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  1. some may be interested in update. my van went to a dometic service agent for a week in november for them to check that the fridge wasn't faulty and didn't need replacing. which it wasn't and didn't. we kind of knew that and it was a box to be ticked. ... I was then fully expecting to have to involve all and sundry to get the dealer / bailey to do something about it, but all credit to them the dealer had various conversations behind the scenes with dometic and bailey and came back to me with an offer to fix it FOC and a reference to a "fixing kit" from dometic and/or bailey that they were going to use - implying this not the only time this issue has been addressed. he dealer has now just had the van in for a week, with the fridge removed they've fitted a plywood panel into the airspace between the back of the fridge and the caravan wall, this now reduces the size of the air gap considerably (by eye, its within the dometic 20mm spec now) and should force all airflow through the fins. They've also fitted the dometic fridge venting fan kit, again FOC. I can't really expect them to do anything more. I'll probably build myself a larger fan array from PC fans (as a belt and braces approach) for travel into france in august, but I'm hoping that what they've done will make it much better behaved in "normal" hot temps. I've also had fitted a sterling wildside unit to improve power delivery to the fridge when towing. already seen it in play - monitoring its status with the car hooked up after an hours drive, the input voltage from the car is fluctuating all through the range that the wildside is able to condition. car being an euro6 diesel with regen.
  2. I did some testing today that's a bit of revelation; dometic RM8551 vs Waeco Mobicool TCX35 power supply - 230v uk AC. starting conditions - unit doors open, inside caravan. Contents - none (just a fridge thermometer). Both set to max cooling . Temperature inside and outside van starting at 21 degrees. Outside conditions cloudy, not much wind, no rain. after 2 hrs: mobicool: 6 degrees fridge : 16 degrees (internal cooling fins at 8 degrees) freezer: -6 degrees (fins at -18) after 3. 5 hrs: mobicool: 3 degrees - I call that done. fridge : 12 degrees (fins at +1) freezer: -13 (fins at -25) after 7 hrs: fridge : 7 degrees (fins at -3) freezer: - 18 degrees (fins at -25) given up for the night now. . my fridge will probably get cold enough in the end but in very non-challenging conditions its still taking ages. whereas the coolbox tech gets it done in 3 hrs. query and list of issues is now with my dealer, he's raising it with dometic in the first instance.
  3. I've just today had a good look into the gap behind the back of the fridge in the "chimney" between the two vents with the aid of mirrors. the clearance between the outside edge of the collant pipe that sticks out the most, and the inside face of the caravan's outer wall, is around 60-70mm (not precisely measured due to the difficulty of measuring that location). install instructions suggest this should be no more than 15-20mm. A previous poster who said the issue could be all about the installation, with the airflow finding the easiest route though the free air space and not going near the pipes that need to be cooled is probably right. I'm minded to demand the dealer redress this by taking the fridge out and re-fitting so the gap is appropriately sized and/or pad the gap. would not be easy to fit anything to reduce the gap from the outside as a DIY job (no way to get it in). suspect all baileys of this model range with this fridge positioning will have the same issue. thanks. I've just found the relevant installer manual that tells me what the pins are. there's one connector in the diagram that even looks like a PC fan 2 pin.
  4. ended up not being able to check this board all week due to insane back to work week, wow what a lot of replies. in answer to some of the questions: yes it vents into awning, however we pitched with tree shade, and with large awning ventilation panels left open (we have a westfield omega with the full mesh front panels kit for warm climes) so from an airflow point of view its almost as good as no awning. van left with roof vents half open. At no point did we return to the awning/van after a day out to that greenhouse feeling you get from an unvented unit with all the windows shut - it felt cooler than coming back to a uk sited unit in a full sun pitch where you'd have left everything shut due to the rain risk! I've been running on elec at home on the drive (without awning) today - after 6 hrs down from 15 degrees to 4 degrees in the fridge. so it works empty when its not so hot out. <sarcasm> great </sarcasm>. I'll try the dealer but no doubt they will say "it works ok in the uk, what's your problem" and if they were test it in their workshop under the same conditions they'll get the same result. It seems to me as though its underspecced - just doesn't have enough oomph for use in the near continent (which the manufacturers know it will be used for) or if the spec is ok then its not installed well enough. Either way, its a manufacturers problem (Bailey, in my case). I know I could tinker with fitting fans, but I just don't think I should have to on a brand new van, as I know it will be a hassle. I have had a look and I can't see where I'd be able to pinch 12v power from inside the rear of the fridge area, any clues? Is it reasonable to go from the electrical supply panel on the back of the fridge behind the lower vent or am I straight into warranty violation there? I'd kind of prefer to pinch it from somewhere thats obviously van-side (e. g. I've spliced power from the back of the radio circuit for my wifi router) to avoid any fridge warranty risks. Fitting a fan in the dometic recommended position halfway up amongst the fins would appear to be an utter nightmare of taking the fridge out (on a NEW VAN) whereas I can easily see where I could mount PC type fans either top or bottom or both. just a thought on the venting side of things - did anyone try getting a spare vent cover, cutting a hole into it for domestic tumble dryer type fan duct (masking the rest of it) and running such ducting to under the van area? the objective being to feed the intake vent with cool under-van air rather than warm awning air?Could also run a duct from the upper vent to an awning vent. however, wouldn't be able to open the door fully and makes a mess of draught skirt fitting and would look ***** and yet another thing to setup at piching time and find room for in the "awning bits" box so maybe not. .. I'll have to tackle the car side of it separately, as I can't be sure I'm getting full power all the time (its a Euro6 diesel Q7 with start stop and all the efficiency gizmos).
  5. having just changed caravan and awning, we didn't buy one of the new 8ft caravans (we got a 2. 3M bailey) and stuck to a 2. 6 m awning for this exact reason so at 4. 9m we're in spec for a C&CC pitch without going jumbo. we like C&CC sites. We generally find C&MC sites too cramped and an odd culture, and I detest the unseemly "race for the best pitches" that goes on at 12:01pm, being a family we tend to turn up late in the day so get what others have left, we have ended up at Seacroft with our guy ropes in a hedge! We much prefer to use C& CC sites where you're booked in and the wardens know how big you are in advance. we'll only use C&MC sites now when we can carefully plan an earlier arrival time or out of busy periods. or even better we like sites where you can actually pay for a big pitch and be done with it. Wish C&MC would do that.
  6. just back from 3 weeks in france with a brand new bailey segovia - was its first outing apart from a single night 2 weeks before to check the basics worked. nice van - except, the performance of double height fridge in high french temps was very poor. we upgraded to this van at least in part because of its large fridge as we have 2 boys who eat increasingly gigantic amounts. On our previous single axle elddis 576 with undercounter smaller dometic fridge, it would freeze the salad box unless we turned it down to middle power level - so I was expecting the same behaviour from this one. even worse - several years ago I purchased a 35L waeco dometic mobicool (the 400 quid really good ones) as an overflow awning fridge for the elddis and I LEFT IT AT HOME with the bailey because I thought I wouldn't need it. ..plenty of room in the big new shiny caravan fridge and why would cooling even potentially be an issue??? But. .. on the new bailey, with the controls on setting max all the time, its was never cold in the fridge - just cool(ish) mid teens. we had several lots of nice cheese go runny and then stinky and milk go cheezy (maybe we should have setup a small production fermier and done some vente-direct!). Freezer compartment stayed pretty well frozen but cool is not getting down to the fridge. experimented with running it on gas - no better - I was not getting any voltage alarms from the fridge so sites supplies should have been ok anyway. also tried removing the grilles. Also 12v towing cooling practically none-existent - had one 5 hr tow between sites in 35degree temps and everything in the fridge had to be chucked when at new site. again never had issue with this with the previous elddis and same car. I had never even thought cooling performance could possibly be an issue on a caravan, because on our previous (and first and only) van the fridge worked really really well . So the possibility that a new van (cost ing 23k, top of the range) might have an underspecced fridge never even occurred to me. Interestingly, every other bailey U4 owner I spoke to on sites had very similar issues and wasn't happy, experimenting with fans etc with varying degrees of success. I haven't yet contacted the dealer, dometic or bailey whilst away as I wanted to just enjoy the hol, we moved in to shop every 2-3 days mode and coped that way. I'm a competent DIY'er and could cope with fitting fans/stats/air baffles etc but its a new top end van and I really shouldn't have to, it should "just work"! be interested to hear others thoughts who are in the same boat before I start the discussion with suppliers?
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