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  1. also time to replace my CX-5 2.2 awd with all the whistles now 50,000 miles, in the last month a new turbo needed amazing replaced by Mazda as a goodwill gesture but this last week a new clutch needed no goodwill I'm afraid. Does anybody tow with the latest model Insignia tourer with the 2.0 diesel? Practical Caravan rate it highly and it can be bought under 2 years old at a very good price. Dave Greaves
  2. can I remove the door of dometic 8551 fridge in situ , a carton of fresh cream has been split in the fridge and when my wife opened the door you can imagine the rest but a stubborn amount remains in the lower door seal rubber any guidance appreciated. thanks in advance Dave Greaves
  3. two of my Swift type drawers came out recently so I drilled a pilot hole through through the base of the runners at the front and secured into the draw with self tappers simple and effective , also if you have the draw out contemplating your next course of action remove one of the two magnetic retainers for ease of opening , in particular the draws under the front window are over secured and one retainer is enough. Dave Greaves
  4. appreciate your reply you are correct it is obviously vibration causing the glass fracture and trawling through the workshop oddments I have found a roll of thin self adhesive neoprene which will do the trick and thanks again. the hinge is another design inspiration draw up on a beer mat in the Cottingham Arms Dave Greaves
  5. thanks for the reply but had new tyres and wheels balanced at the same time a few months ago
  6. The bedroom mirror / cupboard door in our Swift cracked in the top corner where the top hinge secures the glass I took the mirror off and noted the glass is secured in the hinge channel by a rubber faced grub screw but this only pushes the glass into the back of the hinge channel bare metal same for the bottom hinge, luckily Andy Glass in Middlesbrough are making me a new one for £20. has any one looked at this in their own caravan and come up with a modification? any advice welcome as always Dave Greaves
  7. Aldi sell this with a handy brush and sponge built into the cap not too expensive.
  8. Since my original post I have got the caravan back from the Dealer Teeside Caravans and on collection I insisted in seeing the technician who placed on the worksheet " Delam , misuse of corner steadies has damaged floor above and under" there is no problem with the recall side coming adrift issue. He also said he had sent a picture to Swift with the intention of making a warranty claim so here we in limbo waiting for reply from Swift. Any advice welcome
  9. Aldi's caravan feature is in the brochure to start 2nd July the water carrier and waste hog at £39.99 seem good value in addition I noticed my local Aldi are selling their caravan cleaner off at £1.29 for a litre bottle. Dave Greaves
  10. your quick replies are much appreciated ,I use an Aldi small drill to get the steadies down and then by hand till firm nothing excessive and when winding down to take the caravan to the dealers on Tuesday the nuts were dead centre to the apperture, you are right about the dealer as also on the the work sheet was Aldi heating fliud was past its best as it has turned yellow to which I replied strange as I changed the system in September with G13 five year antifreeze and it has a purple colour this was also met with silence and also the usual lemon , the pads on the Alko hitch are worn out sir.
  11. Our 2015 Elegance 580 is currently at the dealer for the annual service and following on from this I had a call this afternoon telling me they had finished the work and was available for collection, the chap on the phone then read the fault sheet, the service engineer and I use the term engineer loosely had noted that over enthusiastic use of the corner steadies had damaged the floor sir I said I am 76 and don't have the physical capability to be over enthusiastic with corner steadies is this new I said as we have only had 2 outings since you serviced it without comment last year, th
  12. I admit to being a small hoarder for instance I still have my payslips from from my iron ore exploration days in the West Australian desert in 1964/65 however I'm now on my life laundry and last Sunday found a nice John Player black and gold Win cigarette lighter I put away in 1980, on to ebay sold in and an hour and paid the same day the moral of the story being one man's junk is another man's gold so try it you might like it. keep safe all Dave Greaves
  13. I,m not keen on silicon spray it seems to go everywhere and is there for a long time so I took advice from an old caravan sage and I now have a 2 foot length of awning skirt and a nice aerosol of non-silicon Mr. Sheen polish just spray the edge of the awning skirt all along and run it through the rail and when you get to the end do the same and run it back it works a treat with the added bonus that it smells nice and you get a lovely shine,
  14. to save a lot of "on my back on the floor time" could anyone tell me is it possible to change the jockey wheel assembly without removing the black cover on my 2015 Elegance 580. many thanks in advance for any advice. Dave Greaves
  15. after 20 years of poles we are off tomorrow for the Bank Holiday weekend with our new Kampa Club Air Pro 330 any tips to help a speedy set up would be most welcome thanks Dave G
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