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  1. I have a 2012 XC60 and it tows brilliantly with an after market detachable swan neck.
  2. Anyone happy to move away from the main brands, I use my old Samsung Galaxy S5 (other Android phones will do). I reset it to wipe all the data off. Added a 32GB SD card and installed the free Magic Earth app. It does turn by turn navigation, works in offline mode so you download the maps for the countries you are visiting and can then run it in airplane mode so it won't cost a penny to run. You can download the maps via the app if you have wifi or a sim card in it so no need for a PC. It does turn by turn navigation and allows you to import POI files such as those from Archies Camping, though that may require connecting to a PC. It has the usual stuff too, warnings for safety (speed) cameras and if you go over the speed limit, both configurable to set how early / late you are warned, or if you are warned at all. Try it in this country first to make sure you have it working properly just in case. Total cost to me: 0 (Obviously I have paid for the phone over the course of the contract, but I would be doing that anyway). Ongoing costs: 0 (Unless your SD Card dies and you need a new one). Maybe a mount to fix it to your dash but if you use an old phone you already have, you will likely have one anyway..
  3. I would warm it as advised. I also leave mine fitted but loosened, otherwise its possible that insects and maybe an intrepreneurial mouse could get in there.
  4. Try here: http://ddssupplies.yolasite.com/ I've got lots of spares from them.
  5. I stripped mine and cleaned the gas jet and flue. Works fine now.
  6. I have a canoe and have been on several lakes, rivers and canals. While it is interesting and much calmer to use canals, they are not as clean as rivers or lakes. They are also trickier to get into and out of unless you can find a ramp. Sometimes you have a good foot from the surface of the water to the bank. Not sure if that would be a problem for you. You should be aware of the risks of Weils disease too after using any open water. You might to want to invest in some suitable shoes, a spray deck and maybe a life vest.
  7. My 2012 XC60 inctrements in 1s and a long press increments in 1s more quickly. Acceleration back to a preset can be harsh though. I just brace myself.
  8. I use it most of the time, towing or not. Its especially handy in a 30 zone where its too easy to creep over with your foot. The only time I compared mpg was on a short motorway run and the difference was only small but still a difference in favour of cruise control. The most annoying thing about cruise control is the number of cars who overtake you and then slow down in front of you.
  9. Try here. https://shaw.cylex-uk.co.uk/company/dds-caravan-dismantlers-23684149.html I've used them several times and prices are excellent. They also have a huge stock of windows in.
  10. +1 for off cuts of old decking and scaffolding planks.
  11. That would seem to be an odd way of doing things. I would advise looking out of the window at posted signs etc. This will also tell you if its raining, snowing or if the car in front has stopped.
  12. I have 3 veg plots and some assorted plants so not quite living off the grid yet but I do get quite a few veg for very little effort.
  13. Prices at my dealer are horrendous. I had my last service done there because I got a free year of Europe wide Volvo breakdown cover. I wanted the maps updating and they no longer provide DVDs so you do it from a USB drive. However, to do that you need a newer firmware than the one I have. They want £485 to upgrade it so I'll do without. Other than that, the XC60 is the best car I've owned.
  14. It shows full at the moment, which it is, but if it will only change when its nearly empty, that's really all I need to know.
  15. I made the exact same change recently, 4.5kg butane to 6kg propane and my new propane bottle has a screw thread for the regulator and a tap on top. I bought a new regulator with a pressure gauge on top to give me some idea of how much gas is left in the bottle.
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