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  1. Hi All, I'm hoping someone can advise on what make and size of winter cover I should get for my 2009 adria adora dp caravan Regards Pat
  2. Thanks all will check out the forum for posts by others then decide what to do Regards Pat
  3. Hi Brecon, Im in Ireland should have said in post so dont think this would be a solution which is a pity cos sounds like a great service Regards Pat
  4. Hi All, Just bought a 2009 Adria Adora 612 DP, its in great condition but the outside has lost its shine and am wondering what people use to clean and bring back the shine Regards Pat
  5. Thanks for the feedback think I will be buying the Adria looks like I will be going over to the UK for one not a great selection over here for what I need Just wondering if there is much room for negociation with dealers in UK on the price
  6. Hi All, I have a Kia Ceed 2010 1. 6 sw crdi auto and the outift matcher says that my max towing weight is 1300kg and I am looking for a island bed caravan with in that weight, I have found an Adria that comes in on that weight. Has anyone got any other makes that I can look at or am I going to be very limited on whats available. All help appreciated Regards Pat
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