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  1. ABS panels will crack like this under flexural tension when the van is towed as they are a snug fit. My old Coachman was not any better, but they did say panels had a 6 year warranty. Unfortunately it was 7 years old when the crack showed up. Vote with your cash and dont buy another Elddis product. I would drill a small hole at the corner of the crack(1-2mm dia) and fill it with flexible sealer.
  2. Its not due to the caps, but stress cracks. Not sure what age your van is, but looks like a screw hole under the awing rail when they replaced the panel. Sometimes they put odd ones in on the rear panels, to hold them in while the adhesive sets. It could be as Commander Dave says as the corner timbers touched the panel and caused a stress raiser. If yours had a new panel they should have modified the timber corners.
  3. Usually the water ingress on these vans is via the joining strip between the front panel and the roof, but could be from the window rubbers. In my case it rotted both side panels at the front corners as well, so my be a bigger job than you expect. I would expect a dealer repair cost to be several thousand pounds as its mainly labour costs. On the plus side we used our damp van for many more years before it had to be scrapped.
  4. My last V60 had a low bang from the rear n/s. Mill Newcastle failed to cure it. Mill Stockton had 2 goes at it and fixed in by putting some damping foam in. It happens on the XC60 and V70's as well apparently.
  5. My old one could be called the Coachman Cracker or Elddis Aqua
  6. Could be that the new meters can be calibrated to show zero at 12 to 15% perhaps, but unlikely. Dealer may have calibrated the results themselves to the above or worst case not done any testing at all!
  7. Is the dealer servicing the van and has it any service history, that is last years AWS check sheet Ask for damp report sheet as I said previously This should show the vans sides and front /back views with damp readings on it. Anything above 20% keep an eye on. above 25% to 30% you have a slight leak.
  8. No 5 is normal for ALU sides unfortunately 6,7 & 8 - WIth this many leaks I would be asking for a factory repair. Did you do as Durbanite asked i.e complain within 6 months? If not this may preclude a rejection. Phone Elddis customer services and state that the front panel water leak is a manufacturing defect and needs a proper investigation. 10. After MY 2017, they changed the bathroom handles which can stick. This can be sorted easily so not sure why the dealer has not done so. Always pay at least £100 or more deposit on a credit card for any major purchase.
  9. This poster has not been on the site since 2012 so you may not get a response.
  10. Benny65


    Lots of Elddis vans at Caton Bay at the weekend so must be selling OK
  11. The Thule mounted racks on my last Swift are secured with a pressed steel plate which spreads the load. I cannot say whether they reinforced the rear panel to take this but it would be foolhardy not to do so. The Elddis back panels were constructed with the internal wall board(2.5mm) adhered to a soft wood frame around the edge(21mm wide) and usually 2 softwood lengths horizontally across stapled at the ends, which the bike racks are screwed into with wood screws. So you are relying on a piece of softwood glued onto a 2.5mm wall board to carry your bikes. This may have changed now but wouldnt put a bet on it. I think they were changing the fixings to the Thule style on the motorhomes after an event, but not sure if this was carried over to the caravans.
  12. There is not alot of strength in the rear panel you will be surprised to know. There are a couple of horizontal wood battens but thats it. I wouldnt put one on.
  13. Check above the front windows inside for damp. Also open the windows and lift up from the outside and look at the top below where they are hinged. Check for cracks along here, as its common for Coachman's of this age to have stress cracks in the ABS panel where the window hinge bar is attached with screws. ( This happened to mine and there is another thread at the minute with the same issue) Definitely looks like an Amara dealer special from the graphics. Check if it has any service history with damp reports, but the price seems reasonable. Other dealer specials I have seen with this type of graphics are Kimberley and Wandahome so you may get a price comparison if you search for these.
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