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  1. Well done. Good luck with he course. Nanamel
  2. Have a look on gumtree, Caravanfinder, and autotrader for similar models being sold. It will give you a ball park figure at least. nanamel
  3. Not sure what you mean by a sun awning. There are awnings that provide just a roof and a couple of poled legs (Like Kampa revo or fiamma). For these you need to measure the amount of straight rail that you have. Then there are awnings that are basically full awnings with the option of leaving out some panels, so that it provides a roof, and some side and corner canvas ( for example, Walker pioneer, and a Dorema awning; forget which one). Because these are also full awnings you need the ground to ground awning size for your van, which according to Google is 1090 cm. I suspect you mean the former so you need to go and measure how much straight rail you have. Annoyingly, this really useful piece of information is never listed in technical specs. Nice van btw. nanamel
  4. I agree. Taut better than saggy any day. nanamel
  5. Sounds like excellent work. Have you posted on Practical Caravan Forum and on the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s forum? All the best nanamel
  6. Our local Costco is almost always cheaper than the local supermarkets unless you have a 5p off a litre voucher, such as Morrison’s do. nanamel
  7. There will be nice sites around Chester. Tow a short way, have a good nights rest and enjoy the van. Just take a kettle and the wherewithal to make a cuppa. Job a good ‘un. nanamel
  8. Are you getting any water out? There is a mesh filter in the end of the tap If this is clogged up with limescale then it ca n really stop or reduce water flow. Give them a clean with white vinegar or other descaler. nanamel
  9. Depending on the accessibility of where you keep your van, why not just just run the awning through the rail, see if it reaches the ground on both sides. Nanamel
  10. You also need to measure how much straight awning rail you have. ( I assume the Kalari 520 is not a full awning). You will need 520 cms of straight rail, and you need to check if the awning crosses the windows or external locker doors. Not necessarily a deal breaker for everyone, but you may wish to look at a different size to avoid this. looks like a nice awning though. nanamel
  11. Renishaw caravan accessories at Clay Cross in Derbyshire have a good selection, and are helpful in my experience. They trade on the internet as Discount Awnings. Nanamel
  12. Have a look on Caravanfinder and Autotrader websites to get an idea of what Pursuits are going for. nanamel
  13. Just another thought; you say the van is swaying. Could it therefore be a stabiliser or tow ball issue? Do you have an Alko suitable tow ball? Is there any signs of instability in the tow bar? Is there very uneven wear or damage to the tow ball. Hope you get it sorted nanamel
  14. On our Kampa air awning it clearly states that it is not possible to over inflate. Check the instructions, so that, if they try it on as thebriars suggests, you are forearmed. nanamel
  15. Fantastic. Great minds think alike. nanamel
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