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  1. looks like you done a decent job there, like everything the prep is the most important bit and usually takes the longest time, but its worth getting that done properly and not rushing it phil
  2. seems like a lot of work, i guess the window seals will still work ok with that extra 1.5mm of alloy strip on there. mine was the same as yours, the screws were still there but would not tighten into the wooden framework, i took all the windows off and then the window rail, cleaned all the old sealer off and the double sided tape that was originally on there and the old sealant that someone else put on there, then when everything was cleaned off i put new double sided 3m sealer tape and a tidy bead of upvc sealant onto the window rail, filled the original holes up with the sealant, stuck the rail back into place and then screwed these https://www.screwfix.com/p/easydrive-self-drilling-low-profile-pan-head-screws-4-8-x-16-x-4-8mm-200-pack/5004h into place through the rail and into the front of the caravan, they have worked very well and the inside has now completely dried out. phil
  3. if on a serviced pitch then you normally get your own water supply, electric hook up point and a drain for your grey waste, toilet waste will then go to a elsan point as normal, usually most sites will have electric hook up but will be a shared point, if on a site with no electric at all then the only option would be to use your battery, you would be better off if going to this type of site to get your self more than 1 battery and a good sized solar panel to recharge the batteries phil
  4. just fitted them in the caravan, they give off a much better light than what was in there, not over bright and give off a nice glow, better than the assortment of bulbs that was in there, 3 normal bulbs and 3 what looked like car side light bulbs phil
  5. these are the ones i just bought, being delivered today https://www.amazon.co.uk/Azhien-Replaced-Halogen-Spotlight-Degree/dp/B06Y5JJ41D phil
  6. The title of this topic is (speeding in france) not for one second did i mention anyone, all i said was a way to avoid a fine or court is not to speed in the first place, simple as that and the truth. i was replying to the topic, not anyone else phil
  7. changing 6 of these bulbs in our van, i know what led's we want, but just wondered if anyone has changed their halogen bulbs to led's and what difference there is to the glow from the bulbs thanks phil
  8. there is a very easy way not to have to pay the fine and not to have to attend court. and that is dont speed in the first place phil
  9. yeah you are dead right, not been here long but have found most topics will have some sort of argument going on, funny sometimes just sitting back and watching things kick off phil
  10. bailey make some lovely caravans, weve had 2, a senator vermont 2007 and a senator wyoming 2006, both great vans, no damp what so ever, never had any problems with them at all best thing to do is get your self a damp metre and go and thoroughly check it over, dont be scared to get into every knook and cranny and check it. and as long as you are happy with it then its the right van for you, everyone has got their own views and you will hear horror stories about every make of van that is mentioned phil
  11. As title, when buying a brand new or used caravan or a new to you second hand caravan, if the van came with other equipment what would you have to throw away or sell on and would have to replace it with new, ?? phil
  12. autoglym works a treat phil
  13. well i was being polite by saying (repair) bodge is also an understatement the only place the water could of been getting in from is through the screw holes behind the window rail, when i opened all 3 windows the main rail was loose, when i took the windows out of the rail then i noticed the screws were missing, so hopefully its done the trick now, but will also now be a very well looked after caravan (by us) the window seals will always be kept clean and refreshed by us now phil
  14. my little job for this morning, noticed we had a small amount of damp, lucky i caught it now as the weather is still dry, will have to change a small area of wall board if the damp has gone to far, this is obvious a repair job do by previous owner, not a very good one though phil
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