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  1. I tow a Swift Conqueror 570 with a 2.2 Sportbrake, I've had no issues.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I did tell him to get propane. I will pass on all your responses. Thanks
  3. Hi I have a 2011 swift conqueror. I am thinking of purchasing a tv 📺 for the drop down unit. What size tv is recommended for this? Don’t want to have small, thinking about 22-24? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, just a quick question, on behalf of my father in law. He has a 15kg calor bottle, and has a screw fit regulator, is this suitable or should he change it to the push fit type? Any tips greatly appreciated Thanks
  5. Such a pleasant site, set over 2 fields. The lower is for adults only whilst the top field is for families. The bottom field is next to the river, the upper is near a large dog walking area of a field and forest path. The toilet / shower block is probably the best ive seen, Super clean and really warm with the underfloor heating. Powerful showers and lots of room to dress. Small shop on site. Pitches are hardstanding with some super pitches. All of which are pretty level. The owners of the site are very friendly and welcoming. The site is accessed via a barrier gate which is locked between 1030 pm and 830 am.
  6. Any thoughts about sport mode 😬
  7. So, for all automatic transmission drivers. Do you let the car do the gears or do you take over and do the changes yourself? Ease of use, fuel economy etc any thoughts? Oh and sport mode too. Forgot to add that one in 🙄
  8. Lots of replies to this one. I’ve only towed 3 times so far and on shortish journeys, the last one was 24 miles with about 3 miles on motorway, so, as I normally use cruise when solo driving on motorway, thought I’d see how it went towing. Most replies are positive, which I’m happy about. The 2 journeys I’ve checked the mpg, first was on lanes and B roads for about 19 or so miles returned 29. 9 the latter, m/way a roads for 24 miles car returned 29. 7mpg.
  9. anyone have any thoughts on towing with cruise control on? Pros / cons etc, mpg?
  10. As a newbie caravanner, we have friends that we need to persuade into taking up vanning. In the meantime can anyone recommend a caravan site that has both caravan pitches and a B&B or lodge within an hour or so drive from South Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I’m sure after some slight persuasion they will come round to touring 😬👍🏼
  11. Having only just got into caravanning, I looked at buying a sprinter van to convert. The auto drop down beds stored in the roof looked spacious. We decided on a caravan as vans are out of our price range. It would be nice to see some features from vans in caravans, including beds that can be stored away, and at the flick of a switch, appear made up and ready. Not sure how this would be weight wise, but great for space.
  12. Feel sorry for us souls that have to work all weekend. Will be off next week though when it’s all qt
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