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  1. No idea. I never had sky. You need to be able to change DNS servers while still having a dynamic IP. Not all devices will let you do that.
  2. I would load the caravan to the legal limit with the weight low down and over the axle.
  3. Use a smart DNS instead. It will make you appear to be in the UK. I use a Wi-Fi router in wisp mode and have the firestick connected to the router. Changed the DNS settings in the router to the unlicator DNS and the router is then connected to site Wi-Fi.
  4. Halfords groundhog pegs(with a green top) and a lumphammer!
  5. The awning maker will probably have videos of the best way to put up the awning and how to take it down again including how to fold it. Expect it to take a lot of time the first time you put the awning up!
  6. Exactly. We have had a number of flights cancelled and they have all been refunded in cash. I would accept a voucher from Virgin Atlantic since they been treated so badly by the government but for all other airlines I expect cash. I expect the same from all other businesses.
  7. I would expect a full refund for each month but would accept a credit for future use.
  8. Get a starter battery if you only use it for the mover. High discharge rates is what they are designed for.
  9. Strange that it's so empty! We are on a site in Poland and its almost full. Two thirds are Polish and the rest are German. We are the only British van on the site.
  10. I would follow a similar route but at Bordeaux I would take the N10 up to Poiters. N10 is toll free and just as fast as the toll road when towing.
  11. I would look for a used Isabella for a summer season awning.
  12. 30kg is very lightweight for a 140Ah battery. Our 80Ah weights 27kg.
  13. On our van the fuse blows when the pump is at the end of its life. It's only a 5A fuse.
  14. If I had the choice I would go with 12v compressor fridges instead of absorption fridges. With todays cheap solar panels it would work fine even without hook up. If yoù want 240v fridges you should Keep in mind that it won't cool while towing.
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