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  1. The ex husband who ***** it all up for me. That is who he is !!!
  2. I'm okay. I'm still here. The battery read at 12. 60 but last night because he wired my water pump up to the new battery it drained all my containers and the pump was making a crazy noise. So I disconnected the pump connection from the battery and at least I have lights for now. I want an expert to look at the setup from now on. I will go without the water pump for now and just pour water from containers although the site's taps are frozen over this morning.
  3. I just texted my ex husband to look for a multimeter in Halfords or ask his dad as his dad has a caravan. He was going to leave it until tomorrow and I said no I need it today. I need water heater on and running water especially for my illnesses. Golden castle do a service check for 225 pounds so I am waiting to hear about any loan regards that. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your advice all.
  4. I'm going to see if I can get a small loan from a charity or somewhere for a caravan inspection. I'm going to email my community nurse who may know someone who can help. I don't think she would be happy to know that I have this going on with the caravan. She was helping me in the past to get back on my feet. I really hope she can refer me to someone then I can get a full inspection of my caravan. Will keep you updated.
  5. I think you've taken this the wrong way!! It was only an answer to someones question. No need to have a go at me mate. Fed up with people not getting there facts right. I've thanked everyone for their kind advice. Do you have an anxiety illness which is crippling? Have you suffered a lot of losses in your life recently? Have you lost your home? Don't have a go at me Ok. Until someone experiences the hardships in life only then will they know how it damn well feels ok!! Thank you Easy T. I really can't see what I've done wrong to be honest. I've taken all the advice. i have financial difficulties right now and I have to get by on only disability benefits because I can't work with my illness.
  6. Am I on the wrong forum? I thought this forum is to ask for help. The campsite I am on is very new and it's more permanent dwellers on here rather then tourists popping in out for a week's stay. I've already asked the owner so many questions I feel He's going to start getting annoyed with me in a minute and kick me off. That's why I have avoided asking anyone. I don't know many people on here. Everyone keeps themselves to themselves .
  7. honestly can't afford it. So I guess I'm stuck then.
  8. How do I test my Charger Vanning man ? Do you mean the charger switch in the control panel? Oh yes! He doesn't have a clue not the best at DIY I suppose Lol. I'm still waiting on him to straighten my caravan before it topples over next lol. He never used a levelor when I moved pitch. Nothing ever goes right for me. I'm running the caravan well it's just the maintenance of it I can't understand. I don't think I can afford an inspection at the moment. Would the new battery be ok for now. Thank you for your advice. No I don't Paul. I presume that would in fact be dangerous. Only 2 gas bottles in the front locker.
  9. Yes creosote lol. I thought it was called Creosoling. Yes I will ask around tomorrow thank you.
  10. Here's an update Griff My ex husband came out today and I am are getting a leisure battery from Halfords on Wednesday. He is going to connect my water pump back up to the new battery but make it a better job this time. The water pump can't be connected to the mains electric due to the water pump fitting leaking water. He says he can't smell anything but I can it s like some kind of fumes almost like maybe creosol I know the workmen were creosoling the fence last week but that is like 5 metres away. It also has like a varnish smell it drifts by me it's so strange. At one stage it was lingering just as I was going to sleep. The battery is definitly flat and being taken down to the tip. I still can't explain what it is I am so sure I'm not imagining it. I am highly sensitive to sounds and very highly sensitive person could it be I'm sensing it stronger then anyone else maybe.
  11. The smell is very faint here this morning so had to be the battery. I went to see the motorhome medics and they are away until Thursday. It's my ex husband's fault he wired the water pump up to a dead battery. He even messed up all the wires of the water pump. His battery in his car has gone too through carelessness. He also needs to straighten my caravan leg as it's toppling to the side as he didn't level it properly and he broke my water heater vent too. grrrr. I don't think it's that imaginative smell I had already looked it up before mentioned!
  12. There is no petrol smell outside. I have just walked around the caravan. I can't hear any generators that anyone may have. I am temporarily living on a yearly site. over the other side are caravans and motor homes and big bus motorhomes which people permanently live in. I only have one caravan next to me and a few parked storage caravans as owner is working on the site. Right down the end of me is a small builders yard where the owner runs his building business from so there's quite a bit of builders stuff there.
  13. I have a heater but my water heater is broken that heats the water. I can still smell petrol😕
  14. Thank you Grumpy. It is my water heater that's broken underneath the seat. Thank you to everybody else too. I'm still smelling the fumes although the battery is out.
  15. Yes I'm already using a portable electric fan heater.
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