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  1. Piece of insulation tape does the trick
  2. Its my fault, although when I answered, the previous answers were not there I am sure, as I would not have replied to a thread this old, unless someone asked another question on it yesterday which is now not there? Now it looks like I even asked a question in previously which I never saw when I replied. Puzzled now. Edit. I see now there has been some thread readjustment. I thought I was having a senior moment
  3. Try Kwikfit online, and look for a discount code(found one from the Daily Mail of all places for an extra 10%). I dont usually go to Kwikfit, but they were the cheapest and that included fitting. £130 a corner plus 10% off and I pre booked the fitting so I could go at lunchtime. Cant help you with the SUV bit, but my Volvo has heavy duty tyres fitted and are normally more expensive.
  4. On BBC Breakfast today they were broadcasting from Auckland Castle, due to Bishop Auckland being a possible Conservative win as the last labour majority was only around 500. (This is in Durham Labour stronghold and has always had a Labour MP) The business reporter was at Cello which is about a mile from the castle and it certainly looked like they were manufacturing there, although I had to leave for work so did not get to watch the interview.
  5. Go for the Alde. Far superior to blown air.
  6. We always are away for the weekend gone, to get away from the Fireworks(very nervous dogs). In the past have always used a CMC site but this year have used a CL at £12/night. Over 50% less, just had to use own shower which is perfectly adequate.
  7. I bought on of these new in 2017. from Catterick. It had the Lux pack and Alde heating We moved from a french bed 4 berth to a 2 berth. We changed back to a 4 berth fixed bed last year because of the lack of storage and arrival of a new pup. Also if you use it as 2 singles as we do sometimes, then you have to store the backrests in the shower. The 2018 models onward are longer and have a larger fridge. I liked the Alde heating as the bathroom was always nice and warm (unlike my current van with blown air) but there were a few problems,: The sink waste came off and flooded under the sink and cooker - very common The drawer near the door never fitted and would be found in pieces on arrival at the sites Some of the windows would not stay open, the stays are very finicky The door lock broke and would not lock. Kitchen illuminated splashback fell off. The kitchen unit needed complete replacement as the plywood gable was cracking due to incorrect fitment. This would entail removing the kitchen, fridge,cooker and overhead lockers. I traded it before that was done. Other than that a nice van and the faults were niggles rather than show stoppers. Have to say that with the current Coachman, there haven't been any niggles at all. If you need an Alko wheel lock insert I have one going cheap( if they haven't changed the wheels)
  8. I hate these round stickers with a vengeance. Mine were dropping of the new van when I picked it up factory fresh. I think most of the wallboard/decorative ply are supplied by the same companies, and often the tape ages to a different shade than the wallboard. The problem could be the adhesives have to conform to different H&S standards now, so may not contain as many harmful toxins as old glues used to so may not be as effective. I know that my current company is working to take certain harmful ingredients out of all of the components it uses.
  9. The manufacturer would use untreated soft wood as its the lightest and cheapest, rather than ash. Also buy a cheap damp meter from ebay or amazon. It can help you see where there is a small area of damp, before the plywood starts to go soft.
  10. Coachman have just started making Camper vans and were shown at the NEC (saw it on Caravan Finder TV I think). Any of them could go down the road, but I think they only make to order, rather than stock, as many got stung in 2008 with all the cash tied up in stock no one wanted to buy.
  11. Nice spec van, just watch for the usual build quality problems and get it serviced every year to keep the warranty alive
  12. Looks like they do assemble, but I would expect the components are far eastern sourced https://celloelectronics.com/aboutus/
  13. Looks like you are using only one element for some reason. In my Vison 575, it will start blowing hot in about 5 mins at the front of the van, but the rear end and the bathroom is another matter The fan will adjust to the temp of the boiler and the ambient temp in the van. I did think it uses the same elements for the hot water and heating as it emits a bad smell when on EL2 Hot water only and no heating (no fan). This apparently is normal as I asked on here about it. So in theory if your heating is on, it should also heat the water but how hot will depend on how hard the heater is working , so overnight it will be just ticking over normally. I will test it out this weekend
  14. Oh dear. We stayed there this year when we had the very hot week in July. It rained overnight and the small stream was transformed and had risen by at least 12 inches. The wardens office is at least 10 feet off the floor, although the cricket club next door is not so high up
  15. I cant say this for all manufacturers, but since the crash in 2008, when most used to build for stock, this changed to only build to order, although the dealers place their requirements before the start of the new year in September, so by June the factory knows what is has to build. I don't know at what stage they pay, but a credit agreement in involved, but this may depend on individual terms for each dealer
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