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  1. greensmith

    Milenco Wraith

    much the same as the nemesis ultra, i got 2 nemesis ultras on mine, very quick and easy to fit, so much easier than the alko locks phil
  2. greensmith

    New owner after 25yrs

    original poster
  3. greensmith

    Gas, Propane, regulator

    not sure!!! the last 2 vans we have owned bailey wyoming and now elddis avante 626 have both been fitted with bulkhead regulator and another regulator to fit on the butane bottle, so just thought that was the norm, but after checking it out i see its not correct, so will be changing the bottle regulator and pipe today, will go and get a new pigtail and bottle conector thanks phil
  4. greensmith

    Gas, Propane, regulator

    so traditional butane is 28mbar, traditional propane is 37mbar, truma bulkhead regulator is 30mbar, i understand that the truma will then reduce the propane down to 30mbar, but how will the truma reduce the flow of the butane when the regulator on top of a butane bottle is only 28mbar?? also, on newer caravans, mines 2007-08 and its fitted with truma bulkhead regulator, i use butane 7kg bottles, you have to have a regulator on top of the bottle to turn the gas on, so you have to have 2 regulators in tandom, as i thought the caravan insurance wouldnt be valid if you bypassed the original fitted truma regulator!! phil
  5. greensmith

    Gas, Propane, regulator

    what would happen if you have two regulators in tandem?? phil can i ask why wouldnt they need a new regulator if its on the bulkhead?? phil
  6. greensmith

    Number of questions on abroad

    we are off to france, spain and croatia in june- july time, first time with the caravan abroad, 4 weeks, not going to put us off, cant wait to hitch up phil
  7. greensmith

    New Caravan - What do I need?

    hook up leads, gas bottles, levellers, ( i prefer milenco leveller), there will be loads of other bits & bobs you will need but ill give someone else a chance, and if like me you will be like a big kid in a sweet shop looking at all the gadgets i the accessories shop. phil
  8. Would like to say thanks you darren (Satgear) for helping us out with a new remote control for our new line satellite system, Sent us out a new remote control free of charge and free postage, Top bloke, not many people like that left now. . Thanks darren thanks phil
  9. greensmith

    Help please newbie - something missing

    look at the 2 pictures!!! yours is missing
  10. greensmith

    whale wf3000 carbon refill

    2 little 3mm stainless steel self tappers takes care of that
  11. greensmith

    satellite receiver box

    the only reason we was going replace the newline easyfind was because i lost the remote control, but Satgear (darren) has got us another remote control (for free) with (free postage), i didnt think there was many people like me around, who would do anything for anyone, but i guess i was wrong. the newline picks up hundreds of channels and we are going to europe in july for 4 weeks so will be setting up when we are there, not that we will be watching much tv, out and about exploring most of the time no doubt, france, spain and croatia and where ever in between
  12. greensmith

    Help please newbie - something missing

    https://www. amazon. co. uk/Whale-WU7207-Pressure-Switch-White/dp/B002HNS2M6 https://www. amazon. co. uk/Whale-Fresh-Water-Surge-Damper/dp/B002HNOZ90 these are the 2 bits you need i think
  13. http://www. eastfleet. co. uk/ this place is very nice and plenty of places for fishing
  14. greensmith

    Awning instructions

    done a quick google search and there is plenty of diagrams on there, also downloadable info
  15. greensmith

    satellite receiver box

    thanks, pm sent with pictures thanks phil thanks, we have been looking at the numax ones in argos, £79, because we are also going to be getting rid of Talk Talk and getting the numax freesat unit with the record ability on it and live pause, for at home, because Talk Talk are putting the prices up soon