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  1. The thermocouple sensor on the grill in my 2010 Bailey is defunct. I used to be gas safe registered although not for LPG. I shall be calling out a qualified mobile engineer. John
  2. An inflatable Locknlevel may be a worthwhile purchase in these situations. John
  3. Although I'm happy with my air awning (if the bladders start exploding I may change my mind ) it's easy enough to sort out poles. Just use different coloured insulating tape to identify the joints, it's easy then. I'm sure everybody knows that though.
  4. Using a Kampa awning pulley on my Kampa 390 grande I can insert the awning in the rail as quick, or possibly quicker than that poled awning. You could of course use a pulley on either type. After owning several poled awnings I personally find erecting my air awning easier and more relaxing than any poled awning I've had. It's not just about speed, you're meant to be on holiday. John
  5. I use a Ring RAC 635 (https://www.ringautomotive.com/en/product/RAC635) and a 12v extension lead (https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07BRVN3LD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc). Works fine on tyres up to 100psi and the locknlevel. John
  6. If I hadn't had motor movers fitted to my pegasus 462 I don't think I would have bothered to have a weight upgrade. The extra 94kg means I can carry my awning and cadac in the van if I want. My S Max has a generous load area and weight allowance as there's only two of us plus the dog. However, most of my boot area is taken up my the large dog crate for my GSD, dog food (she eats a lot) and a full size spare wheel. The passenger seating area is easily filled by my wife with items which she considers indispensable but rarely get used . I've given up saying too much about it as I prefer a quiet life. John
  7. No statutory plate in the locker of my 2010 Pegasus 462. The axle weight limit is 1450kg and I've got an upgrade to 1420kg giving me an additional 94kg. I have no need, or intention, to use all of the 94kg, it just gives me a bit of flexibility when loading. I have a 2.0 TDCi S Max and I'm still within 85% of KW and my GTW. John
  8. The Ingenio pans we bought are light, not cheap (far from it) and can be used with gas hobs and electric induction. They can also be used in the oven. It's the lining on the base that matters. Before I retired I was a kitchen fitter for thirty years and towards the end nearly all the hobs I fitted were induction. They really do heat water very quickly don't they. I keep thinking of getting one of the free standing ones available now for use in the awning. John
  9. Another one for the Tefal ingenio for the reasons mentioned. They take up very little room so are easy to store in the van. We got them with a good discount through CMC but we didn't buy a full set. We also bought a non stick cast aluminium casserole pot from Amazon that was on offer. We also replaced our cadac safari chef with a carri chef. It's well over the top as there's only 2 of us but I like that it's taller and I can use it at home.
  10. Thanks Woodentop, I glad to be of assistance Every cloud and all that. If your U4 is new, the gas locker is in a different place I believe, my peggy is a 2010 so has a front locker. May be be worth a measure? You can borrow my tape
  11. I've always been a measure twice cut once bloke. I've got a Pegasus 462 and left my tape measure at home. Anyone want to buy a 10kg Gaslight bottle?
  12. Karma's rubbish sometimes mate
  13. I use the Aquaroll ballcock system. Are we still allowed to say "ballcock" it works fine for me. I can't comment on a direct feed system as I've not used one.
  14. Although you can get some full size air awnings most generally fit in the straight, horizontal, part of the awning rail along the roof of the van. If you measure the straight section that will tell you how big an awning you can fit. We have a Bailey pegasus 462 and use a Kampa air pro 390 grande. It's just under 4 meters long by 3 meters deep. It's a good sized awning. You can fit a smaller one of course to use as a porch. A not very good pic of ours. John
  15. Depending where you buy they're between £22-£25. Important point, when walking backwards with pulley don't get run over by other campers Due to the sharp bend in the awning rail on my Bailey I can't get the pulley past it. I fit vertically as near to the bend as possible and it works fine. VIDEO
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