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  1. You can try pitchup.com or the app WikiCamps as well.
  2. Once my house move is complete I will be going to the dark side, but keeping my caravan as well. I want the option of both and may even tow it with the motorhome so family can come on breaks as well. It may be that the motorhome doesn't stay around long and is sold after we have done a few planned trips that are just easier or more sensible in a motorhome.
  3. I do this with an old Samsung Note 4. You need to use a phone that supports MHL video output and you buy an adaptor that goes into the phone and has an hdmi output on it. Most also have a micro usb on them so you can charge/power the phone at the same time. Some of the Samsung S range also support it but it seems to be an old technology now and not included in newer phones. here is an example but there are cheaper ones out there. https://www.samsung.com/uk/mobile-accessories/hdt-adaptor-mhl-2-h10/ Incidentally, I also use the same old
  4. I use a 2012 XC60 R Design and it tows brilliantly. The only problem I found was themlimited options for a towbar and having to cut some 0of the cowling away to accomodate it. I went for a detachable swan neck and you can see the cut out without crouching down.
  5. https://www.caravanparts.co.uk/
  6. Hope to stay there at some point as I like the area. BTW, POS might not mean what you think it means so some might misinterpret the thread title. I would use POSS or even Possible.
  7. I have an aftermarket detachable swan neck on a 2012 XC60 and even with it on, it does not affect the sensors. Like you I was told it shouldn't, but not assured it wouldn't.
  8. We've had many trips without an awning and I just bought a used porch awning for £40 on Shpock. If we don't like it or need something bigger I can sell it for probably what I paid for it.
  9. Yes, most will not allow a generator and you will have disgruntled neighbours anywhere that does. You can minimise electricity usage by heating water, making brews and running the fridge from gas.
  10. They've done that for years with lorries. Of course I never disconnected mine, not ever. The relevant fuses were the ones sealed with red wax. Scania lorries had a convenient grounding point on the engine stop lever. All that might be needed, would be a suitable length of wire.
  11. The Cascade does not have it own pump, it will fill from your water system as it needs. That looks like a very old fitting and you will struggle to find a connector to fit it, like I did. I just bought a new Truma connection (both parts) and used my existing pump. You will need to buy some sealant to put around the new fitting as well.
  12. I have a 2012 XC60 and it tows brilliantly with an after market detachable swan neck.
  13. Anyone happy to move away from the main brands, I use my old Samsung Galaxy S5 (other Android phones will do). I reset it to wipe all the data off. Added a 32GB SD card and installed the free Magic Earth app. It does turn by turn navigation, works in offline mode so you download the maps for the countries you are visiting and can then run it in airplane mode so it won't cost a penny to run. You can download the maps via the app if you have wifi or a sim card in it so no need for a PC. It does turn by turn navigation and allows you to import POI files such as those from
  14. I would warm it as advised. I also leave mine fitted but loosened, otherwise its possible that insects and maybe an intrepreneurial mouse could get in there.
  15. Try here: http://ddssupplies.yolasite.com/ I've got lots of spares from them.
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