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  1. We have a multitude of car showrooms clustered together in the nearest large town. On one side of the road, its dominated by one dealer selling Fiat,Mazda,Peugeot, Hyundia and Kia. They were a local firm with one garage selling petrol and Daihatsu's many moons ago. This garage is appalling for getting anyone to talk to. 10 years ago I went in looking to buy and was ignored ( I must look a tyre kicker with my wooly hat on as it was February) . I tried twice and the salespeople just ignored me, and in the end bought a new Skoda over the road. Went in last Friday to look at the Kia/Hyundia hybrids and its the same. Did speak to a salesman eventually who couldn't be bothered. Said cant get any cars, and did not want to engage any discussion so I left. The best I have found was the Volvo dealer( a few branches over the North East). They were excellent although they have been taken over so no sure what they like now.
  2. I wonder if its better to use these claims companies that are pushed by the dealers/manufacturers when you buy a car. I know they are ambulance chasers but are they any good? Do they do all the running about and provide an expensive like for like car, other than the usual Kia Picanto or similar if you are lucky enough to get one on your insurance? Never used one as I haven't had an accident for a long time, although the 2 I've had were no fault ones but that doesn't seem to make much difference now with regards to increased premiums
  3. Thanks for your detailed reply. Its not a way I would have joined the sides to the floor but this is caravan manufacture and the amount of time I have heard them hiding behind the cottage industry reference is unbelievable nowadays. On the other point of steel mesh, One of the manufacturers do use very thin strips of Aluminum to do the same job positioned when the panels are bonded together. The also use steel strips around the door frame (remember the creasing sides around the doors on some Elddis vans about 6 years ago, this was the fix)
  4. The question you have to ask is why was there movement to shear the screws. The sides must have been moving to cause this. I dont know how Swift attach their sides now. I seem to remember so manufacturers uses hangers from the floor . Are Swift side panels positioned on top of the floor? If not what is the mechanism for holding them to the body. If they are located on top of the floor, then the floor mist be flexing at either side causing the movement. As a chartered engineer as well, I would suspect very little engineering knowledge is used in the design of the caravan structure, If the Swift sides are mounted on the sides of the floor and screwed through horizontally as I think you have implied then its no wonder the vans failed.
  5. The sponges are in fact hard expanded polystyrene type material, which cant be squeezed out as this would crush them, but maybe dried with a fan heater. They still use wood in all the framing. There was some talk/costings of going to PU as the Coachman/Swift design in 2017 but don't think it materialised and wood is cheaper ( which is the driving force behind most decision there). The wall boards were not like the Swift ones with GRP linings, and still were wood based. They may have changed now but I would have thought they would have said something about it True, just more fixtures and fittings, although the interior paneling is wider, and the internal height is a smidgen higher. The least returned vans to be fixed were Xplore, and the most were the Buc's.
  6. Friend at work order a VW Tiguan in March. Still waiting. Thought he would check what his car was worth now so looked on WBAC and Motorway and the price is £6K more than the px price. My 2021 Karoq, reg Jan this year has 2K miles on., so I checked on the above sites. WBAC was £24.5 and Motorway £27.5K. This is more than I paid. Seriously thinking of downsizing as I don't tow any more
  7. OP said roof lining . Could be the star gazer surround, but on a van of this age they have a newer vac formed panel rather than the wooden one which I don't think is as problematic.
  8. This one would worry me most. - The roof is bonded just like the sides, so this is delaminating and will cause structural weakness. There is hardly any timber in the roof. This should be a factory fix.
  9. This caught me out this time when changing insurance as it asked specially if I was the owner of the car as well as the registered keeper. As its on a PCP, then I dont own the car, VW do, so what is the correct answer? I have previously put owner, but in light of the tow bar notification issue on the other thread I queried this. There were several responses but none for PCP. Again from QMH, The answer - Leased - private although this does not seem correct as its really another form of HP. I cant remember if there was an option for HP but think not. The towing prep for a Karoq has uprated cooling fans as well as the dedicated wiring. Dealer arranged my tow bar fitment with the Skoda wiring kit - at cost £599 as part of the car invoice and order form. Never said he was, just agreeing with Lee, although Skoda state that you can.
  10. This is the email from QMH from 2019 just to confirm what they required then. "Thanks for renewing your car insurance with Quotemehappy.com We’re currently reviewing our records to ensure the information we hold for our customers is accurate. During this review, we noted that Quotemehappy.com car insurance quotation number ********* was requested in your name on 10/7/2019 for a new policy. Upon this quotation, the following information was disclosed: Vehicle modifications: Towbar Your current Quotemehappy.com policy ******** renewed on 24.07.2019 and the following information was disclosed: Vehicle modifications: none If the information on your policy is correct then you do not need to take any action, however if you need to correct it, please login to My Account and amend your details as follows: Log into your My Account Scroll down to "My policies" section Select Change Policy Note: your premium may increase or decrease as a result of this change. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter." I keep telling my wife that when she quotes the 'Daily Mail' at me I think the word modification is important, as when I ordered my latest car, it came with alloy wheels as standard. If I fit steel wheels then this could be classed as a modification could it not, even though they could be fitted to a lesser spec car, but these would be classed as part of the original specification and homologated in the design/certification process.
  11. This is my current car and I've towed a 1505kg van with it. The listed mass in 1495 kg but when I went back to the storage after lockdown the plate was 5kg over, but was well in the max allowed gross train weight. I would say personally its a bit light for the van, but engine wise fine. Its the DSG that may be problematic according to posts on older threads by Logic Lee. I was staying at Teesdale CMC site and was concerned that if I got stopped at the bank in Barnard Castle it would be too much for it, but never had a problem. I have sold the van now so probably downsize the car shortly. I certainly would not go over 50mph with my van as it felt a little pushy. Skoda give 2 max weights in the spec depending on gradient 1500/1700kg.
  12. Quote me Happy used to require the fitting of a tow bar to be advised about. (2016) I ordered a Volvo with a tow bar quoted on the order form as part of the specification. Volvo dealer fit the Volvo branded tow bar, so unlike VW for example who can factory fit theirs. I used a comparison site and forgot to tick the modification box. The year later I used another comparison site and did include the tow bar as it specifically asked if one was fitted and received an email from QMH requesting if I had a tow bar on, they didn't have that listed on my current policy. They then requested I go in and modify my details to include this and there would be no extra cost. As some tow bars are factory fitted it could be assumed rightly or wrongly that this could be classed as part of the manufacturers vehicle specification and should not require notification.
  13. Durham County Council provide free camping from April to October over the other side of the valley from me. It is surrounded by pine woods with lots of nice walks. Unfortunately its not for the recreational campers and cost last year £65000 to clean up the mess they leave. When looked at in this respect, a couple of MH Aires wouldn't be a bad thing, as most of the shops have closed in the high street of our small town and the market has only 2 stalls nowadays, There are plenty of car parking spaces not used that could be re appropriated with the cost of moving a few white lines.
  14. He didn't ask where to wash it, he asked how to wash it without water.
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