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  1. I was just avoiding my Elddis dealer, they're not too local, plus they are the sort of business that still runs their entire service operation from a hand written diary! Great, thank you for that. I was doing all sorts of search terms on eBay, but clearly not that one! And whilst i couldn't get any part numbers names off the light cover that made sense... now that the listing you found states 'Jokon' i can recognise that is what one of the markings says! The joke's definitely on me!
  2. Can anyone give me some guidance as to which websites i could try and locate one of these on? It's just the 'simple' lamp cover for the top tail side light. Clicked through a few of the links but can't find some general / generic items. Thanks in advance.
  3. If you're after a hotel within walking distance i would say the Genting is very much the best (but ends up being the most expensive at weekends and nearer the time), then the Crowne Plaza (which is your typical chain and does attract the show staff). Then you'd be looking at the more budget hotels at Birmingham Airport which have the airRail link (maglev!) across to the nec. Choice rockets up if you're driving or willing to use public transport to get to the show.
  4. Hi, has anyone experienced this before, it's kind of the Stranger Things version of the normal touch screen panel! Bizarrely the touchscreen still thinks the buttons are displayed in the normal position. I couldn't find anything on their website or the handbook about a reset which seemed by first point to try. So any advice / help would be welcome
  5. This was what i did, as it was my first caravan purchase, took a weekday off work, took my time going from van to van (having done a short list of about 4 of the layouts we were after) and then back again. Spoke to some dealers. Then i took the wife and kids back at the weekend, when it was frenetic! to finalise the choice and make the purchase. The buying experience at the weekend was not great, pretty rushed, salesman constantly looking over your shoulder for his next sale. That didn't bother me really, but for many I can see that it would so i'd recommend 2 weekdays. A day to resea
  6. I've a twin axle so dual Powrtouch movers. The one on the rear wheels has become misaligned in that the door-side fits the tyre well, the opposite side is digging in heavy into the tyre, to the point it won't allow movement (unless i release the rear and just use the front mover). I've not messed with tyre pressures and i'm suprised it's the 'far' side to the one in which i lever the mover in and out of position. I read the pinned post on realigning but it points to a dead link. Any advice as to if this is a common issue and easily resolved (by a user!). TIA
  7. I must admit, i've tried to figure out what is what on the Cadac website for some time now and find their range / website info very confusing. That aside, can someone with some more experience help me on this... Looking on Go Outdoors, who appear to have a good price for Cadac items, there is... - a 'gourmet combo' which has a 'standard'(?) griddle and a paella pan for £195 https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15901709/cadac-carri-chef-2-gourmet-combo-15901709 - a barbeque option which just has the 'standard' griddle for £124 https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15921668/cadac-carri
  8. I had wrecked the thread on one of the receivers. Dealer cut it afresh when in for some minor work recently. I think i'm going to move away from using two of the Alko locks if insurance allows.
  9. Hi all, not quite towing related, but having had to do a few trips with our family bikes inside the van, i looked to see what the cost was to put Roof Rails on the Discovery 5. Shocked that it's over £900!! (and that's before roof bars/the appropriate Thule feet). Does anyone know of a non dealer route / cheaper way to get rails onto the Discovery 5 please?
  10. Well, it is Jersey after all! In fact Jacksons, who run ALL the branded dealerships over there sold up a few years ago, for about £40mil as i recall. I remember thinking it didn't seem a lot, despite it being a small place, the residents do buy a lot of high end cars!
  11. A previous post here says they think the size restrictions are due to the size of the roads. Is this definitely the case? I ask because i'm wondering whether their permit restictions may be relaxed in the future or upon request. We've just got ourselves, our first ever, van and it's a Avante 866, so a bit of a whopper! Plus we use a Discovery to tow!
  12. Thanks for the replies. The plastic caps have always been in place, so think i can rule out dirt and grime. Having just tried just the bolt, yes, one of them only takes the bolt in a few turns and then sticks. I had been jacking the van up so as to be able to rotate wheel(s) and fit locks. I'm thinking that on lowering the jack it's in some way moved the wheels and put pressure on something. I think i'll need to call on someone who knows these things better than me to help, either with a tap set or replacement bolt perhaps. Thanks ag
  13. Hi all, so i took delivery of my first ever 'van in December, since then it has been parked up at home and always with the hitch lock and two (as it's twin axle) Al-ko locks in place. I've removed these and put them back in place twice before, but last week, when off on our first holiday, i seem to have had real problems getting the one lock on and had to leave it dangling (for show!). Is it feasible that the chassis part of even the bolt can be cross threaded this easily? I can't see any damage, but then i'm unsure what i'd be looking for on the axle part of the threa
  14. Can anyone give me any advice on what hanging rails to buy to go inside a Kampa air ace awning? I'd looked at their accessory website and it looks like they sell a rail and then a hanging hook system, but these seem to total around £30. I assume there are same or similar from non-Kampa sellers? TIA!
  15. I've read through the thread, but can i ask some advice that is suitable for my very-new-to-caravan brain please... I've a twin axle, and have Alko locks already (so don't wish to duplicate a purchase of others), which method / technique and equipment would you recommend. I'm about to go away for a week in the van onto a fully serviced grass pitch, so assume it will be pretty flat. I'd also prefer not to shell out £200 on the lock and level right now. Any (simple!) advice welcome! Thanks
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