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  1. It shouldn't cause float problems, just think of the thousands of motor homes, camper vans and caravans touring around with contents in the waste tank between disposable points without any problems.
  2. That's what some site owners may be thinking. More vans and tents, but no increase in the number of pitches, £££ signs flash up. Then what happens, like many things in short supply, the prices increase to whatever the market will stand.
  3. Is your PSU a Sargent EC500 ? I've got one knocking about in one of my workshops and a wiring diagram for it. There is the possibility that the water heater switch on the PSU switches the element, if so the white cable you partially traced would end up at the back of the PSU. A bit of an odd way to be honest to just rely on the mcb ( number 3 ) to trip with a water heater fault because this also serves the fridge and 12v charger, and you would have no quick way of checking which one of the three had the fault on, other than switching off the charger, green switch and water heater , white switch. I think that there may be a fused spur tucked away somewhere, you will have to follow the heater cable back to the PSU and hope to come across one. Can you use a multimeter, if so, the next step is to be on mains, switch on the heater at the PSU and see if you are getting 240v across the heater element terminals, if not you have an open circuit between the heater and PSU which could be a blown hidden fuse. If you do have 240v this then points to the possibility of a faulty element, WITH THE MAINS SWITCHED OFF AND UNPLUGGED, disconnect the heater element terminals, with the meter set on Ohms you should should get a reading of x Ohms( I can't remember the exact figure) if you are getting no reading it looks like the element is open circuit. There is a recent thread on CT within the last few days with a heater element fault it may be worth having a read through it. Edit, whilst you have access to the heater terminals you could check for cable continuity back to the PSU, it would mean gaining access to the back of the PSU, if you need to do this let me know and I'll tell you which multi-plug is used for the heater and which pins to test at, presuming it is a EC 500
  4. A bit more info might help. 1) What make is the water heater ? 2) Where is it leaking from ? 3) Does it work off both gas and electricity ? 4) Is the leak from the boiler itself, leaking onto the caravan floor under the boiler, or is it leaking outside nder the caravan ? 5) A couple of photos will help.
  5. It may well be that the hot tub owners are in the site manager / owners little clique and Clarrissa isn't, it does happen, sadly. It would be interesting to know how long Clarrissa and the neighbours have been on the site and how previous relations have been between them. .................they basically said if we don’t like it then move our caravan elsewhere.................... Because that, especially at the moment, they know full well that they will be able to fill the pitch quickly and have a nice little earner from the sale of a van. ..........................feel like we can’t say anything now as they’ll kick us off.................... Which they can't do unless you break some pretty serious, not petty, site rules, no consolation though because it leaves you treading on egg shells to keep the peace, making sure you comply with every rule, not something you have a van for. I ran this by my youngest son, the more feisty one, his solution, determine the pitch demarcation line exactly and the site rules on barbecues to the letter, if the contraption is over the line and encroaching on your space, ( where you usually have your barbecues 😉 ) inform the other van owner that you will be having a barbecue within your space, in the next 3 weeks, as site rules permit and due to their contraption being inside your area, you will not be held responsible for any smoke, sparks, or splashed fat damage to their contraption whilst it remains partially on your pitch.
  6. Silversurf

    tuning box

    Ask tdi- tuning box, they say it doesn't..............or don't you believe them, are they telling lies ! Basically, the only way these 2/3 wire boxes work is by sending incorrect info / modifying info from various sensors to the ECU not the ECO 🙄 At its very simplest, more power requires more fuel injected /burnt, which is a function of fuel pressure and injector opening time, ( injection timing, pre-post injection also come in to it but I doubt you would understand it if I explained it and will go over your head ) They work, sort of, by modifying either the engine temperature or fuel rail pressure info.
  7. A couple of things to think about, especially if you intend to use it every weekend is distance, you don't want to be spending the best part of a day travelling there and back every weekend, do you prefer a seaside location or an inland in the country location, any hobbies or interests that would draw you to a particular area, fishing, walking etc. The seaside tend to have higher fees, reducing as you go further inland, finally, enquire about opening times, they do vary, some are only open for 6-7 months per year through to open all year. Most important, before you sign on the dotted line, ask for a copy of the contract / agreement to take away to read and understand, before your final decision. E.g. some sites insist that when a van reaches a certain age it must be replaced with a new one through the site owner, some won't allow you to privately sell it on site, it must be done through the site owner for a commission, there can be restrictions on the type of decking you can use or if you can rent it out, gas, water and electric fees and so on, it may appear daunting reading this, it isn't really, it is far better to understand it all before you are committed, there are many threads on CT where when things have gone wrong, folk haven't read and understood the contract and sadly haven't a leg to stand on with their complaint. If you find a particular site you like, see if you can rent a van for a week or two to get the feel of it. When you come across your Shangri-La, which you will, you'll be in a world of your own making , where you can switch off from the trials and tribulations of life, returning home refreshed, ready for the next visit to the van. Ohh I forgot Please keep posting and keep us all up to date on your searches and the final outcome. It can help others.
  8. Here you go scroll down to your model page 2 there are 4 of them but you can see where your 2 go. http://www.groveproducts.co.uk/medias/documents/grove/cata/BIZ1801 Spares Alko.pdf
  9. It doesn't appear to be giving the tens of thousands, or more, folk who regularly tow garden rubbish trailers, boat trailers, livestock trailers, horse trailers, car trailers, glider trailers, plant trailers, caravans large and small, burger vans and many other trailers a sore head. It's obvious from your posts, that you are getting really stressed out to the point of paranoia about towing a caravan. May I humbly suggest, that going by your posts, on this thread and others, that sadly, you are not cut out to be able to tow a caravan and suggest that for the safety of yourself and others that you explore other holiday venues such as hotels, B&B, holiday camps.
  10. If the OP is anywhere near a boat yard, marina, surf board, canoe builder, it's worth asking around there. One important point is to ask the prospective repairer if they will be finishing off the repair by painting the repaired area or by gel coating it, also worth asking a dealer if they are doing a repair. Replicating a painted finish or a gel coat colour is relativity easy if you know the paint/colour code, this will give you an as new colour, which may show up slightly against a weathered panel, a good paint shop will be able to tone up or down to match the weathered colour, if you have a sample part in the colour, resulting in you having a well matched pot of paint. Not so gel coat. Colouring gel coat is a different matter, in many cases the repairer has to add whatever toner, or combinations of toners that are required to obtain the correct colour of the gel coat, a bit of a black art, a good eye, and cross your fingers, though resin can be bought pre coloured in limited colours. Painted finish or gel finish does it matter, yes and no, both will, or should initially provide a good invisible repair, however paint is more susceptible to degradation over time, even when given a coat of UV resistant clear, gel coat tends to be more robust. So, if you are going to part ex in a year or two, paint will do, just remember to keep using a none abrasive polish frequently. Keeping it for umpteen years before part ex a gel coat may be a better option, what repair............. 😂
  11. Or you could want it to look heavier so that you could tow a heavier van. 🙄😉
  12. I doubt any employer would let any driver, especially a rookie, loose on a truck of any description costing any thing up to £150,000 without training and a competence test, then there is the CPC !
  13. Ohh I've got some of them in my rockery and drystone walls, or is it Sempevivum. 🤔😁
  14. But if you are on two wheels, fantastic roads.😉🏍 Over the 40 odd years I've been every way possible from home, between Manchester and Abersoch via all sorts of de-tours, easier on the bike to spin it round when you can go no further. Good advice from all on here for the best way with a caravan.👍 For Maffffster, you are in the ideal spot for many days out, Snowdonia, the mines and quarries, Porthmadog and the narrow gauge railways, Portmerion, castles, or just chill out on the beaches. If you hear or see a few low flying jets, no need to duck, they may be just down the road near Dolgellau playing like this.
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