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  1. I have the same problem I've tryed everything and the annoying creak is still there if i loosen the stableiser and drive theres no creak attach it back down then creaks again. It's like it's to tight on the ball
  2. When it happens you feel a thud then engine completely cuts out and I have to roll into the gutter as there's no running of the engine at this time . And no engine light on either. If I try to start it straight away the engine just turns over but won't start. So what I do is lock doors with key fob open back up then car starts fine and will carry on till I put my foot down again over 2000 revs. I'm completely lost at this so yes I need to get a reader on it I guess . I love the car and without caravan on it flys along with no cut out at all . It's a 55 plate xt model. Thanks to all who's trying to help.
  3. Yes my tank as been replaced. I'm just confused now lol
  4. Hi all. The car don't cut out at all when solo Only happens with caravan. I get to 50mph then if I put my foot down more the engine will completely die, I then have to lock doors open them and it will restart. I've changed fuel filter in engine bay, iv looked at filter under back seat and it is clean.
  5. Still having trouble when towing a caravan. If I accelerate over 2000 revs the car dies . Changed fuel filter too.
  6. Tanks been replaced. I think I need to keep replacing the filter in the engine.
  7. Cheers guys ye I'll change fuel filter and go from there.
  8. Not long had the car. Last owner said he had it serviced in 2017. If I stay below 50moh and under 2000 revs when towing it's fine, but over that and engine dies.
  9. My tanks been replaced all new. It's 2005 model. It's strange that it only cuts out when towing.
  10. Hi all. My car drives good in till I tow caravan then over 50mph it cuts out. Any ideas.
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