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  1. It makes the tv companies believe you are in the UK when you are not. We use unlocator.com but there are many companies that provides the service.
  2. There is no change during the transition period.
  3. A smart DNS solves that problem. We are abroad a lot and never have any problem watching except for one channel either 4 or 5. End of life was to be Q1 2020. Has that changed?
  4. The SIM should have some information about which emergency numbers it accepts but at least in LTE(4G) A list of acceptable emergency numbers are sent on the downlink. Suspect it's the same for 3G and possibly GSM.
  5. The major operators like O2 and Vodafone all have their own equipment that sometimes can be co located. The virtual companies like Tesco mobile and BT mobile piggyback on the big companies network. There is no legal requirement in the UK to provide backup batteries but I would be surprised if they don't but I've not worked in telecom for a while now.
  6. There's usually backup batteries in cell towers. Have you told the company that the service goes down during power cuts?
  7. I know where he lives but the distance from Caen is about the same as the distance from Calais and he would be in France earlier if he used the tunnel instead of a day ferry.
  8. I would not bother with the ferries but I would plan to set off in the morning añd book the tunnel 2 hours after i would expect to get there. If you are early they usually put you on the next crossing and most of the time you're leaving half an hour after you get to Folkestone. From Calais you should easily make it to Port Grimaud the next evening with one stop on the way.
  9. I would research the fitter on a forum dedicated to the car. In our case a lot of interior panels has to be removed to reach the connectors at the front of the car. For the Yeti we decided on North West towbars that fitted a Westfalia dedicated kit and a removable towbar. Westfalia delivered the towbars for the factory fit ones.
  10. That looks like a proper wiring kit that connects to the sockets in the car and is not a bodge.
  11. On our the switch under the worktop only controls the two lights over the worktop.
  12. Thinking about going to Poland and Hungary in March before storing caravan somewhere in France and driving solo down to southern Spain where we need to be for Easter. Anyone here been caravaning in Poland or Hungary and what did you think about it? We've seen the cities but never caravanned there.
  13. Our pursuit is a later model but there's a master switch and a light switch by the door and after that I would check the fuses.
  14. Our Yeti has a towing limit of 2100. Passat and outlander are much bigger cars and with diesels I would be amazed if they did not tow more than 2100 at least with 4x4.
  15. That's very low towing capacity. With diesels I would expect them to tow over 2000kg .
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