this was changed on later models but these have lower emissions than mine which wasn't fitted with a DPF from new, it was an option at that time. It's 10 years old.
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