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  1. This thread is 7 years old and the van in question was a year old at the time. You can expect wear and tear problems in a 9 year old van. The roof are usually floppy in hot weather dow to the expansion of the aluminium. If its not leaking then no worries. You will have to be more specific about your window problem but I doubt Swift will be interested in a van of your age.
  2. If you visited the Elddis open day, you can view the machine shop where they make all the furniture. Also most manufacturers make the side panels, floors and roof panels on site as there would be a logistic nightmare to transport without damage. But you can say all materials are sourced from third parties, i.e alu skin and plywood, so in that respect your are correct
  3. This seems quite normal in this industry, as they are fairly old fashioned in their values (not their prices though). They seem to have been having a difficult time with quality for the last couple of years and also trouble supplying replacement parts which indicates a cash flow problem with suppliers. The caravan dealers place their orders in September for the following year, but I think they have a credit arrangement and pay when they are sold to us ( or some do anyway), so maybe lots of Lunars are unsold from this years models hence no income
  4. Hope you get it this week as the factory 3 weeks annual holiday is fast approaching, probably this Friday.
  5. The bed struts are sized so that the bed will not lift unaided with nothing on top, only the matress. If they were stronger, then the bed would be at 45 degrees or whatever angle is the max lift all the time.
  6. I think this is the case with my Volvo. If you press the recycle button, then it comes up with 'manual recycle' and then press it to turn it off, and comes up with 'auto recycle'. I have always turned the aircon on and off as it can become too cold but I will now leave it on and adjust the temp up and down only. I have always used the auto button to control the vents and fan speed though.
  7. In my local independent cobblers/key cutters he has the radial blanks on the wall display so you could see if you have an independent one local to you. Sometimes these little shops can be useful.
  8. Meant the water heater, should have said Ultrstore. Apologies for confusion
  9. Had good service in the Skoda garage previously but now its been taken over we will have to revisit and see what happens. My local Volvo dealer used to be very good, but they have now been taken over by Stoneacre and had to ring a central office now to book it in for service. Keeping fingers crossed they haven't changed.
  10. I store my van at the local dealers and have to pass the area where they store the sold ones. I would estimate at least 30 vans and motor homes, with a fairly even mix of new and used. This number has been fairly constant since the new year. So their sales seem fairly constant. Regarding the car retailers, I had to call to get a pair of tyres on last Wednesday lunch time and Kwik fit was the cheapest surprisingly, and is next door to Bristol Street Motors, one SEAT and one Skoda. Over the road is Kia and Hyundai local independent dealer. So had a mooch around as I have been meaning to call in for a few weeks. Looked into the Seat one, no salesperson would lift heir heads form the PC screens. I then inquired about a Tarracco, and the saleperson couldn't be bothered to get up to discuss it. So went next door to the Skoda dealership. 2 customers were waiting at the desks, and there were another 3 again engrossed on the laptops. No interest in engaging me. I am interested in changing as well so asked one of them for some info and was told be with you in a minute. I hovered about for 10 minutes but no show so I left. I have previously bought a new car here. I was in my work gear, company t shirt and trousers so maybe I didn't look like a prospective buyer, but before this dealership was taken over, it was privately owned and the sales people would always approach you and ask if you need any assistance please shout up. Not sure if they have met their targets but the sales staff just do not seem to be interested or it must be me Evans Halshaw around here are terrible, but are the only Ford dealer so have a fair monopoly on sales and service.
  11. Typical foncieres as they are called if I remember. The usual routine is to ask several different people and take the most appropriate answer( as they will all be different). If all else fails see the Marie.
  12. In my 2010 Coachman, it was the same, just an on/off switch for the Ultraheat, so best thing to do is turn it on for an hour in the morning then switch it off. It will keep hot for a long time, then switch it on for 30 mins at tea time or when you need it warming up again.
  13. This needs a warranty repair so take it to your supplying dealer.
  14. I looked at an ix35 a few years ago, and the salesman said that they are very light cars and to tow you would need the 2.0l version at its heaviest config.
  15. Just tried Eversure and added the 10% discount code and it was competitive compared to the CMC. The C&CC used to be cheaper but at last years renewal had gone up vastly.
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