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  1. When I had a motorhome I used for my work, the movement during travel helped to break things down. Never travelled with more than a days waste, also found a diet of curry made a significant difference too.
  2. We buy 5 litre water bottles from the supermarket for drinking and cooking purposes, having experienced odd tasting tea from the ( clean) water systems on our vans. The brand we buy leaves no limescale behind and 3 of them will easily last us a week, taking into consideration that we eat out every other day or perhaps a bit more. On the very rare occasion we run out, just get a partial refill direct from a tap to tide us over.
  3. Well of course I do realise retesting is never going to happen, as the pass rate would likely cause serious impairment of treasury coffers. It does not make it right though. On the odd occasion I had to drive during the lockdown, it was pleasant to see the roads nice and clear, if most that can do continue to work from home, that is a definite positive. I do recall a lot of hoohah when the laws were passed to make middle lane hogging a more punishable offence. I was listening to a radio phone in on this subject on my way to a job site visit and it was laughable that there were those that claimed they did not think they could safely return to the inside lane as they would have to look in their mirrors and try and judge if the gap was adequate to pull over. My thoughts were that if you are unable to carry out a basic driving skill such as that, then you should not be allowed to be in posession of a licence. This just proves that those types of drivers are an accident waiting to happen anyway and need to be taken off the road. I would like to be able to start up a licensed agency with a vehicle, cameras and the technology needed to alert the driver that they now have 3 points and a £120 penalty as you manage to get past them. I would reckon on getting a few hundred per day for every such vehicle I could put on the road.
  4. A retest is in not in any way a tax, it is the costs of carrying out a test to evaluate driver’s fitness for the privelege of being allowed a license to drive. It should also include an on road test. I will not argue the case that the driving standards demonstrated by so called professional drivers often leaves a lot to be desired. If it is determined I was unfit to drive as a result, I would either have to accept that fact or seek a second opinion in the form of a retest. Nobody has the right to gain or even keep a license if they cannot demonstrate an acceptable level of capability. As with age related and goods or passenger carrying vehicles licensing requirements, a medical is required periodically and competency training is required in between medicals and re licensing for goods and passenger licenses. Every five years is the longest period for this, why should car/ motorcycle drivers feel more entitled or be treated any different? ( I prefer not to mention cycling proficiency)
  5. There is a vast choice of outfits that can meet the 3500kg limit, which is maybe ideal for beginners,. I would like to see a system, such as the goods vehicle system, as it is now, requires additional tests for each class of goods vehicle in progression up to the class 1. Admittedly, that did not apply in my day, you could even do a double L test, allowing you to pass a test in an artic outfit at the same time as giving you a car licence as well! ( quite commonly used to beat car test waiting lists). I personally am in favour of regular retests for all licence classes, say every 5 years, that includes mandatory motorway and night driving. Puts up costs and inconvenience, granted, but safety should always be of prime concern. As an aside, there have been what seems to me, a disproportionate number of caravan incidents, more often on dual carriageways/ motorways (making news with road closures) where a LR Discovery or other large 4x4 has been a tow car that is found overturned, so somewhat disproves that tow car weight is any guarantee of safety. It is the driver, attitude, competence and overall outfit stability that is key. Wether an outfit is a 70% or 100% or more match, a badly loaded or overweight outfit is always likely to be unstable in any case, that is why proper training should be mandatory. Also, less credence should be given to the completely unscientific, best guess of 85% guidance, which rather lulls people into a false sense of security.
  6. Glad to be of help, we use a quick release bracket on our caravan and home brackets so we can use the TV when the van is not in use. Many caravan mounting points are attached to very thin and relatively flimsy wallboard and often need reinforcement just to carry the weight of a TV when the caravan is static, although even our 28” LG weighs under 5kg, it would be too much for the mount to handle when travelling. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vision-Plus-Release-Televisions-Motorhome-Black/dp/B005NY5MUG/ref=sr_1_4?crid=D4UI7PA2NUJ7&dchild=1&keywords=tv+quick+release+bracket&qid=1592295308&sprefix=Tv+quick%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-4
  7. Maybe this is similar to your bracket https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tevion-TV-Wall-Bracket-Multi-Position-New/193473428130?hash=item2d0bea3aa2:g:6VMAAOSwEJVexEDC Your aerial cable seems to be a retro fit, so maybe fit a corner cbe housing with mains, 12V and coax ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CBE-CLINE-240V-3-PIN-SOCKET-12V-TV-2-WAY-CORNER-ANGLED-FITMENT-GREY-CARAVAN/321838642260?hash=item4aef13f454:g:gBYAAOxyA4ZRJ54C Do remember that the bracket mounting point is not usually strong enough to take the strain of the TV in motion, so always detach and store safely somewhere while travelling.
  8. As for sites not knowing what they need to do, the government or HSE do not provide rules and regulations for every eventuality. They may issue guidance in some cases, while following it is not obligatory, when push comes to shove any organisation will need to prove it has done anyrhing that is practical to comply with providing a safe and healthy environment for its workforce and any others who may be affected by the carrying out of its business. Carrying out suitable risk assessments are a legal requirement which should capture all the hazards and risk reduction measures required. Regardless of Covid and the above, adequate cleanliness should surely always be practised? even if some extra care needs to be taken and adequate signs posted about maintaining social distancing, it is not actually that difficult. Of course, as you will often observe anywhere in life, there are those that believe they are a special case and do not need to comply with anything as they see fit, so the commen sense approach is to take responsibility for yourself and implement your own precautions. On another note, regarding continued closures, in this case sites in Scotland we had booked for this month. Upon enquiring about wether the sites will remain open for our booked dates, the Blair Drummond site offered a deposit refund without quibble, so many thanks to them and will be looking to stay there when the next opportunity comes up. However another CMC. affiliated site the other side of Aberdeen stated a deposit refund is against their terms and conditions and so will not do so under any circumstances, they did, however, offer for it to be deducted off a future stay, should we venture that way again. No problem with that at all as it is in the T’s and C’s, though having been a previous (and satisfied) customer, I suspect that we will not be a future one though.
  9. Mayday for me too, dual recovery sways it for me. While Mayday is run by Green Flag, Mayday has those additional benefits over and above the Green Flag offering the last time I checked as well as no limit on outfit size.
  10. Tell them you are going on a demonstration for the “right teasons” and you will be treated like royalty.
  11. If I was in his position, I would have done the same. My children, when they were at that age, or any age really, would always come first, regardless of any rule, regulation or law, or anything or anybody else for that matter. Several MP’s have done worse and are still in employment. Living in Islington makes it somewhat difficult to find child care, given his political leanings, I would imagine, so perhaps he should move somewhere else. As an employee, he has rights and what he did was not in any way a sackable offence , no law was broken, even the minor instance, of his eyesight test, for which the Police took no action on was not considered to be serious. Perhaps employment regulations need changing to make sacking easier. (A few senior civil servants would also undoubredly be feeling much less secure, were that to happen.) A shame it is not easy to sack MP’s also.
  12. I had a similar attachment on. a Nissan Navara way back. I used it so I could attach a DixonBate shocklink for towing the caravan as the pick up had harsh suspension when empty due to the leaf spring suspension. Some manufacturers did not approve commercial vehicles towing a caravan without it - or something similar being fitted, not sure of the situation nowadays, though. Still have the shocklink in the garage somewhere, may come in useful if and when an agreement can be reached with the powers that be to get a VW Amorok🤨
  13. The adaptor in the Whale or Truma mains connectors contains a pressure regulating valve which limits the pressure feed going into the caravan to a set pressure. Bit like a gas bottle where the regulator limits the pressure feeding to the appliances from 10 bar or more to about 30 odd millibar. It is a safety mechanism in much the same way. The drain valve that is used to let out all the water in the system by lifting a lever also acts as an automatic safety/pressure relief valve and will protect the van system from excess pressure.
  14. We had a nice Swift group van, a 2014 Sterling Eccles Quartz, transverse bed with Alde heating. It was dry with the “SMART” construction, ( unlike our earlier Swift group vans). Our older, 2010 and earlier Baileys were fairly good too. The dealer we got the Quartz from was abysmal at fixing what was just poor workmanship regarding fixtures and fittings, so a good dealer is key if you go that route. They may or may not be hard to find, note that there is no naming and shaming allowed on here. Having said that, you can find recommendations for good ones, so some on here will likely be able to help you with dealer suggestions for those in your locality. Layout is key, so spend a bit of time sitting in each one and think about how you will use the van. If you intend to do a lot of cooking, then kitchen equipment and worktop/ storage areas may need consideration and comparison. If you read a lot , (drink a bit😧) or watch TV, then a comfortable lounge area is also likely to be high on the priority list. Onboard washroom space may also be of importance, especially if you prefer not to use site facilities. Once you have settled on a layout, you may wish to compare available vans for your chosen layout by consulting magazines or a caravan website to see size, weight and equipment details. From this, the size and weight requirements for a towcar could then be determined.
  15. The front wet locker on the opposite side to the battery box is where the external mains socket is fitted on our Adria. I assume the locker box may be standard fare , as it looks much the same as the battery box, but without the battery compartment, which itself looks exactly like a Swift one. However, above our 240v socket, there is a profile and 4 screw holes for a normal CBE socket, which I cut out with a hole saw and fitted a 12v socket with TV coax connection for external bollard use. I also swapped the battery box satellite socket for one with a 12V socket with 2 satellite inputs ( just drilled a 10mm hole in the top corner of the plate and fitted another bulkhead f connector in to achieve this).
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