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  1. I will Gary. ....thanks for the hint!
  2. Good Job Gary, that is probably it: I converted my old Italian paper driving licence into the European one and in doing so they simply "forgot" to include the BE category. I just rang the DVLA and they suggested to mail in a scan of the old DL and the current UK licence and they'll review the case. ...I'm always a bit concerned about mailing out original documents just in case they get lost . ..
  3. A learner? I've had my licence for 23 years. ..that doesn't make much sense. How would I convert it to an effective B+E? with an exam?
  4. BREAKING NEWS: I just found out that I passed my B licence driving exams on April 1995 (I know, I'm getting old 😣 ) . ..my bad for not checking. ..therefore I should be automatically be fine in towing up to 8250 kg. BUT, there's a caveat! If I log in into the DVLA website to check my driving records and limitations this is what I get: Vehicles I can drive falling into the B Category: . .and Vehicles I can "provisionally" drive: What does "provisionally drive" mean in the real world? Can I exceed the 3. 5 Tonnes limitation or not? Again, they mention about my possibility of driving vehicles up to 3. 500kg MAM with a "trailer weighing up to 3. 500kg. Does this mean that I can drive 3500 + 3500 = 7000 car an van combined? How about the 8. 250 Kg stated at the beginning? Am i missing some basics? If you folks have any heads up it would make a huge difference in choosing the towcar and van. . Cheers to all ☺
  5. Thanx for the info: the Sportage has 2000kg of towing capacity (according to what Mr Google says) and a GVW of 2000 to 2250 Kg. Which one applies to your model? Do You drive it with a B licence? Cheers :-)
  6. Thanks a bunch, that makes total sense! What puzzles me the most is that even on websites such as towcar. info the car GVW (also called MAM) isn't mentioned at all. They do mention the MTPLM related to the van though. .. I found this article to be somehow useful as well: https://www. gov. uk/vehicle-weights-explained Thank You all for taking the time to follow up with this matter 😀
  7. Hi All I keep doing my homework in trying to find and match a towcar and a van as I am starting from scratch: so far I narrowed down to either Nissan X Trail or Kia Sorrento and (maybe) a Tabbert Comtesse or Vivaldi from 2007-2008. Question is: my driving licence only allows 3500 Kg of towing (car and van combined) but don't know exactly how to calculate them. The Kia Sorrento 2. 5 automatic, for instance, has a 2600 Kg towing limit, 2059 Kerbweight, 150kg payload. The Vivaldi 685 DF has 1630 Kg MIRO and 200 Kg payload. How do I calculate if this figures are correct according to my Driving licence allowance? Car kerbweight + Van kerbweight? Some other numbers to throw in? Still scratching my head on this one 🙄🤔 Cheers
  8. Just kidding 😂 I actually discovered that I am pretty fond of the look of some more recent Tabbert models. I had probably based my judgement on some really outdated Vans from the 90's I looked online, but even models from 2007 and up are much more captivating to the eye IMHO. How would you compare Tabbert and Vanmaster in terms of build quality and durability?
  9. Thank you everyone. .. glad to know tour opinions. At this point I think I'll go for a Fendt or a Hymer (Germans). I'm intrigued by the Tabbert built quality, but they look too granny-ish for my taste.
  10. Hello Everyone Here I am resuming an old debated topic: having no direct experience whatsoever with the caravan world, wouldn't mind to clarify a bit about build quality and categories among the two European van manufacturer titans: UK and Germany. I have been reading on this forum an old thread (2010 I guess) discussing the topic, raving for this or that, but am still scratching my head over many things. In a nutshell what I had discovered so far is that UK built vans offer more comfort (separate shower, accessorized kitchen) and, more in general, are made to offer a cozier more livable indoor space. German ones, on the contrary, are supposedly more solidly built and capable of better withstanding rough weather and water leakings overtime but offering a more minimalistic and gadget-free layout. Am I in the right direction? I also came across some Vanmaster owners and was impressed by the the care they put into building those two wheeled jewels. Question is: would they compare to the build solidity and quality of top German brands such as Fendt, Hymer or Tabbert?? Any words of wisdom? Cheers 😊
  11. Thanks Graham, at the moment I am trying to understand the main differences between UK and continental makes (besides power plugs and door side)...I know it is a hot topic on the forum, with people bringing up excellent arguments on both sides. What I noticed, looking at the used marked in Italy and in the UK, is that in the first place the prices are much higher with way less choice than in England. ..a bit of a toss up indeed!
  12. Hello everyone just popping in to say hi and introduce myself. I live between London and Tuscany (Italy) and am gathering some info about caravanning, which is a totally new world to me. I am a Jazz musician by profession (singer to be exact) with a thing for nature, wildlife and. ..guess what? music :-) Wouldn't mind to set up a new caravan with a keyboard so that I could use it for practicing. Cheers Emi
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