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  1. Jacko1

    Key fob alarm

    +1 and that stops em digging in your leg as well..
  2. LM, Have a look at items for sale!! Not sure of your location but welcome to 'try before you buy'
  3. Have you thought of the nemesis? Very quick and easy to use and easy to store
  4. Yes I do, Have fixed the socket in the down position, but still need to kneel down on one of those padded garden things.. Thank you sir, have had the socket and plug apart about 3 times now and gone around tightening up, never occurred to me it my be the socket, will get a new one fitted.
  5. We had this once on our Challenger, all I did was a factory settings reset and it all worked ok. Good luck
  6. Now that answers a question!! Get the odd clonk or knock from the back somewhere every now and then, but it goes after a bit so I have never really worried about, reading this will worry even less. Thanks Martin
  7. just tried it and yep your right it works
  8. That’s great news. We are 5 months in with ours and apart from a couple of minor issues we love it too. Here’s hoping ours is as reliable and as dry as yours🙏🤞
  9. FYI, literally had the XC60 serviced this morning. £180. 60k miles, pads still at 50%, spent nothing on it this year apart from 2 tyres consider that a proper result.
  10. V90 would be my choice. Think Volvos hold price well. Have you considered PCP as a way of funding?
  11. Could have done with that on the M25 / M26 / M20 in a monsoon a while ago!! 8 knots (6mph) would have kept up with the tide of traffic as well
  12. Autoglym for me every time, caravan, car, oh car and my classic great range of products and work well. Also a big fan of Amazon, convenience and price works for me, have got time, patience or inclination to wander around shops that's OH's job and she does it so well
  13. We decided last year to change our company cars and vans (not the trucks) to either hybrid or electric vehicles. The first step was to analyse the average single mileage trip each vehicle did and the time involved in stopping to recharge and how it would effect our time management and efficiencies (i.e. response times to our customers and the extra related labour charges) To cut a very long story short (I have a detailed analysis if anybody wants to see it) hybrid was the better option than EV, only one vehicle user out of 10 suited EV. So next bit was PHEV or self charging. That was the easy bit as the analysis almost followed the original research and self recharging hybrids came out trumps every time. personally I am now driving around in a Toyota CHR as my daily and must admit to quite liking it. What I am trying to say is look at your trips and your time EV's are great in the right application but from our research can be a right pain in the wrong application. When the time comes to change our Volvo I would seriously look at self charging hybrids (Lexus or similar) even though OH who uses the Volvo daily on relatively short trips. I did test drive the IPace amongst others and its an awesome piece of kit and if I could have made it work would probably have bought one.
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