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  1. So my 2013 Lunar had the plastic front panel split down from the Roof towards the window and some cracks on side edge. Been waiting several months but finally had a replacement fiberglass one arrive. Have made a start and have old panel off. Have a couple of questions before refitting. The front panel was positioned by 2 screws each side, 2 screws at the top and 3 in the bottom. The top was mastic taped to the roof skin and then had a ally stip screwed down through the layers pulling it together. The sides appear to have had 20mm or less mastic tape between side of frontpanel and caravan side
  2. It is the same in uk I am just young enough to have had to do my b+e you must not loop cable around ball aint legal but you would be unlucky to be pulled for it.
  3. You definitely should do the winding up as you have noted also you should not drape the breakaway cable over the towball it should be clipped onto the towball mounting bracket in the hole provided. Glad all was ok no need to contact insurance imho.
  4. Any recommendations on a damp meter? I think layout is a issue for me. Most caravans seem to be end washroom or fixed bed would prefer something like I had as a child where we had end sitting area which made into bed so we can put littleun to bed and can sit up with wife and chat sit out etc.
  5. Hi I am looking to buy my first caravan for my young family looking for a four berth. Have seen mention of a forsale section on the forum but whenever I click on a link in a post I get We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1. If any one knows of anything coming up for sale no damp budget£2-4k please send me a message. kind regards George EDIT: I can now view for sale section thanks to whoever fixed it.
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