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  1. Manual, not a fan of auto's
  2. In the end after much consideration I went for a BMW 3 series touring, the low kerb weight of the passat was my main issue and having driven both in my opinion the BMW is a better drive. The BMW has a kerb weight of 1615kg which gives my about an 86% match with my van (1380kgs mtplm) and it tows really well and is very stable. Also the BMW has 218 bhp and 331lbs/ft of torque which makes towing easy when going up hill etc, I felt the passat was a little under powered. Admittedly the Passat has a larger boot, the 3 BMW's is quite small by comparison but for me overall it was a better choice. I don't doubt that the Passat is also a great tow car but I personally feel more comfortable with a heavier car.
  3. I towed with a 320d touring and now a 325d touring both m sports. In my opinion both are excellent tow cars and haven't had any issues while towing. My van has a mtplm of 1380kgs and it's no bother. They have plenty of power and torque which makes the steeper hills a breeze. Also I find being rear wheel drive and having a low centre of gravity helps to make the outfit stable when towing. I would say that getting the nose weight right is important (as it should be with any towcar) as you notice a massive difference when the 75kg is exceeded. Paul
  4. I get why people buy SUV's and don't get me wrong they make good towcars but they are just not for me, I prefer the handling of an estate, the generally better fuel economy and don't have the need for increased height so personally I wouldn't buy one. Also I use roof mounted bike racks which are easily accessible at estate height, not sure it would be as easy on an SUV 😀
  5. I have managed to have a look at a few Passat's this week and am impressed, the build quality is good as you would expect, it drives really well, fuel economy solo at least is excellent and the boot is huge so it pretty much ticks all the boxes. From the comments towing my van shouldn't be a problem either. One of the ones I looked at has a electric towbar which I haven't used before. Does anyone have any experience of one? Seems a good idea in theory, my only concern being if it goes wrong, do they have a manual override? Min, have always had estates for towing, I don't have the need for an SUV and have never really been that fussed on them to be honest. As you say estates are way more practical 👍
  6. Again thanks for all the advice, I have looked at the Superb but as FrankBullet points out you seem to get a slightly better spec on the Passat although I realise they are essentially the same car. Also for the money I am looking at spending I would be looking at a previous generation Superb, which I don't find that great to look at. The new one is a nice looking car but still a bit expensive second hand. As for Passat in reality as with most people the car will always be heavier than the kerb weight, 2 kids, the wife, a boot full of stuff and bikes on the roof so I can easily add 200kg + when towing so would be looking at an 80% match anyways so all good in that respect. Thinking after all the positive comments that it may well be the car of choice. Thanks again 👍
  7. Thanks for the advice, from what I gather previous models had a much higher kerb weight, the current model has been lightened to make it more efficient, great for fuel economy not so good for towing ☹️. The model I am looking at is a 2015 SE Business 150bhp manual, mainly due to its high fuel economy, practicality and the £20 rfl.
  8. I am looking at possibly buying a current VW Passat Estate and having read all the reviews and looked at the tow car awards it has won it seems like a good option. However the latest model has quite a low kerb weight (1505kg on the particular model I am looking at) but it still retains its healthy 2000kg towing limit. So my question is does it still remain a good option to tow my van with a mtplm of 1380kgs? I don't want to get into the 85% debate (I would be looking at a 92% match anyways) I'm just interested in what people's views of the car are, particularly anybody towing with one over 1300kgs. Thanks Paul
  9. The 2. 2 diesel 2wd 150 has a kerb weight of 1571kg 😀
  10. Have a look on honest john, you can search a specific car and trim level and it will give you all the specs including kerb and gross weights.
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