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  1. Adsvan

    Xplore 304

    Well!!!! I pick up my little 304 on Saturday. I found a 2018 model for sale local to me (Oxford Caravans) I went to view it the next day and put a deposit down, its basically unused. Thanks for the help above, I cant wait to get going. It also comes with a stater kit which includes a porch awning. We have our first weekend booked in August at CACC Corfe site. Cant wait!!!!
  2. Good morning guys. I posted last year looking for advice on lightweight caravans. Well I've taken my time and I'm close to putting a deposit down a Xplore 304. I've looked in loads of caravans and feel the 304 will suite my young family well. This will be our first caravan and can't wait to get going. Could any owners and experienced caravan owners give me any reviews on the 304. We will be going for a brand new model. So what can you typically bargain for whilst trying to do a deal. Thanks Adam
  3. I think we would go for some sort of porch awning, just somewhere to take off wet boots and jackets. We had a look at a few full awnings and didn't think we needed something that was as big a the van. The air awnings look smart but we are also a dab hand and erecting tents etc. Good shout. We have a couple of caravan centres near us but none sell EU vans. We will have to pop in and ask the question. The dealer we are probably going to buy through is in Dorset which is approximately 2 hrs from us. Not a massive problem but a pain for warranty work if needed.
  4. Well yesterday was the day we visited the Caravan Show at the NEC. We are first time caravaners and went to look around the lightweight 2 and 4 berth vans (under MTPLM of 1200kg) that were on offer from Xplore, Lunar and a Weinsberg which I have never heard of but is part of Knaus. As a first timer it was great to look around the different vans and see whats about and what suited us as a family of 3. What I found was the layouts of vans are all very similar if not the same. When looking around the different manufacturers its more the build quality and use of materials that as first time purchaser you need to look for in my opinion. Our favourite was the offering from Weinsberg 400LK which we came across by accident. Great build quality and brilliant layout for a small 4 berth with a loaded weight of 1100KG. Price was also keen albeit everything being an extra from alloy wheels, oven and the rear bunk set up. The standard comes with a solid rear bunk bed where we are going to spec with the seating group under the top bunk to form a nice breakfast area aswel as the alloy wheels and cooker. We are hopefully going to put an order in early next year. Originally tried to stay away from the German caravans due to the door being on the wrong side but with the Weinsberg 400LK has been built for the UK market so the door is on the correct side for the 2019 model. A lot of deals included a motor mover if purchased at the show but not really fussed about that at the mo. I think as a newbie I will be after a starter kit inc a battery, gas, EHU lead and the necessary waste and fresh water tanks. Albeit I may spec the 45L on board fresh water tank. Again being new and seeing a lot of people filling up there water barrels. Are the on board tanks popular in the uk? All in all a great day out for new and seasoned owners. What was a shock was how expensive awnings were but that will be another expense when the van is in use.
  5. That makes sense. Not interested in the big high end stuff. Im coming from tenting so not looking for big spec. A bed a heater and somewhere to cook and make a brew is good enough for me.
  6. Interesting thankyou WispMan. Im in Buckinghamshire. I have a couple of dealers near me, Swindon Caravans Oxford Branch (Luna Dealer) and Bicester Caravans (Swift Dealer). I will look further into this as I don't mind driving miles to collect but driving miles for warranty work is not ideal. Thanks Gordon. Im pretty used to the NEC as i visit the Autosport International shoe every year. And a picnic is a must as food there is horrendously expensive. Do they let you nose around the caravans or is there a lot of look but don't touch?
  7. Hopefully making it to the NEC Caravan show this year. Never been so quite looking forward to it. I was wondering if manufacturers have show deals and if manufacturers ever offer 0% finance on new caravans? I have narrowed my selection down to the Elddis Xplore, Lunar Ariva and the Swift Basecamp so we will be making a bee line to those manufacturers. Any more lightweight 2 berths to look into? Ive been doing loads of homework but some input and experience from you more experience folk would be great. Thanks Adam
  8. Thanks for that. My Log book states the maximum braked weight is 1200kgs. I have the 240 which is the highest payload model. I can carry about 900kg in the back. I will have a look on my door pillar aswel.
  9. Thanks AlwynMike I understand, so a phone call to said site could sort things out. I will look at the older swifts etc. Thanks again.
  10. I have the Connect the smaller variant.
  11. Thanks for the replies. im unsure of budget to be totally honest. After looking at the lunar I am now more inclined to spend more for a sound van with warranty etc. My van is not sign written as of yet. Is there a bit of snobbyness to vans?? Why are they frowned upon?
  12. Good morning. I have been wanting a caravan for a couple of years now and now is the time that I'm hoping to make my purchase. Well hopefully before next season anyway. Im not new to towing as I used to regularly tow 3 tonne of plant machinery behind my Navara. I now have a Transit connect. I will be looking for a lightweight 2 or 3 berth caravan for me and my son to use. The wife will tag along occasionally as she works weekends. My budget at the moment sits at around £2000 max so we are probably looking at at an oldish van?? What 2 berth caravans are people using here and what can you guys recommend? Layout is also a thing. I'm probably going to look for an end kitchen but as its my first caravan will probably take what ever tidy example that comes along. Today I'm looking at a 2010 Lunar Quasar 462 which is over my budget of £9000. But you know how things go. Set a budget and inevitably go over it lol. Winter storage!! I am hoping to use the caravan all year round. I'm a bricklayer so I have a bit of time over winter months. When not in use it will be stored on a farm sat on concrete. Do you experienced users heat the caravan to keep out the cold and damp. Or is it a case of unhitch pump up tire and leave it for 6 months. Is it worth getting a cover?? Thanks for any advice. Adam
  13. Any thoughts on the 1. 6 115PS Transit Connect as a tow car? I currently run one for work and seem to cope well with weight in the back. I am looking at towing a 2 or 3 berth caravan. Anyone here use a connect/Toureno to tow there caravan? I have downsized from a Nissan Navara which i used to tow near 3 tonne with.
  14. Good afternoon! New here and this is my first post. I am a big fan of camping but for the last couple of years I’ve been wanting to look into caravanning. I have a small family, me my wife and our 3 year old son. I haven’t purchased a caravan as of yet but I’m hoping too quite soon. I am looking at a reasonably light weight 2 or 3 berth caravan but don’t want to spend the earth. What can you experienced caravanners reccomend? I will be pulling the caravan behind a 2014 Ford Transit Connect LWB van hence I’m looking for a lightweight caravan no more than say 1250kg’s does anyone here tow with the same? If so how are they? Sorry for the noob questions. regards Adam
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