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  1. Congratulations who needs a shopping list
  2. That is a good price if it includes the remote control !
  3. Our laser 675 has just had its first annual service, happy to report that everything worked as it should do, damp report Reading was well within the limits, highest being 12% pretty much the rest was 9% or less So all in all a very happy Coachman owner I thought it was worth sharing some positive news to try and offset some of the horror stories we hear
  4. Ours was fitted by Rosmia, they are based in West Sussex. Luckily for us our dealer arranged everything including for them to come and use the dealers facilities, this made things a lot easier for me as I dropped the van off at 8am and collected later the same day, would of been 3 days had we took it to Rosmia. Our price fully fitted not including a remote control was £3019
  5. Hi Andy, funnily enough I made that change midway through this years policy. Reason for doing so was mostly to do with how it’s stored on the drive, the near side is parked alongside a picket fence which I’ve modified so I can remove the section where the wheels line up, I could always get the Barcelona wheels to match up and fit the locks, since changing to the Coachman it’s been nothing but a nightmare, the wheel design means it’s every other scallop the lock fits in, hence getting a Nemesis, insurance increase was peanuts life is so much easier now we have the leveling system fitted, the nemesis is now fitted to the rear off side wheel as a further deterrent + the self leveling system is a further security measure
  6. Hi, we had the Ep self leveling system fitted by Rosima. Agree with Mr Plodd at it being an expensive bit of kit and an extravagant purchase but for us it was worth it. Makes fitting the ALKO locks on the TA so much easier, now just unhitch raise the near side wheels of the ground fit the ALKO locks then just press the leveling button and hey presto plus It has totally eliminated floor bounce
  7. Fairlight wood CMC site, peaceful lots of walking options + two local pubs and a lovely tea room. Weald view Pluckley CL site, lovely site with fabulous views, plenty of walks + pub just opposite the entrance.
  8. I always miss the obvious
  9. Thank you for all the replies. I did indeed order a valve for the aqua roll, this will be my preferred option, and as has been mentioned at least if there is a problem with the water supply we can still fill the kettle
  10. Excellent thank you for the reply’s, varied opinions which is always good as they are not overly expensive I’m going to edge my bets and order myself an aquaroll float, I’ll probably look a right wally trying to decide which to use maybe keep the wellies in the caravan as back up
  11. Hi, we have booked ourselves onto a serviced pitch for the first time question is what is the preferred option when connecting to the water supply ! The van came with a hose and direct fitting to the van eliminating the aquaroll, I’ve been looking and found you can buy just the float for the aquaroll at not a to ridiculous price, would this be a safer option than fitting directly into the van ? Everybody has different opinions, just thought I’d get some thoughts on it cheers mark
  12. I always run my finger under the tow hitch to feel pads are enclosing the tow ball
  13. 100% recommend Paul(Toureshine) booked him in to treat our new coachman to a polish and seal the paintwork, looked awesome when he finished. Paul’s knowledge and advice is second to none, following his advice will pay dividends mark
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