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  1. I'm after a mover, this appears well priced. Anyone have any experience of the emove?
  2. I stopped in Gordano services on the M5 last week and they’re definitely taking it seriously. All seating areas had been cordoned off or in some places removed. There was a one way system and plenty of staff monitoring. It felt quite strict but well policed, so quite comforting.
  3. Ha, guessing there's very few ex military types on here then! Fresh water from an aquaroll is like Evian when you've experienced water from a Jerrycan thats been strapped to the side of a vehicle in 40+ degrees for a few days!
  4. Folks, I'm toying with the idea of getting a second-hand dinghy with a small outboard motor something around 3m long and 4hp max. We're going down by the Limoges area and have found a lovely site at the rivers edge of La Maulde. I'd love to be able to get the family into a boat and chug along the river rather than drive. Question is, do I need a licence of any sort or due to the size and temporary nature of the boat/engine is it exempt? I suppose I could just bin the engine and row, but not sure how enjoyable that would be for me after a couple of miles...
  5. To answer your question from fairly a new owner with 2 kids (8&9) in a word, yes, its much cheaper than going away on conventional holidays. We paid £1000 for our first Van, a 31year old Swift Challenger 5 berth. It was snug, but we all loved it and it gave us a great intro to caravanning without breaking the bank. The van came with all the kit, awnings, tanks etc. I got some second hand mirror extenders off FB Marketplace and we went out about 8 times last year, from short weekender trips about an hour away, to 2 weeks in Cornwall. Sites will vary in cost dependant on their location and facilities. Our local site the kids love is Ladys Mile in Dawlish, it works out at around £35 for the night, but with that you get full use of their pools and slides as well as their fantastic play park areas. Conversely there's another site about 5 mins away that costs £16 a night but its a field. Also, remember that cost is for the 4 of us, not each! Cornwall was a haven site with a full water park and direct access to a beautiful sandy beach, that set us back £500 for the 2 weeks, but once again, for the facilities and location for the 4 of us was spot on. You dont need to spend a fortune when starting off and the freedom to just say sod it, lets head off for the weekend is priceless. Our kids love caravanning, they still get very excited about heading off. Mind you, the eldest starts middle school in September, so that may wear thin when she promotes herself to stroppy teenager!
  6. Your whole sentence is indeed based on hindsight! You've seen the sun set previously many a time and know from experience that it gets dark afterwards, therefore with that hindsight you can make an educated summary that it will do the same next time. No one has ever seen a global pandemic in modern times so no, they don't know whats going to happen next. London is also the busiest city of the EU and central hub of Western Europe, like New York it never stood a chance of avoiding this. Whether you agree with the Gov or not, they need to be given the credit of having to deal with something no previous Gov has ever had to contend with. That being said, if this happens again and we get the same results because we learnt nothing, the book will be well and truly hurled at whom ever is in the driving seat! Well done NZ!
  7. From what I can tell, you were offered £2k for your van. You then paid the extra on top of the £2k to get to the total that the new van cost? when you go to collect the new van, it’s not as described and you refuse it as is your absolute right. dealer then refunds you the extra you paid, plus £1500 which he said was for your old van which he’s now sold? Forgetting the old van for now, how much was the new van and how much did you pay, on top of the £2k for your p/x? This total is the sum you should be refunded, or the extra money you paid and your old van. Anything less is wrong, regardless of how much he did or didn’t make. you aren’t entitled to any more though, even if he sold your own van for double the price of the new one. so from what I read, I believe you’re owed £500 as long as you have the £2k pax figure on your invoice.
  8. Just to belay anyones concerns. Being in the forces we have the bonus of having some pretty secure storage facilities. The van is parked on the base so I took the battery out whilst at work. No unnecessary trips required 😁 Don't have a voltmeter so didn't check prior to connection, but CTEC showed 3 of the seven lights lit on connecting and 24hrs later went from full charge to maintenance mode. I should add, it's a sealed gel battery as its in a Hymer where the battery sits in the habitable area as opposed to its own cupboard with ventilation. I'll look into a solar trickle charger though as that would probably be a good shout.
  9. I've just taken my leisure battery out of the van and brought it home and chucked the CTEK on it to top it back up. I last used the van at the start of Feb and we aren't due to use it until end of July (If we're allowed) Am I worrying about nothing, are they fine being left for 6 months? Or have I done the right thing?
  10. Hmmm, I just rang them and had a nice chat with a lovely lady regarding our booking in April. If the Gov advice forces them to close sites, they will refund all bookings, alternatively if you wish to change dates/locations, they will happily do that for you now free of charge. Amazing whats possible when you interact with someone. Dare I say, "the attitude test" comes to mind! Stay safe people and see you all on the other side!
  11. Wow, looks fantastic. Unfortunately a bit too far east but certainly marking that one down, thanks.
  12. Morning folks, On from a thread I started back in the beginning of the year where in my naivety, I aimed to traverse the whole of France in a day, much to the horror of seasoned caravaners! I have now adjusted the itinerary accordingly and we have booked our ferry crossings over to Caan, overnighting to land early hours on the Sunday. We are planning to drive down to the Dordogne region for a week, then head up to a site just outside of Puy du Fou where we'll spend 3 nights before heading back upto Caan for our return crossing. I appreciate the time frames are still a lot shorter than most would take, but thats all we have available this year. We're after a site with good access to a river or lake where we can take the kids out canoeing and just enjoy the area, no need for entertainments or waterparks. The children have never experienced fresh water swimming and I'm keen to have that as the focus for this break. Does anyone have any personal recommendations? Thanks. Benn
  13. I've now discovered it should be a 15amp as per the manual. So new holder is now in place with a 15amp fuse. Hopefully it'll all be good now, but will keep an eye on it. Thanks for the pointers though folks. Benn
  14. There's an interesting chat going on over at the Mustang forums for obvious reasons. Personally I don't see Electric as the solution, but Hydrogen. Hydrogen burns much more efficiently than petrol and when burnt, emits oxygen and water. The problem is, we have no viable cost effective method for extracting it as of yet. 2035 is a few years off yet and I wouldn't be surprised if we have the alternative to the EV by then. As for existing ICE vehicles, there will be conversions made available for them, so no need to panic just yet. Remember all the panic/uproar when it was announced Leaded fuel was being removed! It all got phased out and yet we still have plenty of classic cars running around today.
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