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  1. Mark&Penny14

    Waste Pipe Leak

    Thanks chaps will sort it by moving the saddle bracket
  2. Mark&Penny14

    Our adventures

  3. Mark&Penny14

    Waste Pipe Leak

    Sitting writing this on site, all nice and tasty warm -4 outside and +20 inside so that’s a result, however I’ve been out this morning and the waste pipe that comes from the bathroom basin has leaked on further investigation this can only be down to poor quality control, as you can see in the picture the flexible pipe has sprung off from the rigid pipe and only seems to be a rubber flange that pushes over the rigid pipe but it only has about 5mm to push on, surely it needs more pipe to grip on and a jubilee clip to prevent it from springing
  4. Mark&Penny14

    Small Porch

    Now we have just had a very windy weekend and last night thinking that we were going to take off and then the nightmare of taking down our Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 420, we have decided through the winter months when it can be very windy to buy a smaller porch awning, just something to dry the dog in and leave the muddy boots in maybe about 2m long, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Mark&Penny14

    Twin Axle Questions

    I have no idea but I’ve used them for years the only thing that does worry me I can stop but can the numpty going far to fast behind me on the phone eating a sandwich do the same
  6. Mark&Penny14

    Twin Axle Questions

    Welcome to Blighty. .... I spent many years in Germany when my sister was in the forces and everybody had winter tyres it’s a no brainier and with your setup I expect to see you and said vehicle at the top of Snowdon 👍
  7. Mark&Penny14

    Twin Axle Questions

    😂🤣😂 Winter tyres is the way to go I have them fitted to my VW Caddy Van and it’s gets further in the snow than many supposed 4x4 soft roaders.
  8. Mark&Penny14

    2 wheels or 4 on the wagon?

    Yep must agree having just acquired a twin axle with quad movers and having a very tight 90degree turn to get into my drive with not enough room to turn in with the car I can confirm the movers make light work of it and it no more difficult than our previous single axle. 👍
  9. Mark&Penny14

    2 wheels or 4 on the wagon?

    Travellers like 8ft Wide twin Axle German vans 😳
  10. Mark&Penny14

    Review Eye Kettleby

    Turn it all off open the wine or beer sit back relax and enjoy being removed from the world. 😂
  11. Mark&Penny14

    Twin Axle Questions

  12. Mark&Penny14

    Twin Axle Questions

    To be exact 102 mm but the other wheel remained on the floor
  13. Mark&Penny14

    Twin Axle Questions

    Yes I was thinking of a piece of timber or something to prevent metal in metal slippage.
  14. Mark&Penny14

    Twin Axle Questions

    I don’t have a Kojack so can’t do that I think a trolly might be easier