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  1. Also sorry but having trouble working out what to use for fusing the battery, all the in-line ones don’t seem to take thicker cables, any ideas? Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you so much for your help, that’s great. What size cable would you advise from battery?
  3. Hi there, I’m new to all this been doing up a recked caravan from scratch. Today bought a leisure battery and smart charger from Halfords, but not sure how to connect it all up! All my 12v lights and stuff go to a blade fuse box. My hook up goes to a switch then on 240v sockets. Do i connect charger to mains, then lead from charger to battery and lead from battery to 12v fuse box? Can I use on lead from battery into caravan and the split for charger and 12v system? Will i I be using power straight from charger on hook up and not charging the battery? Do I need any relays or fuses? Any advice much appreciated! Thanks
  4. Thanks guys but most definitely not taper bearings! Found out need a press to push the bearings out, so with a clean up, I’m gonna pack them in situ. Grease seals came off with a bit of force and have sourced some new ones.
  5. Hi there! I’m muddling through renovating a 1983 sprite alpine. I’ve taken off the wheels and was planning to check/repack the bearing. I’ve removed the drum (split pin and nut) but on struggling getting the grease seal off I sent some pictures to my brother in law. He seems to think there should be taper roller bearings in there when there are ball bearing fitted. Does anyone know what fitting would be fitted normally and if so how to get them out/ grease/ replaced? the drums say Harrison on them if that help. Any advice much appreciated, I’m confused!! Cheers
  6. This is a long shot but has anyone refitted fixed window like the 1983 sprite alpine and know where the rubber seal should go? It’s an aluminium L shaped frame that fits in wooden frame and there was a rubber seal that fits in a groove on the inner frame and then flapped down over boarding, but is this likely to been between window frame and wooden frame originally? Window was leaking loads and on removal all the mastic is hard so a new load should fix it. My question are where to put rubber seal and do I just mastic where frame meets outer skin?
  7. Hi there! I’m new here. I have acquired a 1980s sprite which has been completely ripped out. I’m trying to sort the 12 volt wiring before I board the ceiling and walls. I have bought twin flexible 1mm for lights and 4mm for usb/cig sockets. Do I need a separate cable for earth or does 12v not need an earth? It’s going into a 2s4v distribution unit (1987) thanks in advance!
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