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  1. So if New Calor Lite bottles were available, why would I not buy them?
  2. Hi all I’m picking up my first ever caravan in July and need to make arrangements to get gas bottles. I’ve just discovered that I can get brand new Calor Lite bottles from my local gas stockist. I know they are not being produced anymore; and I know that if I can’t find a refill I can get the standard Calor gas. Does this mean that if a Lite is available at my next refill I can switch back? What do folks think about my starting off as anew caravanner with Lite? Is Calor going to be producing a new lighter version? I don’t want to start with the full weight ones and then discover Calor bringing out a new one. I’m not up for the one that can be refilled at Morrison’s as that will be too inconvenenient. Thanks Paul
  3. I’d never heard of them until today after my wife came home from a CMC towing course. Any comments on them and their usefulness.
  4. With the one of the latest Avdex TVs it says you can “record to USB on both satellite and TV”. I asked if that meant I could connect it to my Sky box at home, record to USB (not sky box) and then watch from the USB when in my caravan? Apparently the answer is no. In which case, if I wanted to use the TV to record at home and then use the TV to watch in the caravan - what satellite could I record from? Thanks Paul
  5. Good idea EasyT. Does anyone know what the noseweight is for a Lunar Cosmos 462, 2019.
  6. Is there a way to “predict” a caravan’s nose weight from it’s MRO? My guess is there isn’t. Here’s why i’m asking. I go to pick up my brand new caravan soon. It’ll be from the manufacturer, so I’ll have put nothing in it. I guess when I get it I’ll put a battery in and two gas bottles. Then i’m off. So, before hitching i’ll check the nose weight. What do I do if this initial nose weight is more than the recommended nose weight for my car (75 kg)? Should I take some “ballast” in my car when I pick up the caravan?
  7. I’m planning to store my caravan at home behind the house on an area of paving. In order to get to the paving, it has to cross the grass of our garden. Would an inflatable jockey wheel be better than the standard one for it to travel over the grass (or something else)? Also, has anyone got any experience of this product to put down as a temporary grass protector and to try to spread the caravan weight: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00MUWN4W2/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_3?smid=A23Q2U73KU2NJA&psc=1 Thanks Paul
  8. Matelodave - i’ve used a degrease spray - is that equivalent to using brake cleaner?
  9. Just had a towbar fitted ready for purchase of my first caravan. I’ve followed the Trudgean’s instructions for getting the tow ball ready. Does the picture suggest i’ve done it right?
  10. Thanks folks. Got some experienced caravanners coming round this morning to walk it through. The caravan is 202.5 cm wide, including side lights. We’ve measured the narrowest gap numerous times and are sure we’ve got at least 6 cm a side (my accurate scale drawing seems to show it works). The drive is flat until you get round to the rear of the house, which is when it goes steep. There are plenty of other caravans on drives on our estate so I don’t think storage is going to be an issue, especially as ours will be behind the front of the house - next door neighbours would have to look up the drive to see it. What do you think of these chocks for holding it on a slope? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-WC11-Heavy-Duty-8kg-Pair-Multicoloured/dp/B007H6XL24?pd_rd_w=fjOMk&pf_rd_p=dade37d7-e3a0-4059-92cb-cc164c4f343c&pf_rd_r=FMPYDG87QSTN94W9FA1F&pd_rd_r=a48f4d5a-2e03-4784-921d-fb0e7779b48c&pd_rd_wg=FPFXc&ref_=pd_gw_cr_simh
  11. Hi Do I need a hitch-lock AND a wheel-lock (eg AL-KO)? Or do I need one of them (if so, which one?) Do I also need to chain my caravan up if stored at home (instead of/ as well as the aforementioned devices)? C&MH club insurance states there has to be one security feature - but DO I / SHOULD I have more? thanks. Paul
  12. Hi All There's a video (sorry about the quality - I had to compress it to reduce it's size) and a photo attached - it'd be great if you could look at them and give me some advice on the following (hopefully I'll be getting my first caravan in June). 1) The video shows my road (on a hill) and my drive. Would I be able to tow my caravan onto my drive and unhitch there, before moving the caravan up the drive? There is a lamp post at the right hand edge of the drive (which my video helpfully doesn't show) - hence the photo. So, could I make the turn avoiding the lamp post? The body of the caravan is 515 x 220 cm (615 length including the hitch) and the turn onto the drive is about 80 degrees by the lamp post. 2) The caravan is going to go up the level, then sloped, drive, using a motor mover. I'm assuming this will be okay. There'd be a gap of about 6 cm either side of the caravan at the drive's narrowest point (I've done the scale drawings so I'm fairly sure this will be okay). 3) One possible place to store the caravan is in front of the garage. There is space on the right hand side of the caravan to get my wife's Aygo past the caravan and into the garage. Is it okay to store my caravan on the sloping drive? The drive's gradient is about 1 in 4 (ie rising 1 m for every 4 m horizontally - that's an incline of about 13 degrees). I presume there would some wheel "thingies" I can buy to ensure it doesn't roll down. The MIRO of the caravan is 1086kg, MTPLM 1250kg. 4) My preferred storage option would be behind the garage - which means turning the caravan on the drive and following the route the video shows. We've taken lots of measurements and are sure it can make the journey after we chop down a couple of bushes. The initial grass section is sloped. My wife is worried the caravan might slide or topple sideways, but I don't think so. I'd have though you'd need a fairly steep sideways slope for this to happen. The slope is less than that of the drive. Many thanks. Paul Drive2.mp4
  13. So - i’ve narrowed down my choice of caravan - a Lunar Qasar 462 or an Xplore 422. Both come with ATC as a factory fit add-on option. However, if I ordered now, would it still be possible to get a 2019 caravan “made”? Or would I need to go into a 2020 model. This is, obviously, a crucial issue as my wife doesn’t know whether she will like the 2020 fabrics! Thanks, Paul.
  14. I’m sure this must have been asked before but I can’t find a thread. Can anyone suggest what their “typical” 2 person user payload for about a week is? I’m not thinking about fixtures/fittings etc - I mean the sort of items you can load or unload the van with - clothes, food, cutlery, aquaroll etc, the sort of things you have to take with you on every caravan jaunt. Thanks Paul
  15. If money weren’t an issue, is a more expensive caravan a “better” caravan? Here’s an example. I’m looking to buy a 2 berth, and there are lots with very similar layouts. I’ve been looking at Elddis recently. They’ve got the Xplore 422 (£15000), the Avanti 462 (£19000) and the Affinity 462 (£21000). I’ve only seen an Xplore so far. I’m guessing the more expensive ones will be more plush and may have a greater range of features (they’re both slightly longer) - but are they better in terms of solidity, durability, reliability - and any other ilities? Thanks.
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