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  1. I would call on the day you are booked from and explain that you are coming the next day and will be paying for the whole stay otherwise the site may think you are not coming and give your pitch to someone else.
  2. Not corrected since I was referring to our satnav not the app.
  3. An aquaroll and make sure you have the waterpump. A wastemaster and make sure you have the connections to get the grey water from the outlets to the wastemaster. A 25 meter electric hook up cable with the blue CEE connectors. Don't leave what's left of the cable in a nice looking coil since it can heat up when using lots if electric. A winder for the steadies. A gas bottle. Corkscrew and bottle opener. :-)
  4. It's called danger zones on our TomTom satnav in France and has both an audible and visual warning. The speed cameras tend to be in the last kilometre of the danger zone. The traffic info is really good, if it says queue starts in 600m there will be a queue in about 600m. Where Google maps shine is getting you to the exact destination and I often use it in the countryside to find that CL.
  5. AGM batteries has no advantages in a caravan. Any cheap battery will do if mainly on hook up. If spending lot of time every year without hook up I would get a good battery. Good batteries are expensive and heavy. I wwould ignore the NCC classification.
  6. Our caravan insurance has a list of discounts. You can get a discount for manoeuvring courses but there is no discount for a motor mover and that tells me that the insurance company don't think it reduces any damage. We don't have one. I can certainly see the benefits of having one especially when I want to pitch with the hitch away from the road but so far I've not considered it worth the expense and weight. If I was the OP I would buy the caravan without the mover and see if it works to park without if. If not go and buy a mover.
  7. I still suggest a solar heated camp shower. Cost about £5. Use a kettle on the gas hob to fill the bag when the sun does not cooperate.
  8. I assume you got the money back so what's the problem? I've also had a card cloned but I still keep a decent balance in my current account.
  9. Got home on Friday from Spain. Checked mail and found the card. Logged in on Saturday to check the PIN, a bit irritating that you can't select your own. Started towing south on Sunday. Stopped at maidstone services before the tunnel. Price at pump 1.509. Card price 1.262. Saving 24.7p a liter! This card is brilliant!
  10. Spanish law does require that you renounce your UK citizenship and it has nothing to do with the EU or Brexit.
  11. Very few acquire Spanish citizenship since they have to renounce their UK citizenship. Not been much of a problem before but many now wants an EU passport to retain their freedom after Brexit.
  12. Not sure if your battery can support such high discharge rates but if did you will find that battery capacity reduces as dicharges rates increases due to something called peukert's law. Not sure where you are going to shower but consider something like the black solar heated bags and help with the gas kettle when the sun doesn't shine.
  13. Many do go abroad but I think most head to southern Spain. Even there you will need heating in the winter.
  14. I got a price for a fixed towbar and full 13 pins electric for £420 for our car but it's quite a bit of work for them since they need to run the wiring harness all the way to the front of the car.
  15. Don't have an electric car and I don't think I ever will but if you pay for16A electric you get16A electric and can use it for whatever you want but I suspect it will get a bit cold inside this time of year if you want to charge a car.
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