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  1. I had the same advice, being the inside lane is normally the fastest in traffic. Towing or solo as soon as I see brake lights I head for the inside lane, and yes its interesting how long it takes for people to catch and pass you. A mate and I did an experiment one morning on the M25 going from junction 2 to junction 10 Cobham Services, I used lanes 1&2 and he used lanes 3 & 4, I was in the services and got the coffees before he got there.... Mind you he is a bit of tight wad so he might have sat in the car park for a bit to get a free coffee
  2. Now I like me cars and specially new ones but am I missing something? Surely you could go down to your nearest car hire shop and do a 6 month deal for similar if not less money? Will they fit tow bars every 6 months on your choice of vehicle? Are there any mileage limits? Me thinks there could be a lot of 'hidden' extras... Might wait and let the scheme settle down a bit before even thinking about it. Have got a couple of colleagues that work for subsidiary of a large car OEM and they have to change their cars every 6 months of 8k miles and they have both said its a pain and they have lost so many bits and bobs keep changing cars.
  3. They should have a proof of delivery which again should show date & time of signature, may even be an electronic document. Good luck making a claim, Its happened to me before, but luckily I was not the only one that reported a problem that was proven back to a particular delivery, it took months and months but I got my money back in the end, making it worse at the time I had an Audi A6 and Audi decided it needed a new fuel tank which took weeks to arrive.. As I say good luck but be prepared for a long fight..
  4. We would not be without our a lightweight air awning, its been up in all weathers and survived. For us its just that extra space, wiping down area for the dogs, hanging wet stuff, putting smelly waste bags and then of course some shade when the weathers hot.. From unhitching to all done just under an hour, quicker taking it down, mid you I do keep my eye on the weather so I can pack it away dry..
  5. I do feel a bit sorry (honestly I do) for those going away today, just looked out the window and its blowing a hooley and chucking it down here..... Be careful out there people....
  6. I would say have a haggle, we did and got a few quid off our awning. Regarding flooring we prefer to use the interlocking floor tiles irrespective of the ground, others prefer carpet and yes it will need to breathable.
  7. Totally disagree, have had our Elddis over a year and apart from squeaky brakes which is no fault of Elddis absolutely no major problems and any minor issues I have dealt with in minutes, our dealer has been superb so have no need or desire to call the manufacturer. we love it, would be buy another, yep we would. this is the second new van replacing a Swift which we had for two years and again apart from brake noise no issues what so ever and again dealer was superb. Hope you included Alko in your email campaign
  8. Trying out ours last week and had a constant dribble down the side of the van and a constant running pump. Spoke to our dealer who advised over pressure. So on their advise undid the 5 screws under the lift up flap and removed the plate, cleaned the non return valve, gave the spring a good clean put it all back, whilst at it took apart the connector that slots into the van as apparently the hose can dislodge, cleaned it dried it a bit of silicone sealant. Job done, no leak and pump running on demand👍. i would take photos to help with my description but it’s pelting down..
  9. Have had to do a couple of fairly long droves recently both down to the South West and found motorway and A road services open, clean and very well organised, I did stop at Fleet services south bound on the M3 at about 06:30 and it was all pretty spooky as there were only 2 cars in the car park and me and a couple of truck drivers in the whole place, mind you this was a couple of weeks ago when nothing opened till 9am, might be a bit different now with stuff opening up. Suffice to say, you will be fine, if you dont fell comfortable with your surroundings walk away... My thoughts are things might change a bit when you get more footfall in the services i.e. coaches etc. so a bit more vigilance may need to be taken by those of us that are responsible
  10. On our 2nd XC60 Volvo, latest one is a 2018 D4 AWD with 25k miles, lovely, lovely car solo and towing. with 1500kgs (ish!!) am getting an average of 28mpg, the last one with 60k miles did have a slightly better consumption at 32mpg towing, both show over 40 mpg when solo.
  11. Thats exactly what we do... we use the Milton tablets.. Friends of ours who have been campers and caravanners since god was a boy taught us this along with a few other tit bits (and they still come up with pearls of wisdom)..
  12. This is the one I would use and is easy to get in and out an easy to reach from any direction on the M27.
  13. I have the Tow trust detachable swan on my 2018 XC60, so cant comment on all your shiny ba**s!!, the electrics are the Volvo approved electrics and everything works ok including the fridge, my ATC fires up as soon as I plug it in, the only time I get confused is if I try to check the lights with the tailgate open as that cuts the supply to the lights. I have never noticed the lamp test function so will have to have a look next time I connect up. Just going off thread a bit, all those with late XC60's, how on earth do you stop the traffic assist function on the radio, I am a avid radio 2 listener the TA fires up every few minutes and is driving me bonkers, The TA does not voice itself on other stations. Have read and re-read the manual till I know it off by heart and still cant turn the darn thing off...
  14. End of July for us for a long weekend, 25 miles down the road, perfect...
  15. I've called OH loads of names over the years, but never metal plate!!.. She is the one that is sent outside to see if water is draining, I know, I know we could always lift the seat and see where yellow lever is, but this way is so much more fun
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