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  1. Surely you cannot be expected to pay for a "luxury" item that you can't use? You have a choice to remove the luxury item off the site ! The government has effectively given rental tenants 3 months free rent and their housing is essential. Then why should non essential ' luxury items/tenants ' be given the same treatment? It would be a brave caravan park that tried to enforce payment on this one. Would it ? you would have two choices, pay up or move off. I think payment of a service charge might be reasonable perhaps 20% of fees................... You've obviously not thought this one out, even with no staff, sites still have overheads, water, electricity, rates, maintenance, insurance, security, repairs, etc. We are all in this together all businesses need to be realistic in what they expect people to be able to afford and they need to make sure they retain customers after all this is over. What the customer can afford is irrelevant, it's what it costs to keep the site viable, no point in trying to retain customers if what the customers can afford is less than it takes to run the site. I am not sure that some of the commentators on this topic are as well informed as they seem to be. I presume, and hope, you include yourself in this statement ! When people's incomes are being effectively cut by at least 20% the leisure industry need to realise they are a long way down people's essential bill list. True, but this doesn't apply only to the leisure industry, in the present scenario it applies many other industries to a lesser or greater degree. Surely sites have insurance to cover this kind of eventuality, Wimbledon does. I would be obliged if you could point me to where there is information that Wimbledon has this cover, I would doubt very much that conventional caravan sites insurance policies would cover this scenario, but, as always,I'm prepared to be proved wrong.
  2. To put it into perspective, if I had purchased an annual seat at the opera, an annual car parking spot, an annual train ticket etc.and was unable to use them for whatever reason, within or outside my or any bodies control I wouldn't expect those companies to re-reimburse me, why should I ? Likewise if the facilities were not available for reasons outside the companies control, as now, I wouldn't expect reimbursement. I expect to pay £x per year, for the site fees and use of my caravan, if I use it or not for any reason, the fact that I can't use it at the moment, or even this year is annoying, but not my nor the sites fault. It's a great site, owners are fantastic, a spot that suits me down to the ground and has been so for abut 30 odd years. Will I, under the prevailing circumstances, pay the full site fees, of course I will. Why ? Well, if I was reimbursed what would I do with the money ? Buy something I may not need or stick it back in the bank at what is basically a zero interest rate, buy another holiday, no chance of that, not that I would want to. So why would I do this ? Simply in the hope that it helps to keep the site viable for many years to come, for me, my family and the many friends I have down there. There are far worse tragic and life changing things happening to millions of folk the world over, other than losing a few quid that was earmarked anyway. Be thankful for what you've got. If I don't succumb to the virus and the sites future is secure great, if I do succumb and the sites future is secure, it will in a small part be a little bit of my legacy for others to benefit from.
  3. Eating it because there are no cheap loaves 🤷‍♂️😂
  4. You appear to forget that diseases such as these, like many others are not selective, they take the fit,the sick, the old, the young, the good, the bad, the strong, the weak, the rich and the poor.
  5. Sadly a totally illogical and pathetic idea, so just the young and healthy ? That suggests you would willingly discard disabled folk, folk who are not healthy but are experts, scientists, doctors etc. The same with the elderly ! I could say more but it would be censored.
  6. A simple question, who would decide who has more chance to live ? Can you post a list of your criteria for those to save ? Take your idea further and you could say why treat anyone for anything, just let folk die for whatever reason , just let nature take its course !
  7. This is never going to happen, as with this pandemic in this day and age of travel, by the time it is realised that something is amiss, or even before, it has been shared far and wide. Even now in the midst of this one we see the idiot Trump wanting to reduce or ban the export to Canada, Latin America, and other countries, of masks produced by 3M and also wants 3M to reduce the masks available to other countries where they have plants and send them to the USA Trudeau said "There are medical products and other essential goods that move across the border in both directions... these are things Americans rely on." Subtly suggesting a tit for tat war on medical supplies. Article here https://tinyurl.com/wob277b So Trump wants the USA to have masks to help to prevent spread, but not other countries, especially the two large ones on his borders. I remember not many weeks ago when the muppet stated that the 'wall' would prevent the spread from Latin America and the USA would be back up and running by Easter ! scarily he has access to the Big Red Button yet I wouldn't trust him with a TV remote. I can imagine the look of despair on his teams faces every time he gets his phone out to start tweeting his nonsense.
  8. The op has fitted a new battery ".......................so we bought a new one but still have the same problem. "
  9. Wholesale milk prices to the farmer is dropping mainly due reduced demand from restaurants, cafes, schools industry etc. So there may not be an immediate effect depending on how long Covid lasts, but if the farmer isn't getting a viable return then as the cows go dry they either won't be calved again or slaughtered, he has to plan about 9 months ahead. I don't know if the wholesale egg prices are dropping, but a similar scenario may take place in the future if brood size is reduced.
  10. Number 2 sons customers have been asking him this question and he says that for most folk there will obviously be very few short journeys per week or month in the present situation to cause any problems, they simply won't be doing the mileage or engine running hours, however if the car was about to reach the re-gen stage it may bring it to that point quicker and that the inability to go for a longish fast run to promote re-gen may need a forced re-gen to be done in a garage. He has a couple of companies whose vehicles, mainly small Ford courier size, only do multiple stop start journeys per day, plumbers, electricians etc. who have been beset with this problem in normal times and the vehicles end up in his workshop for forced re-gens quite frequently, the companies will be replacing these with petrol vans when the time comes.
  11. I think that once the vans were determined not to be assets of the site gaining possession of them would not be a problem, but if the site could not be sold, the problems would rear their head in the logistics of removing them from site, which would mean everything, decking etc, making safe electrical, water and sewerage connections etc. Then there would be the transport costs and where to get it re-sited locally if possible, bearing in mind most sites have a waiting list for pitches, so, say a site of 50 vans in a popular location were unable to be moved locally, the only two options then would be to move further afield at extra cost or sell, potentially at a great loss. Hypothetical at the moment, but not, sadly, impossible.
  12. It wasn't bought on Ebay, it was bought on Facebook ! I doubt it was paid for by PayPal but if it was that's the way to go with a SNAD claim, but if she only described it as in good condition and no tears, what the op got was in good condition and no tears then it would have been as described, it's not up to the seller to describe faults, missing parts etc, as long as they don't mislead, sadly it's up to the seller to ask the questions, not presume, which is natural, that everything is there. The fact that the seller said " .............but she’s adamant that everything was there when she posted it. " which I hope is in an email and it was bought using PayPal there is a bit of hope. Many items bought on Facebook are private sales so there are very few, if any, legal re-courses. You beat me to it WP.
  13. As a biker I love the scooter riders pan scrub protection, she's obviously scared of catching the virus. But no crash helmet nor any other protective gear, only good thing is that if she goes 'a over' , the medics will have instant access to scrubbing out gravel rash equipment. Just off to Aldi for some milk, do you think they will object to me dragging round my compressor behind me for my air fed mask.
  14. I think your only chance will be Ebay and such. Like this https://tinyurl.com/t5s64bb The curtain rails and curtains shouldn't be a great problem, many different van manufacturers use the same or similar products, you just need to work out the sizes you need, or even make some. Google caravan breakers, they sometimes have these. The skirt shouldn't be a problem either, you can buy it new by the meter, or again lots of second hand ones turn up,just make sure a second hand one is the correct length or longer, they're simple to shorten. The panel could be a problem, you may not be able to get one in the same colour, keep scouring Ebay etc. awning panels do turn up and sometimes full awnings but with no poles. Another option would be to contact caravan dealers who also sell awnings, they sometimes have a collection of awning bits from awnings and caravans taken in part ex. Some awning manufacturers have the same basic awning sold under different names so you may have some luck if anyone on CT knows of the same awning sold under different names. You could always contact the manufacturer, depending on the age of it they may well be able to help. Good luck.
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