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  1. Twin axle or single? If twin and you have Alko receivers on both wheels; getting both lined up can be a pain in the posterior. We use Alko plus Sold Secure approved clamp. Your insurer may have a list of acceptable locks. Sold Secure approved , like Nemesis, seems to be approved by many insurers nanamel
  2. On our xplore2013 we can use the Whale space heater and water heater separately. There are separate switches. Proper rocker ones, and dials and everything. None of this electronic screen Tom foolery. We do use the space heater in the winter every so often. Whether this applies to your van, I cannot say and endorse the advice to contact Whale. I have found them helpful in the past. nanamel
  3. Congrats on your purchase. We have a Pegasus Grande Messina and are just glad that the Alicanto wasn’t out when we bought it; otherwise we may have been £10k worse off nanamel
  4. Not changed every three years for the sake of it. Have changed vans as our needs changed. Always about the layout. Double dinette layout when our remaining teen sometimes came with us, sometimes didn’t. Bunks when we took the grandkids. Bigger bathroom when they outgrew the bunks. Now an 8 footer behemoth on a seasonal pitch and a cheap as chips xplore 302 for quick and easy touring. nanamel
  5. Andy, that is incredibly helpful. We will certainly do it. many thanks nanamel
  6. Hi Andy. Just booked a ferry crossing from Poole to Cherbourg. Noticed on the website that you stay in the check in lanes overnight for £10, then spotted your post. Would you mind talking me through it please. Do you just turn up or do you have to “book” in some way. once there do you unhitch? Put the steadies down? Does it feel safe? Many thanks in advance nanamel
  7. The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire have been very successful in turning a stately home into a thriving business. I have been to the Christmas market for the past two years. Each time, thought it was really enjoyable. Not vast numbers of stalls like at Birmingham, but all of them different and interesting. Strongly recommend that you go on a weekday if you can. nanamel
  8. On the Valencia you will get Alde heating, but blown air on the Grande. May or may not be a consideration. The Grande is 8ft wide, may be a consideration if your towing pattern is to head down narrow roads. We changed our Valencia for a grande Messina. Better for us on a seasonal pitch and fed up of OH climbing over to get out of bed. Think about how you use your van and what is important to you. Everyone is different. nanamel
  9. Don’t use them myself but a mate of mine used the interlocking foam pads to good effect in a similar situation. Not sure of the effect on grass over a season, but you can get the ones with holes in, so that may help the grass breathe. You will need a breathable carpet over the top as well. nanamel
  10. Note from your signature that you currently use your swift as a static and the valencia for touring. We when the Estoril arrives, which are you going to tow? nanamel
  11. Or a really good lightweight folding stepladder that will give you the height you need without the arms above head malarkey. (Handy for cleaning the van too) nanamel
  12. There is a big difference between reversing on to a pitch or On a road and reversing on a ferry with little room, under time pressure and with sailors yelling at you. The OP never said that they couldn’t, the implication is that they wouldn’t want to. And I don’t blame them. Nanamel
  13. Have you looked at an Xplore 586. Bunks, side dinette etc. An “ entry level “ van but I think they look great. OTR price new, £17,794. nanamel
  14. Unicorn Valencia has long front seats, have used them as singles, but sadly a side not an Island bed. The Unicorn Cadiz has the same size front seats and two singles at the rear. once you get an Island bed the squeeze seems to come at the front. It matters little if it is a twin axle because the extra space just tends to be in the middle. on caravan finder you can search by layout. May be worth a try. good luck nanamel
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