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  1. We have this layout, Coachman but my friend has the Swift version. On the Coachman, the top bit of the mattress is on a fabric hinge so folds up. It is a squeeze during the night and I usually sleep on the right side, but the wife fell over going to the loo and hit her head on the door so now I have to sleep on the left. During the day its not a problem. Previous to this we had the French bed and it was OK. I was near the wall and slid out the bottom to get out during the night if needed. I found it better really than the transverse bed but everyone is different. The next one will be twin singles, and a Motor home. I agree that the extra width would make it work a little better
  2. I wonder why Swift dropped the HT construction? Cost or problems with assembly/construction
  3. Have you tried on Boost with elec2. If this doesnt work try it on gas only.
  4. There are strips of Aluminium sheet placed behind wall board to give a better grip to these baffles, and also are positioned where the furniture/gables are positioned. There is also some in the roof. I know this is woefully inadequate in terms of tensile strength but does give more than the normal ply/hardboard wall board at 2.3mm thick. This is on Elddis vans so I cant comment on other manufacturers
  5. If this is van specific OK, but if you have a omnivent, then there will be a wire to it, usually through a channel. I know the Elddis ranges have various channels in the roof, as they use downlighters in the toilets which are supplied through the roof
  6. Most roof lights have a timber surround. This was removed by one manufacturer resulting in leakage and cracks in the rooflight, probably sue to the flexing of the panels. The timber was reinstated. You should get away with the 400*400 ones but wouldnt try to install a Heki. There are also wire voids in the roof so it would be best to ask Swift as Mr Plod advised ( maybe on Swifttalk)
  7. Is the Gold standard Storage a new thing with the CMC?
  8. These doors are made by Hartal and this type of handle/door was fitted more to MHomes so you may find more information on the MH forums. It is not a robust design. On my Swift Challenger 2017, it broke completely and would not lock. Took 8 weeks to get it fixed, new lock barrels for all hatches as well.
  9. Is this Eversure who advertise on here? You only need the wheel lock and hitch lock if you are not on a campsite or in storage. I have the Alko normal hitch lock and this is not sold secure but I have an old Bulldog one which is. I think the only time you would need it is at the services on route. Not sure if you keep your van at home, so then you would rightly need both on. If it is Esure then ignore me I thought the torque is 88Nm for steel wheels and 130Nm for alloy wheels but best check in your handbook
  10. Usually a good place for BF news https://bfenthusiasts.com/bfe/
  11. Could be the circuit board failing, around £300 mark a couple of years ago to buy a new one. Intermittent faults are the hardest to find. On mine(same model) it would work on gas intermittently. Dealer said it was fine after running it all day, then it failed. Turned out to be a cracked fitting.
  12. I dont think this has broken through to the caravan manufacturers yet Gary. The development usually is - lets build it and see what happens - If it breaks then we will modify it during production. If it fails later in life we will deny all knowledge. This is from personal experience.
  13. Dare not ask which caravan dealers you worked for, but looking at your location I could take a guess. Enjoy your Elddis when we can all get out again
  14. The design process has improved with the use of 3D CAD and CNC profiling machines, which makes the furniture easier to assemble and consistent thereby improving the quality in that respect. Years ago all the furniture was made by cabinet makers. I am sure that the processes now are more reliable, as materials and adhesives have improved. Many of the faults are caused by carelessness and rushing the job through. The quality problems occur as caravan manufacture was still a piece work paid operation a couple of years ago, although not sure if all the manufacturers still do this. This leads to quantity not quality approach, and pay is both the stick and the carrot so to speak. With the demand over the last few years, there is no time to stop the line if there is a fault, the build continues and the faults are hopefully rectified at the end of the line. Until the industry changes its approach and pays hourly rates, rather than piece work, this will never change. But, I have to say that with all the components and parts in the modern vans, it is a complex assembly operation and not an easy task to bring it all together.
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