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  1. Hi folks. I'm looking for your opinions on Van Butchery; slightly more extreme modifications than adding an extra shelf. A little background. .. Messy divorce. Haven't had a 'proper job' in years as pre-divorce I spent 5 years restoring an old farmhouse in the Dales, that was to be our forever home (until the OH decided to have an affair with a dental nurse and emptied my bank account).. Anyway, time to move on. I have plans for a completely new venture, but it's not going to happen overnight. .. So I did some sums and discovered that to live in even a bad area is going to cost a way too much, so I bought a caravan for the winter to give me some creative time to get my head sorted. . Possibly too much background ? Basically I need more space in the van so I can develop my products and I need a desk. So I plan to: Ditch all gas appliances, to loose some weight and gain some extra space. I'm only ever going to be using pitches with EH and free heat is good Completely remove the bathroom. Again more space, less weight and frees up the cassette locker for some of my consumables. I'm fine getting a quick wash in the kitchen sink, having lived on a building site for 5 years and I need a bigger bed ! I'm planning on fitting a 2 box aircon unit/heater along with a flat panel radiant heater (for background heat, towel drying etc) Cooking will be a combi microwave and 2 ring induction hob. My biggest problem is that I'd like a larger fridge and a freezer. Not a 3 way, but just a lecky one, but I have concerns about weight and depth. Any ideas ? Lot's of issues. I'll break them off into separate threads if I get any replies. Feel free to tell me that I'm a complete loon. . but be nice
  2. Just bought my first van and have loads of questions. . First is should I call it a van or something else to avoid confusion with erm. . a van ? Second is what to call fellow caravan owners ? Vanners ? Please check my post in DIY and Mods titled 'Van Butchery' Maf, Lily and Willow. (Whippets)
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