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  1. I have one on my Ford S Max and it's not easy. I think it's due to how close it is to the bumper as well. I keep meaning to try do something about it as it's a bit difficult for an old bloke.
  2. You may have a blockage of some kind. We bought a 2010 Bailey pegasus 462 at the end of last year. It's also an Alutec so the rail should be similar to yours I would have thought. We haven't used it yet due to a bereavement in our family but decided to fit our new Kampa airpro grande 390 for a practice run before going away. I cleaned the rail out with an awning rail brush first and then sprayed it with a silicone spray. We used a Kampa awning pulley, makes it very easy, to assist feeding the awning in. The whole exercise took about 10 minutes including inflation with an electric pump, but no pegging out. As Gd485 has suggested try threading the draft skirt to check for obstructions. John
  3. I have a 9 year old Bailey Pegasus 462. I suspect the tracker on my van may be no longer supported and even if it was the rechargeable battery was completely flat and was draining my leisure battery. I had no intention of paying the high fee cost so have completely removed it. It's also saved a bit of weight. John ps, I did inform my insurance company and it made very little difference to my premium.
  4. I do miss it at times. I was into rebuilding classic brit bikes, Triumphs, BSAs and my favorite, Sunbeam S7 deluxe. Still meet up with friends from the Sunbeam owners fellowship at a pub. A painful neck condition and arthritis in my hips and hands meant riding became very uncomfortable and took all the enjoyment away so it was time to quit. Not being able to look properly over my shoulder and being distracted by pain was a recipe for disaster also.
  5. I've just had to do my 70 birthday renewal and took a copy of my old paper licence to ensure I retained all my entitlements, motorcycle and B+E . You do have to answer some medical questions and if you have a condition that's listed the DVLA may want further information. I will add, I've no intention of riding motorcycles any more
  6. New tyres and new front discs, rear bushes replaced, cambelt, water pump etc replaced, new auxiliary belt and full service done before I collected it on Monday . Detachable towbar and vehicle specific electrics booked for tomorrow.
  7. Thanks, that's just want I wanted to hear
  8. I'm going to be collecting a used car in the next few days, It's a 2009 Ford s max titanium 2.0 tdci manual. I think a few people on the forum use them and I wonder if anyone has felt it useful to fit heavy duty rear springs to this vehicle. I'll be towing my Bailey pegasus 462. Thanks John
  9. If you want to splash out a bit more cash you could get this https://www.locknlevel.co.uk/ I've got one but not used it yet. The Trugdens rate it. John
  10. If your van is here https://www.hobby-caravan.de/en/caravans/prestige/#c29238 you'll get the info you need. John
  11. I think it's normally recommended to fit tyres with reinforced sidewalls to trailers and caravans. I've always had van tyres with reinforced sidewalls on mine as this is what the tyre company I use recommends. This is on single axles. John
  12. A bit more info about touring pitches, or lack of, at Sandyballs http://goodtimes.awayresorts.co.uk/news/exciting-10m-development-at-sandy-balls-holiday-village/
  13. We used to go to Sandy Balls every year when our Children were little and returned there for the last two years. They are now ruining the site IMO, they're ripping out most of the hedge boundaries and putting huge cabins everywhere. The cabins are ridiculously expensive and last year it was very noisy with the main offenders being in the glamping areas. The new owners are obviously not interested in accommodating touring caravans any more. We won't be going there again. Shame. John
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