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  1. Denmark is reopening kindergarten and schools for the young. Austria and Czech republic are also easing restrictions and I expect more to do the same.
  2. I suspect it's the states in Germany that will decide on any lockdown and they are likely to make different decisions.
  3. The opening post does not mention either New York or a tiger. There's a link that may mention that but I guess I'm not the only one that don't follow links when I don't know where they are taking me.
  4. Connect the tv to the battery. The load output on your controller should only be active when the controller has excess electric that it can't charge the battery with.
  5. Our dealer wanted the hook up lead when we p/x our old van this year.
  6. If the battery was fully charged and disconnected it will be fine.
  7. They do indeed have such a scheme. I believe they have to do one month in every 6 months.
  8. Same for lithium ion and probably all lithium batteries.
  9. Lithium ion batteries lasts longer if they are not stored with full charge. They have very low self discharge but remove them from the bike when storing to ensure there's nothing that will use electric during storage.
  10. If BF cancel your ferry you should get a full refund. If they don't cancel your ferry you may be able to reschedule it but I would not expect a full refund. If you have insurance it could be of help if FCO still advice against travel to France.
  11. Fridges use a magnetic strip to keep the door closed if you have an old broken fridge somewhere.
  12. Have a link to that report? All I've seen so far is a report claiming SARS virus could survive for 2 days on steel in a laboratory environment. NHS says it's very unlikely it can spread through things like packaging and food. It says nothing about the virus spreading through a hard surface but I expect it would if there was any real risk.
  13. Are they? The european country I'm in at the moment has made no restrictions of our moment, nothing has been forced to close and most restaurants and cafes are open as normal. Supermarkets are fully stocked except for handsanitizers, we may even have to send food parcels to the kids in England. From here the British government decisions looks more like panic.
  14. If it's paid for and don't have section 75 protection I would go and pick it up before the supplier runs out of money.
  15. If they have cancelled then you should get your money back. If you want to cancel then you should try to get an agreement with them. If they don't want to there is nothing you can do about it. If it's for travel abroad your travel insurance may cover it.
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