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  1. I thought the information in the handbook was to remove one pipe from the pump and allow to drain out, after draining down the system. This was for a flow jet pump.
  2. My worst car was a Ford Cortina Mk5 with an auto choke. It was Mustard with a brown vinyl roof . It was the most uncomfortable car and if it was a little damp and rainy, would invariably fail to start. On the other hand, my first car was a 1975 Marina 1.3, and although it kept me busy filling and spraying the wings every Sunday, the engine never let me down in 2 years and never failed to start. I loved the car and fitted an Audioline radio cassette and a Sparkrite Alarm which were more than half the cars value. Halfords loved me then. I had 2 Metros and I thought they were great, reliable, and you could fit loads in with the back seats folded down. The first was a 1980 HLE and was rust free. The second, which I travelled 60 miles a day to University for 4 years was a 1996 one and was a rust bucket, but engine wise again never let me down. Best cars I have had, are a 1995 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8LSi, had it for 10 years, very comfortable and no real problems. This used to travel 6 or 7 times a year to France from Durham without a problem and the engine was sweet as a nut even with 120k on when I sold it. The other is my present one, a Volvo V60 2.0 D3, different league to the others but doubt I could afford another one now.
  3. Regarding whether or not to tow, up until now it was fine to tow as no-one was informed. so carry on and bring your van home. This problem must have been around for a while but the frequency must be high enough for Swift to organise this recall. The body wont fall off, but the problem may be made worse by towing over uneven terrain I suspect
  4. It did not say, just that mine has been identified as could be affected.
  5. Just had a letter from Swift regarding my old 2017 Challenger. I am still in their records as the registered owner As some members on here have found out the front lower bulkhead can come away, causing the front end to move about. Swift want to come and inspect the van then if necessary arrange repairs. I have not got the van now, part exed it to Kimberleys in 2018, but shows they have never informed Swift of the ownership change(so this will mean the warranty wont have been transferred I suspect)
  6. Coachman seem to have a problem with the front panels cracking due to the front window bar screw holes, even though there are clearance holes in the ABS. it seems to take around 6 to 7 years for these to develop and I cannot see no reason why this will change. It could be due to the ABS aging, or simply due the torsional movement and flex when the van is being towed, and the stress raiser created by the drilled hole. Previous to this, I know Elddis had a problem, which was detected earlier as they did not bother to drill the clearance holes in, just screwed through the ABS panel.
  7. All the dealers have placed their requirements for the next years models before the summer shutdown well before the NEC shows. ( for the last 4 or 5 years anyway as production is then full). Previous to this they used to manufacture stock vans, but when the crash hit in 2008, the orders dried up, so now only make to pre-order. The factory at Consett is old and on several levels so cannot be extended to increase production, although there were rumors that the van storage area was going to be built on when Hymer took over but this hasn't happened and its predicted that a dip in sales will be seen shortly as they have been on a high(max production) for several years. Regarding quality, lots of factors here, but temp staff could be one as turnover can be high and it still runs on a piece work pay scheme so quality is not rewarded with pay but output.
  8. Check in the roof lining above the front windows, and below the pelmet/shelf and down the sides at the front. These vans are prone to leaking where the GPS front panel joins the roof.( you can see the aluminium joint strip above the windows)
  9. Wood duck boards seem common on German vans and motorhomes
  10. I was with Hastings Direct for several years, the cheapest on the comparison web sites. I had to claim on a 3 month old Skoda Octavia bumped by persons unknown(I know but they denied it and had no witnesses). I know there will be lots who have had issues with Hastings but in my case I had no problem, other than the excess which was £350. I checked at renewal and got zero excess for the same price (voluntary excess) No problem in going with another repairer, only they would not supply a loan car. I looked at a VW/Skoda approved workshop and it was a Toyata dealership. No problem with the claim and they supplied me with a loan car straight away as mine was illegal as the wing had been slightly pushed in so the top of the wheel was exposed. It needed new door,wing and the sill repaired. I like Money saving expert, but they are owned by MoneySupermarket and surprisingly say go to them first for a quote. I had problems with spam calls and emails after using MSupermarket years ago so wont use them now. Also be careful and try different comparison sites , as I used to use Compare the market, but then checked with Go Compare and the same insurance was £50 cheaper.
  11. If you service it at a Volvo dealer you get the breakdown for the next year included(european as well) but your eyes will water at the prices. I think they value this at around £120 so this bumps the service price up. As your car is pre 2015 and not the new engine spec, you may have a very high service costs in year 6 (£1000 ) which will be shortly. You can check on the Volvo website what the estimated service cost would be at a main dealer(if you haven't got a good independent nearby) The full year extra warranty for mine was around £360. I didn't bother in the end. Edit. I just saw the other post where you say its a D5.
  12. Its my fault, although when I answered, the previous answers were not there I am sure, as I would not have replied to a thread this old, unless someone asked another question on it yesterday which is now not there? Now it looks like I even asked a question in previously which I never saw when I replied. Puzzled now. Edit. I see now there has been some thread readjustment. I thought I was having a senior moment
  13. Try Kwikfit online, and look for a discount code(found one from the Daily Mail of all places for an extra 10%). I dont usually go to Kwikfit, but they were the cheapest and that included fitting. £130 a corner plus 10% off and I pre booked the fitting so I could go at lunchtime. Cant help you with the SUV bit, but my Volvo has heavy duty tyres fitted and are normally more expensive.
  14. On BBC Breakfast today they were broadcasting from Auckland Castle, due to Bishop Auckland being a possible Conservative win as the last labour majority was only around 500. (This is in Durham Labour stronghold and has always had a Labour MP) The business reporter was at Cello which is about a mile from the castle and it certainly looked like they were manufacturing there, although I had to leave for work so did not get to watch the interview.
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