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  1. The RCD will trip. Reverse polarity is not a problem in a caravan unless its old enough to not have double pole MCB or RCD.
  2. We looked at the Cabrera and it does have a better kitchen with a better fridge but there was other differences that we did not like and decided on the 640. Price difference for us was 4000 plus a free motor mover on the 640. Not sure how to value the mover since I would be unlikely to buy one if it wasn't included.
  3. Find the site you want to use and then ask them who will do the storage.
  4. Want more space in the kitchen and an island bed so the current Chipping Sodbury special Bailey pursuit 430/4 will be replaced by a Chipping sodbury special Phoenix 640.
  5. It's common in Spain to have the local caravan storage pick up the van and then deliver it back to the pitch before you return.
  6. Fuses and a spare water pump.
  7. We relocated with the dog once and she had to fly home. She did not much like it and I have no intention to fly with her again. We have a house in southern Spain and I usually drive down. Leaving on the tunnel Friday evening. Stopping for the night in ibis Calais tunnel and Ibis Irun, both dog friendly and I arrive at the house Sunday evening. Have taken the ferry to Santander and Bilbao but dog cabins are usually booked up and it takes longer than driving down.
  8. I know Germany require winter tyres on the car in winter conditions but does the caravan also need winter tyres?
  9. Tarpaulin or a wodden platform. Sometimes feels like walking on water when walking on the tarpaulin but the feet are dry.
  10. Scotch does not weight much but beer does. We crossed he border to Denmark this summer with the caravan and the car was very heavy after a visit to the border shop near Flensburg!
  11. We have a 100w roof mounted rigid solar panel and it does keep up with our demand in the summer but I would not expect it to do so this time of year. You're not going to get that from a 80w solar panel.
  12. I don't remember the model name hut we have a 24" full HD Cello. The picture quality is good. It's supposed to be a smart Android tv but I never got anything to work properly on it and there are no updates available from the manufacturer and we now used firestick with it. Bought it last summer but over the winter it started having a black screen frequently requiring a bang on the back. It went back for warranty repair this summer but now have started doing the same again. We are not buying a cello or the other brands from that manufacturer again but I don't know what we will buy. There are very few full HD tv that runs on 12v.
  13. Needs to upgrade my driving license with the trailer test to get the B+E license before picking up the new van. Does anyone know any driving school that does courses on weekends? Working abroad at the moment and need to fly to the UK for this and don't care much where it is.
  14. UK citizens will get visa free travel to the EU as long as citizens of all EU countries gets visa free access to the UK. This was voted on in the EU parliament long ago.
  15. You currently have the right to stay for as long as you want in the EU but you may in theory be required to register after 90 days in some countries and you will usually be considered resident after 180 in a calendar year. Enforcement is very rare in both cases. Nothing will change during the transition period if the deal is approved. Only in the case of a no deal Brexit does your friends have anything to worry about at the moment.
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