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  1. Just an update, had our local engineer look at the hitch pads to day, one was glazed over and the other broken in two, all changed and good to go silently again..
  2. Unless I've missed it, I hope the damage done was not to serious Noaxe. This is always one of my biggest fears with our detachable ball, I have got to the stage now where I leave it fitted and never remove it. When reading posts like this I am seriously thinking of changing it to a fixed ball. Really hope you get to find out what did happen and why and please keep posting as Im sure there are others that like me are paranoid for the detachable detaching when you dont want it too...
  3. Bought both my 6kg Propane from ebay a couple of years ago for £35 each one was full the other half full, then put my 2 empty blue bottles on ebay and sold them for £40 each....
  4. I totally disagree, in all the business's I have been involved in the big ticket sales gives the biggest turn over but the lowest %profit / margin at the highest cost of sale. Whereas spare parts give way more profit / margin and if sold or marketed correctly (thats the big if) have a much lower cost of sale. But it is a big circle, you only get spare parts business and service business (labour is another big profit earner) if you have sold the big ticket item in the first place.
  5. Bet there would be quite a queue at the water point and Moho drain... Glad to see they are redecorating it, that red leatherette is a bit in your face
  6. WE use the Aldi bio wash tablets which work fine. Similar to JTQ we empty ours every day so any lingering nasty niffs generally do not appear. Tried the liquids and got confused by a glug, or a glug and abit...
  7. Thanks for your replies, will give cleaning the stabiliser pads a go. was only saying to OH on our way last week how nice it was that we had no squeaks coming from the brakes after our last service.!!
  8. Just towed back from Suffolk to Kent. Seem to have inherited some creaking and groaning, can only hear it at low speeds but guess it’s there all the time. Noise is there whether on the turn or in a straight line. Van is a 2019 Elddis Affinity 550 and towing with a XC60 with a detachable swan neck. ATS is working and brakes all working ok (tried it on the storage approach road). Should I be looking at something on the hitch on the van or on the tow car? Any ideas?
  9. Mr 8ft Wanderer, I have two of the MIlenco cargo bars, both brand new one is still in its box, if you want them you can have them just for the cost of the carriage. We have the awning on the caravan floor over the axle and its never moved, we put wheel and hitch lock in the car along with electric drill and peg bag, apart from that more often than not everything else goes in the caravan, but we have got in the habit of travelling light (I think!!!), good point made about the micro plate plate, ours gets wrapped in a tea towel and 'jammed' in the plate rack.
  10. On our 2nd XC60, both D4’s, first one 2015 and did just under 100k miles latest is a 2018 currently with 30k miles. Both of them brilliant solo and towing. Biggest fault on the older one was it blew a headlight bulb apart from that both have been great and would certainly have snother
  11. If you are in no rush, I might have a set in my awning bits and pieces bag in the van. Will be getting it back from storage next week so can look then if you can wait.
  12. White spirit Joanie, but only on the plastic, not the body work. dont let it dry just wipe on and wipe off, so you might need to do it a few times. Have just had to do it on one of our cars after we ran over some wet white lines that had just been painted and splashed up the side...
  13. +1 Or trying to use the mover with the hand controller, swearing & cursing cos' the darn thing not moving and OH appears clutching the 'red key' saying (with one of those sarcastic grins that only OH's seem to manage so well!!) is this important my lovely
  14. Well done for offering to help your friend out, always amazes me how many 'obstacles' appear rather than useful advice.... Had a friend last year in exactly the same position, put my name and car temporarily on the vans insurance, cant remember how much it cost but was dirt cheap. Hope you tow safely and your friend enjoys their new van..
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