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  1. Sterling Elite Emerald: • Carpet with 45oz pile weight • 40 litre underfloor insulated fresh water tank with Autofill control system • Built-in microwave oven with digital controls
  2. An old thread, but thought I would add my two peneth worth. We bought a European van because our main use is to spend 2-solid months each year in Holland near my wifes family and the door is on the right side for thier pitches. Unlike our old Bailey, the new caravan came with an on board water tank. 50 litres I think. I was initially worried about this, but on all the Dutch sites we have stayed at, I think an Aquaroll would be extra hassle to be honest. In Holland I have found that a water tap is usually less than 30 feet away with drainage points close to the pitches. Caravaners tend to either attach their hose pipe to the taps with the hose pipe attachment already fitter or just fill a watering can and top up their internal tank from time to time. About 50% of the caravaners place a bucket or Wastemaster under the caravan and empty them each day, or they run a waste pipe to the drain points. I haven't seen any so called super pitches on our travels where you connect to running water, I am sure they will exist, but unlike many of the UK sites, water taps and drains tend to be close by. We tend to go at the start or end of the season to avoid the busy holiday months. The internal water tank is under one of the dining chairs over the axle. Given that this is a 5-birth, wide body caravan with just 2 of us and the dog, we do not miss the storage space the tank takes up, but with temperatures falling to below zero in March or November, a frozen Aquaroll is a thing of the past. I do worry about using the caravan in the UK however where water taps can be a good 100 meters away sometimes or even more. I guess that sums up why Aquarolls are still heavily used in the UK and in Holland, you rarely see them!
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