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  1. Same opinion as Paul Bailey, also a 2 handed job rolling it out and putting the legs up, dont waste your money.. dont buy the sides they are definitely a 2 handed job with a lot of patience
  2. Exactly the same as us, also bought the front and sides which were a complete faff to put up and most definitely a 2 person job with a set of steps. A great idea, but in practice not so good. Bought a Vango air awning where you can take the front out and fold the sides, much more sturdy in the wind and I can put it up myself.
  3. By coincidence our Volvo is in with our friendly local garage as we speak having the worlds most expensive headlight bulb changed, typically he has just called to say that the opposite DRL is not working and needs sorting as well. As we changing cars over the next few weeks asked if it was necessary his answer was that its an excuse for Mr Plodd to give you a pull, equally he said its not an MOT failure yet but is an advisary. To avoid any grief from her that rules my life new bulbs being fitted so she can wave at those pretty cars with blue lights as she passes them.
  4. OK so, have really looked into this RX450 business, my budget would get me into a MY 17 car. Have just discovered that after MY15 there is NO aftermarket towbar available and nobody can tell me why, is it technical or volume related?. The only option is OEM fit at factory and from what I can see a MY17 car with a factory fit towbar is about as rare as rocking horse doo doo.... Sat here now waiting for a few 'told you so' comments...... Still dont fancy a plug in job, so its back to a dirty diesel option.
  5. Jacko1


    Could always cover it up..
  6. Am seriously looking at the RX450, so it’s good to hear somebody is using a Lexus. Think the RX has a 2000kg limit so is more than suitable as a replacement for our current XC60.
  7. We came down the A1, A14, M11 yesterday after our new year break and we both commented on the amount of caravans and MH,s on the roads. We even sat in a caravan train (4 of us) on the M11 spread over about half a mile. We enjoy using our investment all year round as do a lot of others👍
  8. Keep that glass half full yorkguy am sure it will be fine and you will have some great times with it. Remember you only ever hear the bad and rarely the good. We have had two new vans a Swift and now a Elddis and apart from a few very minor niggles they have both been fault free and brilliant👍
  9. When we started looking we had done our homework and knew the layout we wanted. We looked at a couple of late used vans. First up the price differential to a new one was insignificant and secondly OH made the point that with a new one we (or she!!) knew who had used the bed and loo, who am I to argue... Admittedly we did change to another new one after 18 months for a few minor differences to layout. My advice is know what you want, look a forums like this and others, really look at how you want to live. If you are lucky enough like us to be able to buy new their are some really good deals to be had for really well equipped vans. To sum it up, do your homework and buy the best you can afford.
  10. Am reasonable fit for a fat 60 year old but am lazy😜 so Kampa Gale electric pump for me, plugged into 12v inside van to inflate our vango awning. As has been said remember to plug the pump in before running the awning round the rail else it’s a bit of a struggle and fight to get to the socket.
  11. That’s my first cup of tea of the day view from the awning, mist in the valley at kettlebury
  12. We were there a couple of weeks ago, no scenery like that tho was wet, misty and miserable!! We enjoyed food from the Haldi, the Queens head and on site cafe as well, must be a well trodden path that food trail!!!
  13. We are at Eye Kettlebury and loved the sunshine today👍
  14. Arrived today, in south field sampled the bar and showers already, lovely. Sunday lunch tomorrow, looking forward to it... Anyone else here? Fancy a glass of something?
  15. Take a look at the XC60 Volvo AWD
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