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  1. Thinking of getting a TV for my caravan. If I were to get one of the most modern Avtex TVs and plugged it into the caravan aerial (so no roku/fire stick or MiFi etc) what channels would I potentially be able to receive? Thanks
  2. Think I need to change my tow car. Any recommendations for a petrol model? Needs to tow up to 1350 kg. Thanks Paul
  3. Thanks Brecon. Do you know where the pressure switch will be and how I can identify it?
  4. Hi There's three questions here all to do with water. I'm a new caravanner so I'm not always sure whether something is right or wrong. 1) I've attached a sound file - "Water Pump Noise" - if you'd be good enough to listen to it. This is the sound my pump makes when I turn on a tap - it's the clicking/clumping noises I'm wondering about. Is my pump faulty or is this what they all sound like? For context, the Truma heater is not on, although it had been on all afternoon so was full of hot water. The water barrel is full of cold water. The water flowing from the tap is absolutely fine in terms of flow, both hot and cold. The noise is made when the tap is running hot or cold. 2) I've got one of those stop-cock things to put into my water barrel as I'm going on a serviced pitch in a couple of weeks time and I've been practicing with it. I've been running it from our outside tap and I had thought the barrel had stopped filling due to the action of the stop-cock. However, by the end of the afternoon the barrel was full and was overflowing in little "gulps" - so the stop-cock must not be fully stopping the flow of water. Is this normal or have I bought a duff/cheapo stop-cock? 3) There's a second sound file attached as well, this time called "Truma Heater". This is the noise my Truma heater is making (set to heat water to 60 degrees). Is this humming/crackling normal - it's running on EHU. Water Pump Noise.mp3 Truma Heater.mp3
  5. Hi So my caravan (Lunar Cosmos 462) has an MRO of 1086 kg. I took everything removable out of it and took it to a weighbridge - so carpets, power cable, step etc. What was weighed was the caravan, the battery, the fitted motor mover, the fitted solar panel and a 6 kg gas calor lite bottle. The weight came to 1100 kg. I was surprised that all these “add-ons” only increase the MRO by 14kg. I mean, I guess the carpets and power cable would have been more than 10 kg. Any comments? Paul
  6. Found one, If anyone needs a weighbridge in Lancashire - C& C in Garstang. Cost £5.
  7. Hi Does anyone know of storage just for Jan to March where I can store my caravan, but have it put onto pitch for occasional weekends during the period. I don’t want a full season/ year, just for the 3 months of winter. Thanks Paul
  8. What does delamination look/feel like. What should I be watching out for? Thanks Paul
  9. Hi Thanks for the answers. The toilet was all sorted and emptied before we packed away. So, before we left the site we opened all the taps and let all the water drain. However, i’d forgotten the yellow drain down lever. So I emptied that at home. Where was that water from (it seemed as if there was a lot). Had this come from the water heater (we don’t have an on-board fresh water tank). Thanks Paul
  10. Hi I got my very first caravan yesterday and have just had a night away in it and have now brought it home. I’m not going to be using it for a month so I have drained all the water. Was this really necessary (for a month, in July - so not freezing)? Thanks Paul
  11. I’m glad you guys had no more joy than me. I’d already done all the things you suggested/did. Fortunately both Bolton and Cumbria local authority publish details of their weighbridge locations so I guess i’m just going to have to go for a drive. Conclusion - LCC are rubbish!
  12. Does anyone know the location of a public weighbridge in Lancashire? The LA don’t publish any information on their web-site. I haven’t been able to find one by googling. Thanks.
  13. So if New Calor Lite bottles were available, why would I not buy them?
  14. Hi all I’m picking up my first ever caravan in July and need to make arrangements to get gas bottles. I’ve just discovered that I can get brand new Calor Lite bottles from my local gas stockist. I know they are not being produced anymore; and I know that if I can’t find a refill I can get the standard Calor gas. Does this mean that if a Lite is available at my next refill I can switch back? What do folks think about my starting off as anew caravanner with Lite? Is Calor going to be producing a new lighter version? I don’t want to start with the full weight ones and then discover Calor bringing out a new one. I’m not up for the one that can be refilled at Morrison’s as that will be too inconvenenient. Thanks Paul
  15. I’d never heard of them until today after my wife came home from a CMC towing course. Any comments on them and their usefulness.
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