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  1. The equipment wasn't faulty, the paperwork as to the siting, speed change enforcement orderand other tech requirements wasn't correct, so for anything captured during that time it couldn't be legally enforced. A similar situation occurred when the M60 was being built, in that a section of a major road had a 6 months temp speed reduction from 40mph to 30mph to allow for the work, the work overran the schedule by aprox. 9 months due to unexpected ground conditions and through this period many motorists got fines and points, however a lawyer for a motorist who challenged his fine, found out that the local council had failed to extend the temp reduction which invalidated all the 9 months prosecutions, computer, or cameras can be blamed, they can't speak back, I'll bet in this instance as the M60 one it was human error.
  2. Look here................ https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/caravan-accessories/caravan-stabiliser/caravan-stabiliser-spare-parts/AL-KO-stabiliser-spare-parts Everything you may need on there, I've had lots of van stuff off them over the years, good service and fast postage, and fair prices for stuff in stock. I have no connection with the company but I'm happy to pass on when I have received good service. P.s. the arms for your model are more expensive than those for later models, have you tried an Ebay search for one ? Check that any you look at are exactly the same as yours and how the side is described, the right side would be the off side , as looking out of the windscreen. No. 2 son sent me this link which looks promising, depending on delivery time but looks to be out of stock and would be worth an email to see if they could get one in time. https://www.wilmond.co.uk/AL-KO-coupling-spares/AL-KO-aks2000-2500-2700-r-h-arm-metal.html
  3. Don't forget that there are many small and large sites not owned by or affiliated to any of the clubs who allow family to use the van without charge.
  4. Not all site owners are created equal, mine has reduced the fee by approx. £300 for next year, the exact details are down at the van, and the electric is 17.5p including vat per Kwh. So all in all fair all round.
  5. As Lost said, this is a classic sign of damp and one of the favourite places for damp to show on many vans, under a window. It needs testing with a damp meter, the DIY ones are quite cheap and easy to use to get an idea. When using one, before testing the area of concern, do a few tests around the van where it is obviously dry, they should all be around the same reading, which will give you a base figure to work from when testing the suspect area. Three crude, unscientific tests are, feel the affected area with the back of your hand, then do the same with an area of the same wall about 12 inches to the side of the window, if the affected area feels colder it can be caused by damp. The second one is, immediately above the suspected area, at the bottom of the window, carefully peel up a small section the rubber surround lip, it should lift enough to enable you to a) see if there is any moisture under the rubber there shouldn't be and b) see the wooden window frame which should be the light colour of new wood, if it is dark brown or black this is caused by damp. The third is, again about 12 inches from the damp and also on any wall that looks OK push your thumb firmly onto the wall to see how firm it is, now try the same over the stippled area, if it gives and feels spongy, again a sign of damp.
  6. A kid on a motorcycle ....................12 to 17 years old ? no rear number plate on bike ......................... that possibly means, no tax, no insurance, stolen bike, no licence and from previous transgressions points on his licence, if and when he gets one and owes unpaid fines !
  7. Silversurf

    The M6!

    This may not be the only death, or increase in life affecting injuries, or criminals getting away, or utilities companies being unable to attend to emergencies, due to their protests. Will they be bothered, I suspect 99.5% won't be, may even not know about it. They and other similar protesters can, with their blinkered attitude, only see their me, me, me object and blow everyone else. I wonder what the outcry from them would be if a protester had a heart attack, stroke or some other serious medical episode and due to their blockade died.................... oh, I know, he would be deemed a martyr in dying for the cause............ but asked beforehand if he was prepared to die for the cause At a guess he would say no. Where are all the means of none polluting transport, bikes, skates, scooters etc. the yoghurt knitters used to get to the protests parked up ? I'm sure they didn't all walk from home.
  8. A look around vans and trailers and its surprising to see many with the cable strands broken or rusted or severely kinked, any of which could cause the cable to snap before it's done its job.
  9. Though the basic car/chassis which the OP's car is built on is OK to tow, as the plate shows, if due to the model spec and consequent low production numbers, tow bar manufacturers aren't willing to tool up to produce a tow bar then that's it. The days of angle grinder, welder DIY bar are long gone. I wonder if the op has got a car sorted yet ?
  10. Same theme but nothing to do with vans. My neighbour has a large, tracked, tree stump grinder, remote controlled, a bit of a beast. He has had many a laugh on streets, golf courses, parks and such like, especially when he is out of view, when the beast, apparently with a mind of its own, trundles along, manoeuvring all obstacles with ease. He has been tempted, while he's not in view of onlookers, to take it up to a stump and grind it, but obviously he's a stickler with health and safety. My cousin is a golf course green keeper, he has a remote controlled mower for such as steep banks etc. where using conventional machines may not be possible, dangerous, or very time consuming, he quite enjoys hiding behind a tree or in a hollow and watch t the reactions.
  11. Front and rear cameras for me, though in a rear end shunt or a side swipe, a front facing camera may show enough evidence as to cause and responsibility .............and may not. The other thing to think about with both cameras is that as well as seeing the results of a shunt or near miss, events around the car leading up to the incident are recorded, which could have a bearing. One thing I do like, is hitting the capture button to save the frames before, at the button press and after the press, of to put it politely, silly folk, then uploading to one of the dash cam idiot sites.
  12. You should have quickly said " In our garden whilst we are having work done on our holiday cottage home. "
  13. It's not my system but the site owners, for seasonal pitches the meter is read at the beginning of the season, a second reading is taken halfway through the season and I'll be sent an invoice, at the end of the season the meter is again read and a final invoice is sent. For tourer pitches, the meter is read when the van is pitched up, the meter is read again when leaving, an invoice is produced, which you pay before you leave, quite a simple process. I believe that some sites use coin in the slot meters.
  14. In my sons Swift, the matress's when folded fit perfectly under one of the seats at the side of the table, the anti roll board when folded fits in the table locker, with the ladders hung up in the wardrobe. Are there any instructions in the manual ? I expect when you have a look round you may figure out where these should be stored, failing that, the wardrobe or the awning when up.
  15. At my van site, all EHU's will be metered next season, seasonal pitches read twice a year, tourers read on arrival and departure, price per KWH is similar to home, up to date the elec cost has been in the seasonal, tourer pitch charge. A few of the reasons they are changing are, that though they ask not to have such as halogen heaters in awnings continuously, some folk still do, the increase in elec usage in modern vans and the arrival of electric cars, they have had about three at the moment that they know of and the increasing use of such as elec hobs and grills / barbecue's. There are a few moaners, as always when changes are made, who think it's not fair, but the overwhelming majority I have spoken to think it is a good idea, as I do, pay for what you use. The fees for next year have been reduced by the elec element, so, if everyone does the same next year as this with ref to usage, there will be winners and losers, many of the moaners not realising, or wanting to, that whilst at the van, their home consumption is less. A few other local sites are doing the same thing, so I would expect that over time many sites will follow suit, possibly excluding the smaller ones.
  16. Tried your link and my security came up with. You attempted to access: https://nhs--applyonline.com/step1.php?iJKJGPWg This is a known dangerous webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page. So you did well not to proceed, if anything looks a bit iffy I load it up on a virtual machine without any danger to my actual machine.
  17. For coming back with the solution, it may help others in the future.
  18. A convincing one unless you are savvy at recognising them, many aren't especially some older folk, so warn any family or friends. Good timing on the scammers part with travel between countries opening up and folk needing the NHS passport. As usual with scammers they don't address you by name. The links don't go to the, as they appear .gov.uk sites but to a legit company in Brazil, the scammers will be using the companies, unknown to them , to do the scam, email below, I've removed some of the link details just in case anyone gets tempted. ........................................................................................................................ We are happy to introduce Digital Coronavirus Passports(HSPS) Dear NHS member, Starting today you can apply for a Digital Passport. Your account ID is z48c06e. Please make a note of this ID. You need it to sign in to NHS Digital Passport The Coronavirus Digital Passport is documentation proving that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or you recently recovered from COVID-19 Please click on the link below to apply for your Digital Passport now https://contact-tracing.phe.gov.uk/invitation/accept?invitation_token=..................................... We will ask you a few personal information about yourself and show you how to get your copy . The passport will allow you to travel safetly and freely around the world without having to self-isolate. Thank you for doing this quickly. You will be helping to protect yourself, your community, and the NHS. Any information you give us will be held in line with the Digital Passport. If you have any questions about this email or our NHS Digital Passport, please visit https://contact..................phe.gov.uk/.
  19. The model number is stamped or moulded into the left or right hand rear of the hitch casting where it sits on the van A frame and will start with the letters AKS The only serviceable items in the hitch, are the pads, arms and correctly attached indicators , the green buttons, however none of these have the washer. I'm not near any vans at the moment to compare so relying on memory, which at my age........ but what I have noticed in your last photo is that the tow ball locking mechanism the large rectangular piece with the smaller square on on top appears to be misaligned to quite a degree to the left , with the smaller square right spring pin noticeably higher than the left. The small square is a casting with two arms that go to the back, these have holes in them and sit on the spring shaft easily seen in the photo, looking at the left hand arm it appears to be distorted, broken or corroded, it may be a trick of the light or the photo angle, but doesn't look right, is the spring pin protruding the same distance on the left as it is on the right. If you have the chance, compare an AL-KO hitch on another van or vans to yours, ideally on an older van, they have changed slightly over the years, 4 friction pads and other slight variations, but the ball locking mechanism has remained all most the same. The washer is still the mystery though.
  20. Just curious, I presume your van is classed as a commercial, after the conversion would you be looking at converting it via VOSA to a private vehicle to get the advantage of lower insurance rates and the higher speed limits allowed ? If so, I'd advise you to read up on the flack knocking about vis a vis the new VOSA rules and the consternation in the pop up converter community.
  21. First, you will get more replies / answers if you change your topic title to something like " Anyone done a camper van conversion. " or " Camper van conversion advice " or similar. My son is in the process of doing a VW LT 35 conversion, to which I constantly get involved in, after the " dad can you just " phone calls. To date we have fitted 4 side windows, 2 roof lights one with fan, 2 solar panels with mounts for 2 more, awning rail, fixed rear bed with storage space underneath for mountain bikes etc. seating with an ex. caravan fold up bunk fitting to provide a seating area and 2 bunks, a kitchen comprised of hob with sink and drainer with storage underneath, most important, insulated all side and roof panels, internal lights fitted. Plenty of more jobs to do including a full respray, panelling sides and roof, routing wiring 12v & 240v, solar controls to set up and so on. I'll list some things to ponder on. 1) Will you want to stand up in the van. 2) Will you want it as a day van or for longer trips. 3) Will you need EHU. 4) Will you want to convert it from a commercial vehicle to private, cheaper insurance and no speed restrictions, but there are VOSA hoops to jump through. 5)How many occupants 6) To insure it as a private camper van some insurance companies insist on a few more things than VOSA 7) It will take longer than you think and will cost more. Now for a bit of advice. a) Do loads of research, then do some more, there are plenty of folk on such as YT doing the same, lots of free info. b) Don't be afraid to ask questions or for advice, I'm still learning at my age. c) Have a plan to work to, but not too rigid, be prepared to change it many times to get exactly what you want. d) Think through and pre plan things, for example, all wiring routes before you cover the area, as in my sons case the roof was sprayed to its final colour, then the opening for the roof windows were cut, riv nuts for the solar panels were fitted, cable access points fitted, the same with the 4 side windows, the panels they were fitted in were sprayed with the final colour to approx. 12 inches larger than the window size, the window openings cut, windows fitted which at final paint time will give a great blending in area without tricky masking. e) Get the best van you can afford. Finally from someone who is accused of being so laid back I need castors on my shoulders, don't get despondent when things aren't going well, nothing wrong with chucking the towel in for a while, having a brew or something stronger, sleeping on it, as long as you eventually reach your goal, that's all that matters. Good luck.
  22. There were two versions of the 2000, the later ones after 1994 used the pads that the OP is holding, plain shaft and shims, these pads fit a number of the 2000 series hitches, so until the OP comes back with the exact model, stamped on the side we don't know. On the early ones, up to 1993 the shaft was threaded as was the hole it passes through, to allow adjustment as the pads wore down, these were then locked into place with roll pins, these had no adjustment shims but obviously wouldn't be expected to be seen on a 1998 van. Either way, there shouldn't be a thick washer in the assembly, let alone one in pieces. Due to the safety aspect of such a critical component he needs to try to determine where the washer may have been fitted and why, has it or the broken pieces damaged or scored either the hitch internals especially the ball lock mechanism or the tow ball. A photo of the inside of the hitch would be interesting.
  23. Out of curiosity, how do you fill your internal tank at the moment, via a hose or watering can through the white aperture ?
  24. At best try a local locksmith, they may be able to help, at a price, at worst you may be resigned to cutting it off and destroying it.
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