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  1. Hello Tuningdrew our van is kept at home in hot weather conditions we always open skylights and open side window blinds around quarter open to allow air flow however we don't open blinds fully incase sun bleachs / fades interior fabrics regards Paul
  2. Hello all. We own a 2018 swift 580 SE caravan. I pamper this van in every way I can. At the beginning of lockdown April 2020 i treated her to a two day full valet/detailng as had plenty of time to on my hands. After she was done she looked beautiful probably better than she looked new. We are now finally about to use her again for the first time this year so last weekend spruced her up again with a quick wash and dry off. This is when I noticed two of the offside windows have cracked both from the top and in the centre of the windows coming straight down. Has anyone else had this rather str
  3. Thank you for your reply very interesting like you I have had previous pole awnings of various makes which never leaked when raining. We decided on a kampa air like most of you I guess because of the ease of putting it up and the reassurance of no poles to damage our pride and joys and to be honest the space is amazing with the reassurance of our supplying dealer accessories staff whom recommended the kampa we handed over around a £1000 and left happy end of Sept 18. Now it leaks so badly it's pointless having it, all our belongings were soaked including our poor dogs bed he had a very wet nig
  4. Hello guys I was just wondering if any of you have a kampa air awning and experienced excessive water ingress. We had our awning new Sept 18 and have just used it for the fourth time and the first time in real rain. We was shocked to see how much water it was leaking in from roof panels the sides are fine it's almost as if the roof panels are not water proofed everything we left in awning was soaking wet including poor dogs bed. I have contacted the supplying dealer via email but have had no response. I don't want to add sealer to fabric incase they say I have invalidated the warranty by
  5. Hello guys sorry to jump in only having a read of your comments made me smile I'm 51 years young now and have always been rather good with tech as I'm in the motor trade and like to think I keep up. However our 2018 swift command system honesty in my opinion is over the top I mean really do we need all this fancy tech in a caravan? I wish when you order your new van there was an option to have have standard controls or fancy command the last thing I want when on holiday is stress I just want to switch something on and it works without having to read manuals over and over pulling what's left o
  6. Hi guys we have 2 x 7.5kg safefil bottles in our swift they fit well and last ages we mainly tour off grid so use gas mainly over electric. We previously had the light weight 6kg bottles a new bottle at £26 would last approx 3/4 days depending on weather temp now a full safefil lasts 4/5 days and costs around £7 to fill locally it's a no brainer for us plus the advantage of weight saving. ps we tried the 10kg bottle which did fit however was tight and I think you would really struggle with two as they have to go in locker sort of sideways and when first bottle in second would be a nightmare my
  7. Ok thank you all for you input I think I will try switching water pump on next time van is connected to water mains to see if pressure increases or remains the same. I'm 51 now and starting to wonder if caravans are getting to high Tec and over complicated what was wrong with my parents first van with a twist and pump plunger in the floor lol
  8. Hi thanks out van has a water pump power switch o the fancy control panel swift command
  9. Hello everyone I have a stupid or possibly not so stupid question to ask regarding water supply any answers or thoughts appreciated. Ok we mainly pitch up on fully serviced sites with our 2018 swift. I normally just pop the whale water supply straight into the van then connect hose to the fresh water tap turn on and away we go..... now then my question is this with mains water connect should i switch on the caravans water pump or just rely on the mains water pressure to do the job regards Paul
  10. Hi David & Sally We also have a T5 we are using as our tow vehicle it too was the 102ps version we had ours chipped to 175ps before we even thought of buying a caravan anyway the only problems we have encountered are. Poor viability when reversing ( we have no window in rear) and poor traction on say a CL site not helped by massive wide tyres 275/40/20 they tend to float on the soft stuff other than that's it's a great tow vehicle although recently we have been looking to replace it with a ford ranger nissan navara etc but having road tested most pick up trucks I'm not so sure anymo
  11. Yes Dave your comment on timing chain issues are correct and the new NP300 navara has a single timing chain setup which is disappointing however so do many of other vehicles we would be carrying out engine oil and filter change every 9K or 12 months whichever the sooner rather than the 18K/24 month service interval. I actually own an independent garage and we see lots of issues related to timing chains being honest mostly caused by poor servicing wrong grade & cheap oils etc etc vehicle we look after regularly haven't (touch wood) had any problems as for the chassis NP300 has a totally ne
  12. Hi guys yes i have looked and test drove most of the available pickup trucks with the exception of the vw due to its cost ouch! and I have to say the navara is coming out on top for two main reasons firstly the rear suspension is coil spring which is far more forgiving on a caravan secondly as I would only use it 20% of the time (max) for towing I need a vehicle which returns a good mpg 80% of the time and the nissan we test drove was returning 40mpg others we tested 26 - 28mpg the nissan also has a 5year/100k warranty however this all of this doesn't make it any easier to finally pick up the
  13. Yes Lee I have owned and drove T5s for over 10 years now there a great van my current highly blinged T5 is a 2015 2. 0tdi chipped to 175 and averages around 40mpg it's a great all round van very comfortable and smooth drive however 2 problems as a tow vehicle firstly reversing with van on is let's say challenging with lack of vision to rear also poor traction especially on a wet field ie CL sites. I've thought of swapping it for a 4motion model but low mileage clean used are like hens teeth to find. I'm looking at a new nissan navara as the softer rear coil springs make it a more forgiving w
  14. Ok well thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions to be honest I'm on the fence I'm looking at a commercial vehicle as I own a business and the benefits are better providing the payload is over 1000kg. Now I'm leaning towards another Transporter the 4motion version the Transporter I have now tows our van fine as it's chipped to 175 the only concern is on a wet field it may struggle with traction been there before with a large autotrail motorhome not good. I guess we will stick to regular sites with hard standing until get sorted
  15. Hi guys we are thinking of getting a pickup either a ford ranger 3. 2 or possibly a toyota Hi lux 3. 0 d4d any advice would be much appreciated
  16. Thanks for the advise guys all noted and appreciated
  17. Yes I agree should disconnected only asked because all of the new and newish vans we looked at "and there's been many" all was still connected with no battery fitted just loose leads in battery box.
  18. Hello on our new swift 580 dealer special it has a solar panel fitted. I have a couple of questions in regards to this. Firstly the controller device in cupboard states 150w yet the info on the van says 80w umm is it just the same control unit fitted to all regardless of the panel output? Secondly when the battery is not fitted I assume the panel keeps working Indicated by a led flashing on the contoller. What would happen if the loose battery leads made contact with each other. Any thoughts?
  19. Thanks for your replys guys we collect the caravan in two days and heading straight off on hols lots to learn hopefully our handover will be comprehensive we know the basics it's just the control panel and other modern gizzmos oh and a kampa blow up air awning what's all that about anyway we will see fingers crossed
  20. Hello. As a couple we are new to this caravaning malarkey. We have just purchased a 2018 limited edition swift challenger 580 which has many dealer additions fitted ie more instructions to read how fab. Out of interest does anybody else own this make and model of caravan if so how you getting on with it? nice to hear your thoughts good or bad.
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