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  1. Unfortunately, this seems the way this forum is going for some reason. It seems normal now to criticize rather than help. If I was the OP I would be gutted, as many of the respondents would be too. Lunar made quite a few nice vans a few years ago and have many happy customers, especially as they were quite lightweight, until the poor quality rot set in about 5 or 6 years ago. Financially they might not be out of pocket, with drastic depreciation in the first couple of years, and the money owed being written off, but in reality are mourning the loss of th
  2. What does this mean? How are you supposed to transcribe a you tube video. It was not me in the situation described so I fail to see how any other way it could be done. Exaxtly. I am in no way associated with the people in question, I thought it would be a valid discussion but I have learned my lesson. I dont think sarcasm is warranted even with the wink. My last post.
  3. Lets not make this personal as its a debate on what membership of a club is about and we all have different views on this. I seem to be getting a bit of an attack for having a different view point which is disappointing. Well balanced and I agree.
  4. Being Devils Advocate for debate, when the shutdown was in full force, the Club was promoting itself as Club, rather than a directory of sites. I think there should be a directive, and there may be one already as Gary has stated in his post, which would makes things crystal clear, and should be posted in the memebrship handbook,although if you did the laundry you would be paying for that service. This could well have been where they got the idea. I have heard that you can ask for a drink of tap water in a pub for free, and also to use the toilets if ther
  5. I think they were trying to make a discrimination between travellers and themselves, although there is nothing to stop travellers becoming members. This is my interpretation as well which could be wrong.
  6. Bit of a cryptic title. I have been watching a couple on youtube who are fulltiming in a MH for a couple of years. The videos are interesting as he has fitted and reviewed lots of things eg solar panels and inverters, ebikes etc. Anyway, they do use campsites as well as park ups, but are members of the CMC. They stopped enroute at a CMC site as they had been told by other members that they would allow MH'er members to stop and top up the water and empty the cassette waste. So they did top up the water, but were refused to empty the waste, and were informed by the warden
  7. The angle plate is not a factory fit item, too expensive . They would have used another piece of plywood glued on. Loos like a sturdy support.
  8. If this is a wire frame one then it is attached underneath with woodcrews.
  9. Come up to the North East, we have had a sea fret for the last few days
  10. I found Borrowdale CMC site quite a challenge a few years ago, due to the parked cars coming out of Grange village. This was with my old 2 berth van, and it was a squeeze.
  11. The Camino is the Compass equivalent of the Infinity and is the next level up from the Avante range. The Crusaders are the next level up from the Infinity and will have more gadgets, thicker gables on the end of the cabinets/furniture. The styling will be different as in colour of veneer and seating material. Have a look on the website for the differences.
  12. How old is your van and has it Alde heating? Very easy to operate. Turn it on, set the energy type, gas or electric and set the temp.
  13. Have you got the CRiS registration document with the previous owners details. Send then a letter as I have done in the past when buying a used van. The dealer should also have their details and may give them a call on your behalf
  14. I have towed with a MK 3 and MK4 facelift model and both were very good towcars, towing a 1470kg MTPLM van. They were both 2.0TDCi engines, and the MK3 was very quick. Not sure if the MK5 is much different in handling but if the engines are more powerfull then you should have no problem - mine were very stable. I think the MK4 had a PCT towbar(fitted by the dealer) fixed normal type. It was very close to the bumper and the bolts were only a couple of mm clear, so I would go for a swan neck type.
  15. Dont think they are., although the bulkhead is also attached to the front of the floor with long wood screws. The front locker floor is not part of the structural floor, just a piece of MDF covered or painted. The sides are structurally attached to the floor by the Solid construction, i.e. glued tongue joint. It is only if this fails and the sides start to move up and down independently, then the screws in the angles will fail. It could also be caused by some floor delamination at the front causing the movement.
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