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  1. Jaydug, where was the photo taken? Whilst the clear blue sky looks very appealing, the choice of neighbours would put me off. I want to settle down with my caravan in a quiet safe space, where I can leave the door open, poodle about and generally feel relaxed. The carpark looks a pop up motorhome village!
  2. If you are taking the night ferry back from Roscoff, you can arrive at the port mid afternoon, thus giving you plenty of time to travel up from Benodet or similar. Park in the ferry lines until the embarkation on the public side of the customs shed. Loads of room. This has always given us ample time to cycle or walk into the old town, do a bit of window shopping, have a meal and enjoy that last late afternoon/ early evening before returning to the car and van. Every time we've done this there have been half a dozen or so couples doing much the same. Usually there's one or two who stay with their van - nice to know that someone's there to keep an eye on things!
  3. Hi I've used https://advancedbatterysupplies. co. uk a couple of times. What I liked about this outfit is that they provide the dimensions of the batteries and you can see which way around the terminals are sited. The batteries come on a small pallet, in cling wrap and are already charged. No complaints from me so far!
  4. Thanks Guys. The Flogas alternative might push Calor along a bit. I've always thought they had too bigger share of the market. A bit of competition is always healthy!
  5. Any news on the latest from Calor? Their last website update is here: https://www. calor. co. uk/shop/gas-bottles/calor-lite/calor-lite-propane-gas-bottle. html#calor-lite-press-release. I was quite keen on the Calor-lite cylinders - it helped with noseweight on my Lunar. Isn't it about time that Calor introduced a new product? That said, I see that Flogas have introduced some competition. See https://www. flogas. co. uk/shop/cylinders/flogas-gas-cylinders/10kg-gaslight. My only concern about Flogas is their distribution network seems a bit less comprehensive. Any experience or thoughts?
  6. As expected. .. here comes a suggestion from the VAG stable. I'm very pleased with my Passat Alltrack. I'm on my third Passat now, all have been reliable workhorses, but this 4WD version is the best of the bunch - reliable, powerful and surefooted. I'll take an estate over a SUV anytime.
  7. In my previous post, 'parliament' should read 'parlance'. Predictive text!
  8. I gave up using the CMC wifi as we don't use their sites often enough to justify an annual subscription and the daily/ weekly rate seemed excessive. Also, you need a subscription for each device. We moved to using a 4G Mi-Fi device, bought unlocked and reconditioned on eBay for £20 or so and then a data only SIM card. Just be aware that whilst GiffGaff seems to offer a decent deal on data only cards, the allowance (goody bag in their parlance) only lasts a month. I believe that 3 and EE offer sims where the data allowance lasts for 12 months. The upside of the mi-fi option is that you can use several devices simultaneously. The downsize is that the signal strength can be an issue.
  9. This seems to me to be a subject that the Caravan Club (or whatever it's now called) could take a stance on and perhaps, lobby the various service area providers. I'm never too sure what the CC 's purpose is - aside from being a compliant marketing mouthpiece for the U. K. caravan manufacturers and a holiday company in disguise. They seem to implicitly suggest that they are there to represent the caravanning community, yet in the five years I've been a 'member' I've yet to seen them lobby for anything that is faintly useful. Just a thought!
  10. I added Diamondbrite to the cost of our new Lunar this year. Looking back I'm surprised I did, as I usually say no to any fancy add-ons. That said, the cavaran is very easy to wash and dry, and the inevitable black streaks just polish off. Whether they'd do so regardless on a new van is a mute point. The roof is certainly easier to wash than on any van I've owned before. I think the jury is out as to whether the cost can be justified over the life of the van, but for the time being, I'm pleased with the treatment.
  11. If you're coming back through Roscoff, book the overnight ferry, usually a very comfortable passage. Also, once the afternoon ferry has departed you can leave the car and van on the ferry port lines and then walk or cycle into Riscoff. It's a very pleasant way to finish your trip; a colourful French port with some good eateries and shops. Just make sure to get back to the car 90 mins before the ferry leaves!
  12. Cheers, I'll take a look.
  13. Good point! I'll take a look at le Suroit. Thanks
  14. Am thinking of combining a trip to the Loire Valley next June/ July with a week on Île d'Oléron. Any thoughts on good (quiet) touring sites on this island would be appreciated. Also, some reviews mention problems with mosquitoes. Is this an issue in these early summer months?
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