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  1. I use a Kampa gale pump with a 12 volt extension lead that plugs into the car so I don't need the car very close.
  2. I'm just an old, retired Kitchen fitter. The only company car I got was a Transit van. Has to give it back when my health forced me to retire early
  3. That's what I get for buying a cheapo Ford. You have deeper pockets than I Steve
  4. I believe the reason some cars don't have a spare is to do with emissions. The wheel adds weight and increases fuel consumption. Lower fuel consumption, lowers emissions. There may be a case for suspecting it's do do with cost as well. As I've said, my car year came with no spare and no provision to carry one. Interestingly I understand this was changed on later models but these have lower emissions than mine which wasn't fitted with a DPF from new, it was an option at that time. It's 10 years old.
  5. I did say 'may'. There's been several discussions on car forums regarding this. The 'type approval' might well vary from one manufacturer to another and from one model to another as well as from different years of the same model. I can tell you, with a reasonable amount of confidence, that my car that has NO provision for carrying any type of spare, and came with a can of sealant, is not type approved to use a space saver wheel. If your vehicle came with the provision to carry a space saver, it is, I agree almost certainly approved. The wheel itself may well have been an optional extra. It's fine to "think it's more likely" but in the event of a claim that MAY not impress your insurance company. Surely it's better to be safe than sorry? Or would you rather I not mention a concern that MAY cost someone a great deal of money and stress?
  6. If your car came with a space saver from the factory obviously of course it will be type approved. Cars that came without a spare of any kind , maybe a pump with some sealant, may not be approved. These are the people I was aiming at.
  7. If anyone is thinking of getting a space saver spare, please check that your car is type approved to use one. Some aren't. If not type approved it's possible your insurance could be invalid if the worst thing were to happen.
  8. I'm not sure if an S Max qualifies as a 'big car', it's certainly a heavy lump. I bought mine for 2 reasons, towing the caravan as my 1.8 Mondeo was feeling underpowered, but also, because it's a higher vehicle, it's easier to get in and out of and more comfortable for me with my arthritis. As we're both retired now we don't do many miles.
  9. That's the trouble, isn't it. I can't remember the last time I had a puncture, it was some time ago. The thought of not having a spare for the first time in my life worries me. I also managed for years without a mobile phone, but now panic a bit if I go out and forget to take it. I'm a believer in sod's law.
  10. I have a 2009 Ford S-Max. They don't come with any type of spare, just the tyre sealant. A lot of garages won't repair a tyre if the sealant has been used, plus it only works on a very small leak. A space saver is is only legal if your car has been 'type approved' to use one and mine hasn't. I carry a full size, genuine S max wheel bought from a breakers. I takes up a bit of room in the back but is securely strapped in place. There's still room in the back for my large, crash tested dog crate for my German Shepherd, but not much for anything else.
  11. I have a cordless Hydroshot with the new brushless motor. It delivers a larger volume of water although at a similar pressure to the brushed motor. It is nothing like as powerful as my mains electric Karcher, which I wouldn't use on the van. I've used it on my caravan and it doesn't get past any seals on the side lockers etc. It makes cleaning my van a lot easier and I use the soap dispenser, optional extra on mine, for applying fenwicks shampoo and then for the bobby dazzler. I keep the spray nozzle about a meter away from the van and it's absolutely fine. Rinse the van off and wash away leaves etc. Then apply fenwicks cleaner, one panel at a time, and use a brush or sponge. I use a telescopic ladder to reach the roof and a telescopic brush. I rinse the cleaner off with plain water first and then go over the lot with bobby dazzler, all done with the Hydroshot. The Hydroshot is not powerful enough clean algae off a patio. It's fine IMHO for caravans, unless you've already got leaky seals, and even heavy rain can get past them. Mine came with a 4ah battery which almost did all of the above but I had to use the spare battery (extra purchase) to finish. It's the first time I've actually enjoyed cleaning the van . John ps; it's handy for the car as well and setting it at low pressure, it's got an eco setting, you can even spray the mud off a dirty dog. pps; The storage site I use has washing areas with hoses and I connected the Hydroshot to the hose. It doesn't increase the pressure but means you don't have to keep filling buckets. You can use buckets, if you want, as it's self priming.
  12. I've always gone by, watts = amps x volts as a guide. John
  13. I have just learned that the wife of the the owner has just very sadly passed away leaving her husband and two sons. I met her a few times at the site and although I didn't know her well, she seemed such a lovely lady. Liz was only 47 and had been suffering with cancer for three and a half years or so. Bearing this in mind please be patient should anyone apply for a storage pitch, I'm sure you'll understand. John
  14. Mariners Farm/boatyard in gillingham kent are in the process of finishing off some new hardstanding pitches for caravan storage. I don't know if they are all allocated yet but may be worth a call. I currently pay £600 to store my caravan there. John
  15. We always used Protec covers on our folding campers. We changed to a Bailey Pegasus 462 last year and bought another Protec cover for it but didn't get a chance to put it on at the storage site. During last winter, without a cover, the van got filthy and had green algae all over the roof as well as some moss in places. We had cleaned the caravan just before the last winter with fenwicks and used bobby dazzler and it was spotless. We've recently managed to find time between the rain, to clean the van before putting the cover on. Cleaning the van is much easier now, and more enjoyable, as I bought a Worx battery pressure washer and soap dispenser. I checked after washing and no water got past any of the side locker seals as the Worx doesn't operate at the same pressure as a 240 volt pressure washer. John
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