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  1. They should know what they buy in as many vans are 'touched up' at the end of the production line. Open weekend on Sat/Sun if you fancy a ride up to sunny Consett (nice weather this weekend) so you could ask them to go and have a look for you.
  2. I have to laugh at the marketing hype form the reviewers of the 8ft vans, gushing about how much extra space there is in the lounge area etc. I can see the extra 6" helping a bit it you have a transverse island bed, so you can squeeze past a little easier, although still a struggle.
  3. Never heard this, why would they. Its usually a base model van, with some extras thrown in, depending on what the dealer thought would appeal to their customers. You will probably find that the trade in value is based on the base model in my personal experience when I traded my last dealer special
  4. Reading a motorhome magazine last night, RoadPro have a ad (think its owned in someway by Andy Harris ex caravan/motorhome TV) promoting Lithium Ion batteries although no prices were given.
  5. With the size of the Xplore 304 I think the Hyundai would tow the van very well. Saw a couple of these vans towed by a Vauxhall Astra and a Golf when away a few weeks ago
  6. No Gary, I just have the same issue with the pinholes in mine and in the last van with these roof lights as well, but its not to bad and to be honest doesn't cause me much of an issue. I seem to remember a post on here that explained why this happens but cant recall why. If you look at the link and look at the normal and delux Heki sections, then there is an attachment with a detailed section drawing on each ,which you may be able to compare the sizes of the lower cover and blind fitment.
  7. If you try the Caravan and Motorhome club for a quote on the phone, they told me the current value or replacement value, as my model had been discontinued and they looked up the nearest equivalent model
  8. I have the Coachman Vision 575, which has Truma blown air heating and I wish I had gone for the next model with Alde. The bed and bathroom vents never get hot, and its too hot down the front end. Even if you adjust the flaps, the bathroom never gets warm. I know it I insulated the pipes under the van it would improve, but I haven't got around to it yet, and how this passed the Grade 3 testing is a mystery, as you would be roasted in the lounge to get the bathroom warmish. I opted for a new motor mover instead of getting the Pastiche But its a struggle to get past the bed during the night. The wife fell whilst pushing past and hit her head on the bathroom door, so now I sleep on the kitchen side. Friend has the swift version and his is the same. The last van was a Swift 2 berth with Alde and the bathroom was so nice and toasty.
  9. Mines the same and happened on the last van as well. The replacement blind is £100 ish Here is the link which may show the dimension https://www.leisurespares.co.uk/brands/dometic-seitz/rooflights-dometic-seitz/heki-2-deluxe
  10. Truma have said they will look at it but after all your replies and further info on the motorhome forums I will leave it as it looks like its a design problem really, not a failure. I dont think anything was coming out of the vents, I just thought is was the plastic casing degarading perhaps, but maybe there is a little coming from where the tube outlets the boiler. Next trip out I will use the lower wattage setting after warming the water on gas initially, although as it will be cooler, probably wont see the issue.
  11. Thanks, I had searched on here but failed to come up with the relevant posts. I have just googled it and several threads on here from 2017 came up which you contributed to. Seems to be much more on the motorhome forums as this type of boiler seem to have been fitted longer to MH's rather than caravans. Looks like its a bit of a design issue which is not seen to be a safety issue so being ignored by Truma, although reading through the posts, it appears that they have changed the material in the mid 2000's for a higher temp rated one and the heaters were subsequently modified. I have worked with thermo setting polymers many year ago, including moulding them for sample parts, and the smell is very reminiscent of the curing process. The plastic housing, when on hot water alone, is getting too hot, although it will not melt, emits this smell. When used in colder weather, the heating elements will be constantly cooled so the internal temperature will be less, so the smell may be still there but not as noticeable, although the water will take longer to heat. Just heard from a friend who also has the combi fitted and confirms his does it as well. I will just use it on the 900 watt setting if using in the summer.
  12. Thanks for your promt answers. Its not tripping out, just smelling nasty. The thermostat could be an explanation. Stevan, its not a dust smell, I know what you mean as when you use a fan heater for the first time after a while. Its some sort of overheating of a thermosetting plastic part( Bakerlite was the old name for the type). The only way I can describe it is if you have a burnt out plug and the plastic has got hot, but degrades a bit as they do not melt. Its Ok on low power so OK to use I suspect Booked in to dealers next week but expecting the run around
  13. Following a cool response from my dealer anyone else had a unpleasant odour from these units Got the van last August but did not get much use, only Aug bank holiday and a week in September so never had much practice with it, but only had 1 problem with an overheat condition when on boost hot water in preparation for a shower, which reset when cooled down. Usually set it to the 1800 watt element setting. I always put the boiler on Hot(60 deg) initially then on ECO after an hour or so. The wife has been complaining of a pungent smell when on HOT as she sits over the boiler. My sense of smell is poor so I did not smell much, just a wiff until I lift the bunk then its quite strong. We first noticed it in April, but if the heating is on its hardly noticeable. The smell is a plastic overheating type smell, which I have experienced at work years ago when I was using phenolic resins. Its not a nice odour. Its coming from where the electric heater elements are as you would expect, so these are overheating something in there. Its not evident on 900 watt or when the blow heating is on, but I need a colder day to check this properly. Anyone else had this, as I have had an initial knock back from the dealer, stating that all these heaters smell like this, so expecting a battle to get anything looked at. Firing an email to Truma next to check what their take on this is. Had the old Truma water heaters in 2 previous vans without issue.
  14. Not sure with a van of your age, but the current vans have very little in support battens, mainly around the edges and around window and door openings. The internal furniture is now screwed through the wall board and into a very thin piece of Alu sheet about 3 inch wide to provide a key for the self tapper. This is bonded in when the panels are made. The wood thickness varies but I think around 21mm You may have a problem getting the correct wallboard.
  15. Sorry, just skimmed your first post and missed that . I passed that way yesterday and could have called around . The website shows another number on the contact us. The one I posted is for the fireplace lo. There is also a link for a caravan park near the borders so you could try that number too
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