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  1. For turn in braking the inside rear wheel helps to rotate the car. Just like the fun I used to have as a teenager with an old motorbike and sidecar, all street legal, doing a quick 180 degree about turn and stop on a sixpence, with a dab on the side car wheel brake and a blip of the throttle. 😉 You could do some odd things with three independently braked wheels.
  2. Passive Regeneration, as the name implies, does not require additional energy to carry out the regeneration process. Instead, this strategy relies on the oxidation of soot in the presence of NO2, which can occur at much lower temperatures in the range of 250 °C to 400 °C (480 °F to 750 °F). A catalyst is used to convert NO present in the exhaust to NO2. These catalysts require the use of precious metals to facilitate the reaction, platinum (Pt), in particular, which adds additional cost to the system. In some cases the catalyst coating is applied directly to the DPF, as with a catalyzed DP
  3. As Brecon mentions, Hobbies don't come with a leisure battery or charge control circuit as standard, so they have a limited 12v supply to the van from the car with engine off, for a few lights, toilet and sink pumps and possibly the ignition circuit for gas appliances, for comfort stops. Yes in theory you could link into this 13 pin plug supply for a 12v battery, but you will still need a charger, the correct wiring, safely locating and monitoring the battery and a good chance of zapping the PSU, which as Brecon says, on the latest vans is very expensive and Hobby are very shy on s
  4. Yes ............but not in the manifold or turbo, though depending on the construction of the manifold / down pipe without a turbo, one could be fitted there in theory. There are many permutations, and have many names, some inject raw derv under a high pressure, some derv and air, some a derv vapour, some have heaters and so on, but they will be downstream of the turbo and upstream of the DOC, in many cases close to the DOC inlet, their only purpose is to raise the heat of exhaust gasses from around 300 - 400 c, which is ample for a passive re-gen, as long as the car is driven till
  5. The rules and explanation of them in finer details are at best ambiguous at worst non existent, leaving many folk at a loss as to do what's best. The OP will be doing an approx. round trip of around 60 miles, as long as he drives there and back without stopping, contacts the workshop to see if it is OK to collect and what precautions he needs to have when arriving and when at the premises I can see no problem. I wonder how he stands insurance wise to leave the van at the workshop for an extended period ? Similarly the workshop obviously will want all finishe
  6. Why on earth would Herzim strip be painted at all ? It's not as if white Herzim is scarce ! There would only be two ways of painting it, both a ball of fun,1) before fitting it, which would result in the paint being damaged as the fitting tool sets it into the slot, 2) paint it after fitting would equally be a disaster due to the paint bridging the upper and lower gaps where it pleased, which would cause edge peeling with use. Brilock, is the toilet flush tank filler, if it has one, on that side, thinking about a possible spillage at some time of pink fluid
  7. What David mentions isn't the treasure seekers metal detector it's one of these, as well as detecting all metals, the detect ones will detect wooden studding in walls, differentiate between live and dead wiring, water pipes and so on. There are lots of others like this and they don't cost much. https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/DR13818.html?source=adwords&ad_position=&ad_id=415703895099&placement=&kw=&network=u&matchtype=&ad_type=&product_id=DR13818&product_partition_id=940253954878&campaign=shopping_excluded&version=final
  8. Most cars these days have adequate up to exceptional stability depending if it's a shopping trolley or an all singing dancing top of the range beast. The problem is the idiot in the drivers seat, with no inkling of what stability is, or how to read the road and drive accordingly, an extremely large and slow reacting right foot, one arm out of the window holding the roof on, two fingers of his other hand steering, safe in his belief that because that the adverts said it's one of the safest cars in the world due to all these letters behind its name, ABS, ESP, DSC and bar, that nothin
  9. Yes you are correct, thanks, and I should have mentioned that engines that use post injection fuel delivery ( extra fuel delivered after the initial burn so doesn't ignite ) suffer from this, with high engine speeds and long distances this is a problem, but not as much as with slow engine speeds and short journeys, the commuter / school run where the problem is greater. The reason the problem is not quite as great on the long journey engines, is that under prolonged high engine temps most of the derv will boil off and the vapours be removed by engine sump scavenging.
  10. What caravan and what year is it ? Which lights bring the noise on ? Which side of the van can you hear it and approx. where ? Does this happen when on hookup and when not on hookup ?
  11. Not quite right, in active re-gen, the derv is injected into the exhaust stream just before the Diesel Oxidation Catalysts ( cat ), as it passes through the cat, a chemical reaction raises the exhaust heat passing out to up to 600 deg c, that is needed to remove the soot from insufficient passive re-gen's, the derv doesn't actually burn. The active system is also triggered when doing a forced re-gen by utilising the specific ECU command, this is needed when successive active re-gen's haven't been completed due to the engine being stopped before completion.
  12. Slightly different but relevant, a neighbour has been randomly selected by a NHS testing regime, possibly due to medical problems, where a kit is sent through the post, she then has to see what day/date the kit will be collected, you do the test on the morning of the collection date, all good so far and sounds to be a good system. But.........she has been trying for the past two weeks to contact the site by phone and email without success, after going through the push button process on the phone she either gets nowhere or it rings off, with email, she fills in the easy form which
  13. You had a certain person in the passenger seat with a very pointy right elbow and occasionally high pitched voice who made sure you followed instructions and made you stop and ask for directions....................even though you didn't want to. 🙄😲🤣😉
  14. No2 son has popped in for a brew and says that CC is rapidly evolving and as well as adaptive cruise control there is also now intelligent adaptive cruise control that doesn't only use the vehicle sensors, radar, lidar, sonar, cameras, etc. but also info from a sat nav system so it can take into account gradients bends and so on before it reaches them. He says from memory the Volvo XC40 among other manufacturers can be fitted with adaptive CC
  15. Read up on Adaptive Cruise Control.
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