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  1. I have a Worx Hydroshot. Mine has a brushless motor and high and low pressure settings. I have two 4AH batteries for it, I think you'll struggle to find any cordless tools that don't use their own special batteries. It has an adjustable spray head and is very useful for cleaning a car or caravan. These machines are not as powerful as 240v machines but you still need care when using them near locker seals etc. The Worx works from a hose connected to a tap or from any water source, bucket etc and is self priming. You can also connect a soap dispenser to the lance, I don't think you're meant to
  2. Got some of them. We tend to use fully serviced hardstanding pitches and find sometimes they'll just excavate a large hole. I use an 18v cordless hammer drill and always try the screw in pegs first. Sometimes you just have to revert to rock pegs and a lump hammer.
  3. To anyone else struggling with a heavy Kampa air awning (we have a Kampa 390 grande) treat yourself to a Kampa awning pulley. They are worth the £30 and make threading the heavy lump ridiculously easy. I'm 72 and have arthritis and a torn bicep tendon but with my wife guiding the awning into the rail while I just use the pulley it's very easy. I know people use dog leads etc to drag the awning through the rail but the pulley system reduces the effort by a huge percentage. All I want now is someone to invent pegs that knock themselves in as I still ache for a day after hammering them in myself.
  4. You don't need to be Einstein to work out that putting any electrical item that may produce a spark if a fault were to develop alongside a cylinder of gas that may develop a leak is a really stupid idea. I can't believe this is even being questioned. You don't need the exact legislation, it's common sense. John
  5. I shall be having my second jab of Oxford AZ on Monday and grateful to have it. J
  6. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/caravan-data/avondale-leda-gxl-grampian-1994-caravan-specifications/
  7. A set of long reach box spanners should do the trick. I used to use them when I was a kitchen fitter. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neilsen-CT3358-Tubular-Spanner-6-Piece/
  8. I have a Worx and it's very useful. I have a shampoo dispenser I use with it and it's also very good for rinsing off. The pressure is not like a mains electric unit but be aware it can get past the flimsy seals on side lockers. John
  9. I've got a decent desiccant dehumidifier that I've used in the van and it did dry the internal ply floor out quite well. I tried slackening the two floor to wall bolts where the damp is but as I suspected the nut must be rusted to the bolts. To remove the bolt I'll need to get a spanner on the nut and I'll need to, carefully open up the plastic nut retainer to do that. I do have some new retainers and new bolts but it would need a lot of care.
  10. Sorry I've not replied sooner, but life's been a little difficult lately. I can recommend captain tollies, it's good for sealing very fine gaps but also very useful for locating leaks around windows and locker frames. I used a syringe to apply the tollies and if you have a fine gap in mastic sealer it gets drawn in very quickly. I then sealed all around my locker frames with fixall crystal clear. I suspect the bolt on yours is turning is because it's rusted to the nut. It's probably the same on mine, so I'm thinking of drilling a couple of 8mm drainage holes near the two bolt positions to try
  11. I'm 71 and my better half is 68. We'll both be happy to take it as soon as it's available to us.
  12. I have a 2010 pegasus 462. During the repeated heavy downpours we've had recently I had some water getting past a locker door but I've now fixed this. I have however had two areas of damp in the floor both around two off the floor to wall bolt areas near this locker. I used some captain tollies around the locker frame to wall joint and found an area of about 4 inches where the liquid was sucked in very rapidly. I have now sealed all locker frames to wall joints so this shouldn't happen again. This makes me more sure than not that the heavy rain has found a way into the interior of the wall. T
  13. I kept shouting at the chap doing the sign language to get out of the way. My wife thinks I have anger management issues.
  14. I guess you checked the nose weight of the van.
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