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  1. Judging from posts on the net that's a surprisingly common opinion. Anywhere else it's considered a respiratory decease and masks has been mandatory in most European countries for months. Got a welcome letter from a CL we're going to and they recommended gloves when emptying the cassette and when putting the garbage in the bin. They also suggest wearing gloves when inputting the PIN code for the gate! Seen a lot of caravanners empty the cassette not one of them have been wearing gloves and I never seen anyone using gloves to input a PIN code! Will be a bit of a culture shock to
  2. No idea but if I've been locked out from a seasonal pitch I would not wait to be offered but would ask for a full refund for the time I was locked out.
  3. Don't think they can but enforcement of the quarantine is only by phone anyway. They will call you and ask where you are...
  4. Ours is a house in a village up in the mountain. Cost little to buy and no cost when we are not using it. When we are using it the costs are for firewood for heating and a bit for electric. We are also supposed to pay a water bill but so far they have not sent us one. Food is a lot cheaper than in the UK.
  5. We have done all that and a lot more but we still go to Spain a few times a year. Usually driving down without the van since we have a house in Spain. In the future we will be flying long distance, take a few cruises and go to Spain!
  6. I expect there will be another transition period but called something else but I agree it's something that needs to be considered just in case. Until UK becomes a so called listed country there needs to be a rabies test and that test can take many months and it's a good idea to start it now if travelling after the new year. We have not bothered since we will be going down before Christmas.
  7. With the towing test you can do a shunt forward for quite a long distance. I did the test earlier this year and decided before the test that unless the first part of the reverse is perfect I would take a shunt as far forward as I could since reversing straight back is for me the easiest! I've been towing since I was 18 and I still did do that shunt since I was not entirely certain where the cones where on the other side.
  8. Did your instructor not tell you that you had max 2 shunts? After the second shunt the worst you could do is make a third since that's a fail. Better just to try to get it reversed in no matter how bad it looks.
  9. CS is a small site for a max of 5 vans for members of the camping club (CCC). CL is the same for members of the caravan club (CMC). I expect to pay £8 for a basic CL without electric. £12 for a site with electric and £20 for the few serviced sites with pitches with water and grey water drain .
  10. I'm not surprised. We are going to Spain for Christmas but we don't know when we are going and we dont don't know when we are going back and we dont even know if we take the van with us and we have a dog! It will be the tunnel unless BF gets a last minute cancellation and we can grab it! Dog friendly cabins are very difficult to book.
  11. VAT is due when the payment is made. Can't understand the clubs are trying to use the booking date unless payment in full is made when booking but they no doubt have more expensive lawyers than I do!
  12. Nemesis gets many votes but which insurance companies will accept it?
  13. Agree. On our winter awning you can have the mud skirt in or out but I always have it out. Having it in just does not make sence to me.
  14. Once the engine has started it will charge your van battery but how much can be debated. Your split charge relay will not do anything useful. A battery to battery charger in the van could work but that's assuming the car and caravan wiring is up to it. For extended off grid in reasonable weather you should look at solar but solar is not always useful a rainy week in November.
  15. It's not across the board. The reduction is only for hospitality and tourism.
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