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  1. theres plenty on ebay, type in ( truma gas cowl cover ) theres new ones on there for £15 & £19
  2. well i guess that makes a bit of sense, but as its on twin axle, where do you think that should be measured from?? centre of front axle or centre of of the 2 axles??
  3. guess someone upset you??
  4. just bought a new to us bailey senator louisiana, just wondered how many people have seen the nose weight gauge on the jockey wheel, never seen one my self, but the van is empty and still reads about 125kg
  5. on a twin axle van the only possible way of getting a 100% correct nose weight reading is weighing it at the exact same height as the towbar on the towing vehicle, if you jack up the front of t/a van then it will read higher than if you let jockey wheel off, so using any device will not read correctly if its a different height than towball, much easier on a single wheel van phil
  6. that all depends if you are going on sites that have electric hook ups, if you are then you will be able to use 240v items such as toaster, kettle, hoover, hair dryer, but if going off grid then you will need 12v things, unless you buy an inverter that turn 12v into 240v then you may also need a couple of batteries or a decent solar panel phil
  7. theres one for sale on ebay now phil
  8. i have one of these on my 3.5ton tipping trailer, and will take the weight when trailer is fully loaded so weight bearing is great, they do not slid up and down like the jockey wheel on our caravans, they fix to the a-frame so you just wind the handle up or down, the best thing is you dont have to wind so much as the wheel drops and raises when lowered or raised, great bit of kit phil there isnt a clamp on these jockey wheels, they bolt to the A-frame
  9. used pro 45p polyurethane adhesive, all done now ready for us to leave for france and spain next thursday, cant wait
  10. cant believe just how thin these floors are on the caravans, 4mm flooring for top level, 6mm ply for the bottom level with 30mm foam between, 30mm x 75mm bearers 1200mm apart, after leaving the glue to set for 24 hours went to finish putting lino back down today and the floor still spongy so took the top level of flooring off and took the foam out, will be fitting in in a few new bearers tomorrow with one through the middle, certainly not enough timber between the flooring to be strong enough.
  11. finally got round to fixing our delaminated floor, very easy job to do, took just over an hour to get this for, will finish tomorrow, 2 days of wet weather so rained myself off of work , pack of 100 x 10mm dowels and a bottle of d4 wood adhesive, hope this work
  12. think we will go with the 82 rated tyres as on the spec sheet, not just because they are cheaper, going with dunlop, goodyear or avons, and yes i will remember to get all 5 done, thanks for all replies phil
  13. year is 2008, mtplm is 1700kg, miro is 1487kg tyres on there now are all different and 10 years old, phil
  14. going to get 4 new tyres on our elddis avante 626 before we go away to france & spain, just checked on google elddis pdf tech sheet, it says 175 65 14 82, i thought it would have needed 86 or 91 commercial tyres, i thought 82 was for cars, or do i just go for the 82 as listed, was going to go for continental, michelin or pirrelie, not cheapies thanks phil
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