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  1. The day you arrive is day 0. If you arrive in England on a Friday you can take the test on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  2. No idea what fridge we have in our non plus Phoenix but it works really well as long as it's defrosted frequently but the problem with the design is that the fridge is on the awning side and it can get a bit hot in the awning at times... Currently the freezer is at -19.2C and the fridge at 2.8C.
  3. On or before day two. You can have the test a minute after you get off the plane/tunnel/ferry.
  4. Toyota and Hyundai are already producing hydrogen cars and the Japanese government invests a lot of money in infrastructure. More than a 100 hydrogen fuel stations in Japan.
  5. I'm sitting in an Isabella Thor now and I've been doing so for 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week for over a year and its perfect for my back.
  6. Night temperatures in southern Spain is a lot colder than most would beleive but our house is at 1000m and frost nights are very rare.
  7. Limit must be at least 4% of towing limit. If your Duster can tow 1500 then towball limit must be at least 60kg.
  8. Depends on how good or bad your towcar is. Some I would be happy to tow way over the kerb weight. Other cars i would not want to tow anything with. I would not get a twin axle at only 1500kg.
  9. Peterborough services used to direct caravans to the hgv area. Need to be able to reverse in to the bay off course.
  10. How's the mattresses? I belive they now use sprung mattresses front and rear instead of that rubbish foam they've used on the non + Phoenix.
  11. EU is working on a digital green certificate with a scannable QR code and a digital certificate to ensure its legit. No idea how non EU citizens would get it but the vaccination card and NHS app is to easy to fake to be of much use.
  12. A 2017 yeti 4x4 is either a 150hp petrol, 110hp diesel or a 150hp diesel and all of them have a wet clutch DSG which is bullet proof as long as oil is changed on schedule. We tow with a 2016 150hp diesel L & K manual and it's a brilliant tow car.
  13. To the best of my knowledge the only country in Europe where caravans are not registered is in the UK. The only caravans that gets stolen are British vans. We toured Eastern Europe last summer and was usually to only British caravan on the site. We were also the only caravan that had any kind of lock. We where sometimes asked why we locked and when we explained that it was an insurance requirement they were surprised since they never heard of caravans getting stolen. If you steal a caravan in the rest of Europe what are you going to do with it? You cant register a stolen caravan. I've signed it.
  14. Buy a used full size Isabella. It will be used long after the budget awning has been binned. If the pitch is big enough I would get a wider than a standard awning.
  15. Not sure what you find at odds since I'm saying my wife can travel with we without time restrictions except for the country where I'm a citizen? I asked Europe direct contact centre.
  16. That you have the right to residency is well known. What is not well known is that a spouse has a right to travel with or to an EU citizen without it beeing counted in the 90 days! I've seen no links to legislation but decided to ask the EU and they confirmed that my wife who is only a British citizen can travel with me who is still an EU citizen for as long as we want in Schengen except for the country where I'm a citizen where we are still restricted to 90 days in any 180.
  17. If you are an EU citizen your spouse can travel with you or to you and those days are not counted in the 90 days.
  18. @Lorenzo I suggest you join the FB group Permanent Caravan Dwellers where members live in both static and touring vans.
  19. The border force cannot ask for the form you have to fill out. Onlly police officers are allowed to ask for it!
  20. I would be suprised if that happened but a problem for those that "wants to view real estate" is that many EU countries will not allow entry to non EU citizens/residents. I believe France will allow tourists from the UK but Spain and Portugal will not. Im not a legal eagle or a mr plod but the proposed law makes no mention how you travel there only the reason for your travel.
  21. Only for red list countries and there are currently no European countries on the red list.
  22. Book a viewing with a real estate agent and you have your good reason. The real estate agents in southern Europe could get busy over Easter...
  23. Van is going directly from the winter pitch to a year round pitch north east of Stoke. Any recommendation for a mobile service engineer that will be accepted by Bailey to keep the warranty valid?
  24. We have the Fiamma caravanstore zip over the awning light on our Phoenix 640. Been towing at least 3000 miles with it without any problem. Both the awning and awning light looks very close to what you have.
  25. The Non lucrative visa gives you 90 days to get residency and once you have residency you can stay for a year.
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