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  1. Rain noise doesn’t bother us to much, would be good if it silenced the dancing seagulls with clogs on!! always interested in new innovation ‘specially when low cost for nowt!!..
  2. +1 Mrs. J busy knitting all kinds of stuff ready for imminent arrival of No3 grand sprogg. I find it best not ask!!
  3. Now what about the original topic of this thread. Scorpio, really sorry to hear of your dilemma and hope you get everything sorted easily. regarding the rest of the comments, move it somewhere else for discussion and keep to the OP’s original topic
  4. Have not met them, but their staff are certainly efficient and pleasant. They are spending money adding some additional pitches and another toilet block. Definitely a location to consider for them folk that like a nice quiet site or are heading for the tunnel of ferry as it’s only 10 minutes off the M20. nb. We have only been on the adults only field, they also have a part of the site for families and it’s safe to assume the quality will be as good as the AO pitches
  5. Another couple of quiet days here at Broadhembrey just outside of Ashford. Just back from a very pleasant Sunday lunch just round the corner at The Queens Head, even the mutt got treated well . very pleasant site, superb facilities. Must also be a bit sheltered, whilst a bit gusty we are sat here hunkered down for the evening reading news reports of those poor souls suffering from today’s storm.
  6. There is no way would we pay to use a shower when so many other places include it in the price. Understand every business has to make money but in my opinion that's taking the pee, or do they charge for that as well
  7. Would not suggest you stay at the Stop24 services on the M20, I personally avoid the place like the plague. If you have to stop this side then the Road Chef Maidstone services would be a better option.
  8. We use both the Nemesis wheel lock and hitch lock, both are a piece of cake to fit with none of the faffing around that is constantly reported here with the Alko wheel locks Don't use a damp meter, sometimes its best not to know!! Do agree with the nose and feel theory.. We use a small porch awning, again piece if cake to put up probably just as quick as your 'camp kitchen'. Would be interested in what you find out about retired clubs etc as that time is fast looming. Thanks Martin
  9. We had a Swift Challenger 560 that had the end island bed and central toilet & bathroom. You are quite right that the toilet is open, so you have to walk past the toilet to get into one side of the bed. There is a sliding courtesy door to the bedroom that does allow an element of privacy and also there is a door just aft of the kitchen that will block of the toilet and bedroom areas. We loved the layout but our only criticism was at the end of the bed there was bulkhead that housed the wash basin, and the bulkhead did make the bedroom a tad dull. As said we loved the van but did have one of those 'if only it had' lists. We have just (2 weeks ago) changed to a Elddis Affinity 550 which after only two nights away is a much better layout and the feeling of space is night and day compared to the swift. The toilet is in its own room with the wash basin and is surprisingly big, it fits my bulk with no problems. The shower has sliding doors and they seem firm and water tight. So now the bedroom is light and airy without the basin bulkhead. You can close of the bedroom with a sliding door, or the toilet door does open out through 90 degrees and blocks of the whole aft end. Regarding the dog he has found his comfort spot under the end of the bed!! Hope this helps Martin
  10. Jacko1

    Cordless Drill

    Did say on the odd occasion!!, as for doing the loo, waste or water that apparently is an outside blue job, whilst jobs inside are pink jobs. Which makes me think I must be multi coloured (Is that PC?) when I make the first coffees of the day. The only reason for asking is on the new van the legs must have a longer 'drop' and am guessing the thread must be less coarse, which seems to take more winding. Have already gone round and given them a good lubricate and accept that might have to give em a bit of tweak with the manual brace at times.
  11. Jacko1

    Cordless Drill

    Decided to get lazy and use a drill to wind steadies up and down. Have got a big heavy drill which does the job more than good enough but OH needs to use two hands to hold it up as its that heavy and Im a bit worried it might jam and turn the drill and hurt her wrists. Have got a smaller one as well but that's just not man enough. I can use the bigger one OK but am making sure OH wont hurt herself on the odd occasions she helps out. What size / make do you guys use, or for those whose OH's help out from time to time. Thanks Martin
  12. Its a late 2015 car and no had no issues with EGR or warning lights. Did just on 30k miles last year and honestly apart from 2 punctures (not at the same time) had no issues whatsoever. I got a free maps upgrade with my service, although whatever route you choose it normally involves a bit of cross country, narrow country lanes etc, but then I find most inbuilt sat navs like a bit of off roading!!.. When towing I do use a separate sat nav. As I said earlier apart from the main dealer service costs the car is great and I'm sure out there is a ex Volvo expert that would love to take some money off me at much reduced rate, that's an exercise for another day
  13. I've got a D4 AWD XC60. It is by far the best car I have ever owned, do a lot of solo miles and its comfortable, safe and Im getting average of high 40's, Towing am getting 25-28mpg. I looked around at BM's, Audis, Santa Fe etc and the Volvo came out top every time, equally am a self confessed badge snob so it fits well with that one. We have just had a change around of cars. OH does much less mileage than me so she is now using the XC60 as her daily driver and I cant get the keys off her. The only downside I have found is that certainly my local Volvo main dealer charges an absolute fortune for servicing, so will be finding a good local independent to do the next service. Hope this helps Not sure where you are located Big Billy but your more than welcome to come and give it a go and can even hitch the van up to try it lugging as well
  14. So after 18 months the Swift has gone and we collected our new Penshurst Premier Plus (Elddis Affinity 550) on Friday. Have just spent 2 days in Brighton on a trial run and apart from one cupboard latch needing tightening up, very pleased. OH is happy (She did choose it after all), mutt is happy, so all in the world is good so far... Am guessing the dealer in Sussex is known (Think the name gives it away), must say the service we received was really good, there was no pressure at the time of decision making, we got what we thought was a good price to change, no haggling when we appeared with the part exchange and the hand over was excellent. I hope the service department are equally as good should I need to use it. Oh and the cuddly dog has a new home and bottle of complimentary fizz went down well Saturday evening.
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