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  1. It's the back two corners it did let it dry but when I filled the caravan with water again to check the hot water it got wet again?
  2. I have damp on both corners of caravan I thought it was rain water getting under but I put a cover over and it dried then once I filled the caravan again it was wet, any ideas what maybe causing the wet underneath floor.
  3. Someone suggested getting plastic angle to secure a r und the bottom to.let the rain drain off. Anyone. Know what size angle would be good 20by20 or 40by40. It has an end kitchen and end bathroom. Finding the leak. Is. My. Problem I don't know how to
  4. Someone suggested getting plastic angle to secure a r und the bottom to.let the rain drain off. Anyone. Know what size angle would be good 20by20 or 40by40
  5. Thnams so much guys gonna give everything a try
  6. I would hope so but unfortunitly I don't think so it seems quite wet do you think this metal bit which is loose would be causing it? Sorry is the chassis the metal I'm wrong then it's on the corners of the wood under the caravan
  7. Thank you I think I can do this got everything else working just need to get the damp sorted and learn from my Mistakes then hopefully get some good memories in it thanks
  8. Yeah that's what it has a whale pump that goes into water but I haven't even tried the water yet being winter and having two pipes that aren't connected anywhere
  9. I can't see any and didn't see any signs of damp inside the caravan but it's on the caravan chassis it's quit wet I'm just not sure how I find where the water is coming from
  10. I'm just a silly 32 year old lady with a small child wanting to give her great experienced stupidly I bought and don't have a clue what I'm looking for my own silly fault just hoping I just fix the issues I'm just an idiot I didn't realise how much can go wrong with a caravan finding out the hard way just wanted some nice memories made with my babe girl, seller said all was in working order my little one was screaming so didn't get a chance to get a good look and now found damp at the rear end my own fault thinking he was an honest person obviously didn't care he's left a young lady 2500 down, spoke to him he said he didn't know it was missing I didn't do it up I wouldnt know where to start I used it to go to haggerston a few times then sold it on cheap to get a better one well so I thought
  11. Louise1987


    So after finding a solution to one problem I find one even worse, damp at both read end corners of caravan, does anyone know someone near Edinburgh mobile who could help me out? Or any thing I can do to fix?
  12. So this is to the left of the other photo
  13. Thanks this is very helpful but how do I know if my system need the pressure switch or both the switch and accumulator any ideas how I would know Manuel doesn't help
  14. Bought a lunar Stellar 2001 I have noticed two blue water tubes are disconnected could someone advise me what is missing and a rough cost of repare
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