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  1. If, as macafee2 states above, the Coachman CEO / MD is linked into this web site and presumably therefore in a position to respond to this issue, it would be very nice to hear the 'official' position on this subject from him. If I was in his position I wouldn't want this type of 'discussion' going on for this length of time amongst my current, and potentially future, customers. Very poor customer service. Reading macafee2's post again it should be LinkedIn, not linked in so the CEO / MD probably doesn't read any of our comments. More's the pity, he might learn something.
  2. Many thanks for all of your suggestions and it is comforting to see that I am not alone in this 'boat'! I have the caravan serviced by an NCC approved mobile engineer who does an excellent job. I think that the sensible thing to do will be to have the service on the original pre COVID date thus eliminating any warranty issues with Coachman. Am I being cynical or is it a ploy by Coachman to invalidate warranties by stealth!
  3. I see from a previous post that Coachman will not penalise anyone for having a late service, up to 90 days from the due date. I have been trying to get clarification for the last 5 months from Coachman as to whether the annual service requirement will stay at the later COVID date, without invalidating the warranty, or revert to the original caravan's 'in service' date'. Up until now I have been totally ignored, the courtesy of some sort of response would be nice.
  4. It's probably a bit late in this 'conversation' for this comment to be particularly relevant. We ordered our VIP 460 with the weight upgrade option. It was delivered without the upgrade or the labels, there are two. These arrived later by post and are a simple matter to install. (A hairdryer is an essential tool for this.) One of the labels is located adjacent to the door, as mentioned, and the other is located in the LH front locker behind the gas bottle. You have to return the labels you have removed to the dealer.
  5. We have a 2018 VIP 460 and have experienced the same problem. As we discovered the problem on arrival on site it was a case of bending the runners straight, replacing the ball bearings, fortunately they were all accounted for, installing the plastic end stop and we were back in business. Since then we have ensured that something pretty heavy is placed against the drawer to prevent it opening and that has worked well. Thanks SuperRed for your solution of a second catch, which is an easy solution to implement, and it is also interesting that Coachman have authorised a dealer to im
  6. I have just read your posts and if it makes any of you feel better it took over 6 months to get the results of water ingress on our previous caravan, a Lunar, repaired. The factory had no interest whatsoever in assisting, it all had to be done through the dealer. You can probably imagine the conversations I had with the dealer, threats of court action proved to be the only solution. That is why we now have a Coachmen. Fingers crossed re water ingress!
  7. I see that you listed this query in 2016 and have had no replies, did you resolve the issue? We have a 2018 VIP 460 and I wish to carry out the self same type of installation using the caravan wall. I have contacted Coachman directly and after a week have had no response. I an assuming therefore that this is a 'no goer'.
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