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  1. I disagree. As you are getting better I certainly hope it was Covid 19. You will both now have some immunity and you have lived to tell the tale. If it’s not, do take care. nanamel
  2. We have a Walker Pioneer poled awning. Left it up for 2 spells of 2 months on a seasonal pitch. Excellent quality. When we bought ours ( about 3 years ago) Jeff Bowen awnings was doing the best price. nanamel
  3. Is it a large circular light fixed directly to the ceiling. If so, feel around the rim of the light, you should find a small rocker switch. That will do it. We have one on our Xplore 302 nanamel
  4. Nanamel


    I would agree, get your oven checked; clearly not working properly. If you really have oodles of space perhaps a Halogen oven? This will take less electric and they do quite a good job. nanamel
  5. Thanks for posting this Babstreefern. The courses seem to be either all the basics including hitching up and loading( which may be great for the OP) or advanced manoeuvres. Like you I know how to load and hitch up, bu I have never towed. I want towing confidence. I will nick your idea and contact a company directly. thanks nanamel
  6. That’s a jolly good idea. I’m nicking it. nanamel
  7. Hi Tomo. Welcome to the forum. Have a Google of local caravan breakers. This may help with some lower cost parts. nanamel
  8. Nanamel

    Heavy Awning

    Vango have an eyelet too. We use a dog lead to pull it through the rail. nanamel
  9. Nanamel

    Heavy Awning

    It will be heavier to get through the awning channel than the equivalent canvas of a poled awning. Whether you will mange it will depend on your own physical ability. You can get a pulley thingy from Kampa that purports to make it easier. There are videos on t’internet. Not used one myself. I would echo the suggestions above to try before you buy. good luck nanamel
  10. Elddis Compass Casita 868 is 8 feet wide and has both a fixed french bed and fixed bunks. Think there is an Avante equivalent as well. nanamel
  11. Not owned an Adria myself but their build quality always gets good press. BTW, may not be what you are looking for but Elddis Compass Casita 868 has a fixed double, next to fixed bunks. nanamel
  12. We have a Grande Messina. Not had its first service yet but no problems so far. nanamel
  13. The roof strap was a known issue is S3 Unicorns. But as others have said not all vans were affected. Our S3 Valencia was fine. If you need extra reassurance get a mobile engineer to do an independent damp test for you. nanamel
  14. Our seasonal site is green chemical only as they have a septic tank system. Tried various but the best we have found is Elsan Green. We use cheap supermarket loo roll. Never had a problem. nanamel
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