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  1. Good Afternoon to all you happy campers, I have noticed with great delight the amount of kit and caboodle people use to clean and polish their caravans. Brushes on long poles, buckets, sponges, gallons of water, hosepipes, bottles of polish, copious amounts of polishing cloths, special plastic window cleaners, the list goes on, all this is totally unnecessary, not only a total waste of time but also money, or beer tokens as I call it. All you need is a 1 litre bottle of "Greased Lightening, Showroom shine" and about 6-8 good quality micro fibre cloths, no need to wash your caravan/ motorhome, covering an area that you can comfortably reach, spray on the showroom shine, wipe off with a microfiber cloth then polish with a separate microfiber cloth, stand back an admire the shine, that is it, change the cloth that you use firstly when it becomes grubby, use it on anything on you caravan, the windows, roof, anywhere inside, it is magic. I can, at the age of 73 clean and polish the whole of the outside, including the roof of my twin axle 'van in 4 hours, not only saving time but hundreds of gallons of water. Once finished you can then clean your tow car, winner winner chicken dinner. PS, cheapest place to purchase is eBay, go into car accessories, an American gallon plus a 1 litre trigger bottle is only £44. 99 post free.
  2. Selling at £85 per litre I doubt if the oil companies would be interested, apart from the fact that this company has been trading and growing bigger for over 20 years, I think that this is very good testament to how good the product is. Not only sold widely on eBay but a multitude of garages all around England. Had damage been caused to cat's, DPF's SCR's or any other part of any engine, can you honestly kid yourself that they would still be trading. Instead of being negative about something that you have never tried, ("trying it takes too long") how would you know if you have not tried it, why not put 250cc in your engine, within 15 minutes of running you will hear and feel the difference in your vehicle, a one litre bottle will last you for 150,000 miles. I always try to stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.
  3. You all seem to be missing the trick, the pump should never be taken out of the water barrel, just buy a large plastic watering can and top up your water barrel on a regular basis, "simples"
  4. For less than £20, go onto eBay and treat yourself to a 1 litre bottle of "Greased Lightening" showroom shine, plus 4 large micro fibre cloths and away you go. No need to wash your van, spray a small area wipe off with one cloth then a quick polish with another one, don't forget to clean the roof. I can clean the whole of my twin axle van (including the roof and all the windows in 4 hours, cleaned and polished, Kind Regards Billy.
  5. Hi there, Tuningdrew and AJGalaxy 2012, thank you for your comments, how true "don't knock it until you have tried it" I have found on many occasions that people that have not heard of or used a product will immediately go on the defensive, "no it can't be any good because I have not tried it" I say "keep away from negative people, they always have a problem for every solution" better still "Never give advice, a fool won't take it and a wise man does not need it" Kind Regards, Billy.
  6. Sorry about that Geoff, not out to upset anyone, won't use it again, apologies to all who are offended, Kind Regards, Billy.
  7. Purchased our Cadac many moons ago, love it, just love it, I would unreservedly recommend you buy one, all that nonsense with fire lighters or some other flammable liquid, then you have to wait for ages for the smoke to go away and the coals to turn white. Then if the wind gets up, any thing and anyone close by gets smothered and choked with ash, then before you can dispose of the remainder of ash you have to wait ages for it to cool down, this is much like the Navy going back to using sails. I don't enough life left to go through all that nonsense, get a Cadac, light the gas and within 5 minutes you can cook, want smokey flavour, throw some small oak wood chips on the griddle and place the domed lid back on top of the griddle, hey presto smoked steak, fish or what ever your pleasure may be. When you have finished cooking,15 minutes for the griddle to cool down, 10 minutes to wash and clean the BBQ, all done, no smoke, no ash, no time wasting, back to get some more liquid refreshments, (and I don't mean tea)
  8. Hi again "tin tenters" Are you one of the many that have neither heard of or used "Activ8" lubricant additive, I have put this into every engine, back axle and manual car that I have owned over the last 20 odd years. Not only does this product cut out 90% of engine, gearbox and back axle wear but also gives about another 2-4 miles to the gallon, and an extra 5 bhp ? how come you may ask, answer. ..... the lack of friction. It will also stop your engine from seizing up due to total loss of sump oil, (how good is that ?) For all you doubting Thomas's out there, go onto YouTube, put in Activ8 Lubricant and watch the video. No I am not associated with this company nor do I receive any financial reward, just passing on some very helpful information to fellow caravanners.
  9. I seem to have opened up a rather large can of worms regarding remapping your engine, also that dirty word has been mentioned "re-chip" well there is a massive difference between the two, the re- chip is a small black box which interferes with your air mass meter and will eventually damage it, apart from the fact it can be seen as soon as you lift the bonnet, also they only cost between £30 to £60, (buy cheap pay twice) just a plug in job. As for putting your foot down to go faster, (this will certainly make you use more fuel) with the remap you will go faster quicker, because your engine is running much more efficiently and without flooring the accelerator. The cost of the remap is usually recouped after 10,000 miles of sensible driving. Want to drive an un-efficient car, don't get a remap, how easy is that. My next can of worms will be about a product called Activ8 lubricant, let's see how we get on with that!
  10. After talking to many caravanners regarding the benefits of having their engine remapped, I have been met with different replies such as, "I don't want to go any faster, I am happy with the way my car runs, and best of all, I will only use more fuel" None of these inane answers are correct, as the remap will not damage your engine in any way shape or form, it is totally beneficial to not only your pocket by getting an extra 3+ miles to the gallon but it makes your engine run more efficiently. The increased torque will pull you up hills that you would normally have to drop down a gear to go up, overtaking is much swifter and safer, so what are you waiting for ? go get it remapped, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. My last 6 cars have been remapped, my Audi Allroad was remapped 3 years ago, 180bhp up to 230bhp and the torque increased from 360Nm up to 480Nm, not a spot of bother and no problems either, pulling my Lunar Delta twin axle with the greatest of ease and still returning 23. 5mpg, winner winner, chicken dinner.
  11. Good morning all, I have just joined up to this forum, mainly to spread my limited knowledge, on all things to do with what could be considered by many as probably the best thing invented since the wheel, especially as we all need 2 and sometimes 4 of these circular items to enjoy our hobby. But also to defiantly gain helpful information that can make life a little easier. So keep the shiny side up, keep smiling, (not every one has our freedom) and do what we were meant to do, "enjoy life"
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