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  1. Have never been able to turn our Pioneer radio off, nor incidentally has the dealer. I just pop the face off everytime we dont want to use it. To be fair we more often than not listen to the radio thru the telly. Even with the volume turned right down could still hear a faint buzzing and it drove me bonkers...
  2. HI Jezzer Whilst we loved what we have done and where we have been, to be honest on our last couple of trips we got fed up with wanting to see places and not being able to get anywhere near them due to the mass influx of people. For us one of the results of Covid is we try and avoid crowds / groups of people as much as we can. Coupled to the fact the behaviour of some of the folks we saw appalled us and honestly did not want to be tarred with same brush. So we have taken advantage of the high values and got a really good price. We will be back once it all settles down a bit, people start going overseas for their holidays and values hopefully come down. Hopefully it will be a case of sell high and buy low!!... Sam, not quite worked out how Im going to do it yet, plan on taking pictures of everything and compiling a list. Started to think about it yesterday and made a mental list, was really surprised how much stuff we have accumulated. Hi Joanie, Yes will be putting the list on the CMC site and will of course leave a post on here to let everybody know. We are selling back to the original dealer so will be giving them back the bare minimum...
  3. We’ve been kicking the idea around for a while to sell the van and think about what to do in a year or two whether it be another caravan or motorhome. we have one more weekend planned in two weeks time to our favourite site. so, have agreed the sale of the caravan after our weekend away and have even agreed the sale of the Volvo again after our weekend away. Which means folks we will be selling of all our caravan related stuff including awning, new sat dish & freesat box (never used) and the other paraphernalia you need and collect. Even selling the double dog guard from the Volvo. Will be compiling a list with pictures over the next couple of weeks but if anybody is desperate for something give me shout and we can see what we can do. we have really enjoyed our caravaning experience but our last couple of outings have soured our hobby a bit so the decision has been made….
  4. First up, hope your test is negative and you just have a cold. Think your talking me into delaying my trip for a while. Must confess didn’t really fancy it so didn’t need much talking out of it… hope you feel better soon.
  5. Thanks for the heads up Gary, I’m due to visit Holland week after next on business, might think about driving over, might be quicker and easier
  6. We have the XC60 AWD pulling our Elddis Affinity550. It tows absolutely fine and agree those who say they don’t know the van is there need to look in the mirror more often!! Did have a bit of a uncomfortable ride a while back just after the car had been serviced and found the engineers had dropped the rear tyre pressures. personnaly we prefer the more upright SUV position.
  7. Doun Souf we buy trilbys for our barnetts an' flea treatment for our mutts so no idea wot prices are upt norf.... Just looked on Amazon and you can buy 10 broom handles for £15, some for spare and some for re-sell...
  8. Broom handles... as cheap as a flat cap....or a whippets flea collar....
  9. Always be proud of the uniform, past & present members of any emergency service certainly has my and hopefully all my generations respect and thanks. Things may be different now whether you agree with the latest methods of working or not (incidentally I mostly do not agree) but without the service you guys gave it would not have inspired the latest police, fire, ambulance etc to have joined the services. Let me say you all have my utmost admiration and it’s not a career I could have taken on Thank you and be proud👍👍
  10. When I need to work I use our normal table and one of our reclining chairs in the awning. Think you might be pushing it a bit trying to fit a office chair in a caravan somewhere and not block the whole thing up if OH or kids or animals need to move around.
  11. That’s the same with ours, glad we are not the only ones that leave home with a sparkling caravan and turn up with it looking like it’s just been through a ploughed field. Always give the caravan a wipe over with autoglym rapid detailed before we leave for a trip and if so inclined may give it another wipe over whilst away depending on how grubby it looks. Car gets cleaned (Normally by our local hand wash people) when it’s dirty. Slightly different theme but how come with out 2 cockapoo they just have had a groom the first time we take them out in brilliant weather they look like a pair of ragamuffins and others look pristine!!?? Guess the common factor in all this must be me and I’m just a dirt and mud magnet😜
  12. We haven't got any age perception by brand. I am just plain and simply a badge snob... Remember once being forced to test drive a Hyundai (cant remember the model) and thought it was actually a nice car, did say to the salesman if you take all the badges off I will have one. Now if he had be smart and quick thinking a) he would have had a sale and b) he could have cured me of my badge snoberry...
  13. That's exactly what happened to us last week at the Bearsted site. Drove round found the pitch we wanted OH went back to get our gate pass, job done. Both sides of us were motorhomes and nice people they were too. One large pitch was reserved for a very large RV which was right next to the kids playground and entrance to the dog run of which we wouldn't have wanted it so they welcome to it. Was there for 5 days and didnt see any MoHo's moving about to alternative pitches.
  14. That’s bad luck Gary. Probably like you I would be looking at the insurance replacing it, but a question all be it probably a stupid one!!! Have had a couple of stars repaired on cars successfully over the last couple of years, I know a cars windscreen is glass but would the same stuff work on caravan windows or is their a similar repair that could be done? Just wondering
  15. We are sat in a pub garden just outside of Maidstone apart from being a bit overcast very pleasant. Had a bit of thunder overnight and some light rain in the early hours. Apart from that all’s good👍
  16. 1) love watching people on site, have jumped in on more than one occasion when you can see the air starting to turn blue and knuckles starting to turn white.... 2) am like others super organised and never forget anything nor do I ever ever get flustered, bad tempered or throw a tantrum...... 3) Recent tale, not caravan related but could be. Early one sunny Sunday morning Mrs J made the decision that we would take the dogs for a walk on a local beach with the promise to me of a cooked breakfast (We have a cracking cafe near us that do one of the best breakfasts on earth..) full of anticipation we set of and a couple of miles into the journey decided that we best go back home and get the dogs!!!
  17. All our insurances fall at more or less the same time.. Reading the tales of woe we seem to be pretty lucky. Caravan - £20 increase Car - Same as last year Dogs - £5 increase House - £10 decrease I know that's an overall increase but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't worth arguing, CAMHC, LV and Sainsburys.
  18. We are exactly the same, managed a couple of days just before Easter and have got things booked in August & September, we have both managed to sneak a couple of days off next week so are taking the van the distance of 25 miles from home!! but cant wait like Gary a kid before Christmas. Have just been lumbered / volunteered!! for a business trip to France in September that clashes with our September holiday, will wait for the right moment before I break the news to Madam... First overseas business trip since this all started and not really looking forward to it.
  19. Went to storage to make sure all is well, apart from being a bit grubby all is good. Reassured Delilah (Guess who OH adores apart from me) that we still love her and will be back out soon!!...
  20. Just an update, had our local engineer look at the hitch pads to day, one was glazed over and the other broken in two, all changed and good to go silently again..
  21. Unless I've missed it, I hope the damage done was not to serious Noaxe. This is always one of my biggest fears with our detachable ball, I have got to the stage now where I leave it fitted and never remove it. When reading posts like this I am seriously thinking of changing it to a fixed ball. Really hope you get to find out what did happen and why and please keep posting as Im sure there are others that like me are paranoid for the detachable detaching when you dont want it too...
  22. Bought both my 6kg Propane from ebay a couple of years ago for £35 each one was full the other half full, then put my 2 empty blue bottles on ebay and sold them for £40 each....
  23. I totally disagree, in all the business's I have been involved in the big ticket sales gives the biggest turn over but the lowest %profit / margin at the highest cost of sale. Whereas spare parts give way more profit / margin and if sold or marketed correctly (thats the big if) have a much lower cost of sale. But it is a big circle, you only get spare parts business and service business (labour is another big profit earner) if you have sold the big ticket item in the first place.
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