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  1. I have since been told that no VW commercials come with a fully wired 13 pin socket
  2. To put things straight Adria are fine with a pickup, I previously towed with an X5 with 21inch wheels and sports suspension that was far less forgiving than a loaded pickup, the van has been towed a total of200 miles and that includes collecting it , the crack looks to come from the right hand handle so something prior to us taking delivery as we have movers on it and I have no desire to try and pull a 2 ton van, will let you know the outcome in due course This is Adria not Lunar chalk and cheese
  3. I have an Alpina built like a tank no Plastic like swift all internal woodwork is Ply and note chipboard or MDF like British vans, this is a 2 ton van on a single axle tows much better than our twin axle coachman , underfloor heating, built in step , everything is top quality it has a warranty claim pending but overall chuffed to bits.
  4. Yep it’s booked in for a week from the 8th of August for another warranty issue and now the crack as well
  5. To be honest I just wanted it sorting far to many battles at the moment with COVID, I didn’t need the kit I had a direct feed from the battery via a relay all sorted towed to site this weekend and all is working fine.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. It was Listers at Coventry however they sold like hot cakes, excellent towcar though, now going in tomorrow for electrics
  7. I ran an X5 40d pulled like a train very comfortable excellent gearbox always in the correct gear when needed, would highly recommend, however running costs are high.
  8. Makes very interesting reading, I’m having the kit fitted tomorrow and the associated re coding, I will report back after this weekend, let’s hope it works as I have motor movers and E&P #stranded
  9. Just to confirm not fully wired pins 9/10/11 not present in the plug, new Westfalia loom required at the cost of £300
  10. Just had our first weekend away since lockdown, came back yesterday and cleaned the van after the weekend rain totally gutted to find a crack in the skin of the caravan to the right of the front locker box, has anybody else had such a thing happen, it comes from behind the plastic trim panel so I have no idea of the extent of it, generally not happy.
  11. Thanks SuperRed thinking it could be a bit of a pain in the backside and that maybe I should stick with the externals.
  12. I have bought a pair of Tyre Pal internal sensors to replace my external ones, they came from the C&MH club shop however with no instructions I need the torque setting for the locking nut, does anybody have this information? after speaking to several local tyre fitters no one had an idea of what it should be and in fact I think one thought I was asking him to re split the Atom.
  13. Well I have been in touch with the VW dealership and they assure me that the 13 pin socket is “Fully Wired” all I can do is take them at face value and hope they have it correct.
  14. It is one of the last, a local dealer to me had a cancelled fleet order for 60 of them in various specs, a bounce on effect of the COVID problem, however they had as much as £15k off list price making them cheaper than 2 year old models with 30k miles on the clock, so in that respect it was as they say a no brainier.
  15. It’s a 2020 registered in March but trying to find any technical info is a nightmare.
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