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  1. Update, A major hiccup occurred this morning for my vigorous exercise regime, the flipping kettle has broke.... Now having to use a saucepan which is a pain. OH couldn't resist a dig, 'if only you were quick enough to bring the caravan home before the storage shut down, we could have used the one in the van'. To be fair she had a point.... Thanks Amazon, looks like will be able to make up for lost time when new kettle arrives tomorrow..
  2. I’m working from home, so to add to my limited exercise regime have decided to double up on my trips to the kettle which has now had the added benefit of doubling my trips to the loo 😃
  3. Remember being at a railway station in Tokyo a couple of years ago waiting for a bullet train watching your average Japanese wearing masks, then taking them off and going into the smoking hut, made me chuckle. Would I wear one, only if I had too.
  4. OH tells me that through her work (Child care, fostering etc), they have been warned they will see an increase in domestic violence, attempted suicides and other horrible physical and mental abuse in the coming weeks. If the whole Covid-19 was not bad enough for those poor souls suffering the ramifications and side effects could be equally distressing. In the normal world (You remember how it was 6 weeks ago?) the type of suffering one human being could inflict on another in their own homes was bad enough, now given our lockdown the whole thing is going to escalate which in turn will take up valuable Police and NHS time and resource. This is where some of the background work (Unsung heroes like OH) going on is going to present a different set of challenges. Can not emphasis enough the value of families and communication during these times and trust me I know from our own situation last year that supporting those in crisis is vital to their survival and safety.
  5. If it happened to us,we wouldn't have a choice as our storage site is on 'lock down'. Typical me was to to slow to go get it before and put it on the drive. Not sure what I am missing most, the caravan or the kids
  6. We were booked for Easter at Run Cottage in Suffolk. Lovely people they are, have said we can postpone the booking for 12 months. Was fully prepared to forfeit the deposit and help them a little bit to survive so we CAN go there at some stage.
  7. Unbelievable.... obviously don’t watch the TV, listen to radio, have kids at school and walk around with their eyes closed, I know what I would do with em, best not shared on CT Coronavirus: Derby police 'in absolute shock over massive party' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-52084653
  8. Have been trying to book hotels for a couple of our engineers for next week (yes it is essential travel) and have really struggled finding places open even some of the bigger sleep factories have shut up shop. All sorted now..
  9. Good on you DeeTee, seems like an ideal solution and you are close by for all your family members to support each other. Love the fact the allotment has a name!! if I had been smarter (and faster) I would have bought our van home from storage in case we need it as a self isolation unit especially now as it looks like OH is being redeployed to front line nursing..
  10. If only you were more local Gordon, would have been happy to help those in distress with a bit of shopping or even a tow rope to tug the dead motor out of the way. We have a Tesco delivery later today so will be interesting to see what we get!!
  11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, heres mine, Your a disgrace to your beliefs along with others of similar mindset and there have a been a few on here in the last couple of days. I admit to being selfish in that I do not want to see my family, friends or colleagues, suffer or be a burden on our already loaded emergency services. You sir will be partially to blame for those falling ill just by airing such nonsense and encouraging others....
  12. And of course BoJo needs to be a bit more careful with a missus brewing a baby BoJo..
  13. All our neighbours out including elderly and kids, all very loud and respectful. A small gesture to say thank you👍
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