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  1. Just another thought, have you a tracker fitted? If so it could be a low battery warning on the tracker.
  2. We sold ours privately but had to let the site do the final deal and take their cut, even though they really did nothing!!
  3. I would highly recommend Dornafield in the Newton Abbot area of South Devon, we had such a fantastic week we have re-booked again this year. The toilet blocks are immaculate the site absolutely beautiful and tidy, two separate dog walking fields and fully serviced pitches. I can't recommend it enough. We think it's a total hidden gem of a site that you should consider. https://www. dornafield. com
  4. Smytham Manor in Great Torrington North Devon has fantastic flat cycle rides, from the campsite straight onto the Tarka Trail in either direction, it's well worth checking it out.
  5. Many caravan accessory shops hold poles in stock, sometimes second hand, it would be worth contacting your local retailers to ascertain if they have any in stock. What part of the country are you in as I am aware of retailers in the Bristol area that may be able to help you. Hope you are able to find some.
  6. Hi Tony Check this site out you will be able to mach any car with any caravan. Hope it helps. I have a Ford Kuga 2. 0 TDCI 180 AWD which tows my Bailey Unicorn Velencia spectacularly which I think is slightly lighter in weight to the Pastiche575 . https://towcar. info/GB/index. php Regards Kevin
  7. Just a quick update, I have fitted a Sharp 24" flat screen LED TV DVD combo, it's a little snug but fits in really well, we are away on our first trip to a campsite called Dornafield in South Devon, the TV tuned in excellently with the digital channels using the onboard aerial. Thanks for your help and advice with this.
  8. Unfortunately some of us have no choice in the matter they only make a removable hitch for my car due to the position of the number plate on Peugeot 508.
  9. Thank you so much metelodave for your comprehensive answer it's really useful.
  10. I am due to collect my 2016 Bailey Unicorn Velencia from the dealers next week, would anybody be aware of The maximum size TV I will be able to fit to the sliding TV bracket, I have already purchased a quick release bracket.
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