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  1. We tour in a teeny tiny Xplore 302. Fantastic. You just have to get used to caravanning a little differently and going back to, very comfortable, basics. mel
  2. Agree with all the above. Soon after a bereavement is not the time to make decisions that involve major change or major money, please take your time. That said, what do you mean by downsizing? Do you mean less berths or a smaller caravan? I am a big fan of the Xplore vans and they do a tiny 4 berth (xplore 304) that is smaller and lighter than many 2 berths. This may not be the only small 4 berth out there. Have a good look around and consider all your options. Caravan finder is a good website to browse all the layout options. nanamel
  3. So sorry to here about your loss Babstreefern. The “first times” are the hardest. Best wishes nanamel
  4. Take your own food, but get your hand stamped and go out into the concourse and eat out there, you can usually find a bench or a perch, and it is a welcome break from the bustle. Do go early. It is massive so have a plan of attack, especially as you are taking small children. If your 3 year old has largely outgrown a buggy, take one anyway as there is a lot of walking; and it will get crowded, so having him/her corralled in a buggy will save constantly having to hold hands so he/she doesn’t get lost. If you are just going for a few hours browsing, fine, if you are planning to scour the show and possibly purchase, then leave the little ones with relatives, if at all possible as they will get very fed up. If you buy accessories, there is generally a place to drop off and pick up later to save carrying them around. I think it is a great day out, but you need to have a military operation style plan, otherwise you will spend hours just wandering. Enjoy nanamel
  5. Try caravan finder as well. nanamel
  6. Do you have a leak? If you do the pump will keep trying ( and failing) to fill and pressurise the system. nanamel
  7. There is a Dan Trudgian video on You tube recommending Isaclean. Check for any muck around the wastemaster filler cap stopping a decent seal. I am not sure how watertight the caps are designed to be anyway. nanamel
  8. Some smaller Caravan Sales places will sell on your behalf ( e.g. Sherwood Oakes Leisure near Mansfield Notts). Obviously they take a commission. I don’t know how much. But it might be worth it on the hassle factor. good luck Nanamel
  9. Caravan Talks specifications database shows the awning size as 815 cm. But I agree with Wispman, best to measure yourself. nanamel
  10. Hi Abster, if you go on you tube there are a couple of videos of NR awnings. Can’t find one that shows you how to put I up but the videos I saw showed the pole configuration once up. In my experience poled full awnings are very similar; so if you also look at a couple of video of how to put up a poled awning, together all the videos may give you enough info to work it out for yourself. good luck nanamel
  11. Not offended at all. I am a lady after all. nanamel
  12. I agree. They can get so clogged with limescale that you have no flow at all. Easy fix if it is this problem
  13. Hi. Do you really want/ need a full awning? You may find a Porch awning easier to use and you will have more choice. Measure the length of straight rail you have and try to avoid the awning sides crossing a window. You can also get the full awning you bought re sized, but you may decide that is is throwing good money after bad. Probably better to put it back on eBay and try to recoup. Good luck nanamel
  14. I think one factor could be length of pegs. On our seasonal hard standing 9 inch screw pegs pulled out easily in strong winds. 12inch ground hog pegs from Halfords don’t shift. Clearly the extra 3inches makes all the difference. nanamel
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