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  1. I never had a tracker but I assume it's connected to the normal 12v electric system and that you switch off the master switch when you leave it and that the tracker is then powered by it's own rechargeable battery. Having a separate electric connection that is always live would make it easy to find.
  2. Biggest problem with Safefill is that they never have any stock! I been trying to get one since August or something. No stock until April and then they sell out in May!
  3. Did you ask if you could fill it or did they stop you when you tried to fill it? No Morrisons with gas nearby? They are supposed to allow filling.
  4. Don't think you need to drill for it. Isn't the supports for the solar panels usually bonded to the roof? Ours came with a 100w panel but if I started from scratch I would put a big LG panel on the roof, preferably a 360w panel.
  5. You say the tracker battery voltage is dropping? Is the tracker battery connected to the caravans 12v system when in storage?
  6. And check that solarpanel is clean. Check charging voltage when connected to battery.
  7. You need to Talk to the dealer and inform him you will be towing a caravan and make sure they are fitting a fully wired 13 pin wiring harness.
  8. A75 is free except for Millau viaduct.
  9. Few companies sends word docs. In this case it asked me to enable editing and enable content... I have been in recent contact with them and booked service for this summer but we don't owe them anything. The sender was a realty something, it was only at the bottom of the email that they claimed to be from chipping sodbury caravans. I've forwarded the email to them . I don't know if the problem is on my side, their side or another hack at yahoo.
  10. I don't know if the problem is on their side or my side or if it's yahoo but if you get a strange email that is not but claims to be from aftersales at chipping sodbury caravans with an attached word doc I suggest you ignore it.
  11. I don't know what is wrong with the car or caravan but something must be wrong... The xc60 always gets a good write-up from tow car awards. https://www.thetowcarawards.com/tow-car/volvo-xc60-3/
  12. Try to figure out what went wrong. You have to change the battery anyway and it's possible that the battery is at fault but it can also be the charging system. I assume the battery is in a proper battery box?
  13. What does caravanners do in Germany? Do they follow a 100% recommendation or do they tow up to the towing limit of the car?
  14. I would be interested if I got good insurance cheaper by combining them. Insurance is only paid once a year and combining them would not save much time.
  15. I would get a car battery if it only powers the motor mover. Car batteries are designed for high current discharge for short periods. The question is why does the current battery smell of acid? Is it being overcharged?
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