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  1. I have aprox 600km to go in Germany on Saturday. Normally I do 100km/h but you are saying that I can drop the speed to 95km/h and don't risk a speeding ticket?
  2. We had an experience at a petrol station in Spain when someone tried let air out of a tire while she was sitting in the car. She went out and waived to me and I started running back with the dog and they decided to split!
  3. Calor cannot decide to fill a 6kg with 6.1kg to have the variation on the plus side.
  4. Deposits paid on a credit card are refunded even if the dealer folds.
  5. You can't overfill a gas bottle. Any variation has to be on the negative side.
  6. If you want it fully loaded you have to either buy it from a dodgy character or do it yourself. A normal shop will not have them. We do use a Fire Stick when abroad to watch uk tv but we rarely use it in the UK.
  7. Belgium and Netherlands does it as well.
  8. Can this "safety feature" be switched off? If it can't I will never buy a TomTom again.
  9. I find it relaxing once I'm on the motorway. Usually get a late start so I make sure reception is open until 10pm.
  10. Towing I do 800 - 1000km a day. 1300 Is more than I would want to do.
  11. It's £46 for the car and £46 for the caravan. What's the 10% you are refering to? We have been frequent travellers for years. 4 - 6 crossings and you break even. The 10 crossings can be shared with someone else. Can change the booking until 24h before departure. It's brilliant if you travel more than once a year. That's for the rather expensive flexiplus. Standard rate for a caravan is £46. Keep in mind that there is a peak supplement of £20 or even a high peak of £30.
  12. AndersG


    240 including two axle nuts. No idea why they had to be replaced, I just noticed it on the invoice. The frame for the blind is a warranty issue but I think the design is stupid and noticed on the Phoenix there was an insulated cover over the glass top. We did have a look at the new vans and it is possible that this service will cost a lot more in the end....
  13. AndersG


    Just back from the first service for our Bailey after one year, 200 nights and 4000 miles. Issues we had was a warped frame for the blind behind the cooker, a little bit of daylight at the rear lower side of the door, a plastic piece missing from one of the bed slats and squealing brakes. Nothing that would put me off buying another Bailey.
  14. How did they get the locks off on a campsite without beeing noticed?
  15. I believe you can now add the nominated person at any time.
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