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  1. They don't fix to the caravan but I think they have a padded strip that's meant to keep out draughts. You can get some universal rear poles that should fit and keep the sides a bit snugger. Kampa do them. John
  2. I must admit to being a bit concerned about this as I have a locknlevel on a single axle van.
  3. Don't be put off by Andy. He's harmless really Got a Protec and got the same problem with the weather as you
  4. We bought a 2010 pegasus 462 from a dealer last year. I asked the Lady salesperson if I could lift the plastic trays to check the wet lockers. She said I could check whatever I liked. She also told me that was the first place they look before buying a used Bailey of that age. Mine is fine and bone dry by the way. The plastic trays in mine were screwed down, I would be a bit suspicious if they'd be glued in case it was trying to hide a problem. They're plenty of good ones around. John
  5. We've got a 2010 Pegasus 462 and my wife has confirmed (she's the one who checks them) that they are high level brake lights and they both work. The rear of our van is the same as yours. Might be just the bulbs need replacing. John
  6. The bottom corner mouldings are called bumper mouldings on my 2010 Pegasus.
  7. In my area at least two storage sites have closed, so I'm told. The sites were sold for redevelopment. The site I'm on is enlarging it's storage capacity with more hardstanding. At present they charge £600 per year. John
  8. If you buy a Protec or, I believe, a Specialized cover, they have templates for most vans. They will ask for door, aerial and flue positions though. John
  9. We've booked a large, fully serviced pitch for 3 weeks next year. It has a tallish hedge at the back and is separated by 3-4 foot hedges between pitches. We like the bit of privacy this gives us and our German Shepherd. I'll also add, my dog poos and wees on command and has never messed on pitch. She always waits to be taken to the designated area to do her business. The hedges also may help people either side of us, who may not be dog lovers, to feel less intimidated by a large GSD. John
  10. Thanks all. Doesn't look too difficult a job then for an old retired kitchen fitter. I've got a new fixing kit and bumper gasket, just in case. I'm now waiting for the new bumper. I ordered that on the 8th of this month and Prima expect they'll have it in on Friday. I've ordered some mastic and as I managed to damage the marker light as well, a new one of those. I've got some Fiamma stick on mini guttering which I'm going to fix underneath, front and rear to form a drip strip. I'm also going to fit some over the top of the side lockers. Not looking forward to working on the screws underneath though, getting down there is ok, but these days I have a bit of difficulty getting back up again John
  11. Hi, I have a 2010 Pegasus 462 and due to my incompetence managed to damage the nearside front bumper. How much aggro is it to change? Thanks John
  12. The thermocouple sensor on the grill in my 2010 Bailey is defunct. I used to be gas safe registered although not for LPG. I shall be calling out a qualified mobile engineer. John
  13. An inflatable Locknlevel may be a worthwhile purchase in these situations. John
  14. Although I'm happy with my air awning (if the bladders start exploding I may change my mind ) it's easy enough to sort out poles. Just use different coloured insulating tape to identify the joints, it's easy then. I'm sure everybody knows that though.
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