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  1. I,m not keen on silicon spray it seems to go everywhere and is there for a long time so I took advice from an old caravan sage and I now have a 2 foot length of awning skirt and a nice aerosol of non-silicon Mr. Sheen polish just spray the edge of the awning skirt all along and run it through the rail and when you get to the end do the same and run it back it works a treat with the added bonus that it smells nice and you get a lovely shine,
  2. to save a lot of "on my back on the floor time" could anyone tell me is it possible to change the jockey wheel assembly without removing the black cover on my 2015 Elegance 580. many thanks in advance for any advice. Dave Greaves
  3. after 20 years of poles we are off tomorrow for the Bank Holiday weekend with our new Kampa Club Air Pro 330 any tips to help a speedy set up would be most welcome thanks Dave G
  4. I'm favouring the Milenco model 4718 additional door lock but can't convince myself it will fit on the Elegance has anyone done this? don't want to drill holes and appear the complete lemon, thanks in advance for any assistance. Dave G
  5. I had a nice conversation with the Sargent people who were very helpful but say it is not possible to add door/window contacts into the stinger 310 system only an additional louder siren can be added, they suggested a reboot of the system to ensure the current siren is as loud as it will go which is 110 dB other than that not a lot can be done DaveG
  6. chris there is a red led that does flash when the alarm is active it's the best part of the alarm in my opinion( the entrance to Whitby harbour beacon isn't much brighter ) but the alarm siren is a feeble affair and would put no one off carrying on with the theft. I intend to call Sargeant tomorrow for advice as to improvements / updates. thanks for your kind assistance Dave
  7. has anyone got a lubrication guide for the powertouch evolution I have lost my handbook so any guidance would be appreciated Dave Greaves
  8. I can see the advantage of a more secure door lock but where would we be with regards to the Swift 10 year water ingress warranty drilling holes in our caravan which is 4 years old ?? Dave
  9. After the second break in to our Swift Elegance in 4 days I am looking to improve the door lock ,the thief gained access easily without damaging the door lock or indeed the door. the first time the tv was stolen and they must have come back for the remote last night. The caravan is on the drive under bright lights and on both occasions the caravan alarm activated waking us. The police were very sympathetic but not able to offer any assurances as to further intrusions. I have looked at Milenco additional door locks but any other suggestions would be very welcome. dgreaves
  10. after careful study I realised I could drill a small hole (3mm) in the end of the slider and secure to the fixed part of the runner with a decent self tapper repeat on the other side result perfect sliding, at the same time I took advantage of having the draws out to remove the over the top magnetic catches which could moor a small boat as I am sure many Swift owners worry about pulling the draw handle off when opening the draw , the soft close mechanism is adequate for securing the drawer.
  11. thanks for replying, closer examination using the similar draw below shows that the draw is retained on the metal sliders by a sprung plastic moulding which is part of the draw slide one has snapped off and one nearly has, this part is stamped made in Germany deep joy what is the chance of getting 2 new ones I wonder ??
  12. one of the draws between the front seating / bed area on our Swift Elegance 580 ( 2015) has pulled off the runners and I can't see how to re-fix it any guidance will be most welcome many thanks Dave Greaves
  13. thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply I looked at the problem again, the Swift door lays flat on the seals similar to a car door and being one piece plastic I didn't want to push it against a timber block however I remembered my 105E Anglia days and putting a set in the bottom hinge to lift the sagging door a common problem with these cars so I placed a 3/4inch hardwood batten in the bottom hinge and pushed the caravan door quite firmly and a brilliant result door shuts perfectly flat against the frame problem solved in fact 100 percent better than the day we got it new and now time for a wine even though its only 10. 30 am it's 5 o'clock somewhere , thanks again
  14. The main door of my 3 year old Elegance is standing proud at the bottom left corner and allowing quite a draft to blow through, are the doors adjustable on the hinge ? I cannot see any way to do this any advice appreciated.
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