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  1. 👍 For our dealer special 550 Affinity, the layout is just about perfect for us two, and the Alde heating is brilliant all year round. My only criticism, the external dealer graphics are a bit colourful. Certainly for us the layout and how bright and airy it feels is much better than the swift we had and probably the Bailey we nearly bought. we are in Suffolk in a couple of weeks time if you want to bring Mrs FB & Jnr along to see one in action..
  2. Got offices in Poole & Plymouth so am ‘passing your door’ quite often 👍 The place we are looking at the new awning does not do part ex or buy used. In fact is what them that suggested eBay etc. unlike buying the van am not worried about travelling further afield if it’s a case of drop one off and pick one up then that’s ok with me even if I have to go past Watford and go up norf..
  3. You volunteering Andy🍺🍾😜👍
  4. Being a particularly lazy person who simply can’t be bothered with the likes of eBay, gumtree et all... Can anyone advise me please who or what organisation buys used awnings? Looking at possibly buying another awning but would like to move on the two I currently have, have put one on CT for sale but no takers. Thanks Martin
  5. totally agree, exactly what we did. on the side of no bathroom / loo window, roof light lets in more than enough light and fresh air and the only ones that can see me doing my stuff are the seagulls
  6. The UK importer is Nova Leisure who are part of Arleigh International they are located in Century Park, Nuneaton. Their CEO is Alastair Thomas and their number is 024 7639 0100
  7. Regarding your storage question. Ours is in storage near Sittingbourne and we pay £450 per year. Our old storage site is closing so was forced to look around and wanted to be close to the Medway towns. There are several but are all pretty full and the prices ranged from £1000 to about £450. Try Google caravan storage near me and you might be surprised what pops and where.
  8. If you can afford one then mpg is the least of your concerns. See it with boat owners, if they ask about or moan about fuel burn you know they can’t afford to run it!! Sad but true ... Like my old Porsche I’m happy just sitting in the garage with it running blipping the throttle and absorbing the nouse👍👍, bet the Cobra and the merc sound amazing
  9. Its not just Caravan workshops, don't get me started on the Toyota dealers workshop I used to use!!!
  10. Reading some of your problems you don't realise sometimes how lucky you are. We only take ours home from storage 3 or 4 times a year mainly to give it a good clean and load up. We live in a cul de sac and our drive is more or less opposite the road in so its a 100m reverse down the road and straight up the drive, Our neighbours are brilliant even to the point that a couple of the locals like coming out to watch and help specially when i give the the motor mover control to help. Last time home I put the awning up to give it a dry out when I looked outside next Mrs J and a couple of the neighbours had got the chairs and wine out!!! Re the OP's point, do what you feel safest / happiest doing and if people have to wait so be it....
  11. Sounds like you might have found yourself a little business here, manufacturing extension brackets!! Have you a sketch of the brackets and some pictures of it fitted? Am really interested in this as I genuinely have skull scars from bending down and bashing my head on the locking lugs...
  12. Agree with Flynn, one of the best layouts, we had the Swift Challenger 560 before which is more or less the same layout apart from the bulkhead at the foot of the bed and open loo, it worked for us but was a bit dark. Whereas the Elddis has a definitive loo and is much more open. Re the heating we have not found anywhere gets hot to the touch even the vents running down the side walls in the bedroom. The only other van we considered was one of the Baileys (can’t remember what model) but front storage space was our main concern. Have a look at some of the dealer specials, that’s what our Affinity is. if you over this way your more than welcome to have a crawl over it.
  13. I would be really interested in sourcing longer rams as well, current ones were designed by a dwarf wearing a crash helmet😂. Have got head trauma scars to prove although did find a cure at our last camp site
  14. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/ashford/news/m20-closure-still-on-despite-water-leak-211828/ Be warmed M20 closed again this weekend basically from the tunnel to Ashford both ways, added to another water leak closure, best advice I can think of is give the whole Ashford area a miss this weekend. Feel sorry for those that live in the area!! will make the M2, A2 and A249 busy as well. Happy, safe and speedy travels in Kent this weekend👍
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