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  1. Well, we arrived back yesterday morning after an amazing trip away with the family. We were apprehensive to start with, but quickly got into the routine and enjoyed ourselves. My wife and I along with the kids are revitalised and ready to crack on with the UK routine. Ill put a full review of the campsite in the relevant section in due course, suffice to say, pleased we went.
  2. Sorry for the lack of posts folks, I decided to take my mobile for my first time paddelboarding! It's harder than it looks and my balance is horrific and my phone got very wet and died! Unfortunately I'm on reach back for work so have to have a working mobile. So, we ended up with an impromptu trip to limoges yesterday to get a replacement mobile and some clothes shopping with the kids, gotta love C&A eh! Limoges was interesting, not that busy, but everything open. All inside areas masks are obligatory even for kids, social distancing was a tad hit and miss, but we just did our best
  3. Well we're now about an hour away from the site. Stopped for a bite to eat, motorway services again, a fair bit busier, people all wearing masks, but social distancing is a tad more sporadic. No major drama's so far, let's see how the site is. On another note, it's just been on the local news here that policy has now changed and face masks are obligatory in all shops etc. We'll see if that bit of news has reached the south yet.
  4. Morning folks, Well we bit the bullet and went for it, leaving late last night from Portsmouth on our way to a little site about 1/2hr from Limoges. Arrived at the Brittany ferry terminal 90 mins before as requested. Had a fair bit of waiting before donning our masks and being ushered through onto the ferry. Everything is very well organised with plenty of hand sanitation sites and one way systems in place. With an occupancy of only 60% as part of BFs covid policy, the boat felt empty, even breakfast wasn't that busy. We docked this morning, straight throu
  5. We're off end of next week for a 10 nt stay down to a site 30 mins from Limoges. Had the ferry booked before Christmas and to'd and fro'd about going then thought sod it. Found a lovely looking site down by the river where the site has halved its occupancy to just 30 plots of their normal 75. We're being given keys to our own ablution cubicle for the stay and their general hygiene/sanitising policy impressed us, so were going for it with the kids. Will its be risk free? Of course not, but I will certainly mitigate the risk as much as possible with rigorous hygiene regimes for the journey
  6. I'm after a mover, this appears well priced. Anyone have any experience of the emove?
  7. I stopped in Gordano services on the M5 last week and they’re definitely taking it seriously. All seating areas had been cordoned off or in some places removed. There was a one way system and plenty of staff monitoring. It felt quite strict but well policed, so quite comforting.
  8. Ha, guessing there's very few ex military types on here then! Fresh water from an aquaroll is like Evian when you've experienced water from a Jerrycan thats been strapped to the side of a vehicle in 40+ degrees for a few days!
  9. Folks, I'm toying with the idea of getting a second-hand dinghy with a small outboard motor something around 3m long and 4hp max. We're going down by the Limoges area and have found a lovely site at the rivers edge of La Maulde. I'd love to be able to get the family into a boat and chug along the river rather than drive. Question is, do I need a licence of any sort or due to the size and temporary nature of the boat/engine is it exempt? I suppose I could just bin the engine and row, but not sure how enjoyable that would be for me after a couple of miles...
  10. To answer your question from fairly a new owner with 2 kids (8&9) in a word, yes, its much cheaper than going away on conventional holidays. We paid £1000 for our first Van, a 31year old Swift Challenger 5 berth. It was snug, but we all loved it and it gave us a great intro to caravanning without breaking the bank. The van came with all the kit, awnings, tanks etc. I got some second hand mirror extenders off FB Marketplace and we went out about 8 times last year, from short weekender trips about an hour away, to 2 weeks in Cornwall. Sites will vary in cost dependant on their
  11. Your whole sentence is indeed based on hindsight! You've seen the sun set previously many a time and know from experience that it gets dark afterwards, therefore with that hindsight you can make an educated summary that it will do the same next time. No one has ever seen a global pandemic in modern times so no, they don't know whats going to happen next. London is also the busiest city of the EU and central hub of Western Europe, like New York it never stood a chance of avoiding this. Whether you agree with the Gov or not, they need to be given the credit of having to deal with something n
  12. From what I can tell, you were offered £2k for your van. You then paid the extra on top of the £2k to get to the total that the new van cost? when you go to collect the new van, it’s not as described and you refuse it as is your absolute right. dealer then refunds you the extra you paid, plus £1500 which he said was for your old van which he’s now sold? Forgetting the old van for now, how much was the new van and how much did you pay, on top of the £2k for your p/x? This total is the sum you should be refunded, or the extra money you paid and your old van. Anything less is wrong
  13. Just to belay anyones concerns. Being in the forces we have the bonus of having some pretty secure storage facilities. The van is parked on the base so I took the battery out whilst at work. No unnecessary trips required 😁 Don't have a voltmeter so didn't check prior to connection, but CTEC showed 3 of the seven lights lit on connecting and 24hrs later went from full charge to maintenance mode. I should add, it's a sealed gel battery as its in a Hymer where the battery sits in the habitable area as opposed to its own cupboard with ventilation. I'll look into a solar trickle charger
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