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  1. MHO

    Caravan plumbing

    Thanks for your advice chaps. most useful.
  2. MHO

    Caravan plumbing

    What I need is something like in the attached picture. Two jubilee clips and ‘bingo, I should be in play. The reason son for mentioning the internal dimensions is because all of the site (I have seen) use that measurement, which is frustrating for something that should be so simple.
  3. Good morning. I have an old 2 berth with 1/2 UPVC plumbing. I need to source a 1/2” male to male inline connector to join two lengths of pipe. A simple search to purchase one on the internet you would think. Alas no. If I search for one it seeks all manner of non imperial dimensions including internal measurements. Can anyone assist please. What is the internal dimensions of a standard 1/2” pipe.
  4. Thank you guys, as always your advice is just perfect thank you.
  5. Hello caravan chums. We have a small 2 berth Castleton 2DR (1991) and if I might say, she is pretty as a peach. We are considering getting a porch as an option for short stay’s, winter breaks etc when the full awning won’t be going up. Somewhere to dry the dog, change out of the wet stuff. Are there certain specs that determine which one you have so it fits? Any recommendations please ? regards. Mark.
  6. Cheers chaps. i just got a signal. i will Check the steadies first. i wondered about the door swelling. regards Mark
  7. Hi. no the hinges are smooth in operation. It like the door no longer fits the hole.
  8. Hi. I have a Castleton 2door HD Romer, 1991, 2 berth. All of a sudden the main caravan door won’t close without slamming. It seems to be sticking near the top opposite the hinge. can anyone advise please as to why this might have occurred and how to fix it. many thanks in anticipation. mark. p.s I am on a site with only intermittent 4g/WiFi so may be sporadic in further timely replies.
  9. All great advice chaps, as always, thanks
  10. Yes we have two bottles so I guess trial and error is the way forward. Thank you.
  11. Greetings all. The wife and I are off to a 4 day festival in July (please don’t overly judge us) where there will be no hook-up for our Castelton HD Römer 2D. It has an Electrolux RM212,F fridge built in which the handbook states works from both electric and gas. I am currently sat on my driveway and I think I have got it going on gas. I followed the instructions and it seemed to ignite the coupling I just wait to see if it chills. I have a questions please if someone could assist. How long would a 4.5kg gas bottle last. Is it hungry on gas ? many thanks in anticipation.
  12. MHO

    Caravan materials

    Thanks for all your advice people. I had done the repair a couple of weeks ago but sought advice regarding finishing the underneath. For or interest here are two pics one showing the enlarged hole after removing the rotten wood. The circular hole is the shower drain. The previous owners disconnected the shower which was not used since the early 90’s. the rotten wood was very dry so I assume this was old water damage. i chipped away the dead stuff and placed over the top 9mm marine ply. The underneath I painted over with a bitumen type paint to seal the visible new wood and I have cut away a neatish square into the insulation ready to receive a neat new piece tomorrow.
  13. MHO

    Caravan materials

    Thankyou very much I am having difficulty finding a 'half' or 'quarter size' board. More concerned about wastage as I only need around a foot square. It seems you can get Jablite in a smaller size. Could I use this or is it not suitable. Cheers.
  14. MHO

    Caravan materials

    Thanks again for your advice chaps. Can’t extol the virtues of this website enough. I have posted questions several times now and have received excellent timely advice. Thank you.
  15. I have recently surprised myself by making a repair to a rotten piece of flooring to our caravan (A Castelton HD Romer 2DR circa 1990) The repaired piece however is now missing what seems to be polystyrene insulation that affixes to the underneath of the flooring (exposed to the elements) Can anyone advise please as to where I can buy a piece of this and what you afix it with. many thanks in anticipation.
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