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  1. Thanks Steve. One is the awning. The other is the annex. Can’t remember which is which! But will give your suggestion a go!
  2. Pictures of zips. One is the awning, the other is the annex. Think they are different. What is your opinion Steve?
  3. Hi Steve Thanks, When we dismantled the awning on our last trip we did try and put the Annex on the right side. Although the zips are all opti zips it certainly didn’t fit. Janet
  4. Thank you. Our awning is fairly old!
  5. Hi Our awning is green & white. But we are not fussy! Thank you. Where abouts are you?
  6. Hi yes it is. There is a panel that fits the left side if there wasn’t an annex (obviously!) but it doesn’t fit the right side. We found this out when we put it up the first time. It did take a while! Thank you for your reply!
  7. Hi Steve Thanks for your reply. We have tried, but it didn’t fit. The zip seems thicker on the right side?
  8. Hi Well almost a year in and we have had some great holidays! have now purchased an awning with an annex. We have been looking for a right side annex for the awning. The awning is a Dorema Cardinal. Can anyone point us in the right direction please? We know the one we have doesn’t fit that side . The zips are opti many thanks Janet & John
  9. We are really new at caravanning! Only purchased our very old, but cute lunar clubman 390-2 a couple of weeks ago. Got it to Devon last week. Can’t wait go again!
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