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  1. If you guys dont mind I will keep my glass half full and hope for happier healthier days rather than doom, gloom and despondency
  2. We are on our 2nd XC60 and are brilliant both towing and solo. Did test drive the Kodiak and also drove a mate’s one. Whilst it’s a nice car, personally felt the quality you feel in the Volvo just wasn’t there. You do get a lot of car for your money and am sure it would make a capable reliable tug. enjoy what ever you choose but the XC60 gets my vote
  3. TD, exactly the same as us, 2 x Cockapoos and Jax in his bed and Doris snuggled up on the bed..... Must be a 'poo thing... Our Elddis also has the stable door which we love and would be one of those things that would influence any future purchase
  4. This all makes me want to bury my head in the sand, *********** and take the slaps as they come along.... __________________________________________________________ Admin comment: Bad language edited out in line with the forum T&Cs Bad Language: This is a family site, therefore swearing, foul language and profanities are not acceptable in any form, and where seen will be removed. Even if you do not find a particular word or phrase offensive, please respect others who may. Swearing includes direct swear words, abbreviated swear words, net-speak
  5. They do not say you cant use a diesel or petrol vehicle from that date just you cant buy a new one. There are going to be many applications that do not suit electric vehicles so they will carry on being used, just look at the classic car market that is still going strong. Admittedly fuel and tax is most likely going to change but the petrol and diesel powered vehicles will survive for a long time yet. You never know as the date draws closer the values may even creep up as people decide they need a petrol or diesel vehicle for their particular needs. What will be interesting is as the deve
  6. Am being cautiously optimistic that this vaccine is a goer.. When it happens we would have it when offered although we are 61 & 60 and according to our local surgery do0 not qualify for a flu jab so I guess we will be a long way down the list after front line workers, students etc etc. Fingers crossed something positive is about to happen.
  7. Advice has just been issued in our industry by the British Marine Federation and have copied a couple of paragraphs from their guidance which is aimed at the leisure boating industry but their are some similarities, thought it may help: Private individuals can use their boats for exercise and therefore deliver their vessel to a boatyard for maintenance or winterisation. However, current DEFRA guidance does not allow the boat owner to visit their vessel to conduct maintenance themselves. Private individuals can use their boats for exercise and therefore deliver their v
  8. What a interesting post and one that is most definitely up for interpretation, debate and opinion. As the house is connected to the company premises then it would probably be classed as part of the business, as already mentioned social distancing would be more of a problem and also cleaning regimes. Myself and our engineers have letters to prove we are on essential business and most hotels are asking for some form of clarification, we are finding that a lot of the smaller hotels we would normally use are not open and its the larger sleep factories that are remaining open.
  9. Luckily have not got stuck yet!!.. But have got a lump of rope in the 'just in case' bag...
  10. I use my adaptive cruise control all the time, certainly helps curtail speeding on motorways and thru' roadworks. Am not aware of any legalities using it whilst towing.
  11. I brought ours back from Storage and put on the drive last week for two reasons, one, we did have a booking for this Thursday for a week away so it needed a good clean and sort out (Now deferred till March) and secondly we have or hope to have a new bathroom being fitted sometime in November and had always planned to camp out in the van whilst we are Karzi and shower less in our main bathroom, and we can demonstrate to our tradesman we are practicing good Covid and social distancing measures. Not sure if that's classed as a fix but at least some of its features will be used during the nex
  12. We have a cheap one from Tesco's. I think we have used it once, it lives under the seat as its a bit bulky for the cupboards and neither of us can be bothered to get it out to use and toast our bread and crumpets in the grill. Reminds me to take it out and save the weight and space... Anybody want to buy a 4 year old toaster used once but high mileage.... (it will probably end up in the loft with the rest of the overspill items...)
  13. Totally agree with Gary, we are hopefully away next week for a 5 days on the Sussex coast, van will be packed with food for the trip, we will be out walking on the beaches etc, well away from other folk, only foray into the population will be to fuel the car and possibly a take away. Normally we would have a couple of pub lunches but will give that a miss.
  14. Oh dear, really don't like seeing people giving up their hobbies after so many years although can see the reasons whether it be travel restrictions, health or financial. I to have contemplated giving up our CMC membership but have decided to carry it on for a while although we are using UK commercial sites more and more rather than club sites. So far this year we have booked the sites we wanted when we wanted and so far we have not had a problem booking a couple of sites, OK you might have to be a bit aware of where and when but so far in our experience we have not encountered any bo
  15. We really fancy the new Bermuda, OH is certainly in love with the lounge end. The one thing stopping us is we do not have a Buc dealer near us. The nearest is a good 2 hours away. Not that we have had problems with our last two new vans, but the law of sod says.... Keep us posted Outnumbered how you get on with your new Buc. We keep looking at the various posts with interest. Methinks once madam see's one on site and chats to the owners that dealer 2 hours away may well be having a visit....
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