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  1. Like one of these below, I've had it years, as you can see, a bit weather worn, but still accurate, it measures both AC and DC current. I've been using it this afternoon to check the output of a charging circuit on an old Tecumseh mower engine, just popped in for a brew and a read of CT. It wasn't cheap at the time but I expect they are reasonably cheap these days, as with all electronic items. If you do get one, go for an AC & DC unit with a hold function, nothing worse than when you can just about clamp it over cable, but can't read the screen.
  2. This has been done to death on many forums, and is a fallacy, there is no oil or grease left over from these processes on pigtails or fittings, any oily / greasy deposits, ( it looks more like soft wax) in pipework regulator or jets and is well known, or should be, in the bottled gas industry and are known as ' heavy ends .' The phenomena is known about in the camping, sailing, house boat, occasionally in the LPG car or static engine situations etc and comes about as a gradual accumulation over the years, depending on the volume off gas having been used and the head scratching pr
  3. Thanks for coming back with the cure, it will help others in the future.
  4. Even with the latest charger and battery monitoring systems, you can not simply do a high capacity charge one after the other several times per day, subsequent charges are reduced to protect the batteries. So a Lands End to John o' Groats run would be a ball of fun where getting to the next charging station out in the sticks would potentially add many miles to the journey, then there are the islands to be provided with the new infrastructure, again at what cost. One other thing not touched on yet is the rare earth component of all this technology, the scarcity of them,
  5. Having a guess it will be the same as fitted to one of my Rover 75's, see stock photo. A couple of places to look for some info to point to repairers or symptoms could be the Rover 75, Land Rover or some BMW forums, I got this companies address sent to me a while back when on one of the forums talking about the heaters and book marked it should I ever need it, which I never have needed, a couple had mentioned they had used them and been happy with the results . Click on the service and repair and there is a good menu giving prices, also a couple of videos that may inte
  6. It takes X amount of electrical energy to boil Y amount of water in Z seconds. PWM reduces the average power, so using PWM you could still boil the same quantity of water, but it would take longer. PWM couldn't be used over the whole grid because there are so many things it would upset, both mechanical, electrical and electronic items.
  7. Forgetting about electric vehicles for the moment, with the demise of using gas as a form of heating and cooking there will eventually be a massive jump in elec. consumption, you only have to look at the figures for annual domestic gas and elec consumption in KWH, add the gas KWH to the elec KWH it's a frightening number, then add in an expected KWH total for vehicle of all types consumption. Then scratch your head and think about, 1st, where is all this extra generating capacity going to come from, wind and wave certainly won't hack it, 2nd, will the present country wide grid be a
  8. Hi and Ron, can you post what the make of the water heater is and possibly a photo, at its age it's possibly a Carver which runs on gas and electric, but the more info you can supply the easier it will be for answers. Like many things to do with vans, water/space heaters, fridges, cookers etc, are not unique to a van, the same or similar items are fitted by many manufacturers and in many instances you don't need the full van manual, just the instructions for the item, in your case the water heater.
  9. A similar thing that rears its head occasionally on here, CT and elsewhere, is poor performance of gas appliances, mainly fridges, ovens and hobs, sometimes regulators, more rarely water and space heaters, due to the jets being blocked, or partially blocked internally, by the dreaded gunge, a waxy deposit that is transported in the gas in minute quantities over time and condenses out to block or restrict gas flow. At best it only blocks jets which can have a temp fix by external ' pricking ' or may entail removing the jets, not always an easy or simple job getting at them, and atta
  10. Not to forget that when everyone is asking " Are they ready yet " every time you open the door to have a look, you will have an extra 20 mins have another glass of whatever to bide the time. 😋😉
  11. You and I know how to get that done. 🙄😉
  12. The OP is from Norway, I think it was his best description as to how to supply 240v to his van when off grid.
  13. To be honest, if you intend to use a reasonable amount of 240v appliances for a while, the only way to go is with a generator, as David says, using an inverter, the correct one with the van or car battery, is only good for small consumers and you won't get much running time from your battery if using such as a toaster, water heater, kettle etc.
  14. One other gripe of mine with these morons is that you can walk for ages behind, or alongside them, pre Covid obviously but it can still be seen, with a naturally inquisitive child asking question after question, that's how we all learn, but they never get answered. Exactly the same in supermarkets walking around, oblivious to everything and everyone around them, then they suddenly stop and backtrack realising they have gone past what they needed, time and again, because they are excitedly reading that Sharon has just decided to put strawberry jam on her toast. I have no
  15. Some more here.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55664266
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