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  1. They are not hard to replace, the hard part is refitting the vinyl cover strip inside, which usually requires a special tool. They are usually stapled in to position around the inside face, hence the cover strip, and the join is superglued together You could remove the old one, clean off the adhesive and reseal using Soudall or Heinkel non setting sealant which should be available online. Or you could buy some new edging, which should come with adhesive pre formed on it. There was another thread last year where someone did this but you will have to do a search.
  2. Kings also are delivering I think. Sometimes cheapest among the seed companies. If you have a poundstretcher nearby and is still open, they have seeds in.
  3. I did think the over 70's /vulnerable slots were for carers of these people as well. But policing that is very difficult. I am in the vulnerable category at 55, but I also have to shop for my Dad who has dementia at 86. It is s difficult situation but luckily we have a recurring slot with Asda as we have used them for a number of years. This doesn't say they have all what you need when the delivery comes to be packed
  4. Unfortunately, I think the newspaper article will be nearer the truth( even for the Northern Echo who's journalism can sometimes be shoody). On a scale of 1 to 10, Elddis is probably around the 3 mark when it comes to putting its employees interests first. Theses are the shop floor workers who are paid by piece work and normally earn a fair amount. There are 80 staff still working. It could be the finish of caravan manufacture as we know it. There will be something from the other manufacturers shortly.
  5. Dehumidifiers dont work well as there are too many vents in a caravan. The Dealer Workshops use fan heaters directed at the problem for a couple of days on a low heat, after the damp cause has been found and repaired as Andy has said above.
  6. In my V60, if you are parked and open the tailgate, the rear lights come on.
  7. Well we have been told to work from home from today for 30 days. The shop floor are still in but not sure when they will be sent home. The US main site has been shut from Friday. I am in the risk group(asthma) so will have to see if I have to stay at home for the 12 weeks yet when things are communicated. Luckily everything is web based now so really dont have to be in and meetings are done over Skype anyway. Its getting a bit surreal. This is a site of over 1100 people and 400 are office staff
  8. They usually use Thetford Battery boxes so you could try to google these for the specifications. Most Motor movers are fitted like this so if it is sealed around I would not worry. Have you checked the outlet for the original wiring as I assume that was sealed in some way with a grommet?
  9. You could try to add some draw runners to the table top, so you could then pull in forward and back, but this would probably change the height a little
  10. Looks like this crack will have bypassed the front gable shelf as it looks like it goes through to the window cutout, so a fair chance of water ingress on the wallboard below the window. If it has propagated up to the window opening, then it can be secured by a piece of aluminium strip glued to the back of the ABS panel with epoxy resin. Then filled with Heinkel or Soudall sealant
  11. Removed my answer as I have already said the same on your first post on Jan 29th.
  12. The table can be stiff to operate, but should push down when you move the lever. You may have to lift it a little then push down. Some operate on a click system but I dont think Elddis use this type. Is there nothing in your user manual? Regarding the seat modification, anything can be done, but this forms the bed base so if you move it will alter this position. Also, there is a minimum distance needed between the kitchen and seat/ table to allow escape in case of emergency so if you move the table out, this may not comply with the regulations. There is a wooden block in the floor to fix the table to, so best not think about doing it that way. Lastly, your caravan has a lot of fixed ventilation, in the roof lights, under the front drawers, under the bed, and at every gas appliance so you hear most of the outside noise quite easily.
  13. There was a longer report on last nights Look North, where Rob Quine( who has lost a shed load of weight and I did not recognise him at first) hinted at job loses if it continues. It may be a cyclic decline, but as the new Tory MP has got involved it made the news.
  14. This was not the case with me, as later in the day that I did the quote online, they did phone me and asked if I needed any further information. I do think they are a broker so may not be staffed as the big insurers we are used to.
  15. I know this is caravan chat, not motorhome chat, but it was on the local NE News this morning in a report from sunny Consett, that Elddis has seen a decline in MH sales due to the increase in road fund licence and have roped in their new MP to champion the case in the commons. It was reported that they have over 600 staff at present.
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