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  1. Admittedly only a single axle but our svante 550 came with the spare wheel carrier as a standard fit
  2. once You’ve washed and dried as per some of the advice on here, one of the best products I have ever used is Autoglym Rapid Detailer with several micro fibre cloths it removes all those left over marks from washing and drying. like others I clay bar once a year but I use colonite 260 twice a year and even use it with my da to remove any swirls. have done this on all our cars, caravan and also including the garaged, used on high days and holidays other love of my life!!
  3. Mines brilliant, costs me a bag of chips and a tia Maria and hopefully she will keep going for a good few years to come😜👍 just in case she reads this 💕
  4. I’ve today done just over 300 miles from north of Rotterdam to home in Kent in about 4 1/2 hours, solo not towing and am in desperate need of a power nap!! even towing 300miles or 4 ish hours is my limit. think B’s mate is being a bit irresponsible and also selfish (stupid) enduring that distance with OH and 2 teenagers, not for me thanks..
  5. There is a huge Tesco just off the M27 at Port Solent which is easy to get in and out off. Used it a couple of times myself
  6. I drove back down to Kent this morning from the Midlands and yes a lot of caravan and M/H traffic. Coming across the A14 from the M1 to the A1 something I havent seen for a long time, there was a road train of must have been 6 or 7 vans and one MH all jostling for position and generally being a bloody nuisance.... They were all nice rigs, good tugs, thought they should have known better. Then to top it off coming down the M11 had some clown in a late RRover with a Buccaneer swinging around on the back tailgating me at 75, I did let him by when I got past the line of lorries then the numpty came back into the inside lane doing his (or her) best to get me on the hard shoulder and disappeared in the distance probably doing 80ish. I know both these instances are the minority but good god there are some pillocks out there that give us considerate, law abiding (ish) caravanners and M/h's a bad name on the road...
  7. What squeeze into the shower at the same time😜
  8. This a Fiamma Caranstore 320 and it’s for sale with the side and fronts panels as well if your interested
  9. We stayed at black horse farm recently, I’m on EE and OH on O2 and we both had excellent 4g. now in a field just outside Tonbridge Wells and again EE is great but OH needs to stand on a chair outside the awning to get a mere 2 bars on O2😃 all this mifi, go binge or whatever confuses me silly. Somebody somewhere could make a fortune out of a simple device that suits simple people in a simple language or am I showing my age?
  10. Being a local Kentish lad I avoid the M20 Northbound as much as I can, Its known as one of the most dangerous stretches of road ever!! You get Jonny foreigner truck driver who comes over and either forgets the speed limits, doesn't understand the speed limits, or forgets to drive on the left!! Have seen some horrendous crashes always involving foreign trucks. People use the M2 / A2 its road works free at the moment and it may even add a few miles on your journey, but trust me its a lot safer and whole load less traumatic.
  11. Or go for a smaller unit and leave the kids at home
  12. OK staying where I am. Have had calls today from a variety of companies that I got quotes from tinternet search last night. Guess what, in most cases they could equal or better my original renewal price!!! Why not offer the lower price in the first place instead of trying to con me out of some of my hard earned wedge?? One thing I did learn and you lot may know is the new for old parts of the policy differ from company to company. The actual van is OK and if you've got new for old will be replaced with like or similar as long as the value is similar. What I did discover is that in some cases new for old for things like awnings and motor movers (yes motor movers) are only new for old if they are under a year old, over a year old you will ONLY get offered market value and not new replacement, what I could not find out was who sets the market value, bet I can guess and in the bet I can guess whos side the value is loaded towards... So if like me you have an awning that is over 1 year old, as is the battery and whole host of bits and bobs then new for old is a complete waste of money. My cover with CMC is new for old on everything including awning etc upto 5 years old. Have concluded that all things insurance is a con.....
  13. Yes it’s a new 2019 van so the value is more than the previous one. So like you I was expecting an increase due to the higher replacement value not a £35 reduction
  14. See this is what really confuses & annoys me, Eversure & Towergate were both almost the most expensive, and yet you found them to be OK. Why should that be? Honest I really don't want to know.. I bet all these insurance wallahs have an entire department with 'Lets annoy & confuse the punter department' At least we know yours and the UK prices a more or less the same.
  15. OK, am guessing its been done to death, and I'm not wanting to stir up a hornets nest... Have just got my renewal notice from CMC, which actually has gone down a bit from last year! and that's on a newer van, so that's the first bit of confusion and as its gone down am not going to ask why!! So have tried Eversure who promote themselves on here and have done a quick compare the market job and am getting prices ranging from £305 to £475 all for the same values new for old value inc MMover etc 24500 awning 1000 contents 500 As its a new van its got ATC, I use nemesis wheel lock and hitchlock and its got Phantom tracker. Only use it in the UK In secure storage Oh and ive done the CMC towing course Never had a claim Waist 36, inside leg 31 Mothers maiden name!!!!… blah blah blah What would you expect to pay and who do you use. I think the CMC cover is good and seems value for money. I hate insurance time of year whether it be car, house, hound or caravan.. Thanks Martin
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