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  1. I would think that the 'no hose pipe' refers not to the camper using a hose pipe to fill his onboard tank or water container, but to leaving one permanently attached to the tap. So, has the tap got, as the farmer quotes it should have, a non-return valve and hose connector ? When my son built his extension he asked a plumber pal about the NRV type of external tap he was going to fit, plumber said they are a waste of time for two reasons 1) the NRV's are prone to stick in the open position so become redundant, 2) most of these taps have a small stainless screw on the undersi
  2. Disregarding the cost, has your usage in KWH increased compared to last year ? I do know of a neighbour who said similar, no van though, till I pointed out to him that due to Covid restrictions he was spending far more time at home due to both having to work from home and not being able to go out and about, holidays etc.
  3. He doesn't explain it very well, but I'm presuming he means the slot where the awning bead is slid into the rail.
  4. Fascinating reading, or not 🙄 After reading this thread, I wonder how many who use them in the van, use them at home. 🤔😂
  5. Are you trying to charge it with a smart charger ? When a battery is down to 10v, it is technically a totally flat battery, most smart chargers won't charge from 10v, it see this as a faulty battery, there are a few ways to get it charging, presuming it hasn't totally failed, one is to use an old fashioned charger to get the battery up to 11v -12v then stick it back on to the smart charger for at least 24hrs, another is to connect the flat battery to say a car battery with jump leads for 10 mins or so, then connect the smart charger, after another 10 mins, disconnect the jump lead
  6. If a driver having joined Mayday and presumably having read the rules, then decides to travel with no spare wheel, gets a puncture, calls Mayday out and they decide to source a wheel at whatever cost, especially out of hours, that is simply a business decision by Mayday with benefit to both parties. Reduced cost to Mayday in not having to turn out a truck, more convenient for the driver, at a cost, in that sourcing and supplying a wheel will be quicker than a truck journey and the driver will be able to continue their onward journey without having to wait for a puncture repair/new
  7. True, and the goo will only seal small holes and if the bead to rim seal has been broken there isn't enough pressure or volume of air in the can to reseat the tire.
  8. I suppose that I had better mention it, but why not contact a good, well established, lock and safe smith in the area who will know all the ins and outs of removing locks or gaining access. There is a local one I use , been established 30+ years, I've known the present owner since he was an apprentice there and I've spent many an educational hour in his workshop seeing all the various anti pick, anti drill systems used. Though this isn't applicable to removing the AL-KO lock I saw how he eventually gained access to a floor safe which had to be removed from the floor an
  9. Of course you can drill around the lock but for what purpose, you end up with X number of broken drill bits later, then if you get that far, you find that the lock is still locked on to the keeper bolt.
  10. The best route for a light board cable to prevent damage to the bodywork, is to run it under the van along side a chassis rail with a handful of cable ties, plenty of holes in the chassis to fasten it to.
  11. So it is true then and was your previous car an Audi...........🤣🤣😂😉
  12. Any general purpose grease will be OK, possible Lithium based and used for such as wheel bearings etc.
  13. What do you mean by a 12v inline filter ? A water filter, or an electrical /electronic filter ?
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