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  1. The awning rail is very malleable you don’t need to replace that. You will be able to untwist and straighten that rail sufficiently to reseal. If you aren’t confident in doing it yourself try a mobile fitter they should be able to fix that.
  2. We charge £30 a month plus vat were not cassoa we have had one insurance company refuse to insure a caravan here. We always tell a prospective owner to check thyre insurance before coming we currently have no vacancies so do shop around for insurance you should be able to get cover.
  3. I did ours some of the track ends needed a screw removing most were plastic ones you prise apart.
  4. Have a look on ebay there were some new ones on there.
  5. Assuming constructed same as mine Is easy to take that joint apart. I would let the mobile engineer fix it should not cost a lot. If you buy something else no gaurantee it will be any better. You know the history of your van and the problems have all been rectified quickly personally would be much happier with that than buying a unknown someone elses nightmare van.
  6. Thanks for the replys worth considering then. The wife will want a manual unfortunately. I tow with autos all the time with a tc no problems.
  7. Sorry bit offtopic but thinking of changing my wifes rav4awd. How do you all rate your kuga's?
  8. Thanks for all the nice comments. Have a very excited 3 1/2 year old wanting to go away hopefully things improve and we can go somewhere in the summer.
  9. Heres a picture of handle of my lunar they unbolt from inside. Do you have a multimeter? Or test light ? Is it just front or rear or both. If just one I Would unbolt and inspect visually the led then test voltage across pads. If both I would pierce wire inside locker and test voltage first.
  10. The build quality is shocking on most makes from what I can gather talking to other owners. The caravans from when I was young back in the 90's seemed much better built. So been making progress today. Tried attaching the new panel with the mastic tape but as the side has warped outwards is to tight a fit, so have pu40'd it on. Will use the mastic tape for awning rails.
  11. So What I think caused it to break is the wall panel on side that cracked orginally never got attached at factory properly. Will attach pictures below. The horizontal angle was never screwed to the wallpanel on locker floor. The plastic angle was never screwed to window sill board. The vertical angle was only one attached and the screws had fallen out only the top one was present but loose. All screwed back together in picture. The other side was attached but the vertical angle screws were loose.
  12. So my 2013 Lunar had the plastic front panel split down from the Roof towards the window and some cracks on side edge. Been waiting several months but finally had a replacement fiberglass one arrive. Have made a start and have old panel off. Have a couple of questions before refitting. The front panel was positioned by 2 screws each side, 2 screws at the top and 3 in the bottom. The top was mastic taped to the roof skin and then had a ally stip screwed down through the layers pulling it together. The sides appear to have had 20mm or less mastic tape between side of frontpanel and caravan side, then awning rail on top (mastic taped and screwed most screws through side of front panel helping to hold it ). Should I affix the replacement panel in same manor? Or is it worth bonding the front panel to side with sikaflex 521 or equivalant. When replacing awning rail was going to go with mastic tape and hodgson seamseal on top edge is this a good idea? Any advice appreciated as would rather it did not crack again. Will try and post some pictures below. Couple of pics
  13. It is the same in uk I am just young enough to have had to do my b+e you must not loop cable around ball aint legal but you would be unlucky to be pulled for it.
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