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    Caravan (obviously), family, relaxing, and am an avid petrol head!!
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    Penshurst Premier Plus (AKA Elddis Affinity 550)

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  1. Nemesis Ultra, Quick easy and approved by most insurers
  2. Stunning, love the styling and colour scheme, all its missing is the cab sliding doors
  3. I only brings our back from storage to give it a clean and pack up for a trip. Always make a point of bumping into my neighbour just tell them it’s going to be there for a couple of days. Just seems polite and means they do keep an eye open for any unwanted visitors!! Just thinking about it, I could leave it on the drive but prefer to keep in storage as mentioned in other posts if it ain’t there they are away type scenario, but then 9 times out of 10 I take it home prior to a trip so kinda negates that plan don’t you think.... Griff, at least you don’t have to cut the grass👍
  4. Another very happy Elddis Sussex dealer special owner here👍👍
  5. I have the best remedy to iced up windows........... Mrs J......
  6. Jacko1

    Useful APPS

    Being a techno numpty only use a few basic apps: Google Amazon Whatsapp Aroundme BBC News The only other one I use is the caravan level and aerial direction finder in caravan buddy. Oh and I do use it for making telephone calls does that count as an app??
  7. Jacko1

    Which Volvo

    Fortyfoot, Ours is a D4 auto AWD and its brilliant both as a tug and a daily driver, returns mid 40's solo and mid to high 20's towing. Going to main dealer for servicing is painful, I have a good independent which is much less painful. Have been up and down some fairly slippery gradients with no problems or smells... I have been thinking about changing to something a little newer and have had a good look around from Disco's to Evoques and Lexus and keep coming back to XC60 or even the XC90. Going to have a look at the new style 60 on Saturday with OH. Good luck with whatever you choose
  8. Could it be that Swift are being smart?? I like Guzzilazz am a relative newcomer to the caravan leisure market but have tooo many years in the leisure powerboat / superyacht market. Currently most builders are busy producing product that was ordered 12, 18 or even 24 months ago, but without exception all their forward order books are not looking pretty. Why, uncertainty in politics, uncertainty in currency rates, uncertainty in regulations particular with emissions and unsure market movements towards alternative fuels whether that be hybrid, all electric, hydrogen et all (Am in the engine market). So perhaps they are aligning themselves in advance for a difficult few years trading, of course you feel sorry for any folk that may lose their jobs, but any business that survives even one that has downsized is far better than one that goes bust. IMHO, despite what ever happens over the next couple of months with things like 'B', Boris and all the other obstacles that are being thrown up it will take some considerable time for those with money to buy their top line caravan, mortorhome, boat, car to have the confidence in the relative markets to invest. If I was sitting on the board at somewhere like Swift would I take the actions they are suggesting, you bet I would.
  9. I already run a Toyota hybrid as my daily driver. I am really impressed with it and over 20k miles it was 60% electric which in my book is ok and of course I don’t have the faff of plugging it in the dark and rain!! I drove one today and really liked it, but!!! Was not sure about the steering so you have kinda answered my concerns , will take OH to have a drive over the weekend, they are not cheap so want to be sure. Otherwise maybe just get a newer XC60
  10. Am kind of thinking to change the Volvo whilst its still got some value. Have gone through a list of whats available, what I fancy and what I can afford and have come up with a short list. One of the choices is the Lexus RX450 hybrid (I am bit of a fan of the Toyota / Lexus hybrids) has anybody any experience, comments or thoughts?
  11. I bet you do, had a drive of one last year when I sold the Porsche and was very, very tempted. Did a bit of rallying in a Lotus Sunbeam, was not a bad car on the slippery stuff, did drive one on the road few times and was 'orrid, also had a Opel Kadett GTE for a bit, again not bad on the slippery stuff, but nasty on the roads.
  12. Yep got it as well, will certainly have to think about membership when it comes up for renewal.
  13. FB is correct, we have the Premier Plus which is Affinity based and has Alde heating, although I will admit the wood is not particularly dark, but certainly not as light as the Avante range.
  14. We have a dealer special (Sussex Caravans) Affinity 550 MY 2019 and love it. Had a couple of little niggles but nothing to worry about. We use it all year round so the Alde was important and works well. No cracks and no problems with the roof windows. We bought it on lay out and brightness inside.
  15. Pete, we went in 2018 and really enjoyed it. We had ehu with no problems and gensets were not to noisy. Toilets and showers were ok and cleaned every day. Water standpipes were plentiful and plenty of toilet emptying points. The only downside was getting in to the place, took about 2 hours to do the last mile and a half!!! the festival itself is brilliant, was absolutely astonished at the levels people went to to look the part...
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