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  1. Thanks oldboy I wouldn’t be travelling that far but good to know people have done it.
  2. Hi again everyone, it’s me again. .. appologies for the amount of posts, as my focus ecoboost 1 litre is little in power and had to give up the caravan idea, I’ve seen a dandy designer camper which I think I may have fell in love with a little. It’s 390kg and max is 500kg. Would you recommend towing with my car? 125bhp and 200nm torque, on paper it says I can tow 1200kg but though I’d get opinions Incase I make an expensive mistake. thanks again!
  3. Hello again everyone, After advice again. ..previously asked about a caravan to suit my car, looking at getting a new car soon (bigger engine) so holding off on the caravan until maybe next year or so, in the meantime, looking at getting a folding camper or folding caravan, any ideas or experience on any that would help me choose? thanks 😁
  4. I understand what you’re saying buddy, thanks for your info 👍🏼 Looks like I’m going to leave it until next year now as I’m going to get a new car I think, thanks again Looks very nice 👍🏼 Can I ask what you tow it with please? Looks like the kind of van I’ll be looking to get 😍
  5. I’ve had a quick look at those bud but seem to be around the 10k mark, my budget is 5k but thanks, or maybe if they come down in price a little in the next year I don’t know, fingers crossed
  6. Yes mate, a used van. I’m struggling to find caravans under 1000kg Yes bud, I’ve done my homework on the weight etc. ..there’s only me and my girlfriend so a small 2 berth will be fine for us as the past year we’ve been camping so we want a little more luxury now, thanks for the suggestion
  7. Hi peeps, since my last post I’ve been trying to look for light caravans but not ones to break the budget (around 4K-5k) just wondering if anyone knows any lightweight whether they’re new or old, to give me an idea and hopefully get me out caravanning 🚐 thanks 👍🏼
  8. Thanks for checking bud! That’s helpful and I’m going to start looking at caravans right now 😁😁😁 Just seen an elddis xplore 302 but it comes up as 930kg, would you mind checking that on CAMC please?
  9. Thanks peeps 👍🏼 Appreciate all the advice, going to wait until next year and get me a new car I think, maybe a seat Leon 1. 4 FR 150 I think
  10. @tom_1989 ahhh so my turbo won’t blow up then lol I’m still trying to find someone who towed with a focus ecoboost, I only want a small caravan like 750kg, I wouldn’t even go far, maybe 50 mile maximum as we know a few sites are nice that we’ve camped on before
  11. @Guzzilazz Agree with you on that, I love mine but may have to change it to tow, been as you’ve drove the focus do you reckon it would be ok with a small caravan or struggle?
  12. Thanks again for all the information, so @Guzzilazz did you ever or ever had any experience with towing with your focus? My worry is that the turbo will be doing most of the work and overheat or damage something, I’m new to this towing world lol
  13. Thanks for the info peeps 👍🏼 My car is 1279kg, this is an ideal weight for a caravan of 750kg right? If everyone disagrees with towing with my car I would certainly not tow as I have little to non experience with caravans. I think sometimes experienced caravanners disagree because they’re towing with a big jeep 4x4 but I welcome any opinions and information 😁
  14. @B1ngo Iv’e done the checks on towcheck website I think it was, says it’s a ‘perfect match’ but there’s towing weight and towing a caravan, the wind increases drag doesn’t it, only ever towed once in a 3. 0 V6 with a caravan which was 1200kg and couldn’t feel the caravan was there, just hoping someone on here has tried with the same car as mine before
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