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  1. 100% recommend Paul(Toureshine) booked him in to treat our new coachman to a polish and seal the paintwork, looked awesome when he finished. Paul’s knowledge and advice is second to none, following his advice will pay dividends mark
  2. We found a suitable bowl in an iron mongers (Webb’s of tenterden) tried a couple of local dealer beforehand with no joy
  3. Hi Gary, we took delivery of our 675 end of February and absolutely love it not needing to much of an excuse I’ve been out and checked to see if the coachman supplied waste container fits in the front locker, you can see by the picture that there is ample room alongside ramps/timber/tools and various other bits we have the power touch all wheel drive fitted, our controller is indeed fitted under the front seat with the red key accessed via the external battery box. Hope this helps towards your decision making
  4. So we finally managed to get away last weekend to say we are over the moon is an understatement, we had everything up and running, even cooking a lovely curry on the hob meatballs in the oven the shower is excellent, continuous hot water (well until the aqua roll runs out) just hit boost on the iNet before you want the shower Nothing fell off,everything worked, towed lovely, looked lovey, it is lovely looking forward to Easter so we can spend a week in it
  5. Just PX our van, left everything that it came with apart from the electric hook up lead, dealer said they supply new leads with all vans. .. new or secondhand.
  6. Whey hey, well it’s finally sitting on the drive collected Wednesday afternoon, handover was excellent and the van presented in a spotless condition looked a little less clean by the time it arrived home Really looking forward to the inaugural trip which hopefully will be in a few weeks time, until then we have the fun of finding homes for everything
  7. What an adventure, really enjoyed reading your account on your first encounter with caravaning (really gripping unlike the car ) seems you had everything under control, excellent and well done for not handing it back to the dealers and running a mile lol, all the very best with your future outings
  8. Thanks, I will look up the products, Usually use autogym or mquires on my cars. Benefits doing yourself 1, you know it’s done right 2, a good workout, 3, therapeutic + peace and quiet from the madhouse
  9. So all being well our caravan is being delivered to the dealers today obviously before we can collect the van it needs a PDI + the movers swapping over from our current van. Whilst talking to the dealer he offered the diamond bright protection, he discounted it from £450 down to £400 I’m not convinced it’s all is cracked up to be, whilst talking about the benefits I picked up on the fact that you would never need to polish the van due to the coating, but it can fail should you use to strong a washing detergent. Personally I love polishing my vehicles so applying a good coat of wax frequently will do just a good a job as the diamond bright, so the only added benefit the service would be doing is protecting the soft furnishings against spillages, with that in mind I don’t think it’s good value. Intrested to hear what all you well seasoned caravaners think on this subject, you may convince me otherwise
  10. V8Vmarkie

    Van Man

    Have been using my work van for the last year and a half with no problems what so ever, at no time have I come across any snubbing both from wardens or neighbours. My van is 3. 5 Ton rear wheel drive, everything is carried in the van apart from clothes, food and alcohol
  11. That is excellent, bet you was buzzing after that phone call. I’m going to stand guard by my phone just in case lol
  12. Yep same as Gary, although I use a rubber block between jack plate and chassis
  13. Excellent you’ve now got the fun of finding homes for all the kit Happy days we have been told ours should be the beginning of Feb
  14. They look very neat Meant to add, should do the job nicely when collecting your new Laser 675
  15. Hi all, so been a long time lurker on here and enjoy reading through the different topics + lots of useful info thought we’d best introduce ourselves So we came back to Caravanning last year having had a 16 year break, we used to have a sprite major (can not remember the exact model) we had this for around 3 years then as the kids got older we decided to get rid and have cottage holidays + euro trips in the car and stop off at hotels and the like. Well this changed last year when we decided to treat ourselves to a caravan, having decided we want a fixed bed (only the two of us +two little shih tzu dogs) We found a 2017 Bailey Barcelona that was just a couple of months old that we really liked, one week later it was on the drive We’ve had a lot of use from this van and absolutely loved using it, it has had absolutely no issues which is good to report We have just traded this in for a new Coachman Laser 675 as we were struggling with the French bed arrangement and decided we need a bed that we could navigate around both sides, this is going to be along term purchase for us so wanted to get it right, we now have to wait until Feb for the new van but we will continue to use our current caravan until then best regards Mark & Lin
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