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  1. We bought a new Caravanstore from a dealer who installed it for us. We wanted the ability to open the awning partially as described in the catalogue and got the dealer to install the wall mounts and we also bought the rafter. The technician could not get the partial opening to work as suggested in the handbook by unrolling for 6 revolutions and it only worked when unrolled 8 times; this meant that the height is only 1.6m along the front (I'm 1.85m!) and you couldn't open the caravan door without rubbing along the roof of the awning. The rafter is another problem as the end against the caravanstore is too large to fit into the housing . The partial opening and the wall mounts and rafter have been a waste of money and time.
  2. Thanks to you all, a car battery it is. It was -15 degrees centigrade here last night and I need to be leaving at 6am tomorrow so having a spare car battery seemed like a good idea.
  3. I need to get a new battery for our mover. We never use the van (Hobby495) without EHU and only need to move the van short distances to manouvre onto a pitch. I was going to get a 110ah car battery thinking that if my car battery ever died, I'd have an almost instant replacement. Is a 110ah car battery going to do the job if it's always on EHU (on site) and with a regular top up when at home? Thanks for your advice.
  4. That's such a good idea that I should of thought of it! Great advice, thanks.
  5. Those comments are really helpful. Thanks to you all.
  6. The battery was 5/6 years old and the caravan is stored in Spain between early October and early April, ie 6/7 months and I'vejust left the battery in it. Thus, I haven't been charging it regularly in the interim. It sounds as though I'd be OK with a car battery and need to take it home over winter to charge it every month? Is that the consensus? All your help is much appreciated, many thanks.
  7. My Vechline full energy 110Ah has died and I need to replace it. The battery only has to run the mover, never the lights or the fridge, pump etc. Do I need a leisure battery or simply a 110/115Ah normal car battery. The dead battery came with the mover when it was fitted by the dealer when I bought the caravan new and I'm not convinced it was the right battery given that it was only connected to the mover. Thanks
  8. Checked the battery this morning and it was a tad over 8 volts; hence, problem solved! We've just worked out the red/green light combinations. Trouble is the box is deep in the bowels of a locker and just about impossible to see by eye, hence the need for the photo. Many thanks to all for your help. ...now to the section on which battery to get! Cheers.
  9. I've been charging it all day, every day for 4 days (didn't want to risk it at night) and today, I checked the multimeter reading with the EHU disconnected. It started at 12. 6 but then dropped to 11. 4 within about a minute when the only draw on it was a digital multimeter! Knackered battery? Thanks to all for the positive advice.
  10. Thanks both, I checked the battery when not on EHU and will change the handset batteries as suggested. Will let you know how I get on. The flashing red light bothered me; see photo. Also, the battery seems unduly hot.
  11. Hello I'm on a Spanish campsite and my kronings mover has let me down for the first time. The remote control gets the mover to engage and disengage the rollers ok but the mover won't move the van despite being hooked up to the electric for 3 days. I've looked at the charger and there is a green light showing and a red light flashing on the RHS. Do I have a serious problem? My handbook doesn't explain what the lights mean. I've contacted Kronings in both the UK and Denmark but have heard nothing back which I'm very disappointed by. Battery shows 13. 6v on my multimeter. Thanks for your help Ian Shedden
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