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  1. Hello all, I want to remove the door pocket/bin from our xplore 546, I've tried pulling it to the point that I'm afraid of breaking something, there are no obvious screws and it does creak and come a little way when I pull it, I can see what I assume to be clips holding the pocket on. Should I just pull harder?
  2. Hello everyone, we're looking at buying a 2nd hand van - we weren't before we went to the Lawns show with 'free' tickets (may end up being the most expensive free tickets ever!) and whilst there, fell in love with the Xplore 586, but its a pretty new van and out of our price range. So we've been looking for alternatives and have seen an Xplore 546, but it's a cat D write off. We’ve been to see it and the damage is very superficial – doesn't even require a repair – but I have many concerns about it and would like your opinion; could we insure it? Not a big deal if we cant. Could we sell it on? I'm pretty sure we couldn’t part ex it as I have seen a thread on this forum about that, but I still think we could sell it privately or to a trader for a reduced rate, would you buy a cat d van, how much hassle is this going to be? Why cant I find any others? At the time of writing (sept 2019) I cant find any 546's for sale, I've looked on ebay, gumtree, autotrader, and more; are they really good and people want to keep them, are they really bad and people never bought them? 5 grand seems expensive for an 11 year old cat d caravan that I think was about 11 grand new (it is in good nick otherwise) can you get a report of the damage from the insurance company, to make sure the very minor damage I’ve seen (panel dent) is the reason for the write off? Opinions on alternatives? There's 5 of us and we're all single, 2 of us are happy to share a bed but a van with 2 doubles is out. We need a light van – under 1400mtplm - twin axles are out. We'd (i'd) like windows for the bunks but not a dealbreaker. look forward to your opinions.
  3. Hi all, my car's handbook states 2 braked towing weights: 1400kg for an 8% gradient and 1600kg for a 12% gradient which is the legal limit, or do I take the middle (1500kg) i have looked for this on the net (gov website, rac website, searched here too)but found no mention of it.
  4. The very first trip with our very first caravan, plan is to get it into its new home at my friends house, trip there goes without incident - I haven’t been that nervous since I took my driving test some 20-odd years ago, on arrival at my friends house a tight reverse turn through gates and down a drive was required (I'd been dreading it for weeks) but the road was too busy, as soon as I started I was holding up yet another car. so plan B, my friends mums drive, got there without incident, this time a reverse turn downhill and up a drive (but a quiet road) got nearly in the drive before the rear of the caravan grounded. A few manouvres were no help, ended up getting my friends mum (OAP with dodgy hip) to lay down in the boot of the car while my friend directed, managed to get the 'van up with minimal grounding. Drive is an incline to a flat, so towbar then grounded, mum is redirected to the back of the caravan and finally we get it to its first resting place and all sigh relief (little did we know) we drive (forwards) one of the wheels onto the levelling ramp (we need the experience after all)(no chock) apply the handbrake and disconnect the hitch, at which point the caravan rolls back on the ramped wheel and swivels into the outside tap putting a large dent in to the body, but luckily not breaking the skin. not understanding why the brakes aren't working and already tired and frustrated and despondent we try a few times to push the 'van off the tap but only make more dents, I think we ended up re-hitching the van with a lot of pushing and shoving and then pitched it without the ramp. still to this day when I'm on a hilly site I look at all the caravans parked 'front downhill' and smile. Its still got those dents. Oh yes; took the 'van to my friends (plan A) early on Sunday morning and got it in with little drama.
  5. The postage from RS is free. I used to get all my stuff in person from Farnell trade counter in Leeds, but they closed it down as it wasn’t “the direction the business is going” or some corporate nonsense like that. They have a postage charge on online orders (below a minimum spend), so they have been successful in making me go online, but now I go with a different company, well done farnell! yes, luckily not lost anything there yet, did lose one of the screws down the plughole, now I always work with the plug in!
  6. So the microswitch on my hot tap has failed, a bit of searching on the internet yields the required item, at a price of between five and ten pounds. Now here's where the story really starts, I do electronics as a hobby, and know the price of microswitches (about a pound, common standard ones should easily be less than £1), also I am a Yorkshireman, and at the moment unemployed (redundancy and factory closure) so I thought 'I'm not (bad language removed by Admin) paying that!' So off to RS components website I go, microswitches I type (why am I talking like a pirate?) And 2116 results I get. Time to narrow it down it is (now I'm talking like Yoda!) So a multimeter in the tap circuit tells me the pump takes 2. 5A, so I filter out everything below 4A for a bit of de-rating (In electronics, derating (or de-rating) is the operation of a device at less than its rated maximum capability in order to prolong its life) nine hundred and something results, filter out everything but spade terminal type, but this yields too few results so get rid of that filter. Sort by price and look for something that resembles what I want (watch out for minimum order quantity, you get plenty of components that cost 20p each but come in a box of 1000). Upon finding one I look at the data sheet (download link in the item description) and compare the dimensions against the dimensions of my tap microswitch (L20mm W6. 6mm H10mm) they match! So I've got 2 on the way, the total price? £1. 54. The terminals are pin type - designed to be soldered to a circuit board through holes, but this shouldn't be a big problem, I'll solder an appropriate connector on, or just solder them directly. Can't confirm they work yet but the RS item number - in case you're interested - is 6994605. this was going to be 2 posts but you know how it is. Got them! The short: It's in and it works! The long: Got the old one out and put it up against one of the new ones; looks pretty similar <this is where I try and include a picture>. Put it in place in the tap assembly, it fits, figure out which pin is the 'common' which is the 'normally open' and which is the 'normally closed', shove the spade connectors on, they’re a bit loose but this is just a low power test to see if it will work and light the little LED on my 'van distribution panel, the water pump is not connected at this stage: Yes! It works, it clicks when it should on opening and closing the tap and the LED lights as it should. Now to connect the pump in a bucket of water (the pump, not me)… yes it works, so it can handle the power. Now I don’t really want to chop the wires so I crimp the female spade connectors a little to make it a more secure connection, and thats it, put everything back together! So if you too don’t want to pay £7 for a component that should cost less than £1 the part number is above, if you have different microswitch types or this post is old and that component is no longer available just do what I did.
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