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  1. If I was you I would get the BE license. I beleive your car has a 1500kg towing limit?
  2. Caravan tyres are cheap. Why take the risk? I would definitely change 8 year old tyres.
  3. Our new will not have a window in the bathroom and I will miss it! Our current van has a clear window. I love it! If I don't want be seen I pull down the blind a bit.
  4. Not seen the wide Bailey's but was inside some vide vans at the Dusseldorf show but don't see the point with wide vans. Did not like the €90000 Tabbert with a slide out either. There was only one layout that we sort of liked out of what must have been a few hundred vans!
  5. You can buy a regulator with a crash sensor but why pay the money and pay for gas when you can run it from 12v? Our fridge works fine on 12v. I put a few beers in it before leaving site and they are cold when we get to the next.
  6. They should be recertified after 10 years but there are no lpg cars sold now and I don't think there will be many places to fill them in 10 years. We managed to get our 10kg bottles this summer after waiting since last autumn but it appears they have sold out again!
  7. Takes me a lot more than 5 minutes to level the van when I have to get the wedges out to level it and I would love to have an auto leveller!
  8. Only seen one caravan using the full system but it was impressive. He was levelled and steadies down in about 2 minutes!
  9. I don't know the exact price but think it's close to £3000.
  10. Knowledgeable owners tend to have knowledge of one or two cars of the current generation and they usually try their best not to anything stupid. The drivers at tow car awards drives many cars in a short period of time and try to provoke them by doing things like emergency lane change to get a feel for how they are as tow cars. They seem to be perfectly happy to write down a car. The XC60 of all generations mentioned by the OP has gotten very good writeups and I would have no hesitation of towing with one but it took us 30 seconds to sit in one to realize we did not like it. The XC40 we did like but the waiting was to long since we needed a new towcar right away.
  11. I rely a lot on the tests in practical caravan and the towcar awards that they are also involved with. I don't care much about opinions from drivers on forums like this.
  12. Our next van is likely to be a Chipping Sodbury Bailey Phoenix 640 or possibly the slightly more upmarket version called Bailey Unicorn Cabrera. The Cabrera comes with an Alde 3020. We prefer it to be cooler in the bedroom and that should be easy with the truma, the long trunking from the front bench should keep it cooler in the bedroom at the rear but how does Alde work? Is there a reducer or a thermostat in the bedroom or will the entire caravan have the same temperature? If we do have to lower the temperature in the whole van does it take a long time for the temperature to rise when there is no fan to help with the heat distribution? I believe there is a timer but is that s standard feature? We use our van in the winter and heating is important for us.
  13. With a good towcar I don't care at all about the 85% recommendation.
  14. I thought that was a very obvious typo of writing 55kph while intending to write 55mph.
  15. Changed ours for a toast proof alarm and it has never gone off after that.
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