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  1. Thank you Flinty and Dave Yes Flinty I was looking at the wrong thing on the back plate. Car Mechanic and 1st caravan ! I thought it was a bit strange that the Al-KO wheel lock would be blocking the adjuster hole. Thank you for the link Dave, I have just been out and found the bungs. I was looking in the wrong place assuming the adjuster was at the top for some reason.
  2. Has anybody else had this problem where the large Al-KO Secure bracket attached to the back plate is blocking access to the manual brake adjuster access bung.? If so it it an easy fix by removing the drum and shoes etc and unbolting the back plate? Many thanks David
  3. Hello Nigel Thanks for the detailed list. Having checked the sites you have listed in France it appears that twin axle vans are not permitted in some. We are about to collect our twin axle caravan and to make it worse a VW transporter Panel van to tow it and even worse a one eyed Jack Russell!! Having read a few forums it would appear that you can get charged a lot more or turned away from sites with twin axles. David and Sally
  4. Please can anyone help? We are trying to book places now for our trip to Torrox Spain and are really struggling to find campsites open this time of year through France on route from Calais down on the A16 A28 A10 We have 1 so far near Poitiers Futur and another possible in Bordeaux Le Village Du Lac . We would like one near Mamers or just the other side of Rouen if possible. We have tried the Alan Rogers open all year but very few on the site. Waited to receive the CCC brochure and hardly any in that either. If there is a good site to find campsites then we cannot seem to find it. Spain seems to be easier as most open all year. Many thanks if you can help. David and Sally
  5. Cancelled existing insurance got £85 back took out new with Admiral and costing a total inc extra 84 days over the 90 you get anyway £429 fully comp. saved about £300
  6. Please can someone give me a link for this showing the latest speed limits for France I cannot find it anywhere showing 130 110 new 80 50 as want to print if off and stick it on my dash along with the Spain one I have already done. Seems a bit basic but I have a very bad memory I think it is 130kph max speed 55mph 110kph max speed 55mph 80kph max speed 50mph 50kph 31mph Many thanks David
  7. Thank you once again everybody. Will sort in the next couple of days. www. hgvdirect. co. uk as about £20 plus some double sided tape. Yes either way is fine
  8. Right think I am sorted Just opened the link that montesa sent re parts and there are people who rated the parts bought ( do have brass both ends ) saying brilliant all works great. So will buy them then just the bottle to sort.
  9. Thank all very much, I think we will go through France with one full bottle before we leave and then sort it as you say when we get to Spain. It sounds easy enough but had heard of the problem with the pipe not fitting the regulator in the van. Would rather not use the BBQ method as sounds a bit strange pushing the gas back in and onto the fitted regulator it sure it's perfectly safe or people wouldn't do it. So so much to learn! Thanks again Just sent the above before reading Jim's reply and I am now confused again. ! Jim Do you mean it should just be a connector on the bottle so you don't have two regulators trying to work. If so can you just buy a push on connector no regulator and a pipe that will fit with the proper brass fittings to go into that and the regulator fitted in the van? I would rather have the correct brass fittings if possible.
  10. Going to Spain and the my Transporter van and caravan are 13 metres approx. I think I need to put the long vehicle plates on ? Seems sensible for UK to me as well but if scewed on don't want to leave holes in the van. Still so many questions my brain hurts! Found the info I need CClub but still no definitive answer horizontal or vertical ?? Must must be fitted 50 to 150 cm off the ground. Riveted or stuck on doesn't seem to be a problem.
  11. So is the thread the same on the pigtail in our van now and fits the Spanish adapter? Would you just buy the adapter when you get there? Thanks
  12. Please can somebody let me know exactly what we need to buy before we head off re the difference in bottles for Spain for the winter. Pictures and links would be great. I have read so many different things a bit confused although that's not difficult. Thanks David and Sally
  13. We are finding out the hard way caravanning is not an inexpensive way to get away from it all!
  14. Oldboy post : I did think about but I thought by the time they took their charges off for this that and the other I will get nothing back. I reckon I wouldn't get it much cheaper than £660 anyway. nI will get some quotes though thank you. Steamdriveandy post : yes ref license ok as passed in 1980 and it's on after 1st Jan 1997 to tow max 3500 thank you
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