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  1. I was just about to say the same thing Gary. The big one has two black plastic things that swing round to hold the bar. The small one has little rifle shaped things that push down to lock it in position.
  2. Bear in mind I'm talking about the 2015+ 4M model Q7 here, but................. The third row seats are fantastic, and leg room is excellent compared to others I have seen. They'll take reasonably heighted adults and still leave good legroom on the second row. I'm even amazed by how they have designed the back row seatbelts, very clever. The only pain is the removable roller load cover, as there is nowhere for it to fit when removed other than the middle row footwell which doesn't really work. So an impromptu 7 passengers is difficult, but not normally going to happen.
  3. I just upgraded my normal everyday phone to unlimited everything, think it's £35 per month.
  4. Any good to you? https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/campsites/uk/west-midlands/halesowen/clent-hills-camping-and-caravanning-club-site/ Only 5 minutes from the M5 in the Midlands.
  5. Yes you can. Just make sure the phone allows tethering / personal hotspot and you are good to go. I use mine as a hotspot for the caravan and we use netflix / prime video / disney plus etc.
  6. You can indeed, as long as it can share it's data connection. My iPhone XS Max is all we use for internet when we are away, including netflix etc.
  7. I don't know anybody that specialises in erecting awnings. Maybe a local odd-job man would be able to assist, possibly the site caretaker? What awning is it?
  8. Ha ha, guess you don't use eBay much? It's like the Wild West of retail. Nobody cares about patents, trademarks, brands etc. You can literally get fake anything on there, especially if you include Chinese sellers in your search criteria.
  9. Limpet suction cups. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123790113748
  10. For reference, we pay £600 a year at a Cassoa gold site in Shrewsbury. It's very secure with no trees, the van stays clean all year.
  11. I use limpets on our 2012 Sterling Elite and have done for a couple of years. My observations: - If you get a good seal, they hold very well - even in strong winds. You need to clean the rubber suction cup of contamination every time they are fitted. The Kampa ones are rubbish. I had 12 and they have all broken. Bought a generic one from eBay, look identical without the Kampa logo, and have not had one break since, they are much stronger (even though they have a plastic thread still). I have stuck to decals (and windows in one instance) without any damage to either. They don't work on the transition between decal and body due to the slight gap. All in all, I wouldn't be without them and would not use poles again.
  12. Good luck with the project, please keep us posted on your progress. Excited for you starting your caravanning journey.
  13. OP is looking at the previous generation (4L) Q7 which I don't believe came with the ring on the tow ball. AFAIK the tow ball ring is later generation (4M) only. You are quite correct, there are many discussions around the internet regarding the issue of this ring and stabiliser hitches. When I bought my Q7 (4M), I made sure it didn't have a factory fit tow bar so I could have a removable one fitted. When looking for a suitable Q7, there were very few with factory fit tow bars so it was easy to find one without.
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