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  1. We are involved in building many properties, both individual houses and apartments / student blocks. We haven't designed gas in for a while now. We also build medical centres on a regular basis, and they have no gas lately either. Partly because WPD pay through the nose for civils in a lot of cases!! I lose count of how many old pitch insulated cables I have seen that run at over 90 degrees and drip tar everywhere due to overload and ground pressure.
  2. I'm in a similar field and attend the WPD strategy discussion meetings each time they are on. It's going to be a massive challenge to the grid, and nobody really knows how to solve it. I'm not convinced with distributed smart charging. We have already started to put three phase in to some new houses due to EV charging loads. My biggest field is warehousing, and you should see how big the supplies are that we are ordering now due to EV and EHGV. Scary stuff.
  3. Not sure, I'm under 70 so don't wear polaroid sunglasses
  4. I first had HUD in my Audi A7, and loved it. When I recently changed to a Q7, the HUD was a must-have. One of very few must haves actually, the rest were an added bonus. My wife likes it very much, and we tried to get an aftermarket one for her BMW 3-series. After having done much research and reading reviews etc, it was clear that there wasn't much on the market that works well. So we haven't bothered. Not sure it has been mentioned previously in the thread, but the HUD in my Q7 requires a different windscreen. The part numbers are different. If you want to
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I think my confusion came regarding the hitch bellows, and how sometimes caravan brakes don't engage when the van was reversed onto a pitch, meaning the handbrake doesn't work. Something to that effect anyway, think I have confused myself even more now.
  6. I'd say it was resting on the ball and not hitched properly. He sped up what appears to be a hill, and the caravan and car fell out with each other. Would the break away cable have stopped the caravan going backwards? Not quite sure exactly how they work.
  7. Thanks. I don't like injections either, so that doesn't help the view
  8. Indeed, and I wholeheartedly hope it all works out as planned with no after effects. As I said before, my skepticism isn't based on anything at all, just a "feeling".
  9. Correct, I don't. I should have phrased it in such a way that made clear that I FEEL it has had less testing than other vaccines, and I FEEL has been rushed. I don't know, I have no proof, it is outside my knowledge base, but I FEEL it has been rushed through.
  10. I'm a bit torn to be honest. I'm 42 and not subject to any "higher risk" category, so I guess I'll be one of the last to be offered it anyway. I often think back to the likes of Thalidomide and other such disasters, especially due to the restricted testing that the Covid vaccine has been subjected to. I think I'd rather wait a while before I took it.
  11. FYI I didn't say either of those things. You'd think so wouldn't you. I did an experiment the other day, to see how empty the flush tank is by using the electrical flush. I even let it settle and went back and used the electrical flush after about 10 minutes to make sure I had got everything out that I could. Then I used the actual drain plug in the cassette locker, and got another 400ml out, so quite a lot. I have always just emptied using the flush, and I'll continue to do so, but I will use the drain plug pre-winter. Unlikely to cause any d
  12. Whilst I completely respect your opinion, mine differs. Does opening taps and drain valves leave water in the caravan system? Does water freeze? Does water expand when it freezes? Can expansion of freezing water damage pipework and tap heads? Does the damage cost more than £50 to fix in general? My opinion is that all answers to the above is YES. Now i agree that one can make a solution at home, or blow into the pipes to achieve a similar solution. For those that don't want to do this, and want to buy a pre-manufactured item to achieve t
  13. Same as the Truma one, but with a different end. https://www.towsure.com/floe-whale-combo-caravan-system-drainage-kit
  14. I was always under the impression that the main issue surrounded the tap-heads, which don't drain during a standard "drain down", regardless of whether left open or not. I don't know if that is true. I did a little experiment last weekend when I packed the van away. I let it drain via the valves for 2 hours, then towed the van for a short bumpy distance to dislodge some more water. I doubt any more would have come out. When at the storage, I used the Floe device and got just shy of a litre of water out of the system. Whether that was tap heads or pipework, I don't know.
  15. Yes I agree, it would be very expensive if not put in when the site is built, depending on the site. Especially if that includes WC drain also and the associated bio-waste system.
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