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  1. Jacko1

    Elddis front locker door - daft design!

    We have just ordered a new Elddis and talking with sales guy he admitted it’s not a particularly good idea and his suggestion was to disconnect the struts and use a broom handle!! once I’ve taken delivery am going to look at different struts and see if I can anything that will be better and report back. in the meantime mother in law will need to look for a new mode of transport as I will be nicking her broomstick👍👍
  2. Jacko1

    Fishing site

    Summers ponds near Horsham, I’m in Gillingham and it took me just over a hour to get there
  3. Jacko1

    Shakedown Site

    Remind to never ever go shopping with you!! What do you buy when you need fuel😂😂 Summers is nice went there last year, just wondered what others may be open in Feb
  4. Jacko1

    Shakedown Site

    Well we popped along today to an open day held by a dealer in Sussex just to have a look and guess what? Was gobsmacked when OH says to nice salesman how much followed pretty quickly by OK then lets do it. . So the Swift goes in February and we pick up a dealer special Elddis, so much for just looking eh. . Want to find a site close by for a couple of days shakedown / trial run so from Brighton to say Arundel or inland a bit as we will be heading back home to Kent afterwards . Any suggestions? its the middle of Feb so we are bit restricted to sites that are open, would want hard standing and EHU. So far have found Brighton CMC and Sumners Ponds. Thanks
  5. Jacko1

    I know Im being lazy....

    Thank you all for you suggestions, OH tells me WE (me thinks the royal we!!) will be making a decision over the next few days.
  6. Jacko1

    roof washing

    I use the Collanite 476 on the caravan as well, its brilliant stuff and then just wipe it over when I feel the need with rapid detailer. I wouldn't dream of using anything as aggressive as TFR, does it not damage some of the through roof seals and gaskets?
  7. Jacko1

    Understanding awnings

    This is exactly the same awning we use, lightweight and is great for boots wet coats, drying the dog and generally keeping wet damp muddy stuff out of the van (well most of it!!). I was lucky and bought ours from somebody who was packing up and selling his whole kit. We have a Vango Valkala 420 air awning for longer stays although I must admit we did not use it last year and just used this Kampa or our sun canopy. Personally we would only have air awnings as I'm not the most patient chap and think pole types might test my limited patience!! Good luck with your trial weekend, keep it close to home as your bound to forget something and need to make the home dash for it!! enjoy your new machine
  8. Jacko1

    roof washing

    I would be reluctant to use snowfoam unless you planned to polish and wax afterwards. It is designed to move remnants of polish etc from bodywork, or at least that's my understanding. When I got the van 18 months ago it had a serious coating of Collinite Wax, which still forms a good base today. It will probably need another doing at some point this year, on the wheels I used a poorboys rim wax. I have a decent size step ladder that means I do not have to lean anything on the sides of the van, then its a good mix of Muc-off and long soft brush and using the two bucket method and a hose pipe, once done I wrap a decent microfibre cloth (I do go through a few of them) around the head of the brush and use something like Autoglym Rapid detailer. Generally tend to find that once a year for the roof is fine at the start of the season and just cos Im me usually give the roof a soapy wash mid year. The rest of the bodywork I do in the same way and then just go over the van whenever needed with rapid detailer which I find cleans up the van well as a waterless wash. Have used the same method on all my little collection of classic cars in the past and have always been easy to keep clean and shiny. As sad as it may be, but keeping all my things mobile clean and polished is my therapy!!
  9. Sat with OH last night thinking about next years trips, some we are going to visit sites we like. OH wants a trip down Dorset way and wants a sea view or on a beach. Being lazy instead of meandering through the whole host of books and websites thought I would ask what recommendations folk have. Needs to be dog friendly, with a pub in walking distance, apart from that OH is not to bothered, me I just go along as the driver, awning erector and barman!!.. Thanks in advance
  10. Jacko1

    Island bed recommendation

    Swift Challenger 560 works for us
  11. Jacko1

    Review Eye Kettleby

    We stopped at Eye Kettleby on our way North earlier in the year. Loved it as said above the toilet & showers are better than some expensive hotels Ive stayed in, the clubhouse is good and also do a proper freshly cooked breakfast. If you like a bit of fishing then Im told its one of the best stocked, although we were more interested in the well stocked bar!! Both OH and I said that we would have preferred to have stayed here longer rather than the mediocre site we moved onto. Will definitely be going back at some point next year.
  12. Jacko1

    new member from kent

    Hi John Looks like we are nearly neighbours!!, we are just up by the M2. Some really good sites locally, if I can help at all advice etc, please just ask
  13. Jacko1

    Antisocial awning

    Yep we use a small 3 panel windbreak for the same reason, protecting the masses from my cooking prowess and my budgie smugglers
  14. Jacko1

    Caravan and Motorhome Club sites

    This year we have used a selection of sites that suit where we are going and what we need. Generally C&MC sites are of a good quality and suit us. The other lot!! CCC, will not be getting a penny from me ever again, stayed at two of their hovels this year at opposite ends of the country and they were nowhere near the cleanliness and pitch size on either C&MC and some private sites. By the way the non motorway Macdonald's, do some of the best coffee (and cheapest), always have clean loo's and their wifi is spot on
  15. This is exactly the reason I joined this group!! Useful information from the techie stuff to the might win me a pint one day stuff!!.. Keep it up chaps, makes me chuckle