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  1. Hi MartinJB, thanks so much for pointing out Flying Grandad post. This is a great help! The Swift Command app and website were using an API that did not verify that the user sending and reading commands was the owner of the caravan. So everyone could simply change the ID of the caravan to any other to have the same access as the actual owner. An attacker could simply loop over all IDs to steal personal data or even worse remote control any caravan using Swift Command. I couln't believe that nowadays a company does not care to protect personal data of it's customers. At leased they fixed it a couple of weeks after I've reported the issue. Hi Grandpa Steve, thanks for pointing this out. Do you know if this also applies for non UK citizens?
  2. Hi all, the front panorama window of my Swift Conqueror 560 2016 model started to leak when it is raining. Since I'm the second owner of this caravan and the first one missed the yearly check up, the Swift group refuses to fix this issue within the "10 year warranty". So it's not a warranty but more like a "every year we fix all leaks for 10 years and then you are screwed" It's quite frustrating since besides the newly discovered leak, I've had a lot of issues with the caravan: The veneer was constantly falling off and I had to glue it back on. I'm a Software Engineer myself and was exited about their Swift Command App and the possibility to control the caravan remotely with an app. Then I've discovered that their API was not secured at all! So everyone could access the data of ALL other Swift caravan owners personal data, including their GPS location and could also remote control those caravans. I was in shock about the lack of basic data protection and immediately contacted them to get this fixed. And now the caravan is standing here with a leaking window and they refuse to help in any way. Therefore I need to fix it myself. Could anyone point me to instructions how this panorama window is removed, to I can seal it up again? Is it screwed or glued in? Do I need to remove the whole interior paneling in order to get access to the window? Since it my first caravan any advice is highly appreciated. A video of the leak can be found here: https://youtu. be/IQJOUwSpLds
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