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  1. AWanderingLancastrian: Hi, the hiring company (who I won't mention as I keep getting told off by Admin for promotional comments), are a legitimate, registered and fully insured Caravan Hire business. They are one, if not the, biggest in the UK. blondchaser: thanks, the above (not) mentioned company take a £1000 returnable deposit, and provide pre & post hire check-lists for the hirer & owner to run through right around the caravan, just as you would with hiring any vehicle. The onus is on the hirer to have any evidence of damage itemised so that it is not reported post hire. Following hire, anything I believe is damaged in any way, smells funny, etc. I raise with the hirer, if we don't agree, the company will reimburse myself unless it was on the itemised pre-inspection check-list. I might be a bit OCD too, but I've photographed & catalogued every square inch of the "wear & tear" areas of the caravan, along whith detailed photographs of everything else, & have colour copies printed just like a brochure ready for the hirer to sign as representative of the condition at the time of the hire.... I take your point things could still go wrong, but I only made the purchase of the caravan as an investment, & see it as a hire car, not as my pride & joy, i.e. I have no emotional attachment whatsoever to the van or it's contents, & I think this is what most people struggle with (detaching themselves). Cheers Crispin
  2. II have 4 bookings after listing it about 5 weeks ago, go to the listing link & look at 4 days over next weekend as one example in the booking window, they are greyed out because it's booked, same in July x2, & August, I was not here asking if people thought I had a valid business proposition, or seeking advice as to what it was worth to help price setting, I was sharing the details. Admin Comment Post edited to remove promotional comments. You cannot promote your business on CT without Trade status, as you we’re informed in your first post.
  3. Yes ALL in place thanks I replied to that other poster to say that we provide linen, that if Airbnb was somebody else's preference that they should book that sort of accommodation, & if £40/night for a 2012 6 berth caravan @ a site of your choosing with a full size awning, TV, stereo, microwave, kettle, toaster, oven, grill, heating, additional satellite tents, all utensils, cutlery, fridge, pots/pans, outdoor tables/chairs, BBQ, with everything set-up, air-conditioning, awning set up, etc. then the very best of luck finding that sort of value elsewhere.
  4. Hi all, not sure where the most appropriate forum category is for this topic, we don't see much offers to hire touring caravans for some reason. Just wanted to share that we are hiring our 2012 Lunar Quasar 6 berth touring caravan, Thanks Crispin Admin Comment This is a commercial venture and as such the advertising content has been removed. If you wish to apply for Trade status to allow you to promote your venture on CT then please read the Trade Member T&C’s for details.
  5. Well, come a looooong way since my last update! The 1992 has been scrapped (damp issues surfaced in the end), but I've replaced with a 2012 Lunar Quasar 546 6 berth (triple bunk beds). It has a full Cayman awning & outdoor furniture, so a sizeable modern & plush living space. It can be hired either at Green Lane Caravan park or I can relocate to your place of choosing (I prefer no more than circa 70 mile radius, but will consider more). I am getting the van a gas safety certificate & will have all appliances PAT tested in the next couple of weeks. If anyone knows any friends or family that want to try caravaning without any of the fuss (turn up, sit down & relax), let me know & I'll check free dates this year. I am hiring out via Camplify, see below. https://www.camplify.co.uk/rv/caravan-rental-shrewsbury-luxury-luna/3998 Thanks Crispin
  6. Thanks all for the replies. I've done some further cross referencing and see 904cm (or for e. g. 900cm for Isabella awnings). So this is the dimensions I'm finding on the commercial sites, so going to hunt for one of this size (ebay, gumtree etc.), worst case I'll send back if it doesn't fit. Thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated. Crispin
  7. Morning all, looking to buy an awning for my 1992 Swift Challenger 490 5SE, so looked up the specifications in the on-line caravan talk tool (very impressive!). Now as far as I understand it, the size this refers to is the floor to floor dimension when measuring along the awning rail of the van. So given the specifics of that measurement, I was expecting a fairly precise dimension to be quoted. However, I see a range from 500cm minimum to 1500cm maximum???? Assume I look for an awning that at least satisfies the minimum length & just try to get as close to that measurement as possible (if only to avoid a bunched-up concertina effect??) Not sure if I'm missing something. Thanks Crispin
  8. Thanks again guys, gonna see caravan site owner to see what deal we can strike, & am registering on Camplify. Called them to explain age of caravan execting "dont bother!", but was told there's always high demand for the "good value" end of the range should the van have decent ammenities, TV, etc. He said what you don't charge per night you can always compensate for in £/mile to drop off/pick up. Cheers Crispin
  9. So all the advice and comments considered, I'm going to discuss with the park owner to see if we can do a deal worth persuing re: pitch costs. I'm then going to get the caravan spruced up, and any marks, scuffs, damage worth noting etc. catalogued. I will get the electrical appliances PAT tested & labelled as such, and the gas equipment checked/certified. Lastly draw up a basic contractual agreement that the user will sign re: making good any damage (apart from that shown in the catalogue), and a disclaimer removing any personal liability on my part. They will be asked to pay a "deposit" that will be returned following off-hire inspection. The agreement will reference the PAT testing and gas safety checks, so will state all reasonable checks to ensure personal safety have been made blah blah. So. ..... nothing ventured, nothing gained. I suspect most folks on this site own their own caravans, but if you know any friends or family who would like to try the caravanning experience who would appreciate just turning up to a pitched touring caravan in North Shropshire (Whitchurch area), please get in touch! 👍 Caravan will be ready in say a month unless I get any interest beforehand, but suspect first use will be next spring onwards. Again thanks all for your great feedback. Crispin
  10. What a helpful bunch, and such a lively discussion forum (the liveliest I've ever joined!!) And there I was thinking caravan enthusiasts would be super laid back & just the slighest bit sedate to mirror their pasttime!!! LOL 🤣
  11. Thanks very much for that. The idea was that the guy who owns the caravan park would wheel the caravan from storage to a pitch, hook it up & his staff would support day2day enquiries whilst people stayed there. I would pay him a % of the daily pitch costs, & the margin remaining would be mine. He said there was countless people who've asked him about hiring a touring caravan at his site to try before they buy, as they don't know what it's like to live in one for a number of days (putting up/taking down bedding, toilets, cooking, space etc. etc.). I was thinking of getting the van in tip-top condition & then advertising to hire for weeks, weekends etc. with some condition pre/post checks along with a mini agreement letter, saying any damage will be paid for (to correct),by the user and accept any liability for personal injury etc. Anyway, maybe all of this is too difficult, soon as the harsh reality & legality of doing these little pipe dreams hits, you realise life is just complex nightmare. .... Thanks again for all the feedback Crispin
  12. Thank you all very much for your feedback, lots of food for thought!!! Hhhmmmm, OK going to look into a bit further before abandoning the concept (residential (tenant), insurance, appliance certification, tax, & the pitch deal I can get with the park owner etc.). If, after all of that, it still looks like a reasonable profit, I might consider it further, if not, ditch the idea completely & consider selling. Thanks again Crispin
  13. OK thanks chaps, my caravan was last used circa 4 years ago. Its a 1992 Swift Challenger 4905SE, in good condition, but not really on my "pride & joy" list, of items if you know what I mean. I'm looking at generating some extra income, or at least to cover (or recover), the storage costs over the last 4 years & moving forwards, as its not been used over that time. You may all scream at the next bit. ... I don't, & never have had, van insurance. I've owned it for 6 years & have stored it securely at a local caravan park. Anyway, from feedback so far, seems this idea might be quite novel?? i. e. most people wouldn't dream of hiring out their caravan?? Might be on to a niche in the market?? Thanks Christian
  14. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this topic, I looked through the generic headings & did not spot anything, apologies if I've missed it & if I should put somewhere else, please advise & I can raise there, thank you. I wondered if any other people have hired out their caravan units? I have mine stored at a site local to me & I've asked the park owner if he would mind me hiring out. He said he actually gets lots of enquiries from people interested in getting the mobile caravan experience (instead of a static caravan stay), so they can gauge whether to invest or not in their own caravan (a sort of "try before you buy" approach). I wondered if anyone else did this? Could perhaps include some basic tuition in hooking up/moving around the site??? Any feedback most welcome. Thanks Christian
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